Ringing in a Resonant New Year

There is innate wisdom in Nature that sings and dances to the infinite rhythm of the Universe. Aligning with this sacred pattern of movement and growth returns us to balance and harmony. As we emulate Nature, we amplify our true Selves. 

~ Stephers

Here’s a stream of consciousness, as I reflect on these trying times, and ponder what is to come as we enter 2021 . . . 

As a full-time mom, wife, and homesteader, I don’t have much time to work in other capabilities — including wellness consulting and empowerment coaching. As a part-time writer and member here at POM, today I am sharing in a capacity that encompasses many of the hats I wear — as a dedicated mom, healer, coach, researcher, and budding blogger. 

For the past 10 years or so, I have been compelled to observe the knowing (and unknowing) minions of a hyper-militarized and hyper-occulted ruling system. Parallel to this “investigation,” I have explored modes of resisting and combatting this octupus-like network. I have continually fallen short. However, in my personal life, I have developed a self-empowerment tool (see Exhibit A) incorporating multiple forms of energy expressions in this sphere of life we inhabit and navigate. The method I created has enabled me to overcome personal life obstacles, even those which seemed unnavigable, and treading into what some may perceive as “evildoings” by “evildoers.” Regardless of whether these experiences were placed in my path for spiritual growth or to distract me from spiritual growth, one thing I have noticed is that when I apply this technique — an alchemical method of transformation and transmutation — rather than my previous default of resistance, I achieve a better result.

Following is a principle of Rosicrucianism

Evil is a reality in the world, not an illusion. However, it has a divinely ordained place in the world, to create dynamic tension and the possibility of real freedom for humanity (and to aid in certain types of manifestation). One of the most advanced groups of human adepts are the Manicheans, who have the task of redeeming spiritual beings who have absorbed evil into their core structure. To paraphrase a Rosicrucian axiom: The Masters are not ramparts against evil, rather they have the capacity for the transmutation of Evil. This is at the heart of the Holy Grail initiation and is a highly esoteric topic. Walking the Manichean path requires an advanced ability to bear suffering without concern or self-pity.”

If not familiar with the Rosicrucian tradition, you can read more here.

We have the power to transmute evil. We just need the knowledge to do so. To clarify, I am NOT encouraging anyone to turn to secret societies or mystery traditions. I am suggesting that, we can use similar methods for personal healing, and to tweak our personal bubbles of the universe to resonate in greater attunement with our individualized goals and evolution.

Whereas pandemic profiteers use virulent deception and the force of medical tyranny, our strength lies within the power that flows throughout and among us from a wellspring of nature. Tuning into this source — as co-creative choreographers — actuates our personal and collective remembrance and redemption.

As I have practiced my own version of energetic alchemy (based on de-occulting various occult traditions), my world feels like it has become smaller, thereby enabling me to feel larger and more consequential — or at the very least, affording me greater access to meaningful conduits of compassionate action. Within the context of COVID, this shows up in several ways. One example is that I have established personal communication with individuals who I feel have developed into pivotal and compassionate influencers (for lack of a better word). I have become dear friends with Alison McDowell of wrenchinthegears.com, and I have exchanged e-mail communication with Sally Fallon of nourishingtraditions.com and co-author of The Contagion Myth. Since gifting Alison a copy of The Contagion Myth, within a day of that encounter, she serendipitously met Dr. Tom Cowan (co-author of The Contagion Myth) at a private gathering. Following this streak of synchronicity, I have met in-person with Dr. Andrew Kaufman and briefly explained my experience writing for POM (and the whole chromosome 8 situation with Fauxlex). And, of course, I need to mention that I somehow landed here at POM as a writer. Each of these shared experiences have come about in ways that I feel did not just arise because of active efforts, but because there is a shared resonance — an energetic bond — that subtly, yet strongly contributed.

In the past ten months, I have wavered back and forth between the two modes — transmutation, and nonviolent, yet combative-inspired resistance. Let’s just say my cougar claws have emerged from time to time. That said, any form of resistance I have exhibited has contributed to a feeling of frustration and setback. 

Since I have studied a bit of game theory, along with the concept of controlled opposition, I can see how resistance may often be futile, and how resistance movements can be either controlled from the ground-up, or at the very least, co-opted. Readers and writers here are very familiar with this phenomenon as well. 

From my experience in the spheres of psychotherapy and energy healing, there is a recognized concept that “whatever we resist persists.” Recently on social media platforms, I have seen an inversion of the term, “The Great Reset,” which is reflected now as “The Great Resist.” In my opinion, this expression of resistance may serve to perpetuate the Reset that the controllers have designed. In the gamified AI sphere, this notion of resistantly opposing an adversary has recently been applied to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Within this context, every good player in the game appreciates a worthy opponent — a GAN. In this way, the game can be played. 

One thing that we may agree on — 2020 has been a doozy! While readers here have long known about the tentacles of evil lurking behind front men and women, front companies, and front organizations, it seems we never saw these tentacles so clearly in the daylight until now. I suppose when evil perceives victory, it has no qualms about showing itself so openly. Perhaps, though, there are glimmers of hope for us. The nature-hijackers do NOT have total control of nature and all of earth’s inhabitants . . . not yet. Granted, these predator class elites — the self-crowned ones — have shown their hand. Yes, we see that the story of a crowned virus has been their royal flush. However, have they been too quick on the trigger to play their seemingly winning hand? It’s very possible. If one were to add a wild card element, there is a window of opportunity for our triumph. As I have mentioned in previous writing, these scenario-planners have the horizon scanning under their belt (as they rely on their supercomputers), and they intentionally factor in “wild cards.” That said, they are never aware of all of the wild cards and how they will express in their game. 

There is one aspect of pushback that I do not think is exemplified in the controllers’ supercomputers and AI-driven scenario planning — the application of transmutation. One way in which the controllers always seem to have one-up on us — in which it seems we (the “profane”), are surrounded every which way we turn to try and defeat the oppression — is their utilization of energy. We see the manipulation of energy in just about everything they do, which is why we see the term “currency” pop up in nearly every sector, whether it be finance, cyber, telecom, health, etc. Currency is defined as “circulation as a medium of exchange,” and the profiteers at the top of the pyramid understand that money is energy. These hermetic-inspired initiates at the top also like to use terminology like “circuitry” and “nodes” when describing persons, places and things. Initiates of secret societies and mystery schools learn about geomancy and gematria, and how to exploit vibration, frequency and currency. They hoard this information and keep it occulted. They know how to conserve their energy output, by manipulating us to use our energy against ourselves and one another.

I would like to share a brief story about resonance. I was certified in energy healing modalities in the late 1990s. Following my training, I was, visiting extended family in Florida, and they had a friend who had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was interested in an energy healing session. I was compelled to help her, and my mom had MS, so I was very familiar with the condition. She was a young woman, and while still quite mobile, she expressed that “flare-ups” were an issue. In any case, I borrowed a healing space with a massage table, and did a free energy healing session. Aside from practicing with fellow students, this woman was my first “client,” as I had not yet officially established my healing practice. I proceeded for about 90 minutes to work on her. Following the session, we both shared our feedback. On my end, I expressed to her that as I was working with energy, and, in particular over her heart center, that I saw a very clear vision in my mind of a beautiful landscape of tulips growing in what seemed to be an endless field of them. It was incredibly colorful, with hues of red and pink. The woman told me that her sister lives in Holland and as her occupation . . . grows tulips. It’s not like I was psychic and “reading” her mind, and this was not because I had developed some superpower from being certified in energy healing. What was being exhibited between us was resonance. And the energetic space was created for us to maximize or harness this resonant expression. 

It’s been more than twenty years since that energy session, and I no longer provide healing in this manner. I have come to understand that we are all givers and receivers in this energy space. Therefore, I coach clients to manipulate their own energy, rather than me being the conduit. Accordingly, as an energy strategist, I developed a method that combines all the various techniques I have learned, as well as my “twist” to the recipe. 

Below (see Exhibit A) is my own personalized template for a method of transmutation that I developed six years ago. I use it on a daily basis, and it has gone through multiple iterations, that I tweak ever so slightly from time to time. It transcends religion, and therefore does not speak in terms of God, nor any other religious sentiment (with the exception of the concept of “metta,” which is borrowed from Buddhism, and which I incorporated very intentionally, despite the fact that I do not practice this faith). I have attempted to avoid “New Age” verbiage. The technique is intended to be modified in accordance with an individual’s comfort zone, and therefore the exact wording is not tantamount to its potency. In terms of its efficacy, I have experienced evolution and synchronicity that, while not necessarily measurable, can be felt on a deeper level that often appears in tangible ways.

