Words of Wisdom, Words of Caution

On January 21, 2021, Matt McKinley of Quantum of Conscience, posted a discussion, “Exercise in big thinking — Arrogant to assume we’re the only ones not fooled!” (see video below). The subtext for the video stated, “Every once in a while I must keep on the table that reality is fooling us, just as it’s fooling every other group.” I hope readers here will listen to his wise words, in a way that only Matt knows how to do. 

Matt’s off-the-cuff presentation reminded me of a tiny book I keep by my bedside: the Shambhala Pocket Classic, Awakening Loving-Kindness, written by a Buddhist nun and renowned meditation master, Pema Chödrön. Chapter 8 is called “No Such Thing as a True Story, and leads with, “In Taoism there’s a famous saying that goes, ‘The Tao that can be spoken is not the ultimate Tao.’ Another way you could say that, although I’ve never seen it translated this way, is, ‘As soon as you begin to believe in something, then you can no longer see anything else.’ The truth you believe in and cling to makes you unavailable to hear anything new.”

She continued, “By the way that we think and by the way that we believe in things, in that way is our world created. In the Middle Ages, everyone accepted the idea, based on fear, that there was only one way to believe; if you didn’t believe that way, you were the enemy. It was death to all forms of creative, fresh thinking. Many things that people had been able to see, people just couldn’t see anymore because they didn’t believe in them. Once they began to think and believe in a certain way, there were all kinds of things that they literally couldn’t hear, see, smell, or touch, because those things were outside their belief system.”

And further here, “People find it quite easy to have beliefs and to hold on to them and to let their whole world be a product of their belief system. They also find it quite easy to attack those who disagree. The harder, more courageous thing, which the hero and the heroine, the warrior, and the mystic do, is continually to look one’s beliefs straight in the face, honestly and clearly, and then step beyond them. That requires a lot of heart and kindness. It requires being able to touch and know completely, to the core, your own experience, without harshness, without making any judgment.”

Chödrön proceeds in this same chapter to tell a story, with an important lead-in: “When you meet the Buddha, kill the Buddha” means that when you see that you’re grasping or clinging to anything, whether conventionally it’s called good or bad, make friends with that. Look into it. Get to know it completely and utterly. In that way it will let go of itself.”

The story she tells depicts a god who wanted to prove that it was absurd folly for people to be polarized and for each “side” to believe that they are in the right, and to blame the other side for being in the wrong. So this god constructed a large hat that was divided — with one side being blue and the other side being red. He walked in the middle of the street where people were working on both sides of the street. Then he disappeared. Each side joyfully exclaimed, “We saw God!” But, as you can imagine, half of the people said he was wearing a blue hat, while the other half proclaimed he was wearing a red hat. Each side grew angry and began to throw stones at each other. Then the god re-appeared and walked in the middle of the street again, wearing the same hat, but in the opposite direction. He then vanished. Each side conceded that the other side was correct in what they saw, and apologized to each other. As Chödrön described, the workers on both sides of the street did not know whether they should fight or become friends. They were so confused. Then the god appeared one more time. “This time he stood in the middle and he turned to the left and then he turned around to the right, and everyone started to laugh.”

Now for my words of caution . . .

On January 19, 2021, James Corbett of the Corbett Report interviewed Dolores Cahill, Professor at University College Dublin. I sensed a few red flags therein. At around the 14-minute time stamp, Professor Cahill discussed a new project she is undertaking with regard to “sequencing the PCR tests.” She then stated that another researcher sequenced “1500 PCR tests” [presumably SARS-CoV-2 positive] in October 2020, and identified all of them as influenza A and B. Not one was SARS-CoV-2. From my understanding over the past 10 months, it is highly questionable that any RT-PCR test can “test” for any “virus,” let alone SARS-CoV-2. Whether she was accidentally misinforming or intentionally misleading, I can not say. I thought to find a source for her reference to “1500 PCR tests,” and I discovered one here at Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot (posted on December 31, 2020). However, if Cahill was relying upon this source, then her statement was ostensibly false, because prior to the Corbett interview, the professor referred to on Cassidy’s website, Robert Oswald, PhD., claimed he never made the statement, and that his professional information was also incorrectly presented. Then, on January 22, 2021, this “fact check” on Cahill’s interview statements was published by Reuters. Granted, I am always suspect of these “fact-checkers,” as they can be highly misleading as well. However, in this case, I think it would be helpful for Cahill to clarify her position moving forward. 

I urge POM readers to peruse through Cahill’s personal website (hyperlinked above). As of now, it is my understanding that she has not come forward as a self-proclaimed whistleblower, nor does she disavow any of her previous work and her business alignments. In fact, Corbett expressed how impressed he was with her professional background. In my opinion, red flags abound when it comes to her connections, particularly in her work as an EU Innovation Radar Expert. Furthermore, it was announced on January 22, 2021, that Cahill will be a featured presenter at “The Greater Reset” scheduled for January 25-29, 2021. Nevertheless, I plan to listen to the presentations at the online conference, The Greater Reset. Most of the speakers, based on what I have read in their biographies, seem to have good intentions when it comes to promoting life in balance with humanity and the planet.

With all that said, my main caution lies with hearing certain words popping up more often, like “freedom” and “sovereignty,” and I can see how these words (and movements embracing them) could be misconstrued or weaponized. Also (like Matt of QoC), I have been wondering what will happen to QAnon followers in the coming weeks and months. I imagine many of them will re-brand, or be re-branded. In this context, I am concerned that there may be an attempt by the hidden hand to assemble them, along with those in the “Patriot” movement and the “Anarchist” movement — with a unifying message of freedom and sovereignty that could be a trap to corral them into a group labeled as “domestic terrorists.” Thus, I advise caution. Cahill’s “Freedom Airway” discussion with Corbett tended toward language reflective of the sovereign citizen movement, and I find it curious that this Corbett interview is uncharacteristically already on the mainstream media radar (Reuters hyperlink above).

While I am on record here at POM as discussing the notion of “Freedom Cells,” I aim to be more judicious moving forward by avoiding promotion of any “group” or “movement.” That said, I do feel it is important and healthy, especially in these times, to create small local communities of people of similar mind and values, and who may want to engage in bartering, co-operative organic gardening/farming, and other modes of empathic exchange.

Whereas the hidden hand often pushed the “lone wolf” perpetrator scenario, it seems it may have augmented its sleight of hand trickery in the past 4-5 years with sophisticated behavior nudging to construct a movement of fringe conspiracy theorists. Now, I sense a new hidden hand agenda to unify fringe groups in an effort to corral, capture, and control them. In an ironic twist, I can see how this could result NOT in the “mass arrests” that have been promised in these same circles for so long, but rather, the opposite — they may see themselves hauled away to prison as “domestic terrorists.”

