Awaiting deliverance

The movie “Deliverance” was famous for its rape scene, which seems appropriate in our current mass hysterical Covid-19 climate. The banjo-playing kid Lonnie, played by Billy Redden, appeared autistic, but since he was a backwoods boy, it is unlikely he was vaxxed. Perhaps he was just inbred.

1. We went to Walgreen over the weekend to get some photos made into Christmas cards. On the front door was a notice that the vaccine is not yet available. Apparently people are anxiously awaiting deliverance and hounding drug stores.

2. Montana has undergone a major change of governance, all major office now held by Republicans. The new governor is Greg Gianforte. He replaces Steve Bullock, who has been a Covid nightmare for everyone, locking down the entire state for months, enforcing rigid mask and social distancing requirements. You know … a fascist. Here’s Gianforte, taken from this source:

We have to recognize we’re in the midst of a public health crisis,” he said. “The trends right now are alarming, and it’s clear we need to get a better handle on this virus.” Gianforte said he will wait for recommendations from his COVID-19 Task Force before providing more details about his plans for state action on the coronavirus. However, he again emphasized his priority will be protecting people in vulnerable populations…

In other words, a major voter stampede of people fed up with bad governance and Democrats was effectively corralled by the two-party system. No change, Montana. No change. If you did vote, and if they even counted your vote, it did not matter.

3. From the Encyclopedia of the Anti-Vaccine movement, a long critique of the work of Walene James, author of many books including Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth:

Walene James had deeply held beliefs in many counter-factual ideas, which would be of no interest here except that she also was a foundational figure in the anti-vaccination movement.

That is argumentum ad lapidem writ large, which is the logical fallacy that dismisses an argument as untrue or absurd and proves this assertion by stating that the argument is absurd. … circular and self-fulfilling, and without any attempt at reason. (That website, anonymous and with no writing on it since 2014, is obviously a plant.)

It is all very discouraging, of course. It appears as though a major thrust of the fake pandemic is the vaccine, and since reason dictates that we cannot be immunized against a threat that does not exist, one can only conclude that the vaccine itself is the threat, and the only antidote is resistance. But I just don’t see it happening. Perhaps one effect of vaxxing is to dim the mind, making intelligent inquiry and dissent a rare thing.

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  1. When I was coming of age (awareness), about 20 yrs ago, Walene James book “Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth” was the most powerful single voice helping me fully trash the vaccine religion. There were a couple of things that bothered me, but don’t remember what, and they did not detract from her pointed message. Highly recommended if anyone is still a little bit in thrall to the vax pox.

    I wish I would still own that book, out of respect for her, but lent it to a needy expectant mother; hope it helped her. Haven’t seen it since.

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    1. It ($43.95), along with the book by Prof. Gerard Geison on Pasteur’s private notes ($71), are available at Amazon, James’ in second printing. I don’t recall what I paid for my copy. I bought it sometime earlier this year.


  2. The minds of most are already dim enough, dumbed down thru the poisoning of everything essential to our wellbeing and all other things we consume that are non-essential, the public education system, pharmaceutical drugs to include the required vaccinations, and of course thru the trickery and fuckery of the MSM who “report” only the scripted narrative of The Psychopaths and have consistently and steadfastly promoted The NWO Plan we see unfolding before our very eyes since at least the 1980s.
    The people who cannot or will not wake up will get in line and beg for the CV vaxx. No questions asked. They will get one kind of vaxx, the healthcare workers will get another kind, the frail and elderly will get another. There will be one for the kids. Then there will be another for all the hold-outs, the anti-vaxxers, the dissenters, and those who outright refuse the vax. They have made it “perfectly clear” they will distribute the vax to everyone all at the same time, equally, with no one group having priority over another except that healthcare workers and the vulnerable and elderly would be given first priority… oh, and black people because the virus has affected them “disproportionately”. The CDC says children may not need to be vaxxed, but other “expert” reports say they should have first priority. We have the military general over “Operation Warpspeed” saying the military will begin distribution of a vaxx within 24 hrs of its emergency approval in a tone that could easily be misconstrued as talk about forced vaxx of the people by the military.
    I have no idea what they have in store for us thru the CV vaxx. Now that we are here pretty much full-on in The New World Order I have known for years was coming, I am no longer able to accurately predict what they will do next, and could never have predicted the things we have seen happen here and elsewhere since March. I know They want Us to BELIEVE there will be different formulas for different groups and They want Us to BELIEVE there is a chance the vaxx will be forced, but whether this is the case or not I cannot pretend to know. Once the braindead and those who are in denial are on record for being vaxxed, They will be able to determine the identities of those who are not which will open new doors for Them and close more doors for Us.
    At this point, with all of the willingly compliant walking around in a mask and our “elected” officials blatantly talking down to us as if we are peasants, I do not have a lot of hope, or actually any hope at all, for Our future.