For anyone who is interested in exploring ways of utilizing energy, and practicing techniques that may bring about personal healing and greater synchronicity and resonance, feel free to review my alchemical strategy. As a matter of clarification, you only need to read the “full script” one time to grasp the method, and imprint it into your awareness. However, there is a “shortcut” (see simplified version below) that can be used to apply this tool on a regular basis. The results look different for every person, and we each have unique aspects in our personal lives with which we want to resonate. While this is not a coaching session, I don’t want to leave you without additional direction. Within the template below, you will see the term (insert energy). Each time you see that, you will insert your own choice of who or what you wish to attune to. 

So, let’s use a hypothetical scenario . . . You’ve been talking to your sister who is very caught up in wearing a mask every day, and believes the narrative about a highly contagious and deadly virus. A major rift has ensued between the two of you. Nothing you say can change her mind, and it seems all hope is lost. So, in this case, you place her name in the parentheses, as the “energy” when you see (insert energy). You read through the shortcut, utilizing her name. You only have to do this once, but if you feel you want to say it through a couple times, that is fine. You may not notice a shift immediately, although you never know. You may feel something different in your body or your demeanor. In any case, perhaps a few days go by, and suddenly, your sister calls — seemingly out-of-the-blue, and she asks you a question like, “So, I was thinking that maybe we could have lunch and talk more about your perspective on this whole thing, and why you think it’s ok to not wear a mask.” Now, I get this sounds like a real stretch, and I am just giving you a hypothetical. It’s doubtful this would happen in this way. However, it may be much more subtle. Perhaps your sister is simply less resistant when you talk the next time around. But it’s a shift, nonetheless. The energetic shifts can seem small, or large, depending on your situation and your perspective. For the record, I use this method to “attune,” or resonate, with nearly anything — person, place, thing, time — really anything that can be named. As you already know, all matter (including non-living) emits frequency and vibration.

Resistance will never bring RESONANCE. It will always serve as a polarizing force, and therefore will always disempower the person with the least amount of “power.” Hence, why we may need to resist less, and resonate more. I am NOT saying that all forms of resistance and pushback are futile. What I am saying is that I have noticed in my own life that practicing resonance — even, and especially, with those whom I oppose — tends to result in greater success.

As always, only take from this essay what resonates (pun intended) and leave what doesn’t. It may only make sense to a few people. That’s totally ok. Further, if you are a detail-oriented person and wish to dig further into the concepts incorporated in the template that may seem confusing or be unknown, I encourage you to search online. Nearly all of the “lingo” can be easily accessed this way. If you still have questions, feel confused or frustrated, and need clarification, then please reach out to me in the comments section. There is also plenty of potential to utilize this technique on a larger, more collaborative scale. Admittedly, I have not put this to the test in actual practice. But if others are open and curious, we may be able to explore options. For example, if several people chose to insert the same energy construct — let’s say “COVID,” or “Bill Gates,” or “vaccines,” then it could be an interesting energy experiment. We may want to start smaller with “attuning” or resonating with “Piece of Mindful,” or another construct that we share in common. 

The synchronization process is infinite and has no barriers or limitations, and can be used to resonate (with the intention of transmuting any “negative” aspects) with anything in our respective lives, or interconnected lives. If may help to conceive the following notion: envision a beach full of sand, and that sand is dispersed all over the world, but came from the same beach . . . and those grains of sand resonate with one another, despite being fragmented and separated. We are those grains of sand, and individual fragments of a greater sum of us that was once a whole. This conjures the notion of quantum entanglement, and the concept that all living beings in this physical universe form a greater whole that comprises a unified and evolutionary consciousness. So if we consider ways in which we can come together (albeit remotely) energetically, then we may experience this resonance that links us together, even if we do not fully comprehend the scientific (and/or spiritual) basis. 

Resonance is not about magic or sorcery, it is about understanding how energy works, and how each of us has more power than we recognize to influence and alter our individual stories and lives, and perhaps our shared stories and lives. 

I have come to understand during this virus scenario that the predatory elites have used their occulted knowledge to weaponize much more than any “virus” or “vaccine.” They have manipulated perception en masse. Even further though, they have weaponized our resonance — exploiting our electromagnetic circuitry that is naturally embedded within all of us, and emitted all around us — inverting it against our own knowledge and will. Much more could be said about how they do this, and why so many of the controllers’ minions hail from fields such as electrical engineering and quantum mechanics. Additionally, I have mentioned in previous posts that the Department of Energy was a primary funding instrument for the Human Genome Project, and that DNA functions as an antenna. These elements of the story have meaning and the story-writers know how to manipulate DNA and genomics — which goes back, once again, to our resonance. 

My technique may not work for some. Regardless, I suggest we need ways to harness our own energy for ourselves and those we hold dear, and protect it from the exploits of those who know full well how to do this if we don’t. The same goes for our minds . . . if we don’t know how to express our full perceptual potential, any unused mental space can be captured and misused.

So, as a I raise my glass of optimism (it’s half-full of champagne), here’s to ringing in the New Year! May you have a year enhanced by these “5 R’s”: Reflection, Renewal, Resilience, Reciprocity, and RESONANCE. May we all synchronize with the “Metronome of Creation” (my own term) and resonate more with the symphony and symmetry that naturally animates and enlivens us.

I conclude with an excerpt from consciousness and psychophysical researcher, Dr. Chris H. Hardy, in her book, The Sacred Network: Megaliths, Cathedrals, Ley Lines and the Power of Shared Consciousness:

“If we want humanity to have a future, we must build a positive attractor that can constellate our dreams and visions of a humanity harmonized with its planet. Only such a powerful spiritual attractor can counterbalance and defeat the apocalyptic attractor. The future of humanity is in our hands — cocreated by each and every one of us. Collective consciousness steered by a vision could well be the only force able to take us beyond unfolding catastrophes around a luminous future.”


Exhibit A:

Metta Synchronization (Metta Sync)

I am attuning synchronously to any and all harmonious frequencies, wavelengths, vibrations, sentience and information associated with the consciousness and beingness associated with (insert energy) in alignment with my Inner Guidance and the Supreme Consciousness and Beingness of Universal LAW, SPIRIT, INTELLIGENCE, GNOSIS, LOGOS, TRUTH, THOUGHT, BREATH, PURITY, SOUND, LIGHT and LOVE.

I am neutralizing any and all disharmonious frequencies, wavelengths, vibrations, sentience and information associated with the consciousness and beingness represented by (insert same as above), with the collective wisdom, support, benevolence and Metta (loving-kindness) from the Supreme Consciousness and Cosmic Natural Order, with compassion for myself and others and forgiveness of myself and others, as well as faith in Infinite purification, renewal and restoration of any oppositional, discordant, distorted and/or limiting frequencies, wavelengths, vibrations, sentience and information as they relate to (insert energy) consciousness and beingness.

May it be so in any reality, permutation, matrix, layer, form/waveform, image, expression, perception, paradigm, definition, spelling, time, space, place, direction, grid, template, system, base, current, circuit, chakra, nadi, meridian, density, dimension, galaxy, code stream, plane, realm, soul/oversoul, soul code, monad, force, miasm, meme, fluxon, node, null, portal, ley line, membrane, ray, octave, tone/overtone, chord, fractal, sphere of influence, oscillation, vortex, vector, angle, phase, polarity, potency, intensity and degree. 

May this information be received, assimilated, metabolized, integrated, retained and anchored in my Cosmic Light Body, Quantum DNA, tachyons, transposons, radions, sygons, solitons, bosons, bions, etherons, gravitons, deltrons, quanta, physical body (including all neutrinos, quarks, electrons, protons, photons, phonons, excitons, cells, mitochondria, DNA and RNA and all of their operating systems), Mind (conscious, subconscious AND unconscious) and Spirit, as well as ALL energetic fields – bioenergetic, electrical, para-electrical, magnetic, sonic, infrasonic, ultrasonic, unisonic, syntonic-diffusive, solar, nuclear, thermodynamic, gravitational, pyroelectric, piezoelectric, scalar, cymatic, morphic, logomorphic, toroidal, auric, etheric, manasic, buddhic, astral, plasmatic, bioplasmic, telluric, templaic, holographic, semantic, supramental, superliminal, superluminal, transluminal, interdimensional, multidimensional, hyperdimensional, subquantum, Zero Point and Quantum – with optimal love, coherence, purity, grace, simplicity, ease, elegance, gentleness and TLC!

May this alchemical transformation be manifested, implemented, embodied, locked, sealed and recorded congruently and transparently in any and all Cosmic awareness, and may it flow and adapt optimally in accordance with my Inner Guidance, the Crystalline Grid, the Magnetic Grid, the Infinite Mind, the Infinite Blueprint, the Infinite Body Template, the Infinite Spiral Dance, the Infinite Axioms, Infinite Hierarchy, Infinite Law, Infinite Vibration, Infinite Timing, Infinite Rhythm, Infinite Resonance, Infinite Order, Infinite Balance, Infinite Economy, Infinite Possibility, Infinite Actuality, Infinite Evolution, Infinite Grace, Infinite Purity, Sacred Neutrality, Sacred Union, Quantum Locking, Quantum Vector Potential, Scalar Superpotential, Phase Locking, the Fourier series (including all Fourier forms and their inversions), DNA Centripetal Negentropic Implosion and the Will of Infinite Nature, and in concert with the Cosmic Symphony.

