Full circle

In a post below, A Treasure Trove, I linked to a website that contains English translations of the work of Dr. Stefan Lanka, a German virologist doctor.** These are, it appears, reprints of articles from the magazine Wissenshafftplus, which translates to Science Plus Knowledge Creates More. I have been deeply immersed in the work, and feel at this time that I finally have a handle on virology, that is, the supposed science as it is done in the post-Enders era. More about that later.

Pasteur and science fraud

I think back now to Louis Pasteur, and maybe I am being too conspiratorial, but he appears to me to have been a front for others, mostly likely people in the pharmaceutical business. What does it tell us when he keeps two sets of notes, a dishonest set for the public, and  honest ones to be kept private. Pasteur told his family that his private notes were never to be published, but his grandson, Louis Pasteur Vallery-Radot, donated his notebooks to the French National Library, which published them. In 2014, Prof. Gerard Geison of Princeton University published them for English readers in a book titled The Private Science of Louis Pasteur. At $71 for the paperback, I balked. Here’s a review that tempts me, however:

“Geison has discovered that Pasteur’s two most famous experiments were tainted by lies and scientific, if not moral, misconduct. The author’s deconstruction of the Pasteur myth is not an attempt to discredit the man or his works but to present the unadorned truth. Well written and scholarly, with extensive notes and bibliography, this book is highly recommended.” ― Library Journal

All that aside, what does this say? What does it mean when we know he was deliberately duplicitous? For me, it says that Pasteur was a hire, and knew he would not be found out because behind him was power. Germ theory as given us from Pasteur down has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry, made us all less healthy with vaccines, and has turned doctors into natural born killers.

Enders’ game

So I read in Lanka’s work that

“… the idea of the virus as a poison was elegantly and scientifically disproved and abandoned in 1951 and that since 1952 another idea had to be invented: The idea that viruses are a collection of dangerous genes. Here again, it is concealed that there is still no solid scientific proof for the assumption of such gene accumulations, which could be called viruses.”

The event that kept viruses alive was the 1954 Nobel Prize given to Prof. John Franklin Enders for his speculation that viruses are dangerous protein toxins.

Enders and his colleagues, with their only publication from June 1, 1954, developed the idea that cells that die in the test tube after supposedly infected material is added would turn into viruses. This dying is simultaneously issued as isolation of the virus -because supposedly something is brought into the laboratory from outside -, and the reproduction of the suspected virus and the dying cell mass is used as a vaccine. Enders, his colleagues and all virologists overlooked – because of the Nobel Prize‘s blindness – that the death of the cells in the laboratory is not caused by a virus, but because the cells are unintentionally and unnoticed but systematically killed in the laboratory. [Emphasis added.]

That’s again looking like fraud. From that time forward virologists have been “isolating” viruses by these methods, and without benefit of negative control. Says Lanka, if they did such control as part of their work, they would discover that the cells that die from viruses actually die from virologists and their methods. Since 1954, 66 years, they have never truly isolated any virus, much less shown that viruses are involved in disease.

Virologists and science fraud

I have struggled with this since February of last year, trying to understand the concept of “isolation” by means of centrifuge, repeated filtration and purification, resulting in a “gold standard.” I have argued that there is no gold standard for SARS-CoV-2, and that the genome of the supposed virus therefore cannot be identified, so that there is nothing to test for. Why does this argument always fall on deaf ears? It is because virology has been gutted of any real science, and by means of subterfuge the word “isolate” has been co-opted to mean its opposite. That, in my view, is fraud, and as with Louis Pasteur, it is fraud that has saved the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry.

Lanka is forgiving of all of this, where I am not. Says Lanka,

Contrary to what most people believe, pathogenic viruses do not exist. The claims about the existence of viruses and viral diseases are based on historic misinterpretations and not, as I thought in the past – on fraud or deliberate deception. We now have new, better, and in the positive meaning of the word “scientific” discoveries and explanations for the origin, therapy and prevention of many diseases, some of which are still called “viral” today.