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      1. Mark, former presidents Clinton, Bush Baby, and Obama have all “volunteered” to take the vaccines in order to gain the gullible public’s trust. It will be an illusion, David Copperfield style, Check out this short video:

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  3. Things are so strange, I don’t think they really want and can run mass vaccinations, maybe the vaccination nudging just has jumped the shark. The veterinarian Wieler, no one less than the president of the RKI, made a statement about side effects and death regarding the vaccines in question. He said in these cases it would be necessary to consider the age and conditions of the patients, especially in elderly, when judging the safety of the vaccines. This is double think, they did not when it came to fuel the panic, every death counted. Medical doctors are shocked, seeing this guy naturally talking about death because of a cure nobody needs, it is against the fundamental principle of doing no harm.
    One minute clip, German:


    1. Hi Horst, did you watched the recent stream from the Corona committee (from Reiner Füllmich). They are still preparing the trial, collecting evidence and facts. And they found out some new very interesting things. For instance, German insurance companies say if somebody is wearing a mask longer than two hours and not breathing fresh air for half an hour then, he won’t be insured. The new RNA vaccine has no preclinical studies where they carefully test on animals and which takes years. They made some tests on ferrets, the non vaccinated got sick exposed to corona (they inject something, they don’t really just expose) and got better again, the vaccinated ones died on the second day. But it is not what they call preclinical studies. This takes time and has different aims. They intend to use mass vaccination places where they avoid patients contacting their doctors who could tell them not to take the jab. They further take no responsibility for anything. It’s genius. that’s why they created all the new factories like the German BionTech which was build by Bill Gates last Year in German City Mainz, near to my place. This companies have no substance and no money to pay for the damage. If this really goes live, which I still doubt, it will empty all the care homes very fast. They won’t make the vaccine mandatory but will not allow you to fly without it and such.

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  4. On the plus side… my mother, 73 years old, who has long wrung her hands with worry about her wayward conspiracy theorist son, appears to be stepping into our light. It seems the other night she was idly wondering about a few American institutions known to have supported the Nazis, did some online research, and was appalled as she realized how deep in cahoots the U.S. was with Nazi Germany. This seems to have been her “If they could lie about this, they could lie about anything” moment. She shows all the signs of really having experienced that world-changing moment that we all know so well, and arrive at in different ways. When she told me about it the other day, I assumed she’d be settling back into willful ignorance and hoovering blue pills soon enough, but this morning she called and asked if I’d ever heard of Chomsky. God help me. I may have broken the old woman.

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    1. Man, this is so uplifting to hear!

      And funny she discovered that rabbit hole first. Proving 2 of my points I maintain:
      1 – everyone has an “in”, a “Eureka moment”, an “Aha Erlebnis”
      2 – it is just finding (or coming across) those points that really passionate people

      Most “truthers” I talk with online not only brainwash themselves with the self-programmed delusion that “nobody wakes up” but prove they are lousy in their methods, which in turn answers their first point.

      and then they get offended if you point this inability and clear sign to change one’s approach out.

      If you need more material about the Nazionism topic, let me know, here you find a lot, but I have more on disk.


      1. it is just finding (or coming across) those points that really passionate people

        I may be wrong but I believe ‘passionate’ is only an adjective, not a verb. The word you are looking for is ‘impassion’ (although wordpress does the red squiggle thing on this word, so maybe I have mandoozled myself, who knows, YMMV).

        In any event, how many people have you helped to ‘awaken’ in real life, G? And what did they do next?

        Because it is blindingly obvious to me now that the best one can hope to achieve is to encourage an interlocutor to mirror oneself for a short period of time. Once the conversation ends, the mirroring does too, and the interlocutor returns to their programmed state of mind (default setting: lemming mode).

        That is, ‘hey man, so and so is a hoax, let me show you’; ‘oh I see now, yes that is suspicious’; so on and so forth; ‘wow, I really did help this person to see’; come back a week later, ‘so did you look into it further?; ‘look into what? oh the conspiracy stuff, yeah yeah all very suspicious’; they couldn’t care less.

        Humans are very good at mirroring others, and if you are compelling or charming or charismatic, you can encourage them to mirror you on anything, even ‘conspiracies’, but the mirroring only works while you are there; beyond that, these creatures are empty vessels, devoid of critical thought.

        My evidence for this is that few if any of us have convinced a single family member or friend that the coronavirus is a hoax and the lockdowns are designed to (among other things) destroy small business. I haven’t convinced a single person in real life. Not one. And many people reading this, if they are being honest, will agree. At best we will be told ‘yes, the lockdowns are very suspicious’, here we go again…

        The dishonest will of course claim to have awoken a veritable army of people in real life, the same bullshit claims they’ve been making for literally years. Okay then, where are all these ‘awake’ people? Nowhere to be seen. ‘Oh but they’re awake, I awoke them myself’. Sure ya did, pal.