Years ago, when I was promoting awareness of the potential dangers of 5G and smart meters, I heard lots of buzz coming from individuals like Cal Washington and Josh del Sol regarding their concept of “Notice of Liability,” and how it could be used to halt the implementation of these technologies. This method of recourse initially seemed promising. Well, it’s been nearly four years since then, and I feel this movement did not change the outcome. I can now drive three miles in any direction to see 5G small cell towers and communities with smart meters on their homes. Further, I think it’s clear to awakened people that 5G is being implemented across the world. Switching gears, I am now hearing increasing buzz about “Notice of Liability” once again (by some of the same individuals who were involved in the 5G/smart meter awareness movement) — this time in relation to vaccination, bodily sovereignty, and COVID — and I can’t help but feel hesitant. To quote Josh Hart of stopsmartmeters.org, “Just because someone correctly identifies a problem does not necessarily qualify them to pinpoint the best solution.”

Lastly, one other phenomenon I have noticed on social media in the past few weeks — mainly Twitter — was an almost-overnight emptying of the QAnoners and the Patriots. Many accounts complained of “losing” hundreds, if not thousands, of followers overnight. Sources termed this culling as a “purge” due to censorship. I can see how that framing could be accurate; however, I can see how many of their online “followers” could also have been AI-generated bots, and that a multi-year potential psyop (AI-led) simply ran its course. Incidentally, like a swarm of bees, they appeared to exit Twitter to seemingly re-congregate at Parler, only for Parler to be shut down, thereby causing the swarm to move to a new home, Telegram. As many already know, Telegram, was founded by Pavel Durov, (according to Durov’s LinkedIn page and Forbes magazine). He is featured by the World Economic Forum, which reports that he was named the most promising Northern European leader under 30 by Nordic Business Forum.

I conclude with a brief introduction to a concept applied to shape online social network circles called stigmergy, and I believe it is playing a covert role in forming these fringe groups. Stigmergy, which is often incorporated into cybernetics, is described here, and refers to the notion that human thinking is not something that takes place solely in our minds, but rather, includes our environment as external memory which influences our thinking. As stated in the linked article, “In the terminology of cognitive psychologists, we leave traces in our environment that we or others can pick up on to stimulate next actions.” 

Here is a short video (see video above) explaining the concept of stigmergy (read here and here for further information). I equate the patterns of movement within these “alternative” groups (such as QAnon) — and how they are formed and maintained in a seemingly artificial and weaponized manner — to a colony of insects (as opposed to the typical characterization of herding livestock). While there is a “Queen” that often resides at the top (or behind the curtain, so to speak), it is the worker bees (or ants or termites) that not only do all the busy work, but also serve to horizontally propagate their signaling, or their “buzz” (with minimal intervention from the Queen). Given this very brief explanation, I have to wonder who (or what?) the Queen Bee is, and what plans she (or it?) has in store in the coming months and years of colonization among artificially created swarms, utilizing AI-driven swarm intelligence and stigmergy warfare.


1) If you are interested in learning more about how collaborative “open source” groups and online collective social networks are created, I recommend reading Swarm Leadership and the Collective Mind by Peter A. Gloor (research scientist at the Center for Collective Intelligence at MITs Sloan School of Management) or Social Physics by data scientist Alex “Sandy” Pentland. As co-creator of the MIT Media Lab, Pentland is also co-leader of the World Economic Forum Big Data and Personal Data initiatives, and serves on the Board of the UN Foundations’ Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data.

2) I encourage you to watch this 3-minute video (see video below) depicting virtual swarm-inspired mini robots programmed with a task of gathering cubes (helps to watch and listen with the musical sound effect that begins at the 10-second time stamp). It may also help to imagine each of these robots being QAnon followers gathering “bread crumbs” of “intel” scattered about by the hidden hand (with a humble reminder that these robots can signify us as well). 

73 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom, Words of Caution

  1. That was one of the longest and most detailed “fact checks” I have seen on Sars-cov2. Strange that a throw away line in a Corbett video gets such treatment. I wonder why?
    It goes without saying that narratives coming from official sources – e.g. there is a “new variant” virus – is never “fact checked” But as ever, such a piece as this from Reuters gives an opportunity for the experts consulted to recapitulate the official story which is more often than not only backed up by dodgy science – viz different “strains” of Sars Cov2, the “gold standard” PCR test, etc etc etc., while deflecting from the unsupported nostrums that viruses can be isolated, purified and subsequently sequenced or that perfectly healthy people are crazy super-spreaders.
    I tend to agree that Cahill needs to clarify her statement.

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  2. The Qanon page hasn’t been updated since Dec 8th? Most of the updates of last year were quite boring. Am I missing another Qanon webpage? The media wants everyone to think Trump when they mention Qanon and visa versa, and now domestic terrorism. However the Q site never really revealed any substantial “outta the ball park” Yuge information. I never got that BOOM feeling when reading thru https://qanon.pub/


    1. “As soon as you begin to believe in something, then you can no longer see anything else. The truth you believe in and cling to makes you unavailable to anything new”

      So says Stephers. And thus, since she believes that, then she can no longer see anything else. She is unavailable to anything new….or, are you exempt?

      “It is arrogant to believe that we are the only ones not fooled”
      You have been fooled Stephers; you have swallowed bait and sinker the whole new age inversion..for that is exactly what new age ideas are”: they are like spirituality in reverse; they are a parody and caricature of true thinking and true spirituality..

      I can write a very long response and destroy your every idea as i just did with the first one of your post; just ask and i will oblige ,for , well, I am a generous man, and my generosity stems from my belief in myself and my belief that i am right and that i see clearly. Only the insecure man is intolerant of others.


      1. Godfly – Please feel free to expound here…and please note that neither quote you highlighted was mine (clarification: not initially attributed to me). I was simply sharing thoughts of others, and felt they were food for thought and self-reflection.


        1. the first quote certainly leads the reader to believe that you are offering your own translation of laozi, and you also lead the reader to believe you stand behind the second quote; to even mention this though, is in my opinion, evasive. Be that as it may, i would request that you answer my question before i spend energy and time to exposing the whole first part of your post as the new age nonsense it is, and showing that the second part only proves that there is nothing new under the sun. My question? Are you exempt?


          1. “As soon as you begin to believe in something, then you can no longer see anything else. The truth you believe in and cling to makes you unavailable to anything new”

            Personally, I don’t see this as New Age nonsense. I see it as an amplification of a concrete, scientific–and certainly not new or New Age–mentality: “Question your own beliefs and assumptions.”

            Nothing controversial about that for me… unless and until someone suggests I apply it to beliefs and assumptions I have no intention of questioning or letting go of.