May it be so now and infinitely, with sincerity, gratitude and devotion, AND may this sacred attunement be optimally and effortlessly shared with any and all beings (physical and metaphysical) whom I love, and with any and all of my soul incarnations, soul lineage, and ancestral lineage – in alignment with their respective Resonance Archetypes, Infinite Selves and Supreme Consciousness gifted Free Will – and subsequently among any and all other beings who choose to evolve harmoniously in alignment with the Supreme gifted intention of the consciousness and beingness of (insert same energy as above).

May this harmonic manifestation resonate symphonically and eternally in accordance with the consciousness and beingness of Ancient Solfeggio, Phase Conjugate Plasma Coherence, base-360, Trion-Re, the Star Tetrahedron, the Flower of Life, Fibonacci/Phi/Fractal, Vector Equilibrium, the Original Full Human Blueprint, Archimedean solids and Platonic solids, as well as all other Cosmic Equilibrium consciousness, Cosmic Lattice consciousness, Heart Grid consciousness, Sovereign Integral consciousness, Natural Law, Cosmic Universal Orchestration, and Supreme Universal LAW, SPIRIT, INTELLIGENCE, GNOSIS, LOGOS, TRUTH, THOUGHT, BREATH, PURITY, SOUND, LIGHT and LOVE. 

Simplified version:

I am attuning optimally and infinitely to any and all frequencies, wavelengths, vibrations, sentience and information associated with the consciousness and beingness associated with (insert energy), in alignment with Metta Sync and my Inner Guidance. May it be so – in body, mind and spirit – with infinite gratitude, grace, TLC, abundance, compassion, forgiveness, love, light and joy . . . And so it is ~ in harmony with the Cosmic Natural Order and in concert with the Cosmic Symphony. 

94 thoughts on “Ringing in a Resonant New Year

  1. oh yes, i would like to reach out to you and suggest that you are completely delusional. You say that you have tried to avoid new age verbiage, but what is your essay above if not just that…that and nothing but that.
    Oh, if you could just read yourself from my perspective!
    Resistance? Well, my dear, that is all you really have, and i mean that ontologically. You not only have nothing but resistance but you are resistance; your whole life is structured around resistance, and perhaps you might see your focus on energy more as a will to power.


    1. it’s not at all delusional, the answer is here;
      ‘…one thing I have noticed is that when I apply this technique — an alchemical method of transformation and transmutation — rather than my previous default of resistance, I achieve a better result.’

      Transformation, Transmutation, Resonance.
      Basically rising above, yet at the same time not acquiescing…and it’s not ‘new age’, it’s actually inherent, but you have to dig deep, because it’s buried under years of hard core ‘resistance’.

      @Stephers; this post is a gift, especially at the end of a very ‘transformative’ year,
      thank you, greatly appreciated!
      From one resonating woman to another 🙂

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  2. Interesting terminology: circuitry, current/currency and resistors/resistance.

    Is there a place for inductance and capacitance? As you know, capacitors accumulate and store energy and then “discharge” it all at once…which can be lethal.

    At the spiritual level, is there a way to “discharge” evil?


      1. Your story of tulips reminds me of my first “Super Bloom” out in the high desert of California (out past Victorville).

        Truely truely a gift to behold!! They don’t occur very often, maybe once overt 10 years or so after particular wet winter.

        Gift from who? That’s for oneself to decide 🙂

        My photos received many compliments from Costco developers (back when I used film).

        I hope everyone gets a chance to experience the desert come alive like that at least once.


        Happy New Year everyone!

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      2. I’ve been following this blog for perhaps what seems almost a decade now, or at least the last 8 years or so and have been intrigued by your wanderings into the “evildoings” done by “evildoers.” Mark has uncovered many hoaxes and doppelgangers in the world of celebrity sport, entertainment, and politics. He carefully stays away from some rather seminal details that to me, appear to be like the proverbial 8000 pound elephant in the boardroom. Mark makes no mention of the most obvious phenomena of elite gender inversion, wherein children are reared as the opposite sex of their natural birth and presented as lifelong cisgender entities. This, coupled with the so called chosenites, whom men dare not mention above a whisper amongst their confidants, are the critical pieces of this living puzzle of political intrigue, lies, and murder. What matter of “peerage” if they are merely cuckolds of some creep who wears a small hat and only has six great grandparents, all of whom hail from Moldova? The politics of the day are of replacement. Trans-everything if you will. White genocide is the unspoken truth that underlies all of our woes.


    1. Stephers, the short answer is avoidance and flight; faced in the forest with a hungry bear, will you try to negotiate, fight or run like hell? Only when surrender means death..to my dignity or to my body… , would i fight.
      Here is not the place for very long answers so i will try to shorten my long answer.
      TPTB are already inside you; they flow inside your veins, are in the very air that you breath, in the very thoughts that you think , in the emotions that you feel, and in the language that you use. Externally also, as anyone who wants to grow food naturally knows, they are literally in the seed soil and air. So really there is not pure escape anyway……..and so will you not admit, knowing this, that below a certain blessedness you might still feel in your daily life, on your homestead, with your children, going about your daily chores, under the sky, weather blue or starry…will you not admit that there is a sort of rage at what TPTB are doing? Does it not flabbergast you at times how devious cruel and random it all seems? You might feel this rage as confusion or sadness or anxiety, but underneath it all , remains the same question, why cant they just leave us the hell alone and let us live our lives? And in a word i ask you, are not even your intellectual pursuits…your research, your activism…even part time…not a response to the rage, and a direct form of resistance? You claim to hate their game but you spend your life resisting it. To do any research; to try to figure out anything that they are up to is a form of resistance. The only real solution is to step away and be done with it. As for myself, i do look in on POM often, a minute here and 10 minutes there just to see the way the wind is blowing, but i would never spend any more time than that; i would never research or participate in anything because that is exactly what resistance is . If you refuse to play, then you cannot really lose.


      1. I do not think though that i have expressed myself clearly; when i say that TPTB is in your veins , i mean that the very way we think as modern people have been defined by them; from the moment of hospital birth and even before in the womb, from public school to absolutely everything, you are the product of TPTB, the controllers; all the paradigms that you employ , everything they instilled in you; and as for saying that you ARE ontologically speaking, resistance, i mean that literally; your activity and research is the re-directed energy of rage and resistance that they insidiously implanted in you; and in fact it is now beyond their control; what is going on now is not as pre planned as you might think; it is happening of its own accord, as the natural consequence of being 2021; simply said, there is a qualitative aspect to time, and what IS now, could not have been in say, 1521, and visa versa. When i say that you ARE resistance, i also mean that you could not live without it; it defines us, and you also could not live in 1521 if you were magically transported back there with the same state of consciousness… you would go insane quite quickly….oh and i could say so much more but possibly you are beginnning to see what i mean; this is a metaphysical issue, an ontological issue; and the only real goal is to learn to step outside 2021; it has taken me my whole life to even glimpse a world not under the powers that be.


        1. Had to say: “Absolutely F’n Incredible”!!

          Thank you for stretching my ” thinking” (or lack thereof).

          Is why I come here. Again, thank you.


        2. lastly, and forgive me for, in the end making my long answer long, i do not believe i will be understood in the way i wish to be understood because to understand some things you have to live it; i have lived through the excruciatingly slow process of realizing the utter degeneracy of modern man…myself of course absolutely included; when it finally dawns on you, you can never go back to looking at things the same; i am sorry to say that i see all truthers who are fighting TPTB as just little chickens clucking about the barnyard. I have chickens and sometimes i observe them; they are so clueless to anything but what is able to be put in their mouth.


          1. …the utter degeneracy…

            Have any of you ever visited a place you once called home, say, separated by 10+ years?

            I just visited San Diego after having moved away in 2008. First time visiting since!

            I could not believe the utter disgusting quality if my former “home”. The beauty once held internally is a myth. Maybe through the act of participation one elevates certain visions.

            The decay, the garbage and degeneracy of it all. I could see it clearly…as an outside observer.

            San Diego?!?!?! YES!!!

            My former ” home”.

            Any beauty comes from nature, very little “added” by mankind is worth a shit.

            Nature is beauty, the sun, ocean, vegetation, etc.

            The 7-11s, the pot holed roadways, the ghetto apartments…none of it is “beauty”… All ” added” by mankind.