        1. I completely agree that trying to wake people up is a self-defeating exercise in futility. And I know from personal experience that what JLB says about “mirroring” is true. Be obnoxious and insistent enough about something and people will say anything to shut you up and get as far away from you as possible. I could do tutorials.

          In the case of my mother, I had no interest in “converting” her and won’t be surprised or upset if she goes back to blue pills. This is a little different, though, in that she went down the Nazi rabbit hole and connected it to the Covid hoax with no prompting from me, and contacted me out of the blue to tell me about it. No doubt she was influenced by conversations we’ve had. But in my conversations with her and everyone else in my life, I’ve been seeking to find ways of expressing my point of view without being confrontational, argumentative or obnoxious about it. I daresay this is a challenge for everyone in our club. Viewpoints that are commonplace and matter-of-fact for us can trigger a lot of negative emotions in others. It’s not easy to express myself honestly without seeming to imply that I think anyone who disagrees with me is a sheep, a fool, a non-playing character, etc. Who wants to listen to someone who clearly has no respect for them? I don’t.

          With most people, I choose not to talk about this stuff at all, and if the subject comes up, I keep my mouth shut. But with close friends and family members, I’ve put a lot of effort into making them comfortable with the fact that I see the world completely differently than they do, but that I don’t need to make them see things my way in order to have a positive relationship with them. It’s extremely tricky and I know I haven’t been successful in some cases, but I’m working at it.

          If my mother has permanently changed her point of view–and again, I’m not invested in the idea that she has–she will have converted herself, just as we all do. But none of us make that conversion in a vacuum. We’re influenced by others who speak a truth that resonates with us, even if we resist it or can’t wrap our heads around it for a long time.

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          1. she went down the Nazi rabbit hole and connected it to the Covid hoax with no prompting from me, and contacted me out of the blue to tell me about it. No doubt she was influenced by conversations we’ve had. But in my conversations with her and everyone else in my life, I’ve been seeking to find ways of expressing my point of view without being confrontational, argumentative or obnoxious about it. I daresay this is a challenge for everyone in our club. Viewpoints that are commonplace and matter-of-fact for us can trigger a lot of negative emotions in others. It’s not easy to express myself honestly without seeming to imply that I think anyone who disagrees with me is a sheep, a fool, a non-playing character, etc. Who wants to listen to someone who clearly has no respect for them? I don’t.

            BAM, nailed it.

            That is why so many fail in this.

            It is not “pushing truth” into someone’s face, the Jehova methods of too many online content creators who do this. And it is stupid, because our views (should) change over time; the science is never settled

            I have documented my experiences in various podcasts which is different than “mirroring”. If someone is truly interested up to fascinated about what you have to say, they open up and especially if they define the topics.

            Anyone with years of research experience should have enough of a versatile and consistent portfolio to catch on to many of those points of passion for your conversation partner.

            [after our hour of friendly, open, relaxed discussion about my thesis of the impossibility of space travel]*I have no scientific arguments**against your points*Jorge ? (~75), astrophysicist and publisher of books about plasmas in space, November 2016

            Make people feel comfortable, listen to their concerns and passionate points and ask critical questions that make them think and wonder. That is where their awakening lies aHEAD. and that is a personal journey, like us in our cases, only they can take.

            But others have said that much more elegantly.

            *I can only show you the door**you are the one who has to walk through it*Morpheus, *The Matrix* (1999)


  5. Every now and then I catch Coast 2 Coast in the wee hours. Usually it’s some tedious fortune teller or UFO investigator, but last night he had a Jonathan.. Emore? Something like that – who’s got a track record winning cases against government overreach – so he covered all the illegality of the mandates and related issues. But what really interested me – he’s got a book coming out called The Authoritarians, that tells how in the 1880s American elites became interested in Hegelian ideas out of Germany, and raised a generation of other elites (or sub-elites?) on them – that this was the first big introduction of the “Administrative state” as a means to bypass the Constitution.

    It reminds me of Gatto’s Underground History of Education book – he had a similar timeline, and focus on German (or Prussian) ideas as the underpinning of everything being done. So presumably his book will trace how that snowballed thru the 20th C. Just interesting to get some historical perspective on the current phenomenon – from one angle at least, everything is partial.


  6. From “Following only a day after our report that the FDA knows about and is preparing for COVID-19 vaccine adverse outcomes which include deaths, a newly released document on the FDA website shows that 2 participants died as a result of “serious adverse events” from the experimental Covid vaccine.”

