Open letter to Megan Ryan, employed by the Office of the Governor of Colorado, and having an official title way too long to include here …

The following post is more for proof that certain documents were sent to the Office of the Governor of Colorado than for anyone’s reading enjoyment. After a round of Freedom of Information exchanges, I came to the conclusion his staff members simply don’t know anything. Orders come from above. They have no clue as to masking, distancing, the utter uselessness of PCR testing or the failure to isolate a virus anywhere, anytime.

My intent then is contained in the fourth paragraph of my letter to Megan Ryan, the woman who “handled” my FOIA by linking me to a bunch of non-scientific mask studies, and nothing more. She ignored everything else including distancing, quarantine, isolation of virus, etc. She must have spent all of ten minutes on the exercise, cursing me as she went. I want it on record that that office has access to information about the pandemic, as lawsuits are indeed cropping up around the world. I do not want them, if sued, to be able to claim innocence. By putting the information forwarded to Ryan up here, I have evidence that she received the package I sent on December 21, 2020. Without this, I fear they may send it back or shred it, claiming never to have gotten it. Eventually I will include the tracking data.

I ask that anyone with resources link to this post, or mirror it, so that it too does not go down Winston Smith’s memory hole. (Smith, if you remember the book 1984, worked for the Ministry of Truth.) The memory hole was a small chute that led to a large incinerator. A metaphorical memory is deliberate alteration or disappearance of inconvenient or embarrassing documents, photographs, transcripts or other records, such as from a website or other archive, particularly as part of an attempt to give the impression that something never happened. I want the Governor of Colorado to face his constituents in court. In my view, he has committed abuse and fraud against us.

What follows is mere use of this blog for storage. Read it if you please, but I am using it to serve a different purpose.

December 21, 2020

Office of the Governor of the State of Colorado
200 East Colfax
Denver, CO  80203

Attn:      Megan Ryan, Exec Assistant to the Office of Legal Counsel

Dear Ms. Ryan,

I must conclude from your response to my FOIA request that you were instructed to “handle” this pain-in-the-rear guy by offering an answer, any answer, so that your office can say it responded. This is instructive. There is no interest in pursuit of truth. You simply went through the motions. 10 minutes?

It is my contention that the Office of the Governor of Colorado is engaged in abuse of and fraud against the people of our state. However, due to the astonishing center of power that uncloaked in March of this year, declaring a fictional “pandemic” on 3/11/2020, you are hermetically sealed against critics. You can act with impunity, and you have thus far done so.

My FOIA remains open and I still request an answer. However, I have decided on a different tack. Rather than to wait for revelations of fraud and abuse from your office, I am providing various exhibits explaining the nature of the deceit going on. To what end? Perhaps it is quixotic, as it appears your office has no power to change its policies! Our governor has neither the moral courage or personal integrity to stand and fight for us. He goes along, and even publicly sports the mask of shame.

However, you now have the documents. You cannot “un-know” about them, or “un-see” them. Everything in this package will have been published on my blog (1,571 followers) along with advice to readers to link and mirror to be sure it stays alive. Should your behavior become the matter for a prosecution or a lawsuit, you will have to testify that facts and evidence were available at the time of your abusive and fraudulent actions, and that you chose to ignore them. I will be paying attention.

A couple of weeks ago my wife’s cell phone received a CODE RED message from your office saying that Covid-19 was spreading in our area. It is not. People are merely “testing positive,” a meaningless term being used to scare the bejesus out of everyone. That is agitation propaganda. The Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 makes domestic propaganda illegal, and you should be prosecuted on that basis. However, as I look around me, I see that the prohibition is like a parachute in a tornado, swept away by monstrous force. We are living in a sea of agitprop, and the fear it imparts on everyone precludes rational thought.

According to CDC, total deaths in 2020 have increased by 1.12% over 2019. You might attribute that to the “pandemic,” but 2019 deaths over 2018 were also 1.12%. Did I miss a pandemic in 2019? Since 2014, the average yearly increase in mortality is 1.22%, so that 2020 is less than an average year. In short, no pandemic. However, CDC has reclassified death from other causes as being from Covid-19. That is fraudulent, but if you take the time to research, you will find that CDC shows dramatic decreases this year in deaths from heart disease, pneumonia, influenza … this is the beating heart of the scam.

