Bad science all around … so what? They still get paid

It has been noted here and at other places that the goals and objectives of the Climate Change hoaxers were identical to that of Covid-19, an anti-humanity bushel basket full of lies and scaremongering. One thing absent from the Climate Change workbook, as with Covid-19, is actual current science. It is all based on wild and wacky predictions about the future, with nothing in the present to bear out those predictions. As with Covid, it is all junk.

The above video is mercifully short, only six minutes, and lists ten predictions made by climate “scientists” for the year 2020. If you don’t want to watch it, read about those predictions versus reality beneath the fold.

  1. 1978: Prediction for 2020 that CO2 in the atmosphere will have doubled by now. It is up by a third, and no harm is happening as a result.
  2. 1986: Florida by 2020 will endure a two-foot rise in sea level, with coastal cities underwater. Sea level around Florida is up by three inches, much of that attributable to land subsidence.
  3. 1987: James Hansen of NASA predicted that by 2020 the world would be three degrees warmer. There’s quite few ways to measure this, but all show much less warming than Hansen predicted. My own state, Colorado, during this time (according to NOAA) has experienced warming of about 4/10 of a degree, not even out of line with the natural warming that has been going on since the planet emerged from the Little Ice Age.
  4. In 2000 Dr. David Viner of East Anglia, the central source of so much climate disinformation, predicted that by 2020 British children would never witness snowfall. Currently Wales and eastward and north to Scotland is currently covered with something … white.
  5. 2000 Greenpeace predicted that Melanesia islands like Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, New Guinea. would be devastated and endure 15-20% economic shrinkage due to Climate Change and rising seas. This prediction actually came true, but only if you substitute the word “expansion” for “shrinkage.” Prior to Covid, these islands were thriving. (Climate Change and Covid are both centered around economic devastation. There was too damned much prosperity going on.)
  6. 2004: By 2020 major European cities would be under water. I am not allowed to fly to Europe anymore, but last I was there, 2019, cities were still there, and dry. Even Venice.
  7. 2007: By 2020 the snows of Kilimanjaro would be gone. Still there.
  8. 2008: Glaciers in Glacier national Park would be gone. Still there.
  9. 2009: China promised to reduce emissions by 45% by 2020 (up by 85%) and India by 25% (up 50%).
  10. 2013: Arctic ice would be gone by 2020. Last September, the warmest time of year up there, there were 4,000,000 square miles of ice.

President John F. Kennedy, at times a witty man, complained about the bad advice he was getting from his economic advisers, saying he was left holding the bag while the advisers “moved on to new advice.” There is no downside in Climate Change for wacky, wrong, and even stupidly wrong predictions, as with David Viner above, the end of snow. He is now an adviser to Mott MacDonald (a global engineering, management and development consultancy). His career path is tilted upward. There is no fail in Climate science.

So it goes on planet Earth. There is far more bad science going on than good, far more corrupt scientists than honest ones. Just follow the money, you see. Scientists operate for the most part on government grants. If you are smart and honest, bursting with integrity and searching for truth, there will be no money available. It’s Ubers all the way down.

Such a corrupt place.

17 thoughts on “Bad science all around … so what? They still get paid

    1. That is following (((their))) agendas.

      Science is our friend, it is a philosophy of truth seeking; how we establish that what is real.

      Don’t let them damn scientism priests fool you and less our language we ought to protect.


  1. It really is all about getting an emotional reaction. Fear is the emotional reaction for all of the examples you list. The fear is real, so people believe whatever prompted it must also be real.

    As an actor and sometime writer, I’ve studied how good storytellers use emotional engagement to make the audience overlook glaring plot holes or gaps in story logic. For example, I’ve read a lot of reviews and commentary on the show Breaking Bad, and though I love that show, I have to laugh when people describe it as “realistic.” It’s not. The characters’ emotions and inter-relationships are (mostly) realistic, but the premise and various story threads could easily play as satire or farce. It only works as a drama because of the writers’ and actors’ skill at whipping the audience into such an emotional frenzy that the absurdity don’t register. When I re-watch episodes, I’m amazed at all the elements of the show that are so preposterous that they SHOULD have pulled me out of the story and made me scoff. They didn’t because, in the moment-to-moment progression of the story, I was 100 percent emotionally invested.

    That’s what Covid is. The science doesn’t need to be realistic. People are emotionally invested. There’s the fear, there’s the anger at the stock villains who aren’t following the orders and listening to the “experts,” there is the comforting sense of “we’re all in this together” (I’m so tired of that meme) that gives us the illusion of community even as we are prompted into further isolation. Yesterday, I was having a civil debate about Covid nonsense with a guy who, though unable to refute any of my facts, talked about how proud he was that humanity was making sacrifices to protect the elderly people who are most vulnerable to this illness. I had to end the conversation there, because I realized I could not respond to such stupidity in a friendly way. But the sentimental notion that we are protecting grandpas and grandmas by decimating our economy and giving up touch and social gatherings and everything else that makes life worth living… well, that works for a lot of people.

    Little kids don’t understand the difference between what happens on television and what happens in the real world. Figuring that out is a process. But our media and its “infotainment” has deliberately evolved so that otherwise educated and intelligent adults live their lives with the same infantile confusion.