            Mark once asked: “Have you been to a Walmart recently?”


            I’m not making this up, I promise you!

            If you could see what trash $800,000 qualifies you for you would vomit.


          2. I think I recognize this voice… : )

            You think even just trying to understand things – how the world works – is somehow contributing to it all, “resisting”? That does make sense, intuitively… OTOH, my friends who just “do their thing” and don’t look into the big picture, can get duped and taken for a ride quite easily. I know one guy who mostly focuses on his retro pop culture interests, his hobbies/ profession of film production, photography, his home life with beloved dog and gf (both are beloved), cooking, technical interests in machinery, etc etc. Yet propaganda as big as Covid does intrude on his world, obviously – and it tapped into some health hypochondria he’s developed in his late 40s. So he’s retreated somewhat into the personal bubble of a smaller circle, despite being an extrovert – believes in the masks for stores and public places. Might be eager for the vax, probably – I haven’t talked to him lately. My point is, by NOT having an interest in the big picture, he’s just floating along in the waves without awareness of what’s in play. True, ignorance is bliss, and either approach (paying attention or ignoring it) might work out well or badly for the individual in either case. I guess it’s a moot point really – we are what we are, he isn’t compelled to look behind the curtain, and I am compelled to try. But I can’t quite go along with: “true Zen would be, knowing that “to know” is playing the game, and therefore self-defeating somehow.” That sort of recursive loop is like in the movie The Princess Bride where the clever villain tries to guess the location of the poison. “I know that you know that I know you know..” In fact, all the drinks are poisoned, and the trick was that the hero had built up a tolerance to it by drinking small amounts…

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      2. Godfly, this is a great response. Stephers can of course speak for herself, but for myself, I agree with the notion that TPTB “flow through our veins,” as you say. This applies to the literal and physical ways you enumerate, as well as in the sense that we all have a dark side, a shadow side–and would be true even if our current situation wasn’t as batshit crazy as it is.

        When I meditate and attempt perfect stillness, I resist the urge to scratch when an itch arises. I recently took up meditation in the first place because, over the course of my life, I’ve come to realize how scattered and anxiety-ridden I am day in and day out if I don’t. So the act of meditation itself is a form of resistance–resisting the pull toward inner chaos that’s both maddening and, because of its familiarity, comforting. When I find myself getting angry at someone, I either resist the urge to act impulsively on that anger, or I don’t. I see this as a gentle, inward, reflective, heart-energized form of resistance that takes a lot of practice, and I’m fairly new to it. But I think it’s important to distinguish between this type of resistance–which, on a larger scale, is perhaps what Stephers is writing about, and is perhaps what drives her to research and write–than the fear-driven, reactionary form of resistance that most “woke” people seem to be driven by.

        Maybe I’m not fully understanding you, or am overlaying my own ideas on your point. At any rate, I’m glad you spoke up.

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      3. GODFLY – You know, what you describe here is not much different than I have attempted to communicate in my post and in previous reflective essays. We may be more similar than you think. Because I do perceive that “TPTB” are inside of each of us, including myself, is precisely why I focus on working on myself and dispelling my “shadows.” I operate from the principle that the outer world is a reflection of myself, and if the darkness is inside of me, then if I shift that energy, it will manifest as such in my reality. That is also why I focus my intentions foremost on improving and evolving myself, and encourage others to do the same – rather than trying to change others. Further, I have previously talked about the concept that when we chase the “wrongdoings” of these controllers, it can seem that we are chasing our own tails – the gestalt of the ouroboros. And it seems to me that is what the controllers want.

        I do not think that resistance (in all its definitions and expressions) is mutually exclusive from resonance, and I apologize if that is how I came across in my essay. It was a stream of consciousness, and I did express how I waiver back and forth. I would clarify that the two can exist in balance.

        When I write here, I do so not out of rage, or even with the desire to change people (since we are an echo chamber of sorts), but with an intention to create more transparency of the field in which we exist, and the field that is emerging at “warp speed.”

        I have written previously about exactly what you said – “not playing their game.”
        And that is why I focus efforts on how they play, and how they want to lure us into their game. That said, in terms of your short answer – I am not one to avoid or walk away, or run away. If faced with that hungry bear, I do not run. I do not fear. I do not negotiate. I shift my awareness and my consciousness in that moment, and I become one with that bear. I speak a language that the bear may understand, and become attuned to that bear. In doing so, that bear is less scary to me, and less hungry for me, but rather the bear’s hunger is re-directed.

        The “monsters” (whether they be human, AI or otherwise) are not so scary to us, and do not need to be “fought” or avoided, when their faces and names are revealed. I don’t know, maybe it’s like a Rumplestiltskin effect. So if we continue to name them as “Mr. Global” (as per Catherine Austin Fitts), or “TPTB”, it just seems to keep a veil around them, and it seems to serve their power over the masses. One thing I do agree on with CAF is they are afraid of us. That is why they need to be so in control – from our minds down to our cellular level. So rather than defaulting to fight, flight or freeze, if we choose to name names and connect dots that depict their control system, including their emerging and future plans, the veils can be dropped, and all of their plans may not be executed.

        So, no, I will not step away from this easily. I will not yet be swayed from learning about what these futurists have planned. At the very least, for myself, and my small bubble, I can be informed and make choices that further my own human-ness. I plan to continue researching and writing as I learn more. Again, I do not do so out of fear, nor rage. It is an inherent drive for me to engage with my world through informed and compassionate living, and this is what I wish to share with others who choose to listen and engage similarly.


        1. Stephers,
          Great post and comment. Words seldom adequately describe the non-visible. The soul, spirit, psyche, etc. all attempt to define this invisible energy we all wrestle with until our last breath. Our 3 million-year old accumulated evolution (of consciousness) is scarcely acknowledged in 2021, yet it plays a huge (I believe) role in our lives whether we like it or not. The suppression of this ancient energy/knowledge works for a time, but then it erupts in mass movements with suicidal tendencies. Cheers to your exploration of this relatively unknown area of common human existence. Sunlight is a cure for almost everything. Happy New Year.

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  3. Pushing back (ie, resistance) may not be the correct approach.

    Maybe we need to short circuit it (evil)!! DIS CHARGE it.

    Any esoteric teachings along this line?


    1. Rastus – I completely agree. In terms of “dis-charging” in a more esoteric sense, I am not fully aware of a strategy. That said, I incorporate the principles of Aikido https://www.aikidodeshi.org/2019/03/13/aikido-and-power/. The concept that I use to neutralize combative/oppressive force is to work with it, rather than present opposing force to it. In that way, the oppressive force collapses in on itself (like implosion). Not sure if this makes sense to you, or aligns with the notion you are presenting. But it feels similar to me with respect to the act of dis-charging. Have you ever had someone in your life become verbally combative, only for you to NOT engage in the combat? What typically happens? From my experience, as I am not regularly combative, the person who instigated tends to proceed to engage regardless, and ends up imploding – because the instinctual urge to fight is so strong (even without an engaged opponent).


    1. Jim – So sorry, I should have alluded in this essay to the synchronicity that connected me to you (via our mutual friend), as I consider you a vital consciousness of truth and transparency. Happy New Year!


  4. For a long time, I’ve intuitively sensed that resisting evil and ignoring it were more or less equally empowering to it. While reading this piece, the analogy that popped into my head was the importance of turning the steering wheel in the direction of a skid when your car hydroplanes, rather than jerking the wheel in the other direction or doing nothing.

    I’ve also thought it interesting that so many popular dystopian movies and novels, such as Orwell’s and (perhaps especially) Huxley’s, provide accurate analogies and metaphors for what’s really going on… but mislead us by presenting fighting and resisting as the only viable options. This is one reason I prefer Vladimir Nabokov’s dystopian fantasies—Bend Sinister, Invitation to a Beheading—in which the protagonist defeats evil forces through nothing more than a shift in consciousness.

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    1. SCOTTRC – If only there was a way in WordPress to “love” a comment, I would have clicked it here. I think you expressed it better than I did with your perfect analogy. This is precisely what I was attempting to articulate. I actually have been in that driving situation two times when I was younger . . . The first time, I made the mistake of turning the wheel against the skidding, and proceeded to spin out of control. I never did that again! (I was driving my first car – a ’66 Mustang coupe). The second time this happened, I felt the skidding motion and I gently turned into it, and sure enough, the car corrected.


      1. One winter when I was in college, I hit a patch (actually a long stretch) of ice about 50 yards from an intersection where I was going to turn left. I turned into the skid and slid onto the wrong side of the road, narrowly missing two cars driving the opposite direction. Then I skidded back to the right side of the road and narrowly missed cars on that side. When I regained control of the car, I was in the middle of the intersection and my car was pointing to the left–exactly the way I wanted to go. The entire time, I had a cigarette in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other and I didn’t lose the smoke or spill a drop. I felt like such a bad ass. That memory will now be a motivator when I feel like this relentless hoax is more than I can bear.

