A cartoon from ScottRC


This popped up in email a few days ago from ScottRC, who is a frequent commenter. I was immediately drawn to the artwork. He’s apparently quite practiced at this, as the characters, lines faces, expressions – all of it, look professional. And, of course, the message fits right in here.

Keep them coming!

10 thoughts on “A cartoon from ScottRC

  1. I recently purchased a print and made a frame for the painting below called “Sanity and Her Son and the Credulous, by Jordan Henderson. This is the artist’s description, which I’ve pasted on the back for posterity, in case people coming after us wonder about the insanity of the 2020s:

    This woman thinks, she observes, she reflects upon and analyzes her observations, and ultimately she acts in a manner that is sensible and principled. Her son will grow to be strong and sensible; their conduct provides beauty and clarity in a world of muddled morals and confused thought, thought that is dull and grey, thought that is but repetition of the status quo.

    This painting is the culmination of a long, careful, visual exploration of the world that I see today, the world that I see when I go to get groceries, or run an errand. The mundane world only looks boring because we are used to it, we see it everyday, but the prosaic has never been more than a deceptively simple facade for a fascinating place where nearly everything we do has spiritual, and ethical significance. Often we must observe the everyday world with great care to perceive these things, but sometimes they surface in an obvious manner. Imagine throwing dust on an otherwise invisible person, masks are like that; power struggles, and beliefs are now proclaimed, for all to see, with a prominent symbol.

    Sanity and her son

    Henderson has spiritual depth as well as artistic talent. The print is available from Fine Art America (https://fineartamerica.com/). It was first brought to my attention by a commenter, I’ve forgotten who, but thank you.


  2. Thanks for running this, and for the kind words. I’m a cartoon dilettante compared to TimR. In the comments section of Mark’s PCR Uses and Misuses article, Tim posted a tweak of a 1940s horror movie he did, inserting his own artwork and text to mock COVID agit prop, and credited a comment I’d made as the inspiration. I searched his name (you can find it in the bottom corner of the image; I won’t type it here) and found his FB page and website. His work is stunning. He has mastered many different styles, and his gleeful mockery of the COVID hoax is brilliant. Made me realize how hungry I am for entertainment—any entertainment—that runs counter to cable-news consensus reality.


      1. Ha! That never occurred to me, but I can get behind it. I just didn’t want him to look like he was intended to be an idealized, superior-looking stand-in for me. He’s just an unremarkable, pot-bellied shlub sucking down a soft drink.


    1. Well many of the best cartoonists are dilettantes, so, not necessarily a bad thing. I agree with Mark’s comments, very effective cartoon. Thanks again for the kind words about my stuff.


  3. Today the news tickers in Germany reported China has started to swab butt. Month ago, we were told they do PCR tests at sewage plants, and now here we are. Articles state, the virus may still be found in the butt, when it’s not possible to proof someone is infections another way.
    My impression, this has jumped the shark. At Davos, there is blatant talk, what this is all about. The social economic change is done, the left will be blamed, the final solutions will be rolled out soon.
    Swabbing https://news.google.com/search?q=analabstrich&hl=de&gl=DE&ceid=DE%3Ade


    1. Thanks for posting this. I have mentally cast about for a cartoon gag that made this exact comparison, but these words and photos do the job perfectly.


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