    “FDA announces 2 deaths of Pfizer vaccine trial participants from “serious adverse events”:


    1. As a matter of PR ju jitsu – I would say that such reports actually add to big pharma’s credibility with the public – “see, they’re not hiding anything; if they were they would try to cover up such bad outcomes.”

      It’s a chess gambit. Pawn sacrifice or some such.

      In addition – for some reason the idea of drug side effects and deaths adds to their mystique as potent elixirs. See any drug ad on TV. Public loves it, apparently.

      And- when it is rolled out, some will die even if from other causes – such events could be hyped into bad PR for the vax. But not if the publi has already been “inoculated” and warned of some rare bad outcomes.

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  7. The following video was removed from You Tube since I heard it a few days ago. Fortunately, someone mirrored it on Bitchute. I think it is a VERY important and elevated discussion, and worth a listen. See Sayer Ji’s intro below…

    Bio-Apartheid, Preparing for Covid Vaccines, & Standing Up For Health Freedom – Dr Joel Bohemier with Sayer Ji
    (November 28, 2020)

    “What happens when you are not allowed to work, worship, play, or even acquire essential services without receiving tests and vaccines related to “COVID”? While voluntary, at this stage, global societies will be increasingly divided into two major camps: those who will submit to a new, highly invasive, bio-security and bio-governance system, driven by AI/transhumanistic agendas, and those who double-down in their faith in the healing power of their bodies, nature, community, and staying at a higher vibration, spiritually. Today, at 4:30 pm EST, my colleague Joel Bohemier and I will dive deep into this all-important topic. We intend to open minds, hearts, and provide tangible actions/solutions that we can start working with NOW.”


  8. I am wondering if, and admit it may be fanciful, the new vaccine is going to be a mere shot of saline. The reasoning is this: Since there is no virus, and since viruses are not a real thing and not a cause of disease anyway, and high in the food chain this is well known, then the vaccine can only be for two possible purposes: One would be to erase the virus in the public mind, to allow authorities to claim they have eradicated it. The other would be an unstated purpose.

    If the first, then the “virus” was merely a ruse to allow them to make massive changes in social order, changing the way we do schooling, elimination of currency and introduction of digital exchange as our only option, elimination of small businesses and corralling of the independent-minded people who run them, and social control and tracking, knowing who we are and where we are at all times. Things like masking and social distancing would have been psychological ploys to intensify fear and convince the public by manipulative means that the virus was real. The PCR test would have been used to create the illusion of a virus and that it is spreading. The deaths and illnesses would have been just a pack of lies spread, in our country, by CDC and the media, professional liars all. Like the Manhattan Project, only a very few are in on the game.

    If the vaccine is a real treatment, knowing there is no virus, to what end? Here we can only speculate, and that speculation tends to be wild … to kill us, harm us, sterilize younger people, make us more docile and easier to herd (ha ha ha!), to act as a means of transfer of wealth to PhRMA. I’ll admit to all possibilities, but in order of likelihood, the only thing that seems remotely possible to me has to do with the birth rate. But in developed countries, that had already been achieved naturally … children are an expensive burden in wealthy countries. Europe was already importing workers, and do you think migration on the southern border here could not easily be contained? “Countries” are passe’. So if aimed at containing population, it would be in Africa and Asia, the Philippines and India. They’ve already been caught pants down in the Philippines sneaking in an abortificant in the 1990s, and if that is the objective, it can easily be done in other vaccines (flu and childhood) anyway, and in the food supply. Here in the US, just slip it into pizza sauce and french fries.

    Just thinking out loud here, understanding that when major change is in the works, the last thing they want to do is argue and have a public debate about it. It has been my observation that when any major change is introduced as a political topic, it is fait accompli and more generally they use deception, misdirection and psyops to accomplish their goals. The last thing they ever attempt is to reason with us. Look around. How many reasonable people do you know? When you are done counting, you can use the fingers on your other hand to scratch itches.

    [Note … I wrote this comment before reading Stepher’s piece on modification of the human species. She’s got a far broader perspective than I do.]


    1. BAM, thank you, Mark: Concur.

      Sterile saline solution, or an inert solution with innocuous substances is what’s on the menu, this first round. Perhaps even ones with healthy ingredients, like minute amounts of D3 or B12 — to make the mixture “proprietary” and therefore a trade secret; one probably registered as an asset to a Pharma company’s Swiss subsidiary (if the holding company is not itself Swiss) where national IP legal protections are insurmountable.

      To recap Mark’s last graf a bit: The novel virus is nonexistent; so a purported vax MUST have another utility. But, going off in another direction from there, physical effects might not be it. I think it’s social.