However, and notably, suicides are up, I would bet in Colorado as well. I lay this at your doorstep.

Mark Tokarski

(Attached: Historical Death Rate, United States (Scroll Down)

Sent to the Office of Governor of Colorado, 12/21/2020, via priority mail with tracking and return receipt:

Exhibit A: Corman-Drosten et al, Eurosurveillance 2020
Exhibit B: Margida Ramos de Almeida, Habeas Corpus Interest in in Acting SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR Tests, privacy of Liberty, Illegal Detention (English translation)
Exhibit C: Rita Jaafar study published in Oxford Academic
Exhibit D: Florida Governor Ran DeSantis memo.
Exhibit E: English translation of a paper DSalud, November 2020, English Translation
Exhibit F: Annals of Internal Medicine, Effectiveness of Adding a Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers.
Exhibit X: Christine Massey’s efforts to FOIA SARS-CoV-2 from the Public Health Agency of Canada. “Freedom of Information reveals Public Health Agency of Canada has no record of ‘SARS-COV-2’ isolation performed by anyone, anywhere, ever.” (Christine Massey)
Exhibit Y: WHO Information for IVD Users
Exhibit Z: WHO Finally Admits that COVID19 PCR Test has a “Problem”

Exhibit A

Corman-Drosten et al, Eurosurveillance 2020

This is an external peer review of the RT-PCR test to detect SARS-CoV-2 that reveals 10 major scientific flaws committed in a paper submitted to Eurosurveillance by Dr. Christian Drosten and Victor M Corman, et al, in January 2020. Eurosurveillance accepted the paper and published it two days later with an amazingly quick peer review, if there was any at all. WHO then accepted the results and use the recommended primers from the paper as a benchmark for PCR testing. It is a house of cards.

The authors of this paper, 23 of them, are virologists, molecular biologists, and other scientists whose credentials and affiliations are noted near the end of the paper.

Worthy of note: Dr. Drosten’s credentials are under scrutiny. German law requires the three copies of his PhD dissertation be on file. Goethe University cannot locate them. Drosten claims that two are lost, and one is too water-damaged to read. A more likely conclusion, in my view, is that Drosten was merely placed at Goethe to facilitate the rollout of the pandemic. He is a fraud.

[Not included in Megan Ryan package, I see no evidence that Drosten claimed that the dog ate one of his papers.]

Corman Drosten Review

Exhibit B

Margarida Ramos de Almeida Habeas Corpus Interest in Acting SARS-C0V-2 RT-PCR Tests: Privacy of Liberty, Illegal Detention

Four German nationals were planning a vacation in the Azores, and all tested negative for SARS-CoV-2. On arriving in Portugal, one of the four tested positive, and all four were ordered quarantined for two weeks. They enlisted legal counsel and filed a writ of habeas corpus. The writ was granted, and Portuguese health authorities appealed. This document is an English translation of that case.

The appeals court ruled that quarantines based on RT-PCR were not enforceable due to the unreliability of the testing … also making note that there is no “gold standard” for existence of the virus (an issue beyond the matter at hand for the court). But the primary issue was the number of amplifications used in testing. The court referred to a study done by Rita Jaafar et al published in Oxford Academic (Exhibit C) that measured the degradation of PCR testing with the increase in the number of amplifications. At 30 cycles, the test (when used as intended) is only 30% reliable, and at 35 cycles, 3%! Dr. Drosten and Victor Corman in their paper submitted to Eurosurveillance and thereafter adopted by WHO, recommended use of 45 cycles!. At that level, results are meaningless … just noise. But they are being used worldwide to illegally quarantine people.

The court ruled that unless laboratories disclose the number of amplification cycle, quarantines cannot be enforced. Worldwide, no laboratories to my knowledge disclose this information. The Governor of Florida has recently issued an executive order requiring such disclosure (Exhibit D). Governor Polis should follow suit immediately.