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          2. Godfly – I initially misunderstood your question, as I perceived it to be offered rhetorically. I understand now that you want an answer to “Are you exempt?” . . .
            Given the definition of exempt – “to be free from an obligation or liability to which others are subject” – I thought it was clear from my presentation that the very notion of questioning my OWN beliefs was the exercise, and that is what I was attempting to express as a suggested exercise for others as well. I do find myself clinging to beliefs, and that is precisely why I engage in self-reflection, so as to observe myself and re-consider if what I am holding onto no longer serves myself, or those I care about, or is keeping me contained in a “box.” Further, I have felt my own resistance to challenging and dissolving assumptions that I have held in the context of various belief systems – be it religion, politics, education, health, and of course, “germ theory.” Accordingly, I was a major “germophobe” prior to this psyop, and I have had to completely revisit and reconfigure my entire belief system surrounding germ vs. terrain theory. So, my answer is “no” – I am not exempt. Are you?

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            1. “As soon as you begin to believe in something, then you can no longer we anything else. The truth you believe in and cling to makes you unavailable to see anything new.”

              “Everything is relative”

              Both of these statements contain the same error in thinking. They cancel themselves out and thus cannot be true. Do you understand?

              To say the least, it is simply impossible for a person not to believe in something.
              You now believe that coronavirus is a psy-op?
              Therefore, You have just changed your belief and you are stay “available “ to be convinced that the whole thing is real?

              This is not nitpicking or a semantic game. Your way of thinking, which I am calling “new age” has very real consequences. But you know, I have the same feeling I had when I mentioned the Jews to Steve Kelly; he simply could not grasp what I was saying and was completely “unavailable “ to hear me. You are the same and so ,in the end , although you cannot see it, and will probably never see it, you are confirming me.

              W can leave it at that, but if you wish to take it further I have a suggestion:
              Tell me what the problem is with the statement,”Everything is relative”
              When you understand that you might understand the problem with your idea.


              1. Godfly – Placing Pema Chödrön (and any potential “new age” thinking) aside for a moment, I wonder if we are more on the same page than you think? Perhaps it may help to place this conversation within the context of “belief perseverance?” https://www.thoughtco.com/belief-perseverance-4774628. When listening to Matt’s discussion that I featured above, that is what comes to mind most. While still along the lines of beliefs, in general, it is a distinction. I agree with you that it would be extremely difficult, if not foolish (or even non-human) to exist without ANY beliefs. I did not intend to give that impression.


              2. Godfly, do you believe questioning one’s beliefs, or being open to the possibility of one’s beliefs being wrong or incomplete, is the same thing as not having beliefs? Because it seems to me that these concepts are mutually exclusive. Frankly, I question your beliefs about Stephers’ beliefs about her beliefs.

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          3. You have named many of the people who have opposed the dominant paradigm, well and lucidly in my opinion.

            If we take your premise, that influencers are wolves in sheeps clothing, then you must be aware that you are subject to the same scrutiny.


  3. Many people will have heard of the case of a 41 year old nurse in good health in Portugal found dead on New Year’s Day after receiving the Biontech/Pfizer Corona/Covid vaccine on 12/30/20.

    Now, in my hometown, a 42 year old nurse in good health died within ~24 hours of receiving the Corona/Covid vaccine.

    Coronavirus-Impfung am Vortag in Uelzen: Frau stirbt – 22.01.2021
    (Click on my name to access the link, article is in German.)

    Note this is the strictly local newspaper which reports on local topics such as sports, firefighters, road accidents, Schützenverein. Newspapers here don’t get any more local than this.

    I checked and searched two major propaganda outlets, SPIEGEL.de and NDR.de, to find how they reported on this case, and guess what – they didn’t report on it at all. This is especially conspicuous with regard to NDR (Northern German Radio) who did report, for instance, on a barnstable fire in a nearby village (which I have happened to learn about first-hand as I know the people) which caused only minor damage.

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    1. update 1/25/ nothing to see here, nothing to do with corona shots, move along please

      But how do these original stories even get to the press, however obscure? There is nothing we can verify neither can the press. Who feeds them? Maybe these ‘adverse reaction’ stories which could easily be controlled in-house are part of the vaxx psy-op itself.

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      1. But vaccination is not a psy-op and some people actually die because of it. The prosecutor said her death was not due to the vax, but German prosecutors are not independent; they are held to follow orders by the BMI, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is the government, which is the legal entity who decided people are to be vaxed and took taxpayer money without asking anyone to buy vax from Big Pharma. It’s a blatant conflict of interest.


        1. You don’t answer my question – how do allergic reaction stories get into the media, however minor? Do you really think that a hospital department rings up the local paper and says ‘hey, we’ve just had someone die after having the corona vaxx”? Or that a NDA gagged doctor or nurse does the same? You are trusting anything you read, including what may or may not be coming out of the needle into people’s arms. This crowd has been running fake death drills and psy-ops for decades so I don’t see any reason to start believing anything put in front of me now.

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          1. What are you talking about? Her husband noticed she’s dead. Or her daughter. And a doctor would have done the same. No such NDA here.

            No fake death thrill blown up beyond belief at the global level in this case, but real death covered-up at the regional level, reported only at the very local level where it cannot be hidden anyway.

            “I don’t see any reason to start believing anything put in front of me now.” – Graham

            That’s like saying: everything is relative. That’s the road to nowhere. See discussion above.

            Your comment appears motivated by a desire to create doubt around the fact that a nurse in good health died within ~24h after receiving the vaccination.


              1. I do not recall any series of dead doctors. Be specific and name the doctors you think have died.

                I did not see the dead body but the information given was quite specific, including her place of work. There is no reason to doubt and this is not a psy-op.

                I conclude you are a disinfo troll.


                1. GD and ML – If you don’t mind me chiming in here . . .

                  One of the doctors who “reported” to have died back in April is a high-profile ER doctor from NJ – Dr. Frank Gabrin. My friend was very close with him for many years back when they were both at the Kabbalah Center (in NY). She recalls him being ill with cancer most of that time. Watch 60 year-old Gabrin’s husband (age 28) here, as well as Gabrin’s dear friend, Debra. Curious what you think after watching?! – https://www.towleroad.com/2020/04/gay-man-tearfully-recalls-husband-first-er-doctor-to-die-from-coronavirus-in-gut-wrenching-interview-watch/

                  The woman in the interview, Debra Vasalech Lyons (whom my friend also knows from the Kabbalah Center), is high-profile herself. She is very connected on many levels: https://www.linkedin.com/in/debra-vasalech-lyons-5753002/ (notice the one-eye symbolism in her photo).

                  Debra’s current work with Browning Entertainment is also very significant and relevant: https://www.browningproductions.com/news-1.

                  This is Debra’s dad (scroll down to Howard “Bob” Vasalech) – he was very high-up in the military, and look at what he worked on: https://caninecompanionsusa.org/about-canine-companions-usa/.

