A Masonic posturer

The comment located here was put up recently, and leaves me a lot to think about. I’ll let you decide for yourself whether it is a punk or something real. I am hoping as I dissect it to make that decision for myself.

First, if you actually go to take a look at the comment, you’ll see why I put up a photo of the “Enter” key from a Qwerty keyboard. That key is useful. It separates thoughts into “paragraphs,” and makes for easier reading. There are quite a few natural break points in the comment, but the author doesn’t seem to know that readers prefer short paragraphs.

I don’t know why people write in long tirades like that, not taking time or organize. It could be that our “Master Mason” was in a hurry, typing on an “eyes only” Masonic keyboard, and wanted to get it all written and publisher before he got caught.

There’s another possibility. In the town that I grew up in, there were a couple of Masonic Temples, but the members more often congregated in bars, usually dedicated to orders like Masons, Elk, Moose, Shriners (OK, Catholic, and not Masonic, but trust me, the Knights of Columbus is centered around a hall, the center of which is a bar). It could be that Master Mason was tying one on. I don’t think he was sent on a mission, or was allowed to talk out of school.

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Ringing in a Resonant New Year

There is innate wisdom in Nature that sings and dances to the infinite rhythm of the Universe. Aligning with this sacred pattern of movement and growth returns us to balance and harmony. As we emulate Nature, we amplify our true Selves. 

~ Stephers

Here’s a stream of consciousness, as I reflect on these trying times, and ponder what is to come as we enter 2021 . . . 

As a full-time mom, wife, and homesteader, I don’t have much time to work in other capabilities — including wellness consulting and empowerment coaching. As a part-time writer and member here at POM, today I am sharing in a capacity that encompasses many of the hats I wear — as a dedicated mom, healer, coach, researcher, and budding blogger. 

For the past 10 years or so, I have been compelled to observe the knowing (and unknowing) minions of a hyper-militarized and hyper-occulted ruling system. Parallel to this “investigation,” I have explored modes of resisting and combatting this octupus-like network. I have continually fallen short. However, in my personal life, I have developed a self-empowerment tool (see Exhibit A) incorporating multiple forms of energy expressions in this sphere of life we inhabit and navigate. The method I created has enabled me to overcome personal life obstacles, even those which seemed unnavigable, and treading into what some may perceive as “evildoings” by “evildoers.” Regardless of whether these experiences were placed in my path for spiritual growth or to distract me from spiritual growth, one thing I have noticed is that when I apply this technique — an alchemical method of transformation and transmutation — rather than my previous default of resistance, I achieve a better result.

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Checking the obits

I routinely check the obituaries for my home town of Billings, Montana. No doubt others do the same exercise for their past hometowns. I spent many years there, knew many people, and knew of many more people. Today I came across a man I did not know, but who was very prominent. His obituary can be found here. His name was Jack Rehberg. His obit is a very well written and interesting tribute to this accomplished, energetic, generous and optimistic man. I am not writing this to detract from his remarkable legacy in any way. I am especially impressed at how he met the love of his life, a neighbor girl, and determined that he would marry her someday. Prior to the marriage, he would park his car in front of her house so that potential rivals would think she was occupied. Well played, sir!

They were married for 68 years.

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