It is understood that a Portuguese ruling holds no sway in the US; but understand that habeas corpus is a universal remedy in democratic countries. You may claim that such a remedy can be suspended in an emergency, but then you would have to give evidence of one. Given that the US is not experiencing excess deaths in 2020, and that “Covid-19” deaths are merely reclassifications of deaths from other causes, you’d be challenged. You’d have to bring your best liars.

Exhibit C

Correlation Between 3790 Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction–Positives Samples and Positive Cell Cultures, Including 1941 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Isolates

This is the Jaafar et al study published in Oxford Academic. As mentioned under Exhibit D, the Polymerase Chain Reaction machine uses amplification cycles to increase the size of a DNA sample (or reverse transcriptase RNA) to make them large enough to be viewed by human eyes. However, with each cycle, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc., some of the reliability is lost.

Jaafar et al assume that results of the RT-PCR are reasonably reliable up to 25 cycles. After that it is a steep fall off. At 30 cycles, as you can see in the accompanying graph, results are only 30.1% reliable, and at 35 cycles, 2.7% reliable. Dr. Christian Drosten recommended in January that 45 cycles be used – WHO adopted that stance. This is ludicrous.

Jaafar et al assume there is a virus to be found in the PCR primers are reliable in that function. Exhibit E will demonstrate otherwise.

Also note that the PCR machine is especially useful in criminology and comparing strands of DNA. Say, for instance, that blood is found as evidence at a crime scene, and that blood matches a person’s DNA. That means that no one else in the world could have left the blood sample at the crime scene. It is that accurate. I have seen it work its magic twice in my life, once in setting free a young man unjustly imprisoned for 14 years, and then again in finding a match to the actual perpetrator of the crime against my family.

But it was never intended to be used for disease diagnoses. That is what gives the game away behind the pandemic, that you are relying on a machine that is not intended for that purpose anyway.

Exhibit D

Mandatory Reporting of COVID-19 Laboratory Test Results: Reporting of Cycle Threshold Values

For those not familiar with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machine in use by laboratories around the world, it was invented in the 1980s by Nobel Laureate Dr. Kary Mullis, who said, by the way, that it should not be used to diagnose disease. Mullis, who believed viral infections were real, said that without measuring viral load, the results are meaningless. So why is PCR being used in results reported as accurate daily? You tell me, but I think it is being used to give the illusion of a virus that is spreading. Without PCR, you have no virus!

The machine takes a centrifuged sample from a patient, such as sputum or lung fluid, and compares the resulting gene sequences with “primers,” or sequences said to be part of the SARS-CoV-2 genome. (See Exhibit E for some startling information about PCR primers.)

PCR takes the patient sample, and it amplifies it, times 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. The problem is that with each magnification, the result is less reliable, as a photo becoming grainier with copy made. If laboratories in the world were following the advice of Dr. Christian Drosten, who recommended in January that 45 cycles be used, then the results of PCR test all over the world are nothing but noise. According to Jaafar et al (Exhibit C), after 25 cycles, results degrade significantly. After 30 cycles, they are only 30% reliable, and at 35 cycles, 3%. At 45 cycles, the Drosten recommendation, results are laughable. (Jaafar et al assume, I would guess, the PCR is being used for its intended function, and not for diagnosis of disease.)

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis knows this, as word is getting around now, and is demanding that laboratories in that state disclose the number of cycles used. Governor Polis should follow suit, today.

By the way, if I am forced to take a PCR test, I will demand, as part of my informed consent, to know the name of the lab and the number of cycles. If more than 25, and I test positive, I will seek a writ of habeas corpus. After all, it worked in Portugal. I don’t imagine I’ll have much luck, as the Bill of Rights, Nuremberg and Helsinki Accords, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights … all out the window.