In other words, Enders was wrong, but there was not enough known for him to be called dishonest. Maybe so, but that was 66 years ago! Can anyone in the field of virology speak up and now set us straight? If they do, they are out of work. Lanka views it all as subject to inevitable change, but I see modern virology as written in stone, never doubting or reflecting on itself. Of course, we are dealing with human failings, virologists who never became smarter than their teachers, but still, I look at virus hunters as engaged in deliberate fraud, the purpose of which is to protect industries from financial ruin. Most probably do not realize this, but a few surely must, and those few are involved in science fraud.

Zika and microcephaly

Just one example, the ZIKA “virus.” It is said to have been the cause of infants born with microcephaly (small heads) in Brazil and Argentina, and was used to scare pregnant mothers, leading to many (offshore) abortions. Some years back, pre-Covid, I stumbled on this piece by Jon Rappoport, In 1993 Noam Chomsky delivered the Zika secret. Here’s JR quoting Chomsky:

“Brazil … is a sharply two-tiered society. Much of the population live at a level reminiscent of Central Africa…the UN Report on Human Development ranked this rich and privileged country in 80th place, alongside of Albania and Paraguay. In the northeast, Brazilian medical researchers describe a new subspecies: ‘pygmies,’ with 40% [actually 60%] the brain capacity of humans, thanks to severe malnutrition in a region with fertile lands, owned by large plantations that produce export crops in accord with the doctrines preached by their expert advisers. Hundreds of thousands of children die of starvation every year in this success story, which also wins world prizes for child slavery and murder of street children — in some cases for export of organs for transplant, according to respected Brazilian sources.”

The source Chomsky is using for his medical assessment of children’s brain capacity is Isabel Vincent (Life a struggle for Pygmy family, Globe & Mail Toronto, December 17, 1991, p. A15.)

There it is – the purpose of viruses, to protect entrenched power. (I’ve also read that there is a Monsanto connection here – see footnote.*)


The following is taken from the article by Lanka called The causes of the corona crisis are clearly identified: Virologists:

Virologists have never isolated a complete genetic strand of a virus and displayed it directly, in its entire length. They always use very short pieces of nucleic acids, whose sequence consists of four molecules to determine them and call them sequences. From a multitude of millions of such specific, very short sequences, virologists mentally assemble a fictitious long genome strand with the help of complex computational and statistical methods. This process is called alignment.

The result of this complex alignment, the fictitious and very long genetic strand, is presented by virologists as the core of a virus and they claim to have thus proven the existence of a virus. However, such a complete strand never appears in reality and in scientific literature as a whole, although the simplest standard techniques have long been available to determine the length and composition of nucleic acids simply and directly. By the fact of the alignment, instead of presenting a nucleic acid of the appropriate length directly, the virologists have disproved themselves.

In other words, all of the virologists and lab technicians all over the world who think that they are working with the complete genetic strand for SARS-CoV-2 have been fooled. No such thing exists. Instead, what they have is a computer construct of what such a genome might look like if the virus had ever been truly isolated. The level of corruption and incompetency here is simply astonishing. The field of virology is pseudoscience, even quackery.

This process called alignment also explains another phenomenon that is being mentioned often as we are told that “new strains” of a virus never proven to exist are even more infectious than the old (!). The word they give it is …


Imagine that virologists in laboratories all over the world are performing isolation that doesn’t isolate anything, and then alignment to elongate the genetic strand into a full, formal and fictitious complete virus genome. Each of them will randomly assign various computer data to the genome, and for that reason each genome will be different. To cover their backsides on this nonsense, they claim that viruses constantly mutate.

This means that the practice of vaccination cannot possibly be about viruses, but might have other objectives, like causing autism in kids to make them more functional as low-level workers. But it has nothing to do with a virus, as we now know that viruses do not exist. The current vaccinations for Covid-19 cannot be about a virus, and therefore must be something else. I have read speculation on what that something else might be, but it all sounds like fearmongering, so I will stop here.

Last February, when I first entertained the notion that germ theory was bogus, I had miles to go to obtain a complete (even if layman) understanding of the game. I believe now, thanks to Dr. Lanka, that I am there.