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    2. Thanks for info on Nabokov, I had no idea he had written in that genre.

      On this whole topic of resistance feeding the beast – what about a ju jitsu style move that uses the opponent’s force against them? I’ve broached this idea before and never got any comment, but try it again… In brief, as a specific case – consider that N95 masks are said to be effective personal protection (by official science, so far as I know.) So, it’s a “compromise,” within the official paradigm, between mask vs anti-mask. And it destroys the “other protection” virtue/ guilt gimmick of mask mandates.

      N95s, especially for “at risk groups,” but also any who feel concerned for their safety, bypasses a big part of the divide and conquer strategy. It returns the issue of health to one of personal choice – wear one if you like, don’t if you feel it’s low risk. No need to be guilty you’re endangering others – they can just wear an N95.

      I have brought this up with le normies, and a good number of them get very interested – who would never talk about the whole thing being a hoax (or would scoff and be uninterested.) Because an N95 can be argued as “more scientific.” And that appeals to some, especially the hardcore, really. They (individuals) don’t care about larger social tactics of “other protection” to fuel division. They just want to be as “scientific” as possible.

      Now if it had any success, of course there would be counter-moves. I just think that if one IS unable to resist resisting, maybe it bypasses the counter-productive effects Godfly warns of. One does not have to personally advocate wearing N95s – one can just say, “according to official science…” this would work, as an option that returns it to individual choice, and gets out of cloth mask mandates.

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  5. The anti-nature, anti-life cult wants to force us to exist without harmony towards that
    which sustains our very existence. When we fall for these magic tricks we act — consciously or unconsciously — against Nature (God) and its perfection (of design). This eventually leads to the mass psychosis we live in today, the product of the legal way of man’s desire to replace God and all of God’s existence with an inferior, man-made simulation of Reality. Words alone are never enough. Acts determine the truth of one’s moral character.

    Man acts in negative (Nature’s) creation under God’s Law or man acts in
    positive (fictional) creation i.e. property of another god (creator), but never both.

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  6. SARKZI – Granted, Metta Sync is only one empowerment tool. It just happens to have worked well for me. The application of it is endless. I am happy to share the many ways I have utilized it if you are interested.


    1. I would love to hear more. I experimented (in the sense of seeing how it would feel to me) with it yesterday, (insert energy) being an aspect of my self that I hope to “heal” or listen to. Is this a use of the technique that seems valid to you? I haven’t gotten any definitive feedback from myself yet (!), but I’m still coming back and rereading your text, gradually bringing it into better focus. There are still large blank spots in my thinking about it, but every time I look at it, I again feel the excitement that there is something really there, for me. Thanks again.


      1. SARKZI – In my opinion, and in terms of my experience with this synchronization process, any application can be valid. That said, it may be helpful to start small. For example, take objects and people in your surroundings. So, if you are about to eat your breakfast, “attune” to the food you are about to eat (placing the names of the food in the parentheses as the “energy”). When you wake up in the morning, “attune” to the date. As you encounter specific people, “attune” to them by name. All of this can be done mentally in your mind – no need to say aloud. I probably should have clarified that. Therefore, it can be done at any time and in any place. In these instances, I would be curious if you feel a shift physically (notice your bodily response when you “attune”), or in any other way with your interactions. Please feel free to ask more questions if you want to practice it more.


  7. Sorry if this is off topic but I’ve just been listening to Catherine Fitts’s latest offering . My question is: Just WHO is Mr Global?
    I’ve long scoffed at David Icke’s more outlandish thoughts but is it possible that Mr Global is not in fact entirely human and the Pheenies that MM talks of are actually just foot soldiers whose genetic predisposition to avarice is actually the very manipulative tool that Mr Global has access to?
    Worth a line or two from other commentators to debate perhaps .
    I’m saving RINGING IN A RESONANT NEW YEAR for this afters ( as we say here in Blighty ) meaning , ‘ this afternoon’ when I’m all relaxed with G & T in hand.
    Happy New Year everyone.


    1. I think it has to do with the idea that true power never shows its face, which I have long understood. We know the public players like Fauci, Drosten, Gates, Biden, etc., but we do not know the puppet masters. So she gave them a generic name.


    2. ME – I think this question, “Just WHO is Mr Global?” is pertinent, while still remaining elusive (due mainly to illusive tactics). In this context, my friend, Matt (of Quantum of Conscience) refers to a police lineup of criminals. The issue is that we could include all the suspected villains in this lineup, but would we be able to identify precisely which of them are the main culprits or instigators? When delving deep into Icke and others (such as the Gnostic material), we could include the “Archons,” the “Reptilians,” the “Draco,” and other “ETs.” But is this diversion, or further illusion? Very likely. Would the villains all be “human?” Maybe, but unlikely. Our sphere of perception is incredibly small and the veils are many. One thing is for sure though, do we really think that the lineup consists only of the obvious suspects – like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and Jeff Bezos (and of course the old fall-back of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds)? If we evoke the Miles Mathis material, then we can include the Phoenicians. We can continue to trace back through time, back to the Pharaohs, and then further back to the “Atlanteans” (if people choose to look in that direction). We could include the Knights Templar and the Sabbateans. Every which “truther” direction we turn, we can pull from a list to place in the criminal “lineup.” I’m just giving the shortlist. It’s a vast conundrum.


  8. Finally had a chance to sit down and read this … I have long been aware of the manner in which we communicate, for real, and there is an electromagnetic quality that I simply call “attraction.” Being with someone attractive is a pleasant feeling, and the result is resonance. I cannot pretend to understand it. I see and feel it daily, even at the gym where most are wearing masks. (I wear a mask there too, as the manager is a nice man in a tough spot, and has asked me to cooperate to avoid getting the place shut down.) I am not talking solely about physical attraction, but aura, as when at the grocery store one day a masked woman older than even me leaned close to me and said “You have a nice face.” That was a quality encounter, in a few words saying that she knew what I was about, and that she was on board too.

    A few days ago I stood behind a woman at the entrance to the post office, and she was very angry, f-bombing and saying things like being glad she slept alone so as not to get the virus. Then she saw I was not wearing a mask, and swore at me and demanded that I count off six floor tiles, which I did. She said I was making people sick. I suggested that being to angry all the time could be unhealthy. Then I calmly said “You don’t know what you are talking about, so I suggest you stop talking.” This made her angrier, but in some fashion I managed to get across to her the Danish mask study with 6,000 participants that concluded that (in a virus-threat world) masks made no difference. She made it to the counter and I was maybe ten feet away when she said that she had me figured out … I listened to Alex Jones. I said (calmly) “You don’t know me.” Then something weird happened … she said “I’ll look int that mask study.” I said that I thought it would be found in the Journal of Immunology. She said she would look there. We were at peace. She calmed down, and even heard spoken words.

    I also came to realize the power of controlled opposition, as in Alex Jones/Bill Hicks – whether the same man or two, each played CO. [Ha! I just realized that if Alex Jones and Bill Hicks are the same person, they are CO2.]

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    1. Every once in a while, I get a random compulsion to respond (calmly and level-headedly) to a smugly self-satisfied spouter of COVID wisdom on FB. (I’ll know I’m more spiritually evolved when I stop doing this.) It is perversely fun to watch people start off by putting everything I say in the context of QAnon or Alex Jones controlled opposition, and then get increasingly flustered and erratic when they realize I am not the cartoon stereotype of a “COVID denier” the media has been programmed them to project on me. They try to call everything I say into question… but one point no one yet has dared challenge me on is the indisputable misappropriation and FDA-sanctioned misuse of the PCR test. They have so many pat responses and put-downs for people who question the narrative, but actually seem to be scared of talking about the specific facts regarding PCR, perhaps unconsciously realizing that if what I am saying about it is true, their entire construct of reality will fall apart. I’d be shocked if that woman from the post office actually does look up the Danish study, but if she does, she can quickly ride Google to some half-baked, utterly unscientific study that “suggests” masks “might” work, and she’ll forget all that Danish nonsense. The PCR test, though… talk about that, and it shakes people up.