DeSantis Memo

Exhibit E

Unofficial English Translation of ‘Frauds and falsehoods in the medical field’

This study is from DSalud number 242 November 2020. It is an English translation. See it at

The paper starts up by asking if any of the coronavirus’s have been isolated. They reviewed the work done on the Coronavirus 229E (1965), Coronavirus OC43 (1967), SARS-CoV (2003), HKU1 (2005) and MERSCoV (2012). Here is the nut of the matter:

In short, what had been done with the first coronaviruses -and with many other supposed viruses– is to cultivate supposedly infected tissues – any “cytopathic effect” was attributed to the presence of a virus only – and then either some proteins are obtained which without any test are considered “virus antigens” and when these “antigens” are detected in cultures it is interpreted as “isolation”, or fragments of nucleic acids are extracted assuming that they belong to a virus.

“Cytopathic” refers to cell death, but the catch is that with the culture that was ginned up to test for the virus, the ingredients and cells can cause cell death, especially antibiotics routinely used. It means nothing. None of these viruses have ever been isolated, really.

The authors spend the last part of the paper looking for primers used in PCR testing, and comparing them against the BLAST database, “Basic Local Alignment Search Tool”, an NIH database that contains most known human genome sequences, along with many others.

The authors found that the PCR machine in supposedly testing for SARS-CoV-2, is testing in fact for elements of the human genome and even some microbes we have in us.

 This is proof of fraud. If your office relies on PCR testing in enforcing quarantines on Colorado citizens and reporting “cases” including “asymptomatic carriers” (a hogwash term), even if you are down the line, you are nonetheless culpable for abuse of human rights … detention without just cause. Based on this report, the State of Colorado needs to end the illegal practice of quarantining its citizens immediately. Word will get out; lawyers will see this document and all the others attached. If the courts still function in our dystopia, you’ll be held accountable.

The Scam has Been Confirmed: PCR Does Not Detects SARS-CoV-2

Exhibit F

Effectiveness of Adding Mask Recommendation to Other Public Health Measures to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Danish Mask Wearers

The importance of this paper is that it uses legitimate scientific methods to study the question at hand, are mask effective? It was done in Denmark in April and May of this year, at a time when masks were not required there. There were over 6000 participants divided into a mask group and a non-mask, or control. The findings, which I’ve highlighted from pages 8 forward, are that wearing a mask, in terms of infecting others are getting infected, makes no difference. The numbers are too small to matter, and the confidence intervals either across zero or one, meaning that the results cannot be on both sides of one or zero, as that is contradictory. Therefore, the results are not significant. Masking is pointless.

Inserted into this article, highlighted on the next to last page, are weasel words added (most likely) to get it published, as a result are not popular with governments enforcing mask requirements. Our current censorious environment doesn’t allow much truth through the barriers.

I know why masks are required and it has nothing to do with disease. It is about behavioral psychology. SARS-CoV-2, not even the known to exist for real, is invisible, tasteless, colorless, and odorless. People can look around and see no one they know getting sick. However, a mask is a gimmick, a means of making the virus seem real. It intensifies fear. This is the only purpose for masks – to make the hoax seem real.

Caveat regarding study: it assumes that SARS-CoV-2 exist and causes Covid-19, and that the PCR can detect the presence of the virus. See Exhibit E.

Danish Mask Study

Exhibit X

Efforts of Christine Massey to obtain proof of isolation of SARS-CoV-2 from Public Health Agency of Canada

FOIA’s have gone out all over the world asking for proof of isolation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but none have been successful. This document describes efforts by researcher Christine Massey to get information on the supposed complete genome of SARS-CoV-2 from the Public Health Agency of Canada. There are, after all, an abundance of scientific papers claiming to have “isolated” the virus, but virologists have contaminated the word “isolate,” as seen in Exhibit E. Is a perversion of language, scientifically sloppy, even fraudulent at times.

Ms. Massey’s (unsuccessful) efforts took 6 months before she was able to conclude that “… there is no record of SARS-CoV-2 isolation performed by anyone, anywhere, ever.” As with the Office of the Governor of Colorado, PHAC is merely following orders, and knows nothing.