      The novel virus is a whole cloth fraud of pervasive, brute-force MSM propaganda and the Big Lie technique of governments marching in “lock-step.” (Rockefeller foundation 2010, I think it was.) CV19’s a psy-op, start to finish, with multifarious goals over the immediate, medium and long term. Some of these goals are grandiose, a Freemason/Luciferian/Illuminist “great work” of decades if not centuries diligent labor (germ theory; science replacing religion; re-introduction of physical slavery, etc.), others are mere mundane opportunities for profit and authoritarian advantage to be grabbed reflexively along the way. For example, the quotidien kleptocratic habit of looting national treasuries. When do TPTB ever forget to do that?

      OK, so why? Because (limited hangout) Alex Jones was right: The ultimate, long term goal was and is one world government, run by an untouchable, even unknown elite, on the model of the prison work-farm. A global one. An open-air, free-range plantation, where “we own nothing but we’re happy,” (WEF) in which we choose to do what they want by being given endless, very fine-tuned false dilemmas. (One of the things you won’t being owning is your body; again, that’s consistent with a prison.)

      [ALSO: This “choice” piece is important; though it is really soft coercion. The ability of a would-be controller to craft individualized, fine-grain false dilemmas allows him to lead people where the control structure wants them to go. Facebook, et al, create a giant, backward-looking surveillance file on you (that you update yourself!), yes, it’s true, BUT FB’s real bounty to the psychopathic is its predictive ability, including what choice one will make when presented with two options. (Thumbs Up!, Thumbs Down! Click on it, or ignore it. Skim, or share. Endlessly, all day every day. FB is a continuous psychological questionnaire telling the ControlStructure/AI how you think and in what direction you are most easily pushed.) All of us look out onto the world through our own Overton Windows. That they can be shifted incrementally over time is not disputed.]

      Problem with The Plantation model is: Some folks won’t play that. They’d rather fall butt backwards with a bullet in the face into a mass grave, with the skin of their murderer beneath their fingernails, than enter its gates.
      So, before now, the Problem for the control structure was knowing who is who: Resistor vs. Subject, Sovereign human vs. Slave, Thinker vs. Drone, blah, blah blah. Now, parsing the population en masse that way has largely been solved.

      [The Stasi and KGB (Gestapo 2.0), et al, eventually learned that trying to determine that manually using HumInt soon consumes all national productivity; half the population spies on the other half, and there’s no freaking toilet paper on the shelves. The economy collapses, first slowly, then all at once; and the political structure’s hegemony along with it.]

      Enter DARPA: By white-washing and then marketing its surveillance and social engineering tech “from the Black” through its Silicon Valley fronts, it has automated the task of identifying who’s who into SigInt. When all communications are mediated through servers, sifting traffic is merely a how question. Done and done: We’re long past the notion that one is being ‘wire-tapped’ or becoming indignant that our email is opened, read, digested, sold and saved before we get it because, well, we’re so cool we can watch NetFlix on our phones (/sarc).

      Problem is: How to separate the two populations, without having to go among them and label the independent ones with a metaphorical yellow star to make them legible to authority for herding and to the compliant ones for shunning.

      That’s the vax and its certification. Critically, It’s a Choice. Your certification is your pass back to a normal life. Not having one will be like walking around in a personal, invisible cage of restrictions and, eventually, nonpersonhood. We all intuit this is where this is going. [Though it must be said that Huxley got there first.]

      Why sterile saline or an inert serum?

      All of this gargantuan, difficult social engineering can be achieved with a harmless fluid. The bifurcation of society rides not upon what’s in the vax but upon whether you chose to take it.

      The groundwork for this Op has been laid: The vax wars have been simmering across society for a generation now. The externalization of that divide-and-conquer is the current psy-op, and CV19’s vax arrival now is the litmus test, the bifurcating agent. The alt-media research and handwringing about the substance itself is being fed, is being played, on an alternating Internet IV Drip of “info” and “disinfo” each and every day in the ramp up to its distribution to heighten, to sharpen the decisiveness of the bifurcation, and to harden each person’s/family’s certain belief in the rectitude of their worldview and vax choice.

      One might object, “That the self-selecting bio-apartheid might be achieved with saline doesn’t mean TPTB would do it. Why would they ever miss an opportunity to inject nano-bots, live viruses, sterilizers, or DNA modifying re-sequencers?”

      Because having ZERO adverse reactions annihilates the anti-vaxxers. “Science” wins by KO. We already know “the number of cases” are going to decline through redefinition and by number and word magic around the testing regime; that was called out months ago here. So, yes, it must and will be seen as a “safe cure.” Moreover, it’s important psychologically that the compliant receive not only privileges (tailored, temporary personhood and “normal life”) for surrendering their bodily sovereignty, they also have to have been “right”: it binds them more tightly psychologically to the Authorities that “told them the truth.” That also sets them up for the perfidious “boosters.”