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        1. Well, it hasn’t been disputed yet. There’s video of Kary Mullis saying that if misused to diagnose disease, it could “find almost anything in anyone.” There’s video of Fauci saying results are meaningless after 30 cycles, and FDA documents recommending 45 cycles. I find that if I simply start talking about amplification cycles, people shUT down. It is “science,” but it isn’t complicated or hard to understand. “Believing in science,” for most people, means believing in media-sanctioned experts who explain complicated things to them in a way they can understand… but “30 amplification cycles=meaninglessness” does not require expert explanation to comprehend, and once comprehended, the implications of the FDA recommendations are clear as day. I’ve seen a few mainstream news articles attempting to justify the use of PCR, but they don’t try very hard, and I have yet to find any that contradict those simple, damning facts. I imagine at least one or two of my FB Covid champions have scurried frantically through Google, looking for a “gotcha,” but thus far none have found even one. So they try to change the subject to some aspect of the story they think they can trip me up on, but when I keep pressing on PCR, they just fall apart. One guy, college educated and a true liberal believer, whom I’d always thought was a decent if mildly annoying guy, got downright savage when I wouldn’t let him divert me from PCR, and simply deleted the post and then banned me without ever addressing the test. If there had been any way he could have pointed me to a mainstream article that contradicted or “fact-checked” what I said, he absolutely would have. So that’s why I say it is indisputable. But you’re right to question that assertion. No doubt, the disputes are out there.


          1. It’s a threefold problem as I see it: One, there’s no isolated virus genome to work with, two, the test is not designed to be used in diagnosis of disease, and three, after 25 cycles, the quality of return (for its intended use, comparison of isolated DNA samples) falls off rapidly, so that by the time you get to 35 cycles, the reliability is only 3%. WHO recommends 45 cycles, beyond meaningless.

            Try explaining that to someone who watches news and doesn’t read.


            1. I skip the first point–the one about the virus not being isolated–when I talk about this with normies (which I swear I’m going to do less in the new year!). Mainstream media HAS made an effort to sell lies about that one. In fact, I now skip everything and just get straight to the glaringly obvious, completely unjustifiable problems with the PCR test. If the test isn’t reliable and can be made to “find anything in anyone,” then nothing else we are told about this “novel” virus makes a lick of sense and all other arguments are moot. And it’s actually very easy to explain it to people who watch news and don’t read. I could explain it to a five-year-old. So far, I think everyone I’ve talked to understands exactly what I am saying and what the implications are. They just don’t want to hear it.

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            2. Mark,

              Sometimes it IS the “people who read” (and I might add, “listen”). You see, they “read” the New York Times exclusively, and listen to National Public Radio (NPR)!!!

              I have no doubt in my mind you know which “element” of society I am referring to!!


          2. Good points. I happen to be discussing it with a guy who’s very wonkish and research oriented, though he “defaults to science” (he understands the need to always keep an open mind, in theory.)
            I’ve probably mentioned some of these things in the past and he hasn’t specifically addressed them. They’re good, but for instance, I could imagine him countering Fauci vs CDC, saying Fauci was mis-informed, but is just one dude… IOW, there’s always a way out in any debate. The “scientific consensus” can always regroup, if you cut off one tentacle…
            Anyway, it’s a friendly discussion, and we’re just wading in, not trying to beat each other over the head with our pre-judgments.
            He sent me this link, which I haven’t yet had time for, but might be one of the better mainstream arguments for PCR (or might fall apart easily on inspection – it just looks impressive at a glance.)



            1. I just skimmed through the article and it’s actually makes a weirdly wishy-washy, long-winded, but ultimately decisive argument AGAINST PCR testing. If your friend is trying to prove a case for the mainstream Covid narrative, he must not have read it before sending it to you. lol.

              In one paragraph, he writes: ” If I just told everyone I meet that they have breast cancer, my sensitivity for detecting breast cancer would be 100%, because I wouldn’t miss a single case, but my specificity would be 0%, because every single person who doesn’t have breast cancer would be told that they do.”

              In the next paragraph, he says of a systemic review that included 38 studies: “The overall sensitivity for PCR/LAMP was between 75% and 100% in the different studies.”

              I mean, holy shit. If I were having a “friendly discussion” with your friend, I’d have a tough time not beating him over the head with this! He’s making your case!

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              1. Actually, the above quotes are less damning when you include what he says about specificity–again, I just skimmed this article but will read it more closely later. Toward the end of the article, though, he talks about how the PCR test will actually pick up a higher rate of false positives as the disease itself becomes less prevalent in the population.

                Honestly, this is all such gobbledygook since the virus hasn’t been isolated, or proven to cause disease, the PCR test was not invented to diagnose illness and isn’t picking up direct evidence of any virus OR any illness. Yet, even when speaking in gobbledygook, nobody can make a convincing case for PCR accuracy. I have yet to find an article where anyone even tries. They just throw a bunch of science-y speak at you, like this guy does, and hope you give up before you reach the obvious conclusion that the test is complete and total bullshit.


                1. My only humble suggestion is not to use the term PCR “test”, as it is in now way a “test” of anything.

                  But that’s the terminology floating around today…so I don’t blame you for repeating it.

                  PCR analogy: A photocopy machine taking a minuscule amount of matter and duplicating it. In no way does a photocopy machine “test” the words on the pages fed into it.

                  Kary Mullis warned of this use of PCR “test”. 🙂

                  Nice input, thank you!


                  1. If you read the intro paras at that link, it seems a little different from your analogy… They have some “primer” sequence that they try to match in the sample. So they “test” to see if they find a match (separate question what this means, but I can see it’s arguably a “test” of sorts.)
                    I know Mullis called it a process.. Can’t remember offhand what his task was, how he used it, that was different.


              2. With both these terms – sensitivity and specificity – it seems like you would need an indepent outside test to compute them…
                For instance w breast cancer, you could follow women who got tested, and see if they do or don’t develop clinical symptoms of breast cancer. And then retroactively have an idea of the accuracy of your test.
                But w Covid, if you say there are mild or asymptomatic cases, how would you look back at your test results to check them…
                How would you arrive at 75% sensitive etc.


                1. I have never used or seen a PCR device or test or thingy or whatever, I am not a scientist, and I see no reason to get drawn into such questions. The guy who wrote this article takes us on a meandering path that ends with the pronouncement that PCR is an unreliable diagnostic tool to begin with, and that it will give MORE false positives as LESS people get sick. The biggest question I have is, if he knows this, why the hell does he accept the premise that there is any pandemic at all, since PCR results are at the foundation of that premise? It’s ridiculous, and debating the details of the test itself serves only to lend the potential for legitimacy to the ridiculousness, don’t you think?

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              3. Agree–not sure TIMR’s friend’s intentions in sending this one…he’s come around to your side if he’s reading and understanding this analysis to be true! In the comments someone points out that Australia is using a low cycle threshold of 24, and consequently has few cases. However, it will be attributed to closed borders, aggressive contact tracing and quarantining, targeted and severe lockdowns etc. A model for the rest of the world!


                1. Actually.. I think he may have posted it in that vain. “I’d be more inclined to believe this angle of skepticism than..” whatever points I was making. Eg, I had copied your comment and highlighted your point about the primers being vulnerable to fraud..
                  His curiosity to engage me at all makes me think he must have some discomfort about everything going on, and could be on the verge of a “paradigm shift”… Or else I’m being wildly optimistic.


                  1. Yes, I have had a number of people seem to be seeing the picture as I do, and then fall back into line. I have come to believe that it really does have to come from a curiosity in the person themselves. (Though I do keep bugging my family with videos and articles here and there). It sounds like your friend may be self-motivated, so maybe he will see…I realize how much time and effort it has taken me to see the world the way I do, and it came from a place of really wanting to figure things out–really wanting to know the truth. And I had to re-convince myself over and over and over again that this or that was a fraud or fake or lie or misrepresentation or inaccuracy. It’s really an on-going process, and I guess some people would say that I am just suffering massively from confirmation bias, but I do try to always re-question things to avoid that possibility.

                    That article you posted is actually quite good I think in highlighting how PCR and statistics are a tool that can be made to say different things depending on how you use them. To me this seems like such an obvious point, but I have educated scientists saying to me “numbers don’t lie,” which is really total BS and everyone should know better! I find less educated people seem to inherently know this–the idea that powers above them lie and manipulate and use people hasn’t been totally educated out of the more working class people it seems! It doesn’t necessarily require outright fraud (like my example of lying about the sequence in the tube), it just requires a bit of massaging here and there, a bit of people not paying careful attention, just following the chain of command, and doing their bit only and not seeing the big picture. In the article from your friend the author points out that doctors rarely see the cycle threshold number in the PCR test result–they just get a negative or positive and have to rely on that. I would suggest they don’t have to rely on that and that they should do their job as a doctor and use their brain and their training and look at the patient before them to determine whether they are sick or not.


                    1. Re “educated out”
                      That was a point Jacques Ellul made in the opening of “Propaganda” – that schooling was laying the groundwork for propaganda, and the more schooled someone is, the higher their vulnerability to indoctrination (and my interlocutor has a philosophy PhD..)
                      Orwell made the same point in 1984, where Winston Smith comments that the proles are hopeless when it comes to party dogma, and really only party members (professional managerial class) are expected to hew closely to the rules.
                      It’s a bit paradoxical though, since the “educated” do have high level information parsing skills… Though alertness to logical pitfalls, and general skepticism, may depend more on the individual – and to some degree be filtered out by schooling, as described in “Disciplined Minds” about the design of professional training.