                  So, needless to say, I have my doubts about what really happened with Dr. Gabrin – aside from any other deaths that have been reported.


                  1. Watching Gabrin’s husband in that interview, all I could think was: I’ve known quite a few actors who can genuinely cry on cue and shed real tears. With all the money and connections they have, why can’t the propaganda producer ever find one? The tearless grievers are such a regular feature of hoaxes that I’m wondering if it’s a deliberate part of the mind game.

                    I mean, I’m an actor, and I can’t cry on cue reliably. I usually have to fake it. But if I’d been cast in this grieving husband role, I think I might have managed it. When that CNN reporter told the outrageously silly, transparently fake and cheaply manipulative story about losing his father and getting a comforting phone call from that wise old saint, Joe Biden, I’m pretty sure I could have squeezed out real tears at the abysmal quality of the writing.

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                  2. Dr. Frank Gabrin … Kabbalah Center … gay husband … [raises eyebrows] … From watching the first 100 seconds of that CNN propaganda gem, I’d say it’s a ridiculous and pathetic travesty. This is fishy stuff. Not sure what’s the point of it apart from that, so I didn’t watch the rest (seems like a waste of time).

                    I don’t do LinkedIn, so apparently no access to that page.

                    I didn’t see any Debra, Vasalech or Lyons in that Browning Productions page, nor did I see anything significant or relevant. Can you pinpoint what you think merits these attributes?

                    As to Debra’s dad, it does not appear that he was “very high-up” in the military. He did minor logistics work (radio instruments) for the U.S. Air Force, a terrorist organization. At least that’s what can be read on the page you linked to. The blurb reads “45 years of distinguished Military and civil service” but fails to name any distinctions at all. Guess it’s all top secret and national security.


                    1. ML – With respect to Debra Vasalech-Lyons and Browning Productions . . . According to her LinkedIn page, she is a specialist in marketing to the U.S. Hispanic market and is VP/Head of Development and Distribution at Browning Productions & Entertainment in Fort Lauderdale (Weston), FL.

                      According to the LinkedIn page of Browning Productions (and also stated on their website): “Pioneering in a world of clichés we strive for a twist on the norm. We produce work of the highest caliber, handling every phase of production through post. Our Team creates innovative, multi-media imagery using diverse talents to give life and vitality to any idea. We are your production, media, and marketing professionals. Holding nothing back; we bring everything to the table, even if that means altering reality or merely creating new ones.”

                      More from Browning Productions (in reference to their writers): “These are the wordsmiths who know the power of language and mold a script into a compelling format that will influence and inform.”

                      And a bit more from their website:

                      “At BP&E we put ideas into action and deliver effective messages that will influence target audiences. We operate in concert with broadcast and cable networks to distribute our programming and commercials to demographically targeted local, regional, national and international audiences gaining the exposure needed to produce results.”

                      “The pinnacle of all product or service inclusion into television is to allow for a full integration into the storyline and scripting of the segments centering your brand in the show content.”

                      You can read more at their site, including checking out some of their projects, including those featuring military and law enforcement.

                      More from Vasalech-Lyons’ LinkedIn Profile:

                      Chief Strategist
                      Dr. Frank Gabrin – One Medicine
                      Dates Employed Sep 2010 – Present
                      Employment Duration 10 yrs 5 mos
                      Worked with Dr. Frank Gabrin to craft, develop and distribute his insights and tools to heal healthcare workers, especially in emergency medicine, from burnout and compassion fatigue.

                      and more (which is an entire other rabbit hole in itself, involving the Kabbalah Center and Madonna):

                      Regional Director
                      SFK – Spirituality for Kids
                      Dates Employed Jan 2003 – 2010
                      Employment Duration 7 yrs


                    2. So, in short, Debra and Browning are in the business of advertising, public relations, propaganda, manipulation, lies & deceit. Much as I dislike that business, it is not uncommon.


                  3. Thanks Stephers. That was one of the worse pieces of crisis acting in this whole hoax which I have seen so far. The timing of the ‘death’ was perfect, mirroring the wave of medical ‘deaths’ in Europe in the same time window.

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                2. Disinfo…LOL! Are you really that lazy or supine that you can’t find emotive lists of doctors who allegedly died from covid nineteen? Here’s one from that nerve center of the hoax, Northern Italy.

                  The Lancet is also complicit – let’s face it, this hoax is great for medicine and science financially and would love it to run and run.
                  ‘A tribute to some of the doctors who died from COVID-19’
                  -published November 28 2020.
                  Their individual obits [see the convenient wave in late March early April for the news stands] used phrases like ‘living legend’. It’s propaganda the Soviets would have been proud of.

                  If they could find 2960 odd people to die for the terror narrative back in 2001, a hoax which was a ‘minor disturbance’ in comparison with this one starting in 2020, then finding doctors and patients to die for the biosecurity state cause is child’s play.

                  Oh, by the way that other main driver of the hoax in Europe was Belgium, the location of Marc Van Ranst, a key driver of the earlier H1N1 hoax in that country. You’ll have to search yourself for the video of Van Ranst giving a presentation to medical leads in London a couple of years ago on how to fake a viral pandemic and how he pulled that one off in the media.

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                  1. GD – Tangentially speaking, but related to evoking emotion, nerve centers, and Northern Italy . . . Anyone here familiar with the “Cry from Italy” Facebook post (penned by Cristina Higgins) in March 2020? https://www.facebook.com/cristina.higgins.7/posts/10157623212885189
                    You can watch Higgins here on CNN in March 2020 (if the link works):
                    Crazy to say, but this woman is a close friend of a friend of mine, which is why I initially was notified of this post/interview. Even though the FB post and CNN interview went “viral,” I’m not sure I would have noticed it (without being told by our mutual friend), as I am not on FB, nor do I watch CNN. Again, this is another instance in which I indirectly know the person evoking emotion, and yet, I question the narrative and motive (including noticing curious verbal cues and body language) . . .


                    1. The first link is an astounding collection of fear-mongering. Every sentence is packed with intent to frighten the reader into compliance with the ‘necessary’ behavioral rules. Fits right in with Facebook’s role in herding everybody in the right direction. Startling to read.

                      Well, she doubles down with the video, adding the image of a deeply concerned woman (tears, etc.) pleading for cooperation from all. Message delivered to the western world, from an intelligent, caring family woman. Well chosen, it appears…and capped off by her post being given a name that appeals to our sense of oneness, “Cry from Italy”.

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                    2. OM – Thanks for taking the time to read and watch the links. I know people don’t have a lot of spare time to do this. In terms of tears, I had trouble finding any tears produced by Higgins. Like SCOTTRC, it’s something I notice in individuals who are presented in interviews like this. While I am not an actress, nor particularly skilled in acting, one thing I can do – I am able to produce tears on command (It takes me about two minutes to “get there,” but I can typically manage it.), so it is something of which I take notice, especially when the interviewee’s body language suggests a moment of crying.