      That virtuous “truth” and the apparent lack of adverse reactions (from saline) will bring a lot of weak-kneed, current vax-skeptics into the fold, after being ground down by personal excoriation and emotional bludgeoning by friends, family and circumstances. The schism in society will widen as those who attempted to secretly occupy the middle path (wait and see) choose a pole in about a year or so.

      Once the two-tiered system is in place, though, it’s permanent, civilizationally. This is the elegant solution to the hardest problem: Getting each population to identify itself, then to bifurcate, viewing one another as “other.” From there, “legitimate” legal differences in human franchisement for each group will propagate naturally.

      Clearly, the ultimate goal is to get the noncompliant out of the Citadel of civilization altogether, and then using their unvaxxed status as a way to raise the draw bridge against their re-admission. But, we’re not quite there yet. Vax is phase one, the self-identification phase.

      Phase Two is a horse of another color, altogether. It’s a sorting event.

      [The reason “1984” memes are on T-shirts now is because we can see it all around us. There are no “Brave New World” ones (even though SRI’s are Soma) because Huxley’s Savage Reservation, so central to the story and its Dystopia, hasn’t yet become visible.
      [Predictive programing hawks might see Savage Reservation pre-programing in TV’s “The Walking Dead” and YA fiction like Hunger Games.]

      Back to saline: From there, lesser, more prosaic and immediate benefits for TPTB likely spin out of a salt water vax. One is pure financial fraud by the Pharma firms that have supposedly spent billions creating this magic substance. Corporations looting national treasuries for mindbending figures by billing for BS authorized “in an emergency” by well-greased and/or well-controlled politicians is a fart in the wind at this point in the devolution of the West. I think that’s why more than one Big Pharma firms plus an insider start-up jumped on this: They attended the special seminar at Davos and know they could ship water with Vitamin C, invoice whatever they want, and no one was going to call them on it.

      So, yeah, Mark: Saline? I’m totally down. One good fraud deserves another. And those scary vax ingredients we keep “discovering”? Those are for later “boosters.” Right now, the vax is a full-bore psychological operation with just one physical aspect: Taking the shot itself. Thus will the world population be divided into two groups by a ritual initiation of the body through pain, in free will. Any anthropology text or occult grimoire will tell you what full-bore, psycho-spiritual mojo that involves.

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      1. And, it’s a good one. Your basic postulate, a no-harm vaccine, is plausible for all the reasons you’ve given. Thanks for articulating it as you have, and for the effort of composing it.

        Thanks also for fleshing the details of the potential scenarios. I think you’ve captured the dynamics of what faces us. Well done.

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      2. Maybe a weak point in your argument is “looting the treasury,” which I find difficult to comprehend. Here in the US, the treasury is the Fed (Federal Reserve), so “looting” it is moving money from the right pocket to the left. All regular people pay taxes, but that is only to control prices. It keeps demand under control.

        But beyond that, Paso, this is an elegant comment. I ask your permission to highlight it as a blog post, perhaps after Stepher’s most recent post has had adequate front page time.Please either assent here in the comments, or remain silent. I will not go forward if you object.


        1. Hey, Mark:

          Oh sure, mention it, if you like. Or run with a concept, just as I picked up and ran with your mention of saline. Whatever works for you. I’ll be interested to see what crits and questions come up. It’s all good.

          My use of the phrase “loot the treasury” was intended to convey my thought that one of the Big Pharma vaccine makers that’s in on the psy-op might bill the US and other governments for a high priced vaccine and then ship saline or something similar, which is darn near free. Such a firm would be looting government treasuries of customer countries by such fraudulent invoicing.

          And why wouldn’t they? No one can call them on it when the government of every major nation has signed onto The Big Lie. In that context, billing fraud is a freebie: an incidental flim-flam amid a murderous global manipulation.

          That was my thought, anyway.


      3. The ultimate longterm goal a one world government? I would suggest that the response of every country being the same to this hoax would point to the fact there already is one. Making it official would take away all of the opportunities to manipulate world events through contrived disputes between nation states. The working toward a one world govt story is just conspiracy group misdirection.

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        1. Hey, Rob,

          Just so; well put.
          We agree that the lockstep with which the many western government leaders are responding to this figmentary crisis is proof of their being but regional managers implementing a company manual promulgated from a headquarters. That we don’t know where that HQ is or who runs it makes it easy for we proles to believe there isn’t one — which works just fine for what I sometimes call the CapStone Group, whose domain that is. General disbelief in their existence keeps the CapStone Group safe from discovery. Astonishing really, isn’t it, to see in this ‘crisis’ so many disparate populations choking on the same recipe of humble pie, it being rammed down their throats on interlocking timetables, but few will agree that there’s a baker or a bakery.
          Yes, any group smart enough to take hold of so many levers of power is smart enough to conceal itself, from which hidey-hole it can invisibly facilitate exactly the sort of dynamic management operations (conflicts, mostly, whether hot wars, cold ones, or trade ones, etc) that give History its narrative quality, while making it all appear spontaneous and organic.