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  2. So, was Covid-19 a “Plan B” when the expected emotional chaos wasn’t forthcoming due to the melting planet? Or, was it a pre-planned one-two punch capping off an emotional booster for the 2008 financial meltdown’s fading emotional impact? Oligarchs at global central control, however they’ve got it figured, are still way ahead of us.


    1. That is a good question, Steve. It could be that Climate change, which originated in the late 1980s, or thirty-some years ago, was not effective, as people easily see that the climate is not changing, and that we are OK. Maybe Covid 19, 21, 23, etc., is a doubling down effort to make the changes they wanted to make with CC stick.


      1. That is why we are in lockdown NOW. Because it is the Solar Minimum.

        We already “know” what’s gonna happen; leading up to the Solar Maximum (2026) they are going to reverse (they are satanists after all) the story and let everybody travel all around for dirt cheap. Flying will be (made) very popular again.

        For 2 main reasons:
        1 – that is the way to get people poison-raped (vaxxed) en masse; see 9/11, where the “international Patriot Act” was only felt on airports, now WE are the water bottles
        2 – so that they can so-called prove in 2030 or so that “mankind warms the Earth” because they burn hydrocarbons

        More about that here.


          1. In Mollycast 11 (linked, 1:38:00) the Power of Gossip & MRM we discuss that “prediction” I made. Afaik nobody else has made these. I got quite good feedback on that idea.

            “Never let a ‘good’ crisis go to waste”; so why not use the Solar cycles for their Agenda 2030 (we are the first generation in history who can see the future.

            The gist is in the intro, just 2:09, the mp3 here.


        1. Your point may be elsewhere, but you’re wrong in predicting the Solar maximum. Vis-a-vis bad science, what you’re suggesting is actually an example of very bad science. The current Solar cycle 25 has already begun, we’re already past the minimum point. The point being that mainstream physics is just as lost and fudged as virology is, therefore unreliable and unsubstantiated to explain anything complex.

          See here for more details and real science regarding Solar cycle 25 and its predictions:

          Click to access solmin.pdf


          1. Here it says:

            April 5, 2019 – Scientists charged with predicting the Sun’s activity for the next 11-year solar cycle say that it’s likely to be weak, much like the current one. The current solar cycle, Cycle 24, is declining and predicted to reach solar minimum – the period when the Sun is least active – late in 2019 or 2020.

            Solar Cycle 25 Prediction Panel experts said Solar Cycle 25 may have a slow start, but is anticipated to peak with solar maximum occurring between 2023 and 2026….

            I don’t think solar cycle predictions are “bad physics”; over longer periods, the Sun is pretty predictable in his behavior.

            The graphs on page 14-17 in Miles’ paper also show the solar minimum in 2020, and the next peak in 2025.


  3. Man-made global climate change is not even possible. So don’t listen to the fools talking about “global cooling” either

    I break it down to elevator or family dinner level:

    Allegedly the whole human population fits into Texas
    Imagine all of us keep producing the same amount of CO2
    Texas is about 700,000 km2
    Earth’s land area is about 150,000,000 km2
    So Texas covers just about 5 % of the land area alone.
    Land is about 30 % of total Earth’s surface.

    Most of Earth’s surface is ocean and also has an average thickness of like 2.5 km.

    So the idea we could ever have an effect on the global Carbon cycle is akin to Texan hybris.


  4. Climate science is quite similar to bio-informatics. They do “models” from not complete data. Results are questionable in both cases, serving the same agenda, without hope and faith.
    Here Lanka explaining how it’s done regarding viruses. He tries to speak English.

    Meanwhile, the fear mongering is off the charts in Europe.

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    1. there is this project Immanuel (Kant) from Lanka, where they try to explain how wrong all this pseudo science is to everybody using cartoons, but the problem I see there is, that it became religious already. You can’t fight a belief with arguments. This corona circus is being driven against a wall now and this may be a good thing. Although I know from experience that people stick to their belief no matter how many contradictions they have to swallow. But it does not have to convince all people. Taking down the old guard and replacing the politicians with new ones open to the new enlightenment would do the trick. They would tell the people not to wear masks anymore and some still will, but hey. That’s freedom of religion then. If somebody didn’t understand how they scripted the wars and other major events of our “history”, now everybody should know better.


  5. BARB124,

    You make a great point about how psuedo science has stepped into the void where corporate religion has failed. Back to Mark’s thoughts on predictions; throughout the centuries various religious movements and institutions have issued bold predictions. It’s always been “bread and butter” for true believers. Whether one is sorted to go to “heaven or hell” is old school. Now, the scientists and technocrats posing as gods are predicting, as always based on an innate fear of death, everlasting life if you follow the new doctrine. Zombies flock to the new piper – same as the old piper. Wear your mask, social distance, wash your hands, line up for your shots, buy that 5G machine, eat Monsanto’s poisoned food, drink the fluoridated poison city water and so on. What could possibly go wrong? It’s a miracle anyone’s survived to this point.

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  6. I agree climate change is a farce. But we have to be careful on here to debate it’s validity by using facts and figures we get from the government or institutions. Y’all are throwing out numbers and figures left and right but why do you trust those?


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