*Read here for a group of Argentine doctors, Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), who claim that “…pyriproxyfen—a larvicide added to drinking water to stop the development of mosquito larvae in drinking water tanks—has caused the birth defects,” the defect being microcephaly. This would trace back to Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto. So Zika, in essence, was invented to protect Monsanto from a massive lawsuit?

**I learned listening to a podcast with Dawn Lester and David Parker, authors of What Really Makes Us Ill, that Lanka does not want to be called a “virologist” anymore, as he thinks the field is bankrupt.

25 thoughts on “Full circle

  1. Terrific article. As a layman who never did well in science class, I really struggle with this stuff, and appreciate the window into your own mind as you pick it apart with such specificity and attention to detail.

    I’d like to think Lanka has backed away from fraud accusations because characterizing virus falsities as honest mistakes might allow well-meaning but misinformed medical professionals to save face as they own up to the truth. But Western medicine is so shot through with fraud and corruption that I don’t think we can isolate this particular example in order to discard it while keeping everything else neatly intact.

    I’ve been avoiding the news, but a friend told me that we’re all supposed to be wearing double-masks now. Jesus Christ. Talk about doubling down on a lie. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/25/dr-fauci-double-mask-during-covid-makes-common-sense-more-effective.html


  2. IF Covid exists ivermectin is an almost 100% effective treatment for it and any other corronavirus and many other ailments. And it has a 50-year history.


  3. “The claims about the existence of viruses and viral diseases are based on historic misinterpretations and not, as I thought in the past – on fraud or deliberate deception.” (Lanka)

    This puzzled me months ago, when I read this in his paper. When is fraud not fraud? How many times can a “historic misinterpretation” be made (with clear evidence contraindicating) before it is acknowledged to be intentional and dishonest, i.e. fraud? Lanka sounds a bit protective of the club that he sorta belongs to, as his prominence resulted from his own discovery of a ‘virus’, which of course was not really a virus. That is, it was not a virus according to the definition given by virology, an exogenous “obligate parasite”. (Lanka gives more detail about what his ‘virus’ is and is not on page 5 of the following paper).

    At least in this latest paper: https://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-virologists.pdf, fraud is reasserted in connection to covid-19. See the last paragraph of the summary, page 2.

    The written history of virology gives us clear examples of the fraud, from the beginning. The first human virus to be identified? Polio. Identified how? By removing spinal cord material (1908 Austria) from a dead boy with obvious nervous system damage, creating a liquid concoction containing that material, and injecting it into two monkeys. (The two monkeys had previously been used in syphilis research, which means they had already been poisoned with unknown genetic and chemical material). Both monkeys got sick, one died, proving that they had been successfully POISONED. But wait, Landsteiner and Popper asserted that the polio virus was present and doing the damage, the very virus they were looking for.

    One more experimental step would help to bolster their story, so another liquid concoction containing spinal cord material from these two monkeys was injected into two more monks. Alas (for L & P), these monkeys were unaffected, proving that the concoction did not contain a contagious substance (virus). But wait, Landsteiner and Popper discussed the possibility that the demise of the first two monkeys was due to some form of toxicity, but decided instead to proclaim that the virus was present and causative of the harm. The punchline? The polio virus was present, but had “lost” its virulence somewhere between the two sets of monks, thus the second set was spared ‘infection’….We might guess that L&P postulated somewhere that this little charade was proof of “viral loss of virulence”. Simon Flexner did just that in his follow up maneuvers soon after.

    This ‘polio isolation’ illustrates a blatant example of dishonesty and pseudoscience, forcing a conclusion in the face of contradicting evidence. Fraud. Every virus ‘isolation’ detailed since is the same, and that includes sars-cov2.


    1. In spite of Lanka’s waffling between “misinterpretation” and “fraud”, what is important and valuable is his knowledgeable, simple, and thorough dissection of the very basis of virology, both historically and right now. His latest is the best and most complete, IMO, and is the one I linked to above, and also linked to by Mark. His other papers are excellent as well, filling in more details re measles and polio, etc.

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      1. Yeah, it is science fraud, plain and simple. ScottRC suggests that Lanka is merely practicing diplomacy in his task of persuasion. That is something I know nothing about … diplomacy.