          It’s true: I used One World Government as shorthand, as a trope, as a point of departure for the argument that followed, for expediency’s sake. I didn’t drill down the way you have above; I couldn’t agree more.

          Liked by 1 person

      4. Agree this deserves its own post and discussion. One small point – so if the vax were saline, but then you envision later boosters being damaging – then it’s sort of a moot point whether the initial one is or not – you’d be entering that path to down the road have more mandatory shots that do whatever.


        1. Hey Tim,

          Yes and no.
          Let me try to explain it this way: If the vax is saline or inert, a placebo or even beneficial, some substance that can only have ZERO adverse reactions, no one who takes it will suffer, and in fact for their faith in The System the vaccinated will be rewarded with their old life back. When no side-effects are seen, the anti-vaxxers, the skeptical, the obstreperous and the cautious will see their arguments and hesitations invalidated, with a heaping side helping of social scorn and medical restriction. Vaccinated friends and family who thought anti-vaxxers stupid and delusional before will be factually confirmed in that opinion. But worse than that, they will propagandized to view the unvaccinated as a health threat, as walking hotzones of contagion that really should ought to be quarantined, isolated, excluded “for everybody’s sake, right?” Once society and even families are riven in that way, it won’t be hard for TPTB to codify bio-apartheid based on vax status into law.

          Viewed as a social engineering project to catalyze social and family disintegration and the creation of apartheid at law, having a round or two of benign placebo vaxxes is not moot; it’s actually key.

          [At the risk of Paso-splaining, I note that many see in the word COVID, the Control Structure’s branding for this op, the words Covert and Identification. OK, fair enough, but then they sort of spin that to mean TPTB are identifying us covertly, or something, as though they don’t already know almost everything about almost all of us down to the genomic level, for Pete’s sake. That doesn’t really hold together for me. But the name might mean exactly that if you consider that TPTB need to know, before they can move decisively to the WEF Plantation model, what’s in your heart, in your character: principle or expediency; independence or conformity; skepticism or credulity; pudding or steel. To discover that with certainty, they need to see you freely choose one action over another in the face of a binary choice. Action will tell them which group you as an individual actually belong to. Everyone talks a good game, but many who think well of themselves now will look down at their shoes and roll up their sleeves on that day.]

          That’s my argument at this writing, for what it’s worth. Perforce, circumstances and events will prove parts of it out and disprove other parts, in 2021 and ’22.


          1. No I understand your view of the larger social picture and effects – I meant, as an individual, thinking you might go along w it bc “likely it’s harmless” is foolhardy, bc it starts one on the path to potential future harmful boosters etc, or other mandatory medical procedures.

            I’m very intrigued by the implications of this character test you envision – which is in the air I agree. Maybe on the new post I’ll put some speculative questions it raises for me.


      5. Ok Paso,

        So you’re gonna get vaccinated I understand.

        And what if they ask you a second, a third and so on shot to go back to a “normal” life? According to their definition of normal of course, not yours.

        In my country the vaccine will not be the end of masks, social distancing and smart working, italian politicians and scientists are ponting that our every two seconds on msm.
        Plus, they say that with a vaxx, herd immunity will not be reached and we’ll all be contaminated with the virus for weeks, even months.
        So, what’s the exact point in getting vaccinated?

        I don’t like the turn this discussion is taking, it seems to be based on the assumption that TPTB are a very clever bunch of people who can do whatever they want with all of us.
        Well, that’s not true at all.

        Actually, theirs is a train that’s going to crash very soon, and I’m no longer interested in being part of a so called “civilization” if it implies all that you wrote.
        I’d rather live like 10.000 years ago, no kidding.
        I’m ready, actually.
        And I don’t think they’re interested in people like me to be honest, cos I’m one in 7 billions.
        They need people who can’t live without technology and modern comforts cos they’re the perfect sheep they need as slaves.


        1. Anna

          Pablo can speak for himself, but I did not read his well-thought thesis as a declaration of intention to accept the first round of vaccination. His portrayal may be the exact plan they have for us, but I will not be jabbed in any case. No test, no ‘treatment’.

          As for “And what if they ask you a second, a third and so on shot to go back to a “normal” life?”, he covered that succinctly as well.

          I accept his story as an intelligent attempt to put all this shit in perspective. I don’t find any fault with the storyline. Of course, any good script needs a few good surprises, n’est-ce pas?