Ms. Megan Ryan of your office merely ignored the question in my FOIA. But now I must ask … if there is no isolated virus, what on earth is the RT-PCR test looking for? (See answer in Exhibit E.) And how can there be a vaccine against a virus that has never been proven to even exist? What is the vaccine for, really?

No records found post

Exhibit Y

WHO Information for IVD Users

WHO, of course, will not admit to either failure by a virologist to isolate the SARS-CoV-2 virus (Exhibit X), or to any planted primers in the PCR test from the human genome or microbes we carry with us (Exhibit E). Its fallback position as stated in this Statement released on December 14, 2020 is that viral load makes a difference, and that someone carrying a   high load will test positive at a lower number of amplifications then someone not. That is as is close to saying something honest as WHO will ever get, I suppose.

WHO Information Notice

Exhibit Z

WHO Finally Admits that COVID19 PCR Test has a ‘Problem’


This article from has several important passages:

  • The UN body is now clearly looking to distance itself from the fatally flawed test as a growing number of lawsuits are processing through the courts exposing the insanity of relying on a test that even the inventor, Professor Kary B. Mullis said was never designed to diagnose diseases.
  • We reported on November 22, 2020 that a landmark court case in Portugal had ruled that the polymerase chain reaction test (PCR) used worldwide to diagnose COVID-19 was not fit for purpose.  Most importantly, the judges ruled that a single positive PCR test cannot be used as an effective diagnosis of infection.
  • Among thousands of angry doctors arguing PCR tests should not be used is Dr. Pascal Sacré. He wrote that:This misuse of RT-PCR technique is used asa relentless and intentional strategy by some governments, supported by scientific safety councils and by the dominant media, to justify excessive measures such as the violation of a large number of constitutional rights, the destruction of the economy with the bankruptcy of entire active sectors of society, the degradation of living conditions for a large number of ordinary citizens, under the pretext of a pandemic based on a number of positive RT-PCR tests, and not on a real number of patients.Clear and conclusive scientific evidence proves that these tests are not accurate and create a statistically significant percentage of false positives. Positive results more likely indicate “ordinary respiratory diseases like the common cold.”

For me, the following passage is the money shot:

  • This insanity of testing anyone and everyone, even without symptoms has been an unmitigated global public health scandal and must be stopped. All officials in high places complicit in this crime must be prosecuted. (My emphasis.)

That would be your office, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and all County agencies carrying out your directives. Most likely plaintiffs would be small businesses shut down by your Stalinist Directives, and people quarantined based on the bad science behind the PCR test. If we have a functioning representative republic with an honest and open court system, you will be held accountable, Ms. Mason. But it is a big if. article


7 thoughts on “Open letter to Megan Ryan, employed by the Office of the Governor of Colorado, and having an official title way too long to include here …