        1. I was going to say something very similar. Lanka is playing on the diplomacy card, and I believe that it is a smart way to play it. Leaving a space for them rather than kick them in the head is, probably, the only way to change their perspective. If you consider the magnitude of the impact that his (of course the right one) stand would cause, not only in medicine, but in the much wider sphere of everything on this world, considering the vast strength of the opponents (big pharma…etc.) than he would need every single one of them on his side, and I’m afraid that even then it won’t be enough. We just have to realize how enormous this is and the odds that it would happen are extremely low to none.

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          1. Maybe a poor example, but I used to think the same thing about diet and nutrition – everything was about counting calories, and if you brought up any other way than to starve yourself and exercise and make no headway, you were ignored. Gary Taubes was a lone voice in the wilderness. Now, ten years later, we have Keto and Paleo and tons of other ways and recipes, and low-carb is the norm. He broke through. Of course, it was due to positive results, but the same could apply to allopathic medicine. Most results are bad, if not tragic.


            1. Mark, your example is far from poor. It’s very useful, but I think that in this case it’s not even remotely comparable. For the vast number of people, diet/nutrition is subjective to what kind of food people have in their environment, what kind of food they can afford and at the end it’s basically everyone’s choice. And there were, as I remember, hundreds or even thousands of different diet/nutrition advices and theories for many previous decades till today. So I believe that it was not as “taboo” as this what Lanka is doing. On the other side there is the whole medicine science, that is present even in the remotest parts of the world, and in the reach for almost everyone. And it’s foundations, if Lanka succeeds, will crumble and bring down everything that humans believed, even lost their lives about, for more than a century. And I’ll say it again – I don’t think that we can even comprehend the consequences if that happens.


  4. Well done Mark. I’ve been following Lanka’s work for 20 years, and it’s great to see the understanding finally spreading. This “pandemic” insanity has a positive side: it’s been a wake-up call to those who are ready to break out of the programming.
    I think you would understand Lanka’s reasoning for “misinterpretation” rather than “fraud” if you knew more about his journey. First, he understands that the vast majority of those in the field of virology have a job that’s compartmentalized. They’re taught that to find a “virus” you look for fragments that fit the model in the computer, and so they do it. These people don’t know how to reason any better than the rest of the population, and they have very nice careers doing what they’re taught, just like everyone else in science and academia. Rebels are rooted out no matter what the discipline; that’s the culture we live in. And Lanka was very aware of the plight of Dr. Hamer, and saw how awful it could be to directly challenge the establishment. Dr. Hamer called the medical establishment fraudsters, and even mass murderers, and was relentlessly persecuted to the point of serving prison time and then becoming a hunted fugitive in exile from the EU. Meanwhile, Lanka has been able to stay focused on his work by not being directly confrontational. Personally, I’m with Lanka on this, because in 20 years of trying to enlighten people about genuine, conscious healing and understanding of disease, and the pervasive fraud that all of Rockefeller medicine is based upon (far greater than just virology), the vast majority of the population don’t want to know, and will fight to defend the lies they’ve bought into. And I’ll bet Lanka has seen this too. Humanity is in a state of willful dependence, and this grossly corrupt medical system is a direct result of people disavowing responsibility for their health and addicted to the excuses that the “nature is attacking us” religion provides. People need to take full responsibility for their own health, develop the discipline to reason, and let go of the death-grip on their false belief system before they can begin to open up to these truths we’re discussing. That’s a tall order for most people. It’s the process of transcending the personality-based, emotion-ruled existence; the process of developing spiritual consciousness. Ultimately, wisdom teaches us to not judge those who are choosing to live in the dark, and to just let them be.

