Tune in this evening …

AB (Fakeologist) and I are going to have a conversation tonight – I will be on Skype, while AB is much more technically gifted and has many ways to do things. You can listen in, call in (we would love to hear from you).

I only know Skype, and my user name is live:mptokarski. AB is @ Fakeologist. You should be able to find both of us and get in on the show either way.

He will initiate the conversation at 8PM Eastern, and I am in Mountain, so it will be 6PM here. Hope to hear from you!

AB says “We will be on skype – you can add me @ fakeologist and I’ll conference you in when I’m ready. Message me first.” I am new to Skype so if you try to get on through my user name, it may not work just due to the fat finger problem.

12 thoughts on “Tune in this evening …

    1. Well, AB and I are pretty much eye-to-eye on stuff, so I imagine it will be a lot of Covid, plus past work here and at his site. We were talking earlier today also about Miles and Tyrone, not in a critical manner, but I imagine that will come up. Tyrone McCloskey used to write at Fakeologust under the name Blue Moon, as I recall, and we both miss him.


        1. You do not … as I understand it, WordPress would be overwhelmed if that was allowed. You can link to things, and sometimes they appear, as for instance I had a pdf I wanted to link to appear as a PDF in the comments, scrollable, printable, etc. That was all based on a mere link.

          For me to insert a photo in a comment, I first have to upload it to WordPress, and then insert it in a temporary post, and then grab the text (not visual) and insert that into a comment.

          If you want, I can do that sort of thing for you.


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