                    3. She seems like a ‘real’ person, shows emotion around minute 3. How does a real person end up writing a post of condensed fear-mongering as she does here on facebook? She was an ideal candidate for this role, which she may have gladly accepted when asked to participate by ‘someone’. An articulate American living in Italy, who believes the virus is real, and who could in all innocence point the finger at the USA and say, in effect, “the horrible things happening here are headed your way.” The ‘someone’ could have helped her see how important this message could be for America.

                      Her ending lines, “We can do this, we can all get through this together”


                    4. OM – At the time (back in March 2020) when I looked into Higgins’ FB connections/”friends” (aside from being a personal friend of my friend), the main red flag for me was that her FB friend was Daniel Sousa https://www.facebook.com/daniel.sousa.14606936?eid=ARB1GW6HJ8yFNaL83oLoE4JvxsLF2eRBjDx-IZAiDducfea95OBppz4CFHN6Fgu6BhKFA2g90FwwP0a5. Note in Sousa’s bio: “Works at International Finance Corporation (IFC), Former Investment Officer at IFC – World Bank, Worked at World Bank.”


                    5. Yeah, Daniel Sousa looks the part, doesn’t he? Recruiter type, plus the right connections in the control matrix.

                      The more I think about it, the more I can appreciate that many ‘innocent’ people allow themselves to be recruited into serving the masters. One only needs to believe or at least accept the narrative in order to be fair game for inclusion. In this case, one would be drafted (without even knowing it) as part of “flooding the zone”, and be enriched by knowing she is helping her fellowman. She could then follow the natural course and become a feelance recruiter herself.


                    6. OM – [[ The more I think about it, the more I can appreciate that many ‘innocent’ people allow themselves to be recruited into serving the masters. One only needs to believe or at least accept the narrative in order to be fair game for inclusion. In this case, one would be drafted (without even knowing it) as part of “flooding the zone”, and be enriched by knowing she is helping her fellowman. She could then follow the natural course and become a feelance recruiter herself. ]]

                      This is precisely the way it works, OregonMatt.

                      Ever heard of the IPPNW? The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War? This pertains to my favourite hoax, the Atomic Bomb, which does not exist. The IPPNW was created to bolster up the Nuke Propaganda and help spread fear of and belief in nukes by recruiting doctors (everyone a well-known and well-respected member of some community) into an organization apparently opposing nukes, thus helping make them real. Some family members enrolled and thus made themselves the useful idiots of fearmongering while thinking to serve a good purpose, and, to put the icing on the cake, financing the charade via their membership fees.


                  2. This is a good point, Graham. News of dead doctors spreads fear among doctors, thus inhibiting their ability to meet the right decision. Some deaths may be real, others may be fake. Allow some twisting of the truth and both can be integrated into the narrative.


                  3. By the way, “medici caduti” means “doctors fallen”. They fell in the war on the virus. Isn’t that great. I read a headline that in Germany, the president wants to have a big central commemoration party for the Covid victims. So whay not a commemoration party for the thousands of suicides every year?


                  4. The list of “fallen doctors” (“medici caduti”) is useless as the date of birth is not given, only the date of death. Doctors die, too. A fact of life. For a variety of reasons, including old age.

                    I am not aware of any such pathetic list for Germany although superstition and fear thrive here, too.

                    In Germany, all registered doctors have been sollicited via mailings to take part in the Corona hoax, including retired doctors of well above 80 years of age, so they can all be considered “enrolled in the army to fight the virus”. I am in possession of such sollicitation mailings. I have it black on white.

                    Guess the same was done in Italy.

                    So let’s say, l’onorevole dottor Quacco Salbieri died at 88 years of age … he can then be considered to have fallen in the war on the virus.


                    1. The list of italian doctors dead by Covid is pure and simple bullshit, of course.
                      Being italian I know that well, as it turned out after a few weeks that they’d included old, retired doctors on that list and even doctors who’d been suspended from practicing for legal reasons or something alike, mind you.

                      But although the truth came out, nobody noticed or cared, cos people want to believe doctors are heroes who die trying saving lives…the damage had already been done.

                      And italians are as much gullible and stupid as anybody else around the world.


  4. The “musical sound effect” in the robot swarm video is called Türkischer Marsch or Rondo alla Turca, composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    Türkischer Marsch Mozart Sonata KV 331: Rondo alla Turca
    Laetitia Hahn in Dresden Albertinum
    (Click on my name to access high-speed piano performance by talented schoolgirl.)

    Not sure I’ve ever seen anything as ridiculously and hopelessly inefficient as this simulation of a robot swarm. Quite the opposite of real industrial robots as seen in factories in Japan, Germany and certainly other countries as well.

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  5. So there is a lot here, but I want to focus my comment on what may be Cahill’s conclusion (not having yet followed any of the links…but will certainly do so). Unlike some of you, I do believe there is a virus (or something which we have called a virus) that is making people have viral-like symptoms (nasal congestion, joint and muscle aches, headaches, loss of smell, loss of taste, etc.). My primary reason for believing this is happening is that my whole family got it and we all experienced those very symptoms and tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR.

    However…there does seem to be a fairly significant correlation to virus complications and people who get the annual flu shot. Could this be nothing more than the flu being disguised as something new and deadly? Is that what Cahill’s hypothesis is? Could the excess deaths be explained by Ivor Cummins’ “Dry Tinder” effect? Along similar lines, my wife (who is a nurse in one of the largest hospital systems in the state) received a corporate email this weekend which noted that there is no one testing positive for influenza this year. How can that be possible? (Don’t tell me it’s because people are wearing masks, social distancing, and kids aren’t in school.)

    Anyway…I’ll check out the link to see if this is what Cahill is indeed saying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “Could this be nothing more than the flu being disguised as something new and deadly? ”

      Certainly. It’s kinda like a new disease by decree. The common cold, the flu, anosmia and a couple other things (which simply occur, for a variety of reasons, without anyone ever making such a major fuss about it) are rebranded Covid-19, “diagnosed” and “verified” via the fraudulent PCR procedure, and considered very dangerous.

      Yes, anosmia is bad, but it can be caused by medication or by depression or similar psycho factors, among other things.


    2. LOFCAUDIO – I offer this link to an April 2019 paper as a short answer to your questions: https://www.theorsociety.com/media/4002/beamer_presentation-2-author-peter-clark.pdf. My much longer explanation is forthcoming – in my upcoming installment of the series I have been working on – with respect to self-spreading vaccines (including edible vaccines). Therein, I unpack this linked paper, as well as offering additional evidence to suggest the possibility of a pandemic being falsely attributed to a virus, yet could potentially arise from a self-spreading flu vaccine. My theory does not require a virus, nor does it presume that a vaccine “sheds a virus,” nor does it presume “re-categorization” of flu cases. My theoretical framework may also help to explain reported observations with respect to the “disappearance of the flu.” Lastly, in my upcoming theoretical presentation, I do bring up another possibility of anosmia, as it has been reported (although the research is spotty and questionably outdated) that influenza vaccines have been a potential cause of anosmia in years past.


