Just for giggles …

The two photos above were taken on the same day, part of Jon Tester’s run for Senate from my former and Steve Kelly’s current home state of Montana in 2006.  I am hoping that our astute readers can point out some obvious inconsistencies.

Tester won that campaign, and I voted for him based on his environmental promises. Shortly after winning the election he turned on the Montana environment community, called us names, and lost our support (critical in a close election). In 2012 he had to turn to dark money, a $1 million or so injection of cash at the end of his campaign to sway votes from his opponent, Dennis Rehberg, and to Dan Cox, the libertarian candidate. That shift provided his winning margin, allowing him to retain the seat with 48.6% of the vote (Rehberg 44.6%, Cox 6.6%).

The money for the ad campaign was funneled through a group called Montana Hunters and Anglers. No one knows where they got it, to this day. The move was legal in the wake of the US Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling.

Below is a current screen grab from Tester’s Facebook Page:


The man makes my skin crawl.

22 thoughts on “Just for giggles …

  1. You’ll notice all of Tester’s pic don’t show his enormous belly roll, or there taken years ago like the ones you’ve provided. I’m a big guy 6′ 2″ 275lbs but I can see my shoes. Tester’s belly can hide size fourteens.

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    1. If it wasn’t about some one in the political business, I would have said the second photo had been taken after some hard work done.
      But if politics and fashion have one thing in common, it’s the “Photoshop”-ing effort put into the token dummies.


      1. I think they physically worked over the jacket, ran over it with a truck several times, spilled some battery acid on it, to make it look like it belonged to a working guy. I didn’t see PhotoShopping, but of course they could have done that.


        1. With “Photoshopping”, I was referring to the way of creating a certain public perception of politicians. Vividly remember the last elections here, when I walked past several election posters. Whitened teeth, removed wrinkles and pimples, re-coloured skin – not even speaking about the fake smile of those psychopaths.
          This is the first-level faking, like with the fashion models.

          Second level is like “World leaders in support for Charly Hebdo”, staged with the real people in a Parisian side road, with security and bodyguards posing as “crowd”.

          Third level is faking people and places into one image. Like the Paris Liberation parade, or Lenin speaking before a crowd.


          1. They invent people who appear on TV screens. This guy, Tester, is a hard-working rancher who left his farm to serve in Helena, and then Washington. I suspect that is nonsense, an invention, that he is at best a gentleman farmer. And I would bet there are two-way mirrors in Helena and honey traps, and I would make this guy a candidate. He was chose to be Conrad Burns’ successor because they knew they could count on them – they = Timber Lobby.

            Montana’s former Senator Baucus is a Sieben, and if I knew how I would follow that line back. They are very wealthy sheep ranchers, big landowners. Max Baucus, low an talent and charisma, was the anointed senator from Montana for 24 years. Tester is up for his third term in 2018. I wonder if he is of the peerage.

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  2. First attempt — ripping the pocket off a freshly-washed, vintage, 12-oz., “hand duck” Carhartt — didn’t look “hard-working” enough. Dog whistle #1. After adding some more wear and tear, some dirt and a touch of red to go with the BIG red barn, it’s a wrap. Dog whistle #2. Next best thing to a guy in military uniform. Only manly-men need apply!


    1. I wondered what that brown area was on his right upper chest – of course! They tore off the pocket. It has no effect, he still looks soft in the middle. The rest, I didn’t catch the addition of red (probably Photoshop) being the exact color as the barn. This was indeed professional.


        1. Who knows, and I don’t agree or disagree. But do note the read about the collar and neck in teh second photo, not there in the first. It looks like an artist’s touch.


          1. That barn photo is a paste up, in my opinion. I default to Fake when the subject figure is so far up in the foreground that you can’t see his feet. That is a good way to avoid the details of ground shadow synching, which often gives the game away.
            I don’t know squat about barns, but that one looks half buried. The old cell phone with antennae shaped door doesn’t look functional. The oaf has been tilted unnaturally to align with the pagoda like thing on the barn roof.
            What I see is a neophyte in his late teens or early twenties assigned to the photo-shop brigade and his underdeveloped aesthetics are making him harmonize the elements in a way that wouldn’t happen in nature. When I was young and slinging paint at the canvas, I was producing some very explicit sexual images that I just didn’t see. My brother did, but he must have thought I was just being rude. I really had no idea. I get that sense here, that the tilting of figure and barn seems right to this recruit, but such things aren’t found in nature or real photographs. Compelling composition, that is, emotionally satisfying and therefore undetectable in its artifice, is contrapuntal. If I were running this Op unit, I’d assign musicians to learn photo-shop. Their instincts are far more advanced at that age, if not their personalities.


          2. You’re right. I had not noticed all that stuff before. The barn, though decrepit, has a fresh coat of paint. Tester has telltale wavies around his sleeves indicating paste up.


  3. Some conspicuous Internet researcher(s) have followed the path of the Genealogy, lineage, peerage, royalty, etc. to entertain the notion of the controllers of the Matrix, but the bigger question is how the Matrix came to be? they (nobility/lords, etc) may be the owners or controllers… but who built it? Who were the masterminds behind its design? That is another matter much more interesting… IMHO.


  4. Follow that line and you will know even the history of the founding of USA is not what it seems, perhaps many are not ready to face the idea of a manufactured country from its very beginnings. Two, (better three) samples: a) Study he Battle of Long Island (Revolutionary Wars) b) Who was Benjamin Franklin, frankly?. Third one: Why the founding fathers and framers of the Constitution established a bimettallic standard/system (gold and silver) – a very convenient clause for the bankers for The City nonetheless.


    1. Good comments all. I learned when I finally understood how the Bay of Pigs was set up to convince the Cuban people they owned their own government that the American Revolution (and 2002 Venezuelan coup) were the same formula, controlled opposition all the way with a psyop used to convince us we are free of outside rule.

      Civil War is confounding.


      1. Thank you. Grateful for the research done by many of you. Just wanted to add more topics and ideas for future discussions. Someone once said: “The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” and I agree… war is being waged between our ears from a long, long time. Aussies Midnight Oil sang: “We carry in our hearts the true country and that cannot be stolen”. Let’s all keep it up and enjoy and care for our loved ones. In the end, that is the only thing that matters.


  5. By now you now the reasons for the civil war were not what you were taught at school… One real reason: it was Kabuki while the government undermined true Japan and the designed and planned takedown of the Shogunate to “restore the Meiji puppet, meaning, Emperor”


  6. They invent people who appear on TV screens. This guy, Tester, is a hard-working rancher who left his farm to serve in Helena, and then Washington. …

    I hope you can forgive my ignorance concerning local American politicians. I just don’t want congest my memory with useless information about such useless people. We have more than enough of them in Europe ourselves. Exactly the same kind, mindset, and look-alike.

    And since a few days, we have army officers posing as terrorist-refugees, faking to prepare a fake terror attack.
    I can feel it in my bones, there is something in the pipeline here …


    1. The majority of people on this planet easily fall for all of this stuff, and that will never change. We have our own minds, our own brains, our own eyes, something quite unusual for planet earth. I suggest you break out the popcorn and watch the movie.


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