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                    2. You’re the only other person I know who has read that book, or at least spoken of it. Ellul also made the point that agitation propaganda destroys people’s ability to think, that enough of it ruins their brains. We’ve been swimming in it all our lives, dialed up and then down, but this episode is the most intense I’ve ever seen, and unrelenting.

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                    3. Such destructive behavior by men must always be legally approved. It is through the propagandist lies of church and state that well-meaning men (man and woman) can be tricked into allowing unnatural destruction of his own Nature.

                      Our ‘soul’ is instinctively cooperative, selfless, loving. Man-made (written propaganda) kills our instinct causing the present engineered condition: ruthlessness, competitiveness, aggressiveness and selfishness. When human life becomes unbearable, suicide ( and other forms of ‘soul-sickness’) spreads in the human population. Instinct, like any other essential element of life, needs to maintain a minimum level of fitness, just like the muscles or the brain. Use it or lose it.


                    4. TIMR–thanks, I will look into the book “Propaganda.” Sounds like one I would enjoy!
                      Steve–so true about instinct being killed. I have definitely seen that very clearly with religious people letting single Bible verses needlessly mess up family relationships. It seemed so obviously wrong to me, and became a clue, having been raised to be quite religious, that something was very wrong


                    5. MT- Ellul came to my attention through John Adams of Hoaxbusters Call. One of the more incisive, lucid writers/ theorists out there to be sure…!
                      I didn’t finish the whole book.. He digresses into some very academic, technical matters.


                  2. Regarding “numbers don’t lie,” you’ve probably seen this, but I just can’t resist posting this book recommendation by one of my fave people: “https://www.gatesnotes.com/Books/How-to-Lie-with-Statistics”


  9. Thank you for this post, Stephers. In my own effort to improve my spiritual and psychological station in life, I’ve taken to reading Ursula K. Le Guin’s translation of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching. For some reason, Le Guin’s writing has always resonated with me, beginning with her Earthsea books. For anyone interested in an investigation into her background, I can say you will find some of the potential “red flags” that are common among public figures. For example, she is Jewish on her father’s side, and died at age 88 on January 22, 2018. Her father, Alfred Louis Krober, was also the first professor appointed to the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley. He played an integral role in the early days of its Museum of Anthropology, where he served as director from 1909 through 1947.
    Part of the reason I think her writing resonates with me, as well as others, is that she is probably one of a select few writers who have been granted access to hidden truths about the past. I can only imagine what she was able to learn about the past from her father, a man who, in addition to his prominent position at UC Berkeley, was able to spend a lot of time with Ishi, the last surviving member of the Native American Yahi people.

    Anyway, what follows is one of Ursula K. Le Guin’s translations from the Tao Te Ching which I felt resonated well in the context of this blog. It is a passage which will hopefully provide some use to us all, old and young, rich and poor, wise and foolish, as we enter a new year.

    Not Doing

    Those who think to win the world
    by doing something to it,
    I see them come to grief.
    For the world is a sacred object.
    Nothing is to be done to it.
    To do anything to it is to damage it.
    To seize it is to lose it.

    Under heaven some things lead, some follow,
    some blow hot, some cold,
    some are strong, some weak,
    some are fulfilled, some fail.

    So the wise soul keeps away
    from the extremes, excess, extravagance.

    Ursula K. Le Guin’s note on the translation:

    For Lao Tzu, “moderation in all things” isn’t just a bit of safe, practical advice. To lose the sense of the sacredness of the world is a mortal loss. To injure our world by excesses of greed and ingenuity is to endanger our own sacredness.

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  10. Bird of Paradise – While I am not an adherent to any religion (nor any dogma), the Taoist principles of Lao-Tzu have been my primary inspiration for the past 10 years of my life. The notions of non-resistance and flowing and fluidity (like the nature of water) are woven throughout the Tao Te Ching. The Tao is the “Way of Nature.” Lao-Tzu (if he really existed) could be considered a philosopher, a physicist, and even an anarchist (in its true sense). I am glad the Tao resonates with you as well. In terms of Le Guin, I purchased one of her books about 5 years ago, The Left Hand of Darkness, but I have not yet gotten around to reading it. I have been intrigued by her as an author, and as a person. I was only vaguely familiar with her background. Thank you for the elucidation.

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    1. I was pointed to T/Daoism and the Tao Te Ching by another Eye am Eye member because aSHIFT. apparently has a lot in common with it (unbeknownst to me before; I came mostly from Agorism, the practical application of philosophical anarchism, and Muisca economy); see Wikipedia, I wrote about the Muisca there.

      The Tao Te Ching is a very interesting book full of uncomplicated wisdoms.

      For those who don’t know it yet, enjoy:



  11. Alison McDowell sent me this. I don’t have time at the moment to de-code this ritual (CGI-based, and involving tons of DNA imagery and sacred geometry, and more), but it is a sight to behold – a creepy one at that. Hoping others will watch and leave some comments…


    1. Thanks, got it.
      Thoughts while watching:

      “We own life”
      “Baphomet rules”
      “Life and machine merge”

      Dominant Theme
      “You are in the cathedral of life, science, energy, and God.
      We own Life, Science, Energy, and we are God”

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  12. Happy New Year to everybody!

    I have to ask you Stephers – what resonance are you talking about? Being more focused with my question – resonance of what exactly are you referring to in your post?


    1. MINIME – To be more specific, I am referring to resonance with the sacred – the very core essence and eternal structure that reverberates through all of creation. This consciousness can be exemplified more tangibly by the image that I provided at the top of the post. As you may know, it can also be visualized in its relation to the “Vitruvian Man,” and heard and felt through some classical music. https://auralcrave.com/en/2020/06/28/the-golden-ratio-in-music-the-songs-of-fibonacci-sequence/ Does this help answer your question?


  13. Sketching a Synthesis of Kuhnian “Normal Science” with Influence Operations

    (…And how many blog comments have such grand titles, I ask you? : ))

    I’ve mentioned my friend the philosopher and his interest in my ideas (partly influenced by this blog) about fraud or hoaxes in science. Well, we’ve been discussing Thomas Kuhn’s famous book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” and how it relates – I thought the discussion might interest some here. (His comments are in quotes.)

    RJN- “A couple of thought on Kuhn. I was thinking about a suggestion you made a week or two ago where you had some hybrid Kuhnian/Influence Campaign theory. It starts with a big lie and then you just do normal Kuhnian science after that.

    But that doesn’t make sense to me. In every example Kuhn discusses, the scientists involved are painted as sincere. The epistemic tension, the puzzles and crises are genuine; they’re not a performance put on to deceive the public. And that only makes sense if the competing paradigms have a lot going for them evidence wise. If the only real source of tension is different powerful groups with different carrots and sticks, then whatever these scientists are up to won’t resemble Kuhnian “normal science””

    To start with, I’ll say again that the hybrid Kuhnian/Influence Campaign idea is my own pretty far out speculation – various alternative theorists do claim that some areas of science are fraudulent or grossly in error, but I’m not aware of any that explain the fraud/error in the way I’m sketching out, as a hypothesis.

    So that said, to clarify my sketch – contra Kuhn, my idea proposes that there is a hierarchy of scientists, and it’s significant. Though in practice probably more complex, imagine for the sake of a thought experiment that there are “Royal Society” level scientists, or insiders, and “researcher” level scientists. We could imagine that our insiders mostly come from a background of elite private schools and family who are high level scientists (or other professions.) Thus they are fast-tracked into a deeper understanding of the game that is afoot, compared to their peers of more humble backgrounds.

    The former group may spend some time on the lab bench after graduation, but is quickly promoted into a place of power over setting research agendas (based on talent, rank, drive, etc) or at least to become proteges to those who are setting the agendas. The “researcher” class meanwhile, for the most part, is tasked with carrying out whatever data-collection and analysis agenda has been set from above – and fitting it to the established paradigm. Not to have big “eureka” moments or set new agendas – by schooling and filtering out in fact, they are selected to be precisely the least likely people to “ask questions” or go against the grain.

    (As an aside I once met a local bio-sciences researcher in her 20s who was eager to tell me that people had a somewhat glorified view of what it meant that she was a “scientist.” She was performing somewhat routine and monotonous lab work on a daily basis, as directed by superiors – and probably not, I would think, in a position to decide that there was too much tension in the paradigm, and demand a complete re-examination of the evidence, and re-interpretation according to her views – anyway she believed in the paradigm that she had been taught, and would probably only change her views if acclaimed scientists of the present day issued a new directive.)