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  5. Hi Mark, I’ve mentioned Stefan Lanka a few times here and there in the past, also to Miles Mathis and even Simon Shack,back then when I exchanged Emails with them. Good to see him being known in the blogs now. As David mentioned above, he’s looking for a way to change the dogma without making the involved people losing faces. It’s like fighting a religion. The German lawyer Reiner Füllmich, who fights Corona on different paths, did not involved Stefan Lanka even though he knows about him. It’s because he tries to fight Corona within its own system without denying it’s existence. It may backfire. A half lie is still a lie. “wissenschafftplus” by the way does not mean science plus, but is meant as wissen+schafft+plus meaning “knowledge creates more”. It’s a word game. There are recent videos from Stefan Lanka being interviewed by Deane’s Danes explaining the origins of virus, the basics of the PCR technology, the usefulness of fear in that and the invention of corona but unfortunately in German only. He was a “virologist” himself and knows all the tricks, he operated all the machines and the lab technology. He knows how to prepare a probe for an electron microscope, etc. He did all that himself. When he was in his 20-s back then in the 80-s he was already known in the science community just because he was real. He isolated spores of algaes believing he found a virus which got him respect from the science community because the majority of them just only talk. They don’t operate the equipment, don’t work in labs, etc. When then AIDS became famous he was asked to review the first German “isolation” of HIV. He asked for the documentation of the isolation expecting something he did himself and got none. That’s how he became aware that something is going wrong. Back then he was traveling a lot, he knows all the now famous people. He knows or knew Montagnier, Gallo, even Kary Mullis personally. He was a star who was burned after he became AIDS denier. He’s not just a scientist. But fighting a religious dogma is not much fun. I’m just hoping this Corona situation will wake up more people and somehow evolve into a new enlightenment.


    1. Well, it has “enlightened” me, if I can use that word on myself. But there have to be thousands like me who did a deep dive and came up knowing that not just SARS-CoV-2, but all viruses are figments of the imagination.


      1. don’t forget there was a SARS-Cov without a number back then not so long ago and simply disappeared. Nothing happened, right?


  6. OT: or maybe not so OT after all. I just stumbled upon John Perry Barlow (Grateful Dead) who in Davos declared the Independence of Cyberspace. Fascinating stuff. How could I missed that?


  7. there are two new German videos from Stefan being interviewed by Dean’s Danes, one explains the historical roots of fear and it’s implication on the current events. The other one is a bit longer and of more general context. Both are so full of content and so inspiring. Dean’s Danes intends to translate some of it in English.

    In Austria people demonstrated in masses on weekend against Corona and our media don’t even mention that but instead write pages about this ridiculous scripted Nawalny protests in Russia. You may not even hear about that. In Austria there is this politician Herbert Kickl openly calling the current government what they are: a bunch of frauds and idiots. In Germany nobody dares so far. Except there is this reporter Boris Reitschuster who appears on every press conference and asks questions he isn’t supposed to ask.
    When he asks what is the scientific base of the Corona Measures, they tell him, we have our bases but it is none of your business. Can you imagine? An accredited journalist gets such an answer from the official press officer.

    Stefan Lanka mentions Naomi Seibt:
    It’s a now 20 year old girl who is extremely smart and dares to question corona and the media in general. That girl is so great. A Genius. Just check her vita. Of course media made her a Nazi already.


    1. It’s very difficult to get any analysis of the fraudulent base of the “pandemic” into the MSM, the PCR test, and the dependent ‘asymptomatic transmission’ hoax. David Icke is going after Drosten, who is pivotal in the corruption, but it’s not going to reach the frightened, brainwashed pubic, so controlled is the media and government.

      I am not sure which ‘secret file’ from Germany Icke is quoting.


      1. didn’t you wonder, why it took them so long? Wasn’t it obvious from the beginning that it is a scam? Is it so difficult to understand the obvious that people without symptoms are healthy people? Yet still, all this shills start just now to point in the right direction? For me a sign, the exit has began. And as always the public will not even notice what’s going on. It’s not the first world wide hoax and not the last.


        1. What ARE you on about? Can you translate that gibberish? Incidentally a paper was published in Nature Communications [Nov 20 2020] which could find no evidence of asymptomatic transmission but it’s of no consequence, the show must go on without it. [RT PCR cycles of up to 39 were used to assign a ‘positive’ test] 40 and above were negative according to their protocol] https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/asymptomatic-transmission-of-covid-19-didnt-occur-at-all-study-of-10-million-finds And in the UK, the old “Act like you’ve got it” campaign is back after 10 months with emotive photo, plastered over bus stop shelters over the country right now. [see below]


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