  1. This is so far beyond an amazing rebuttal to the lame-ass response you received from the Governor’s office in response to your FOIA request.
    You are correct in your assumption that the administration staff know nothing and are told what they may respond with from those upon high.
    I worked for the State Legislature (in a southern state) in the 80s and 90s. I have come to believe that not only the Legislative Staff but many of the members themselves were under some form of mind control and that it was party-oriented.
    I was hired on when I was 20 and although mostly clueless about politics, I understood from the people I worked with at the Secretary of State’s office the 2 yrs prior that I was a Democrat because “I cared about the poor and the downtrodden, and championed things like civil liberties and womens’ rights” and thus, I had to be a Democrat because that was the right thing to do. Republicans were simply an outdated and old-fashioned party of “aging white men who only cared about their wealthy friends”. This is how I understood the difference between the parties at that time, regardless of how it was put to me.
    What an adventure those 10 years were, complete with lots of free liquor and steak dinners (paid for by lobbyists before “ethics” legislation), blackout drinking, extreme sexual harrassment, betrayal and infedelity, public arrests, suicides (3), and plenty of partisan and bipartisan drama scenes up on The Hill. I left after a really traumatic public break-up with a man I adored who also was enmeshed in the sickness of it all. I never really looked back or even wanted to, finally realizing it was a horribly toxic atmosphere that I was highly addicted to.
    Our main purpose as Legislative Staff was to PROTECT and COVER FOR, not only the members we actually worked for, but the Party itself. Any type of unacceptable behavior was to be overlooked and/or justified, and any outsider or insider questioning anything was considered an enemy of the Party. Extreme Unequivocal Loyalty was the name of the game and nothing less would do. If and when necessary, information was withheld, truth was covered up, lies were told, backs were stabbed, careers were destroyed, and people were banished. When I look back on it today, it is not difficult for me to understand how far I fell after leaving there. I guess you could say I was never debriefed following my ten-year service as a programmed agent.
    I doubt if much has changed since then in any political arena on any level. Any information that will cause damage to an agenda will not be revealed unless under court order which will not be forthcoming because the Judges are just higher level agents for the same cause. All government entities on every level have been fully infiltrated and are on board with The Great Re-set. I marvel at the evil genius of bringing it in under the guise of a “pandemic” more and more with each passing day. Now, the Psychopaths can literally make up ANY BEYOND RIDICULOUS THING and just say things like “due to COVID-19” or “to stop the spread” or “to flatten the curve” at the end of it and it will be, no questions asked. Everyone complies and obeys. Everything they’ve ever wanted to put an end to can now go away and is and anything they wish to start up can be and is. They can stand up on high at their podium and demand that we cover up our disgusting and infected faces while they themselves do not, and they can order us to shelter at home in perpetual lock-down from their luxury suite in The Caymans. They can shut our power off indefinitely for the sheer hell of it, create food shortages that do not exist, close down our businesses, permanently remove essential germ and virus killing products from the store shelves during a pandemic, and steal money right out of our bank accounts and then stop answering the phones at the banks. They can and they are. Yes friends, as far as I can tell we are pretty much done for.


  2. Every path taken towards exposing or fighting these liars is a worthy action, of which i wish we would see more of. With that said, this week I joined, which was started by Aamon Bundy known from the ranch standoff . I initially thought th eranch standoff was a hoax, however from Aamons actions it truly seems he is a genuine man. Just looking for some opinions and if you like what you hear to see some people join us in physically defending our rights. AAamon Bundy is his youtube channel where you can see some of his work there. I expect to take some heat if people do respond!


    1. I considered certified mail, but agencies are simply refusing to sign return receipts, so the only evidence left behind is an attempted delivery. Priority mail offers tracking, and I will follow up on that and publish the tracking results.It is not iron-clad proof, but all the carrier need do is scan the package, and the evidence is then very strong of receipt. What they do on receipt, and the legal link between between scanning and the contents of the package delivered, has always been sketchy in my mind.When doing certified mail, I always put the certified receipt number on the inside correspondence, but note that in all the certified mail I have ever received, that is not done. So I assume that it is generally accepted that the receipt of the document is verified by return of the return receipt. They simply quit signing.So I am relying on tracking, since they can only refuse delivery. That might happen. These are scoundrels.


  3. “Gubm’t” has many many layers…from Congress all the way down through local/city Police Departments.

    It’s fair to say they are all corrupt.

    Check out “Audit the Audit” and “Big Nick South Florida Accountability” on YT for local PD sickness. So I believe all Elaine describes at higher levels to be true.

    After all, a GLOBAL LOCKDOWN is only an outwardly visual manifestation of all the internal stench, rot and decay.

    A). Certified Letters are one’s friend. One cannot deny receipt of letter.
    B) Public Shaming is good! Keep up the nice job. This is why they boot/deplatform people from YT all the time- for bring truth out all for all to see. Wickedness hides in darkness. And how dare you for having an opinion of your own.


  4. They can shut our power off indefinitely for the sheer hell of it,…

    The past two months or so has seen prominent politicians repeat the phrase “Dark Winter”. This phrase has not been mentioned once, but many times!

    Please take heed accordingly. Remember, we are dealing with psychopaths and they love nothing more than to cripple the entire world’s population. If CV and vaccine don’t do the trick to their sick satisfaction, they can and will just keep piling on the misery.


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