        2. Hi, Anna,

          Thanks for your comment; I do not disagree with any of it, except for the first line. No, I’m not taking any vaccine, Anna: I’m the one I was describing with the skin of my killer beneath my fingernails. In an earlier, messier version of my comment I included a parenthetical, “Me, for example,” after that personal description, but I deleted it as a self-involved, rhetorical distraction — a derailer. Like you, I understand that the needle is the thin edge of a wedge intended to separate us from our right to bodily sovereignty.

          I believe the steps the control structure intend to tread in order to steal that from us are, first, by elaborate fraud (see above), and then by social coercion (a two-tier society, with refuseniks bearing hardships; also above). Naked force would normally be the third tool they might use, but at that point one will have proven oneself to be incorrigible, and so the shot they’re most likely to administer is a lead one between the eyes, as I also described.

          I regret if that wasn’t clear.

          That I assert and argue the possibility that the first round of CV vaxxes is likely saline is no great insight. We all know the elite minions are liars and frauds, I’m merely pointing out that this substance is likely a fraud, too, therefore. I’m merely pointing out there may be actual concrete advantages to their doing just that: ZERO adverse side-effects was one of my examples.

          To me, taking the vaccine turns on principle, not upon what’s in it. Who cares what’s in it: It’s being purveyed by a monstrous global fraud.

          Liked by 1 person

    2. Quote:
      …and if that is the objective, it can easily be done in other vaccines (flu and childhood) anyway, and in the food supply. Here in the US, just slip it into pizza sauce and french fries. …

      -I would quibble a little with this. Injecting is different from ingestion and bypasses bodily defense mechanisms. Adults can choose to avoid flu shots etc. Also not sure that practically (bc dose variability making some high intake and others low intake) they could really get away with undiscovered tampering with food supply, of anything with major potency at least?

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  9. “All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances,
    And one man in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,
    Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms . . . ”

    The first man (and second person, after Margaret Keenan) in the UK to get the jab – “William Shakespeare”:
    It’s an inside joke to the elites. The nurse (who gave the jab to both Keenan and Shakespeare), BTW, was May Parsons – homage to the Crowley crew (RE: Jack Parsons)?


    1. I played Prospero in a college production of The Tempest 25 years ago (and am still too young for the role, though not by much). After all this time, I still know many of the monologues by heart. This sick jest makes me think of Prospero’s farewell to all the forces of nature that powered his magic as he announces that he is willingly surrendering his power—giving up everything that made him so extraordinary.

            .... But this rough magic

      I here abjure, and when I have required

      Some heavenly music, which even now I do,

      To work mine end upon their senses that

      This airy charm is for, I’ll break my staff,

      Bury it certain fathoms in the earth,

      And deeper than did ever plummet sound

      I’ll drown my book.


  10. BTW, knowing the vaccine is indeed saline, then it is easy to avoid the bifurcation. Just take it. If this blog disappears, I am forms only at proton mail dot com. Thus far we’ve been too small to matter. I hope it stays that way.


    1. My mam spoke with a friend who works on the local market today. The stall-holder said she heard about two nurses who had had adverse effects after being vaccinated. Vaccine past it’s sell-by-date or….?


  11. Nice to see POM promoting the vaccine as probably just saline, is that an attempt to increase to take up from people who question things?


    1. Point taken. I am just trying to sort things out in my own mind. Vaccines in general are harmful, but the road back to a normal life seems to have one in store, either mandatory or de facto so. Since there is no virus, the vaccine in store cannot involve a virus, so it serves so e other purpose. Saline is one alternative. The others are not pleasing.


      1. They have been trying for 20 years to develop a vaccine for corona viruses.
        And withing 8 months they now have developed a vaccine that is greater than 90% effective.
        Has to be a Saline Placebo…however

        Why two doses? Since there is such a warp speed hurry to get the story line to this phase,
        why not just one dose and be done with it?

        They can implement control measures with that one dose, but to have people come back 30 days later and get the 2nd dose, seems oddly troublesome.


        1. Excellent question, Greg.

          The billing opportunity it creates for people and practices in health care to get paid twice is not meaningless, but neither is it persuasive by itself, at least to me.

          It makes me wonder, and I do NOT have any data on this, whether in their studies on volunteer populations to model and test different vax schedules for their effectiveness at getting future re-uptake, they discovered a psychological threshold.

          Strategically, their goal is to get citizens to return again and again in coming years for what will turn out to be an endless, ever growing raft of vaxxes. (I think comparing 1962’s childhood vax schedule to today’s pretty much establishes the trajectory going forward.) Perhaps in the course of testing various schedules they discovered that only a portion of the subjects who have one injection ever come back for a second one, if they have the choice not to. But subjects that have two injections are X number of times more likely to return for a third, even if they have the choice not to.

          So, perhaps, they broke this initial vax up into an A and a B simply to trigger and to game such a psychological effect, if it exists. IDK.

          Interesting question.


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