      1. LOFCAUDIO – As a matter of clarification (and as I concede that I tend toward confirmation bias at times) . . . I readily admit that the main reason why I attempted to verify the study that Cahill was referencing, was because I was hoping to use the study to further confirm my theory regarding the possibility of a self-spreading/self-disseminating vaccine (a flu vaccine, as opposed to a flu virus – but could look similar in an RT-PCR sequenced result). In any case, I could not find data confirming that the study was valid. That resulted in me going down a rabbit hole of information with regard to Cahill (which I had not initially pursued). Regardless, I have no doubt she is a highly intelligent woman with an adept background in immunology and molecular genetics.


  6. Just signing up to follow the comments in my email. It’s an interesting piece, but runs far afield of things I follow, which is why I am glad you are on board here, Stephers. Things like Qanon indeed strike me as being fed by a hidden hand. Trump is the ultimate insider.

    Regarding Qanon, I’ve had more than a few debates regarding pedophiles and pedophile rings, thinking them to be like serial killers, mostly works of fiction. I am sure I can be wrong about all of that. I am sure I can be wrong about a lot of things, but I do agree with you that the PCR test puts out nothing useful, and that misidentifying flu viruses, never isolated or proven to cause disease, as SARS-CoV-2, is highly suspicious. Have you considered that Cahill might just not know wtf she is talking about? [PS: I know pedophiles to be real, but do not understand how they organize. Do they advertise? Place want ads? It would be the easiest sting operation in law enforcement history to nail them.]

    Liked by 2 people

    1. MT – In response to your great question . . . This is just one page from the website of the company that she co-founded: https://www.protagenproteinservices.com/biopharmaceuticals/vaccines. In my opinion, she knows A WHOLE LOT about this subject – perhaps even more than she lets on. Here is another page from the same website: https://www.protagenproteinservices.com/biopharmaceuticals/cell-and-gene-therapy. This information may make more sense after I present my theory about self-spreading vaccines . . .


      1. There’s short clip here of Fuellmich reading out a message from Cahill on his i-phone to a meeting of the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss relating to that alleged PCR sequencing study.

        Cahill has actually appeared by link in person during at least one other sitting of the Ausschuss. The above clip comes at 1:22:20 – Sitzung 34: Die im Dunkeln sieht man nicht •Streamed live on Jan 8, 2021 which is on Youtube
        That PCR tests were allegedly sequenced goes without comment from Fuelllmich. And why was this short segment out of a 5 hour session clipped out on twitter?
        Is the Ausschuss another 9/11 commission style limited hangout? I have no idea.


        1. I don’t know the precise meaning of “sequencing” in this context, but the meaning is given as “closer examination”, so closer examination or verification of this PCR voodoo. The point is that on closer examination, 1500 alleged “Covid” cases in the USA turned out to be unsubstantiated (*) and are highly likely to be just the common flu.

          (*) I don’t think any new disease to merit a new name has shown up at all. There simply is no clinical evidence for it.

          The point he’s making is the following:

          “Warum ist die Grippewelle verschwunden? Vermutlich weil die Grippewelle umetikettiert worden ist – in SARS-COV2.” => TRANSLATION => “Why has the wave of influenza [ML: which comes every winter] disappeared? Presumably because the wave of influenza has been relabeled – in SARS-COV2.”

          Relabeling of known diseases and symptoms – such as the common cold, the flu, anosmia – as COVID-19 via the fraudulent PCR abuse. Not dissimilar from the AIDS/HIV scam debunked by Peter Duesberg, Claus Köhnlein and others.

          The Ausschuss are good and honest people. They’re nothing like the 9/11 Commission, judging by the ridiculous “9/11 Report” they produced.

          Why this short clip-out from a very long session? Are you serious? Because a very strong point is made in just one minute.


    2. The pedo rings are g’mint run & protected. Same elites that use Holly (druid clue) wood/media to misdirect (pun) viewers away from researching that coven. It’s a subject that will not fly here.


  7. I am dropping this talk into the thread here, as I consider it representative of both wisdom and caution . . . It’s a good recap on a “macro” level for those who may want a more comprehensive understanding of The Great Reset/4IR (probably not necessary for most POM readers, but may be shareable material for friends/family).
    “Rosa Koire: UN Agenda 21 and The Great Reset – Dropping The Mask”
    January 26th, 2021 https://odysee.com/@TheGreaterReset:4/Rosa:c


  8. Cahill is talking in this video [27 Jan] about ‘sequencing the test’ and ‘primers’. From about 33 mins onwards.

    As I understand it, the primers all seem to derive from the “sequence” rushed out of Shanghai on January 10 2020 [Zhang et al] although many more Sars-Cov2 “genomes” appeared later in the month pointing to the desired “human to human” transmission.
    If I understand Cahill, she wants to get her hands on the same swab sample of 50 each of declared positive and negative ‘cases’ and have them “sequenced” independently. Perhaps you can unravel that, Stephers? I’m sure the interviewer wasn’t following and neither could I.
    There is some talk there about ‘primers’ used in the RT PCR tests. A 16 June 2020 paper titled
    Optimization of primer sets and detection protocols for SARS-CoV-2 of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) using PCR and real-time PCR.
    Myungsun Park et al in Experimental and Molecular Medicine

    hints that the opacity of the primers provided in the various test kits can have a direct influence on ‘positive’ results. In their words..

    “There are many commercially available kits and government-supplied kits with undisclosed primer set sequences. These results raise the dismal possibility that some of these diagnostic kits whose primers are not disclosed might contain unoptimized primer sets that produce false-positive results”

    If the PCR tests are worthless, are the primers themselves a concoction?


    1. “If the PCR tests are worthless, are the primers themselves a concoction?”

