Big logging/burning project on Yellowstone Park’s boundary pulled

Aspen in autumn color, Targhee Creek, Targhee National Forest, Lionhead Area, Continental Divide, Targhee National Forest, Idaho

Some most welcome news from the new administration; it cancelled a big, ugly clearcutting project on public forestland near the boundary of Yellowstone National Park.

Last December the Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Native Ecosystems Council, and Yellowstone to Uintas Connection took the Trump administration’s Forest Service to federal court over plans to massively log and burn over 40,000 acres in the very headwaters of the world-famous Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.

This incredible wild trout fishery wind through the mile-high caldera on the border of Yellowstone National Park. Besides being voted No. 1 out of the nation’s top 100 fly fishing rivers by Trout Unlimited, the headwaters of this huge drainage contain what’s left of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest’s old-growth stands and provides irreplaceable habitat for grizzly bear, lynx, wolverine, gray wolf, boreal toad, Columbia spotted frog, American three-toed woodpecker, boreal owl, great gray owl, bald eagle, northern hoshawk, peregrine falcon, trumpeter swan, elk, marten, moose, mule deer, and snowshoe hare.

“We are exceptionally pleased to announce that due to the very serious legal challenges we brought as well as the change in administrations, the Middle Henry’s Fork project has been pulled,” said Mike Garrity, The Alliance’s Executive Director

New matter: In another lawsuit just filed yesterday, the Alliance and Native Ecosystems Council filed a new mater in federal district court to save some incredible forest habitat 70 miles North of Bozeman in the seldom explored Castle Mountains.

Conservation groups sue feds over Castle Mountains project

The Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Natives Ecosystems Council just filed a lawsuit to stop a huge Forest Service logging project calls for cutting and burning trees on 22,500 acres and bulldozing 45.1 miles of logging roads. The project area encompasses 80,000 acres, or approximately 125 square miles, and bulldozing 45.1 miles of logging roads..

The Castle Mountains lie between the Crazy Mountains to the south and Little Belts to the north; the range gets its name from its spire-like rock formations. The project is located south and east of White Sulphur Springs in the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest. WedgedThe mountains contains mountain peaks of 8,000 feet and is a favorite destination for hikers, climbers and hunters. The project area is about 80,000 acres, or 125 square miles.

Among the measures proposed in the plan, the plaintiffs said, the project authorizes 8,778 acres of clearcutting and possible burning to create what the Forest Service euphemistically calls “meadows,” 1,155 acres of clearcutting in lodgepole pine forest, 1,144 acres of commercial logging in Douglas fir forest, 928 acres of modified clearcutting with whitebark pine as the leave trees, 8,063 acres of prescribed burning, and 7 acres of shrub planting.

The Alliance et al. filed six claims for relief. Plaintiffs cite violations of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the National Forest Management Act (NFMA), the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). They ask the court to find the project violates the law, to vacate the project decision and to award the plaintiffs costs and attorney fees.

Stay tuned, this could become a hot one…..

3 thoughts on “Big logging/burning project on Yellowstone Park’s boundary pulled

  1. I do not agree with clearcutting unless a forest is dead and/or dying and the burning kills the infestations and allows for healthy regrowth in the future. Clearcutting has gone on during every administration. 50 million BIDEN voters (ABOUT HOW MANY VOTES HE really GOT, i.e. Game Of Thrones) live in houses made from wood and other earth-born materials. Many of those DEMOCRATS (Slave Owners) are millionaires and billionaires who are not living in Tiny Houses. War ren Buffet (all ya can eat) is a lifelong DEMOCRAT who never invests in any venture unless he seize “triple-digit returns” (in one years time). To realize those kinds of profits when an average CORPORATION makes 5% profit per year, requires “slavery” and no regard for environmental impacts. That is why 95% of BIG TECH (SILICON VALLEY) money & 80% of NY WALL STREET money went to JOB I DEN & other DE MOC RATS. BTW, “buff” is sorta slang for “bare ass naked” and small bare asses is what pricks like Buff-et (“et” means “small version”) look for. Are the Re-pube-lick-an’s much better? Nah. The RED WING and the BLUE WING blend together (to get her, Mother Nature) via the PURPLE BODY of the EAGLE. SpeaKING of PURPLE! The childless Kamala Hairy’s announced her LAVENDER MARRIAGE with the PURPLE DRESS at the inaugeration. A dress designed by the POWERS BEHIND THE THRONE. The dress was specifically designed by Christopher John Rogers, a 27-year-old gay black man. The irony of course is that Kamala Harris fulfills the “Krishna” (Christ) portion of the East meats West, West meats East, while Job I. Den fulfills the Iesus (Jesus) portion. Yes, together (to get her) THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving Yoo) will deliver US from evil. Deliver – remove the liver. Deforestation – remove the forest. Democrat’s – remove more crates. A “crate” is used for shipping/transporting product. To remove crates, is to constrict the supply, causing prices to rise. Since JOB I DEN was sworn in as CA-MAN-DEER INCH-IEF, interest rates, fuel prices and prices of other consumer products have been on the rise. Butt truth be told, this/shit hole operation began with the PLANDEMIC back on MARCH 11 (when ROME sends out the LEGIONS) of 2020.


      1. Greg,

        Well I have been quite busy as some of us have to keep building and fixing everything, while the ever-growing parasite classes continue to receive money for nothin’. It took me a while to figure out the JOE BIDEN riddle witches in part about the story of “Job” from the Book of Job. Also, the Bart to the Future episode of The Simpsons had LISA Simpson as the First Fem-male PRESIDENT wearing the Tyrian/Phoenician/Imperial/Royal/LGBT PURPLE dress and a pearl necklace to boot, just as KAMALA DEVI LA HARRIS (INDIAN ROYALTY) wore on inaugeration day JANUS 20, 2021! If you take the last 2 letters from each of the names KAMALA HARRIS, you get LAIS or LISA so the DEVI’L is always in the de tails of the Talking Heads coin flip erection process. Also look at the syllables of the names of part black PRESIDENT BARA(CK) (O)BAMA and VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HA(RRIS) to get Ba Ra Ba Ma and Ka Ma La Ha. I would get into the cryptographics here but MT from MT doesn’t like that so will leave it out. There is also a name connection to Mata Hari in kaMala (La Maka) Harris (Hari) and Mata Hari was put to death by the French at age 41, the number of King and this year, 2021 = 20+21 = 41. Recall the entire CORONA( means CROWN) VIRUS hoax began in KING COUNTY WASHINGTON where many of the WORLDS RICHEST KINGS are RESIDENT EVIL (BEZOS, GATES, HOWARD SCHULTZ, ETC.) Then the role GOOGULPS played in the erection process with SUNDAR PICHAI another ROYAL from INDIA. Now in Asian Countries the surname is first. Notice anything about SUrNAme? How about SUNdAr? You see the boys in San Francisco (SILLY CON V-ALLEY) just cannot help themselves in their fasci-NATION with that Hu-man hole in one and try to INCORPORATE a reference to it in everything that THEY doo due!


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