    So yes, the great majority of scientists are sincere – or at least, able to play the game, if they have doubts (this goes back to the thesis of “Disciplined Minds,” that a key part of professionalism is understanding who’s in charge.)

    I’m sure this raises many more questions and issues, eg how the “insider” scientists go about setting a paradigm, if they’re not strictly working according to good faith efforts at disinterested knowledge – but that would be even more speculative on my part, so I’ll leave it there for now (as far as the sketch) to see if you have any comments.


  14. Continuing my reply to him:

    RJN- “Another theme that’s come up once before:

    I’m on ch 10 and I’m still not seeing anything in Kuhn that implies the disputes between old paradigms and new paradigms (and all the related points about theory choice and incommensurability ) should have analogues in disputes between skeptical laymen and scientific consensus.”

    Well, to me (from my recollection) he seems to say that any given paradigm is contingent on historical happenstance – and not necessarily “better” even than previous paradigms – it is merely the currently productive paradigm, as socially determined by the community of practicing scientists. It’s subject to power relations, among scientists, as well as between the scientific community and the larger world of banking and military powers that fund and support their activity. So a layman could reasonably take their conclusions with a grain of salt, as socially determined/ dependent activities, rather than as a domain of objective, verifiable truth for all time.

    RJN- “Kuhn says that two camps could agree on which data points they want a theory to capture but disagree on how much weight to give each. But virtually none of the data that are important to scientists are important to a Influence Campaign theorist because he’s prepared to throw out any documented experiments or studies as fabrications.”

    My sketch is trying to account for mostly “honest” studies, but as a product of lower level scientists working according to a paradigm that suits some agenda. It would indeed not rule out that insider-level scientists might sometimes have recourse to outright fraud, for one reason or another – but more often I think they would be setting the frame for the interpretation of the evidence.

    RJN- “A scientist pushing for a new paradigm takes on the burden of highlighting anomalies that the old one can’t resolve. If he did not perceive any such anomalies, he wouldn’t be drawn to the new idea in the first place. And if he can’t get others in the scientific community to recognize specific problems, his new idea can’t get any traction and can’t take hold. But for the IC theorist there’s no pressing need to point to any specific problems with a paradigm. Doing that is a bonus and the mere possibility or thin appearance of an anomaly is enough.”

    I think my sketch above answers this point. In the case of Covid though, there was no need to overturn a paradigm – a new virus is just building on the already established virus paradigm, and that battle was won long ago. Now there are legions of virologists, well indoctrinated in its tenets, whether it’s correct or not. It may just be a wholly skewed way of looking at the data, that nevertheless presents much opportunity for confirmation bias.

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    1. TIMR–Am I oversimplifying if I summarize what you’re saying as: “Science has gate-keepers?” Just like all other aspects of culture, including every area of academic study, including history and economics and the arts. Including the world of entertainment.

      I remember a college theatre professor scoffing at me when I told him about a critique I’d read of Chekhov, who is practically considered as sacrosanct as Shakespeare in the world. This professor told me that, unless you have distinguished yourself and risen to a high level of esteem in the academic world, you would simply be dismissed as a fool if you put forth a serious argument that Chekhov is anything less than a rarefied Great.

      I don’t think all Hollywood directors are insiders. I think many of them are either workhouse-like craftsman plying their trade, with a few honest-to-God Serious Artists on a Mission to Make the World a Better Place sprinkled in. For the most part, their movies are assigned to them, and the elements of craft they must employ are pretty clearly mapped out, so there’s no need for them to be Insiders. If their final cut doesn’t serve the agenda of the studio, the studio cuts it up so that it does. Some directors, like Steven Spielberg, absolutely are insiders, and they exert enormous influence on the directors, actors and screenwriters who aren’t.

      Basically, most scientists, artists, novelists, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, architects, economists, etc. are rats in a maze, and a select few among them are working with the people at the top–the people who open and close the doors of the maze, and maybe shift the maze pattern around once in a while, to lead the rats where they are supposed to go.

      Does that kind of line up with what you’re saying? I just read the summary of Kuhn’s views on Stanford’s website and I find it–as you seem to suggest–rather naive.

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      1. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. And I agree it seems to cross all professional fields, maybe more intensified in some, and in slightly different forms.
        I think Kuhn is saying some useful, insightful things, but of course leaving out the part that interests us, and as a result his picture is kind of idealized.

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        1. I really like this scene from The Devil Wears Prada, where Meryl Streep (definitely an insider, I think!) explains how people in a room make decisions for us that we don’t even know we aren’t making for ourselves: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yj8mHwvFxMc”

          And in this video, I think we can get a little glimpse into an outer chamber of one of the “rooms” of science, (a bit they were happy to make public):

          Bio-electronics is obviously something that “someone” wants to have accomplished. Moncef Slaoui paints it as a corporate-driven goal–to keep GSK in business, but later in the video Francis Collins “congratulates” Slaoui on his decision to make the corporate-discovered information open-source, ostensibly for the good of mankind. So which is it? Is it motivated by money or not? And as I understand corporate governance, it would be not just out of character, but actual misconduct by the board to allow this give-away of what should be GSK’s intellectual property.

          I do know these things are complex, and there may be an explanation for what I have pointed out above, (there may be some argument that sharing the data will allow them to progress the science more quickly which GSK will then be best positioned to capitalise on) but it really looks out of character for what we understand the goals of a “corporation” to be. At any rate, Francis Collins paints it as generous, commendable move. I have noticed in many of these suspicious events similar things…lawyers not properly protecting their clients’ best interests (specific examples: Port Arthur, Parkland), politicians supporting things unpopular with their constituents, news stations sharing their reporting with their competitors (Sandy Hook). Always explained away as “for the good of the community” basically.

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          1. These new innovative technologies, that are genuine, sometimes seem like they’re controlled releases… As if “they” either develop them in private, or somehow have access to them (to get into very far out terrain about just what we’re dealing with lol), and then release them bit by bit, bringing us along, “upgrading” us generation by generation..
            It can almost seem like the everyday people who go into the sciences are just the most dogmatic acolytes of the cult of science. Like ScottRC’s professor in awe of Chekhov, most scientists are in awe of their cult idols.. Mathis says all these figures, especially the moderns, have feet of clay, and are just promoted. But then, they do drop these wondrous new technologies on us (and even in the arts, keep everyone entranced… Especially if we include the “multi-platform storytelling,” the great world narrative reality TV show that no one can look away from..)


      2. ScottRC- Thinking about this some more – yes, that’s basically what I’m saying. I just think it says a little more about how this gatekeeping might work in practice, to fold in Kuhn’s theories of “normal science” and “revolutionary science.”
        Because the general public, in its idealized view of science, sees it as immune to tampering, to fraud – there are too many scientists looking at the evidence, and they write thousands of papers where they all seem to reach the same conclusions about that evidence. And at least a good number of them, the public says, are combative, independent-minded, eager for the glory of revising our views, etc.
        Kuhn, though very professorial and mild-mannered about it, actually blows apart this mythology – “normal science” he tells us, is more of a confirmation bias machine, where everything is fit to an established paradigm, and conflicting evidence disregarded.
        He softens or redeems this bad news for the myth by telling us that this is necessary and productive – it fills out the details of the paradigm (he calls it “puzzle-solving”), and suggests new experiments that would never occur to someone who refused to accept the paradigm in the first place.
        He further redeems science as an enterprise when he tells us that normal science can reach a crisis point (too many contradictions etc) and enter a period of “revolutionary science.” Now deeper questions can be asked, new paradigms proposed.

        But the implication of his insights, it seems to me, is that those who oversee and fund the enterprise, can set the paradigm – not due to an organic crisis, but for extra-scientific reasons – and thus define “objective reality.” Because the legions of scientists doing “normal science” will then find evidence, and interpret the evidence, to confirm and support that paradigm. So they have thousands of papers “proving” it, plus the brilliant PR image of science, which the public imagines to be more like Kuhn’s brief periods of “revolutionary science.” In fact those moments of revolution or paradigm shift (or introducing a new element within a paradigm, eg a new virus) may be where the Gatekeepers put their fingers on the scale, or rearrange the maze as you say.


  15. Is it not self-evident that man’s sciences are a corruption of the very harmonic essence of Nature they should respect? Nature’s design and frequency is pure and our source of permanence. Nature needs no inharmonious (positive) actions by man — with a state-sanctioned “license to kill.” Man chooses to pursue his anti-life motives and god-like delusions in opposition to Nature (all of existence). Nature needs none of it, waiting patiently (so far) for man to regain his rightful place within, not above, Nature. https://www.wildandscenicfilmfestival.org/film/the-unfinished-fight-of-seldom-seen-sleight/

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  16. 5 R’s? There is a 6th R. RENOUNCE the Luciferian based elite & their god/deity Satan. That will include the secret societies & Vatican city as well.


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