      Primers are synthesized. Made to order. Do you want a primer that could potentially anneal to a target area of the (real or imagined, your choice) consensus-sequenced, world-traveled sars-cov2? Put your order in at “ThermoFisher” today. https://www.thermofisher.com/us/en/home/life-science/oligonucleotides-primers-probes-genes.html

      Here is a paraphrasing of Cahill:
      “Primers randomly stick to each other, and as cycling continues they can form a sort of template of their own”


  9. GD/OM – My understanding of primers is that they are synthesized, while the original full sequence of the target (AKA “virus” or otherwise) can also be partially or fully synthesized. Here is some info on how to design primers: https://brcf.medicine.umich.edu/cores/advanced-genomics/faqs/sanger-sequencing-faqs/how-do-i-design-my-own-primers/. I have yet to determine what the original target (what they are calling SARS-CoV-2) really is. The main issue with Cahill (reminiscent of Judy Mikovits) is that she seems to prefer to express in a circular techno-speak that actually reveals very little to the listener. It’s almost like speaking in code in order to confuse the listener, as she seemingly skirts around answering questions directly – going off in tangents. When asked at the Greater Reset if the SARS-CoV-2 virus was isolated, she did NOT directly answer the question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=11093&v=xbdoIAMBoiA&feature=youtu.be (start at 3:04:53 time stamp). She proceeded, as she did in the Grand Torino interview, to go on a tangent of deep sequencing of the PCR (AKA high throughput sequencing). As with Mikovits, my concern is they have a conflict of interest, as they hail from the fields of virology, immunology and vaccinology. Both are pro-vaccine (Cahill was involved in vaccinating Africans with the MeningitisB vaccine) and purportedly believe that contagious viruses are circulating in the human population from person-to-person. Neither Cahill nor Mikovits have clarified their position with respect to SARS-CoV-2 being properly isolated and being infectious. I should add that Cahill has repeatedly said in interviews that the RT-PCR can detect viruses (and says it could be SARS-Cov-2 or Influenza, or a combination of both). So, I see a real problem with these two, given my new understanding of viruses (and now RT-PCR) over the past year.

    The best answer I can give at this time, is that the primers are “real” and the original full sequence is “real” (as they can be replicated in labs from a digital copy) – but that said, they were most likely concocted using machine learning and systems/synthetic biology – having very little or nothing to do with a virus. I have been reading many studies using the spike capsid protein, and even what is called the “stock virus” of the complete genome of SARS-C0V-2. It’s not a figment of the imagination, in my opinion. They need to give scientists something with which to do their busywork in their labs – again having nothing to do with any contagious virus. It could be a frankenstein version of just about any genomic/proteomic material. I speculate this is part of an R&D project that initially arose out of the Human Genome Project, which morphed into what is now the Human Proteome Project, as well as the Human Atlas Project. My guess is Cahill, as a premier scientist in proteomics, may know more than she lets on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just before that sequence with Derrick Brose [from 3h.00 ] Cahill seems to backtrack on that strange 1500 [now 15,000] “sequencing the PCR” test study and said the “report wasn’t correct”. The problem is Cahill needs highly informed people in the field to pin her down on ‘deep sequencing”. The whole “pandemic” s-show seems to depend on just three pillars rushed out in January – the Chinese sequence, the Drosten test and the supplied Chinese primers which were all quickly adopted and recommended by the WHO in the same month. But it hasn’t stopped – witness the application of deep learning and AI in discovering new primers. in which the authors allege to separate Sars-C0v2 sequences from all other coronaviruses…
      ” Classification and specific primer design for accurate detection of SARS-CoV-2 using deep learning” – Nature Scientific Reports Jan 13 2021. Lopez-Rincon et al, a Dutch-Mexican collaboration.
      We really are going into a whole world of viral simulation.
      Incidentally, there is some discussion in this recent video about primers and the fraudulent PCR tests – Jan 24, Naomi Wolf asks better questions of Bobby Malhotra & Kevin McKernan.

      esp. from 11:20 onwards when the important aspect of primers is discussed.
      At 28:30 Bobby calls out Zambon and Koopmans, key players in the fraud.

      Unfortunately, all our “experts” are insulated from any “deep quizzing” by softball questions from the supine, controlled MSM [when the audience is in the millions not hundreds] or by self-serving, herd-following politicians who are in awe of those crooks.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. GD – Yes, I was just about to link to the time stamp (starting at 3:00:00) where Cahill provides her clarification statement on the “1500 PCR tests” (which she did say this time, “15,000”). As you said, she stated that the “report wasn’t correct” – which is NOT the same as saying she got (and then transmitted) the wrong information. I still see no evidence of such “report.” What she really means, in my opinion, is that she reported the wrong information. Perhaps I am being nit-picky. However, on the back-end of that clarification statement, Cahill clarifies her position on circulating viruses (and RT-PCR as being able to detect viruses), as she says viruses such as influenza, adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, etc circulate every winter, and that the PCR may be detecting them, as opposed to SARS-CoV-2. I would challenge that implication, and ask for more evidence in that regard (irrespective of SARS-
        CoV-2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=11093&v=xbdoIAMBoiA&feature=youtu.be.

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      2. Just to clarify Bobby Malhotra – only Koopmans, not Zambon from the Corman-Drosten paper is on the WHO Emergency Committee for International Health Risks *, which is the one dealing with Covid-19. Zambon is on the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE) as well as popping up at the UK SAGE meetings which enthusiastically recommends shutdown based on computer simulations by Ferguson to government and introduces “new variants” to the world in brief memos in order to keep the scam going.
        Koopmans also belongs to the EU COVID-19 advisory team, led by “Ebola discoverer” Peter Piot and which also includes Drosten himself, as well as being Director of the National Influenza Centre (NIC) for the World Health Organisation and member of the Member of the WHO IHR* Emergency Committee on MERS-Cov [advisor according to the WHO] where Zambon is a member. This latter committee did not declare a “pandemic”, but they decided they did have one on their hands on 30 January 2020 after they met for the section time, despite nobody having died outside China allegedly from coronavirus [recorded as 170 at the time]


    1. Stephers-

      Three numbered quotes from one or two of your comments here, just for discussion. I realize that some of your interest in Cahill relates to your pursuit of “spreadable” vaccines, so my comments don’t address that, of course.

      1) “Neither Cahill nor Mikovits have clarified their position with respect to SARS-CoV-2 being properly isolated and being infectious. I should add that Cahill has repeatedly said in interviews that the RT-PCR can detect viruses (and says it could be SARS-Cov-2 or Influenza, or a combination of both). So, I see a real problem with these two, given my new understanding of viruses (and now RT-PCR) over the past year.”

      -Yes there is a real problem with these two. Both are big limited hangouts, capturing the attention and affection of many among the “truthers”. Like virtually every other medical professional, they ignore that the entire foundation of their ‘house of virus’ has no content. Only because the lie has been promoted to the level of institutionalized truth, has virology been able to construct a house of cards on top. When Mikovits and Cahill point out flaws in the structure, they do so in ways that offer continued support of it. ‘Better science’, to put gloss on the edifice (in the minds of a few).

      -Is it possible for them to be compartmentalized securely enough, at this level of the game, to believe what they say? This is the question I asked re Landsteiner and Popper, and their ‘discovery’ of poliovirus in 1908. Were they honest/sincere in performing their pseudo-scientific experiment? Seems doubtful, as they were smart people. As are Cahill and Mikovits. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that about someone who doesn’t know what “causative” means.

