Reichstag ball …

I’ve long gotten over the notion that elections matter, that votes are counted, or that politicians are anything more than actors. Just an example, two things hidden from us were Barack Obama’s college transcripts and Donald Trump’s tax returns. Why? Not because of what they contained, but rather what was not in them. Obama was no scholar, Trump no billionaire business mogul. Both are hires, neither out to save us.

Joe Biden creeps me out, but he too is just an actor. This morning I was looking over photos of yesterday’s riot that shut down the Senate in session. I ask you to look here and at photos beneath the fold of the event. I will show just a few of many.

Please do what I do. Place yourself in the photographer’s shoes. How did that person get in place to take such high quality photos in such dangerous situations? In the middle one, guns are drawn and everyone seems in danger. In the lower one, people are ducking for cover … well, just some of them. The guy in the top photo hanging from the balcony is soon to have broken feet and ankles. That is, unless down beneath him (not seen) is an inflated mattress.

What does this mean? It is all staged. Those shots were not taken yesterday, but in advance. It must have been a large photo shoot with more than a few photographers on hand. It must have taken several hours, if not shot over several days, All people in the shots are willing participants. Note in the lowest photo the relative body sizes, obvious Photoshopping. The people crouched below are pasted in. Here it is 2021, and they still can’t get it right! (More likely, they can do sloppy work because people do not look closely at photo details.

Then there is this:

It’s hard work, and not satisfying, but see how many face masks you can pull out of that crowd. I found quite a few. This indicates that the photo might be real, and that social distancing is no longer enforced in DC. You will probably need a better quality shot, and again, ask yourself where the photographer stood. He was high up above the crowd, some place that would require access in a nation’s capitol paranoid about snipers and the like. This means that the rally (insofar as the photo is not shopped) was real, and that all restrictions were removed concerning public gatherings. How so?

We are no longer about a virus. We are now about jackbooted thugs moving in on our lives. Joe Biden is a creep, but will soon be issuing orders, and we all will have those boots on our necks.

I live in Jefferson County, Colorado, home of the fake Columbine affair. Two days ago I tried to make a reservation at our Anytime Fitness gym, only to learn that reservations were no longer required. Our grandson suggested we have dinner at a restaurant this week, and I said “But they are closed.” No, they are open again I was told. They are back in business. What is this? Calm before a storm? I do not know the future.

I read about Australia and California under lockdown, the UK in virtual brownshirt occupation. But I look around me here and find that I can walk and drive about freely, go maskless, and wonder if anything I see or read in the news (obviously I don’t follow it closely) is real. I await another shoe falling. I learned back in the 1990s that Republicans are not bad people, kindly but dumb, as the Paul Simon song says about elephants. Democrats, I learned in my home state of Montana, were dangerous sociopaths, that is, the party leaders. The rank and file were just clueless virtue signalers. But their leaders, and I had first-hand exposure, were dishonest and corrupt motherf******. Max Baucus is a philanderer and insincere jackass. He led that corrupt party.

Now we have a major psychopath in power, and a major psyop in the works. It is time to stop talking moral courage, and begin to act it out for real. These are dangerous times.

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  1. “I read about Australia and California under lockdown, the UK in virtual brownshirt occupation. But I look around me here and find that I can walk and drive about freely, go maskless, and wonder if anything I see or read in the news (obviously I don’t follow it closely) is real.”

    *Yes, I wonder the same.


      1. Your comment did not go through moderation, meaning you are someone who has posted comments here before. It’s preapproved after you get through once. So we know you, if only by use of “ya.”


            1. Lol at least I don’t think the photos were taken in advance which is soo damm stupid and I dont think a group of people without masks must mean a conspiracy of special permission to go mask less which is so so dumb

              Being called crazy here definite badge of honor


  2. Keeping the masses busy so we never have time to discover ourselves. All one has to do is imagine what would happen if you were the intruder “breaching” the U.S. Capital. On any other day this would be impossible. They’re ALL in on it. We are the suckers — once again. Instinct, my dear fellow humans, instinct. Fight to be yourself, it’s the ultimate weapon to defend against the constant bullshit.

    As with most of these puppet shows there was a scenario(s) simulation conducted June 12, 2020.
    Greatest Show on Earth!

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  3. I’m with Mark on this: Democracy is nothing but a Reality TV show designed with one intent, that being to CONSUME as much of one’s energy as possible!