      2) “I have been reading many studies using the spike capsid protein, and even what is called the “stock virus” of the complete genome of SARS-C0V-2. It’s not a figment of the imagination, in my opinion.”

      -Not sure in what sense you are saying these are real. Real data, or real material? Or data-based material that has been synthesized?

      -Did a quick search for ace 2 receptor, and here is a quote from the first link offered:

      [ACE2 is a protein on the surface of many cell types. It is an enzyme that generates small proteins – by cutting up the larger protein angiotensinogen – that then go on to regulate functions in the cell.
      Using the spike-like protein on its surface, the SARS-CoV-2 virus binds to ACE2 – like a key being inserted into a lock – prior to entry and infection of cells. Hence, ACE2 acts as a cellular doorway – a receptor – for the virus that causes COVID-19.]

      -I question the description of Ace2. How is this known, and how is this function observed/verified? It could not have been done in vivo, so what cells were observed, and how was this observation done? If lab cells were used, what conclusions could be reached? From this link,
      (https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/immortalised-cell-line), notice the ‘disclaimer’ re the use of immortalized cells:

      [The major disadvantage to using immortalized cells is that these cells cannot be considered normal, in that they divide indefinitely and sometimes express unique gene patterns not found in any cell type in vivo. Therefore, they might not have the relevant attributes or functions of normal cells. Also, after several passages, cell characteristics can change and become even more different from those of a normal cell.]

      However, let’s say we take the above Ace2 description at face value, and move on to the famous “spike protein”. Now we have entered the realm of pure science fiction, as an unidentified flying virus (sars-cov2) has had an attacking unit (spike protein) attached (by virological proclamation) to its surface so it can do bad things to cells, as in fuck them and make babies. Right. Has anyone seen this copulation in progress? Has anyone seen this virus? Right again.

      If they can use their “data” (think digital info here) to synthesize somebody’s (or a program’s) mental construct of a viral genome, then we’re left waiting for that real ‘virus’ with a real genome, still in absentia after 100 years.

      3“Cahill clarifies her position on circulating viruses (and RT-PCR as being able to detect viruses), as she says viruses such as influenza, adenoviruses, rhinoviruses, etc circulate every winter, and that the PCR may be detecting them, as opposed to SARS-CoV-2. I would challenge that implication, and ask for more evidence in that regard (irrespective of SARS-CoV-2)”

      -I too would challenge that implication, and say that before nonchalantly tossing such nuggets our way, she needs to document the isolation of these viruses for us, and then she can move on to providing the same for sars-cov2. If she can’t or won’t do that, then she’s lying.


        1. He claims the “first synthetic life form”. And since Big Pharma is in such dire straits (having a hard time making ends meet), he’s going to lead us to the end of cancer. How? With free dispensation of synthetic viruses carrying some sort of magic drug payload. Sign me up!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. OM – There is so much more background (deep rabbit hole) on Hessel and his colleagues (including George Church – who I have previously mentioned), and their genome writing projects: https://engineeringbiologycenter.org/about/. As you may have implied above, they produce the lab cell lines (including organoids/organelles) with which to “test” their manufactured “viruses” (it’s all internally controlled). BTW – thanks for mentioning “causative” (a la Mikovits vs. Kaufman – https://rumble.com/vd4c17-special-event-roundtable-with-dr.-judy-mikovits-discussing-the-magic-virus-.html). Kaufman got kicked out of the discussion from the host (for being accused of harassing Mikovits), and mention of this discussion got me kicked off of Twitter yesterday. I am locked out of my account, and I can’t get back in.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. re the link to Genome Project:

              “…May 9th and 10th, 2017…This meeting explored the concrete steps that GP-write can take to solve some of the most important problems facing humanity, including how to move from a carbon-based economy towards a biological one that is sustainable”

              Imagine that! We’re a carbon-based life form with a carbon-based economy. Sounds perverted, and must be changed, I have to agree. What better way to move away from carbon than by moving to synthetic biology applications, whatever they are. Thank God for these innovative minds.

              -“Growing transplantable human organs”

              -“Engineering immunity to viruses in cell lines” (oooh, cool, how to get these cell lines into our bodies?)

              -“Engineering cancer resistance into new therapeutic cell lines” (oooh, cool, how to get these cell lines into our bodies!)

              -“Enabling high-productivity, cost-efficient vaccine and pharmaceutical development using human cells and organoids that makes precision medicine more affordable and universal” (oooh, damn, I thought we were gonna leave the almost destitute pharma industry behind, but maybe they’re going to stop making their drugs out of oil, to help avert global warming. Ok then, sign me up)

              (Separately, what specific words or thought got you bounced from twitter? Just the mention of the names?)

              Liked by 2 people

              1. OM – Thanks for unpacking that a bit. Perhaps it will eventually make sense why I consider all of this to be part of an R&D synbio & genomic/proteomic-engineering project. Check out “The Human Protein Atlas: A 20-year journey into the body” https://www.proteinatlas.org/download/HPA_-_a_20-year_journey_into_the_body.pdf. Notice the first mention of a virus – the novel coronavirus in 2020. Why would CV be integrated with all the genomic and proteomic history? Why no mention of this context elsewhere? It’s all very curious to me. So much revealed in this 140-page document. My focus is on the antibodies (juxtaposed with Stefan Lanka’s definition of antibodies). If interested in reviewing and unpacking, you are welcome to have at it. It’s way too much for me to cover.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. OM – With respect to Twitter, all I did was tweet a link to the 1/28/21 Library video of Cowan and Kaufman, with the title of the video, “Response to Judy Mikovits with Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman.” That was my final tweet, and then when I tried to get into Twitter later in the evening, it said my account was “temporarily restricted” and indicated there was “unusual activity” from my account. No mention of specific violation. No mention of how long restricted. It’s never happened to me before, even when I continually tweeted/re-tweeted about “no isolated virus.” So, I initiated a brand new Twitter account. I have considered testing it again (mention of the same video), but then I would be out of new e-mail addresses with which to open a new account, if shut down again.

                  Liked by 2 people

                  1. Stephers
                    I have no experience with censorship, as far as I know. I would guess ‘they’ often apply it with random strikes.
                    Would you be willing to connect via email? Bukus followed by at, then mailcan.com.

                    Liked by 1 person

  10. On the notion of stigmergy, swarming, and social physics – as related to young children getting COVID vaccines . . . This physician (https://www.seattlechildrens.org/directory/dimitri-a-christakis/) asserted that young children should receive the injection at school, as it creates a “social contagion effect.” He clearly knows the power of psychological warfare. The force (of social engineering) is strong with this one. https://www.cnn.com/videos/health/2021/10/26/dr-christakis-intv-pfizer-fda-children-5-to-11-vaccinated-school-sot-lead-vpx.cnn/video/playlists/coronavirus/.


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