    Its ALL BS, and along Steve’s lines, the more consumed you are with the BS, the less likely you will EVER come close to any truth which is within you.

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  4. Note the red/white stripe stickers on at least 2 of the plain clothes dudes Glocks. This was used at some point as indication that the “gun” was de-milled and used as training, etc. Suspicious eh?


    1. A bit more research shows that de-milled, i.e. non-functioning rifles used for parades, training, etc were painted w/ red & white stripes on the stock and forend in some militaries to visibly differentiate them from working rifles. It appears these actors are using essentially non-guns to defend the capitol; a baseball bat would be more effective. Who would put stickers on their duty weapon? Someone putting on a show, not someone who is actually prepared to use that weapon.


  5. “No” , the guy above calling me names, has in the past commented as S. Volpetti, Patrick Burns, and Ann Taylor. I should not have engaged him, but for some reason thought he was someone I knew. His comments are gone now.

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  6. In summer, there was a similar event in Berlin, on a much smaller scale, but quite the same. As a side show of the one epic demonstration, some people run on the staircases in front of the Reichstag. The MSN compared the event with the 30s, ridiculous. People who think for themselves know it has been staged. Police and actors working together to get footage for the MSN.
    Google querdenken reichstagssturm for photos.


  7. The lock down in Frisco is real, but self-inflicted. If the business men/women would just act as one, this lock down would end immediately. It would also help if everyone shot their TV and shredded all of the newspapers to cut off the bullshit stream that the sheep thrive on now that they are all fear junkies. “A Surge Upon A Surge” was one headline this week. What does that even mean? Hospitals and test sites are empty or at low tide. Masks are everywhere and the ignorant cowards who wear them reek of false valor or have accepted this abomination with a shrug.

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        1. On the other hand, lemme ask you this: what it takes for you to consider a protest, a march, a massive people manifestation authentic or “real”? Not fake, false flag, etc? What would pass your test?


          1. I don’t know that there has ever been a real one. Without ground up organizing, they don’t happen. Almost all are led by insiders, or as with last Wednesday, actors. Agents provocateur are important too.


            1. I agree with Mark.

              There’s been a few BS protests in Italy, obviously infiltrated ( and organized, I dare say) by agents provocateurs, insiders and whatnot.

              In modern times there is no such thing as a “spontaneous” protest organised by normal people.
              It’s all fake.


            2. This song is about the non-stop fakery, fuckey, trickery, and shenanigans cast down on us from The World Stage. A lot of older heavy metal and rock music lyrics eerily seem to explain our plight here.

              That’s entertainment.


  8. “wonder if anything I see or read in the news… is real”. That is not the right question to ask. It is real in the sense that it is not synthetic or photosopped… rather it is fabricated or acted if you more like.


  9. On the night of the Washington D.C. spectacle, I came across this beautiful gem in Ursula K. Le Guin’s translation of Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching (1997)

    Being Simple

    Run the country by doing what’s expected.
    Win the war by doing the unexpected.
    Control the world by doing nothing.
    How do I know that?
    By this.

    The more restrictions and prohibitions in the world,
    the poorer people get.
    The more experts the country has
    the more of a mess it’s in.
    The more ingenious the skillful are,
    the more monstrous their inventions.
    The louder the call for law and order,
    the more the thieves and con men multiply.

    So a wise leader might say:
    I practice inaction, and the people look after
    I love to be quiet, and the people themselves find
    I don’t do business, and the people prosper on their
    I don’t have wants, and the people themselves are
    uncut wood.

    Ursula K. Le Guin’s note:

    A strong political statement of the central idea of “wu wei,” not doing, inaction.
    My “monstrous” is literally “new.” New is strange, and strange is uncanny. New is bad. Lao Tzu is deeply and firmly against changing things, particularly in the name of progress. He would make an Iowa farmer look flighty. I don’t think he is exactly anti-intellectual, but he considers most uses of the intellect to be pernicious, and all plans for improving things to be disastrous. Yet he’s not a pessimist. No pessimist would say that people are able to look after themselves, be just, prosper on their own. No anarchist can be a pessimist.
    Uncut wood – here likened to the human soul – the uncut, uncarved, unshaped, unpolished, native, natural stuff is better than anything that can be made out of it. Anything done to it deforms and lessens it. Its potentiality is infinite. Its uses are trivial.

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  10. Another load of shills. I got a 7 day time out on the Face Plant for trying to post pix of that Buffalo Boy. heard lots of speeches made by the soulless ghouls from DC using the words ‘sacred & infamy’ over and over. Wanna bet those speeches were written long before the 7th? ‘Deadly, dark winter’ sounds like a purge is looming soon.


    1. Thanks, Motorhead. I’ve isolated this vid, which probably deserves its own post.
      A glimpse of how it went down (with police “guides” and escorted “work” vans).


      1. I’ve seen the video of the guy on the right talking about the vans that rolled in on another thread. If you look at the Nit-twitter comments, many are saying that the video is from MN or someplace else, not DC. Since I don’t do Nit-Twitter, I have no idea if they’re right.


  11. The saddest thing to notice in these pictures…is US people’s representatives ducking under the bench as their people are entering the building. Why duck, dear beloved politicians? What’s there to hide from? Did Norwegian forrest trolls just storm Congress and ate someone’s head in front of them, so they all ducked as the troll didn’t yet feed his apetite ? So sad, really. Instead of seeing real American values on display, we see cowardice, fear and lust for saving their own lives as if they matter. They all need to resign asap, despite this whole incident being a scripted TV drama, a director’s cut of semi-recent false flag from abroad. Which true American man or woman wants to be represented by a coward that goes ducking instead of fighting? Is that the kind of man or woman any sane American wants to accept as their representative? If so, which part of their act should we feel excited or inspired about? It’s really nauseating to watch any of this.

    Btw, storming of the Congress is actually an efficient way to show any government the real mob’s feelings. Since politics is rigged and medias spew only lies, these bozos ain’t got the smallest clue about what’s really cooking. Which gives me a lot of hope, actually. The only problem is, apparently, PTB have been again one step ahead. Remember French revolution? There they were also one step ahead, sensing people’s impatience and restless spirit of angry citizens, so they took control of the events, trying to steal the real sentiment and steer it towards the desired outcome. Which, as you already know, they did with perfection all the while people were fooled into believing some real revolution has happened. Liberte, egalite, fraternite….yeah, right. Their bag of tricks is getting really old really fast. Rise up, dear Americans, and don’t give in to fascism! People of the world are with you!

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  12. One of the more brazenly staged events I’ve seen in my time.

    I livestreamed it and called it a hoax from the get go.

    None of it makes any sense.

    Especially the part about a bunch of unarmed peasants taking over the Capitol.

    I mean, really?

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      1. In this context – just a little background on Ashli Babbitt (AKA Ashli McEntee) – aside from her being a long-time military official holding high security clearances . . . Ashli was married until 2019 to Tim McEntee (another military official). Tim’s dad is Michael McEntee: (scroll down to Michael E. Mcentee of West Grove, PA). Michael McEntee is Chairman of eTrueNorth: If anyone is interested in more details about McEntee’s eTrueNorth and its direct relation to Operation Warp Speed and the rollout of COVID testing and vaccines (as well as COVID-related wearable tech), I can provide more links. WordPress will not permit more than a few at a time regardless. Please note that according to eTrueNorth, the company is the liaison to nearly all pharmacies AND drive-thru testing COVID sites in the U.S: What are the chances of this “coincidental” connection? I have yet to see anyone report on this.

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        1. I work with eTrueNorth. You have the wrong person. The chairman of eTrueNorth is Michael P. McEntee and is no relation to Michael E. McEntee or Ashli Babbitt. Please know there is no connection here. I respectfully ask that you cease referencing his name in connection to this matter.


          1. Tom – Thank you for this clarification. I sincerely apologize for any mix-up, as I was utilizing information from, which is clearly not accurate.


        2. Pure gold you found there. Having a brother who was a high ranking USAF Officer, whenever I hear of someone like McEntee-Babbit involved in one of these incidents my radar immediately goes off. Thanks for the info, Stephers!


          1. Oops, I did not read any further until after posting my comment. But there is MOST DEFINITELY something on Babbit and her connection to the military. She could even be a sheep dipped agent.


    1. Please refer to my comments above, as this comment will now seem out of place. Thanks! Just a great reminder to myself to dot my i’s and cross my t’s. It’s not the first time I have misconstrued or accidentally misinformed, and it probably won’t be my last. Sorry guys!


      1. Do what I do … embrace mistakes! They are our best teachers. Once a lesson is learned by that means, the mistake is never repeated. We don’t get that kind if learning from a classroom.


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