Adventures in Billyville

The scamdemic appears now to be in phase two, the stampede to be vaccinated. Two matters came to light yesterday. First, from Ab at Fakeologist, a short paper from the journal Microbiology & Infectious Diseases by J. Bart Classen, MD, titled COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease. I don’t find it at Fakeologist anymore, so maybe Ab decided, like us, that the article is a softball designed to be hit out of the park.

In the article, Dr. Classen maintains that the Covid-19 vaccine contains prions, defined as misfolded proteins that can lead to all kinds of diseases including, says Classen, ALS and Alzheimer’s. It’s not terribly complicated, as even a layman like me can get the gist of it, that the vaccine is poison.

The planners behind the scamdemic appear to have covered all bases. No one speaks out against the science in public. The internet, including YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, are heavily censored. It reminds me of standing in the middle of a crowd of 500 people, all of them facing me, all of them yelling at me, all of them lying. There are occasional calm voices calling BS on all that has transpired, but understand that unless a person is curious and able to search for deviant voices and able to read and comprehend long tracts, that person will never be reached.

An honest scientific paper calling out the shortcomings of COVID-19 research and testing, if even published, will drift to the ground like soft snow falling among cedars, making no sound, generating no interest.

So why did Politifact choose to attack this paper? Politifact is in the “debunking” business, another aspect of the scamdemic. Readers here will know that Snopes is a professional debunking outfit, and as such is treated as a hands-off source, no criticism allowed. People do not understand the true role of Snopes will say things like “Yes, that is true. I know. I Snoped it.” Snopes is an intelligence front playing a confidence came, or a con game.

Politifact’s debunking of the Classen paper was, frankly, too easy. Politifact reminds me of Snopes, a confidence game. There are no science-based (given the state of “science” in our time) claims that prions cause either ALS or Alzheimers. Instead, they are said to lead to dementia (as distinguished from Alzheimer’s), Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and in animals, chronic wasting disease. The Classen paper does not go near those topics, and so even from my perspective as a non-scientist, is not credible. It finishes with the following:

Many have raised the warning that the current epidemic of COVID-19 is actually the result of an bioweapons attack released in part by individuals in the United States government [10,11]. Such a theory is not far fetched given that the 2001 anthrax attack in the US originated at Fort Detrick, a US army bioweapon facility. Because the FBI’s anthrax investigation was closed against the advice of the lead FBI agent in the case, there are likely conspirators still working in the US government. In such a scenario the primary focus of stopping a bioweapons attack must be to apprehend the conspirators or the attacks will never cease. Approving a vaccine, utilizing novel RNA technology without extensive testing is extremely dangerous. The vaccine could be a bioweapon and even more dangerous than the original infection.

He might as well be saying “Please, hit this pitch out of the park!”

The people behind the scamdemic knew to control every source of information so that the public sees nothing but lies, lies, and lying liars who tell them. They are also clever enough to misdirect us by baiting us bad science in hopes that we will latch on to it, so that we too can be discredited. That is, in my view, the purpose of the Classen paper. As such, I agree with the closing words of Politifact’s debunking: “Classen’s claim is inaccurate and ridiculous. We rate it Pants on Fire!”

We must always be on guard.

Far more serious is a discussion held in Germany, the chief participant Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Kruger. I read it yesterday, and warn you that it is a serious time commitment. At 29 printed pages, it took me between 90 minutes and two hours, including the time needed to look up various scientific terms. I don’t mind being in over my head, as with this conference. These are well-versed and credible people. I have an idea of what they are talking about, but much of it is difficult reading with unfamiliar concepts and terms. Still, it never hurts to immerse in this fashion. We come out the other side better off.

(Interview with Dr. Vanessa Schmidt-Kruger.)

Please note, the original panel discussion was in German and included five participants, including Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, who has for months now been working on lawsuits including class action in the United States, and individual targets in Germany, which does not allow class action lawsuits. (It was professionally translated by Gilian Crowther of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators.)

My major takes are as follow:

  • In Germany, as in the United States, the vaccine has not gone through rigorous testing, and so is not known to be either safe or effective. (I maintain there is no virus, so that efficacy is not relevant. Panelists are not of that mindset.)
  • The manufacturer of the vaccine, BioNTech, was given several requirements to fulfill before marketing the vaccine, and until July to do so. Instead, according to Schmidt-Kruger, due to political pressure, they went full speed ahead anyway. This, according to panelist Dr. Holzeisen, is “…criminal, unbelievable. Terrifying.”
  • Despite all of this, there is huge pressure in the EU towards mandatory vaccination.
  • The dosage is controversial. According to Schmidt-Kruger (I gather), a dose 10 micrograms is adequate to do the job (!), and 30 micrograms is no more or less effective, yet BioNTech is doing 30. No one on the panel seems to understand why.
  • Testing on this vaccine amounted to a small one on animals, and a modestly larger one on humans. There is no attempt to measure long-term effects. Those now taking the vaccine are not being tracked. Says Dr. Holzeisen, “People are simply being vaccinated, and if they die it’s counted as a Covid death.”

For me, the following paragraphs are a money shot:

So there is a preclinical study. Let’s look at the basics to start with. The technology of the nanoparticles. I don’t want to completely malign it. It’s a superb technology really. But the problem is that it is still much too early for use in human beings. The toxicity is still too high, that first needs to be eliminated, then it would really be a brilliant technology. There are many scientists working on getting rid of this toxicity, research has been conducted on that for years. [Trans: for 20 years she says at the end]

It is actually used for cancer patients, but there the risk/benefit ratio is very different, I’ll come back to that. In a healthy person such as with a vaccine, I consider it disproportionate to apply this technology at the moment while this toxicity exists. Nanoparticles, these are very small particles and always damaging to cells, because the smaller the particle, the more interaction they can have with cell components, i.e., with the proteins, with other lipids, or with the DNA etc. But one needs a nanoparticle lipid envelope because one can’t just inject the RNA into people, it is broken down within 10 minutes by the nucleases that are swimming around. The cells won’t take up the RNA/DNA if it is not nicely presented via a lipid nanoparticle for example. [Original emphasis.]

Nanoparticles are an important component in the vaccine. In people with other illnesses, they could be deadly. In healthy people, they are unhealthy.

This took me back to the AIDS epidemic, also fake, but also a means of murdering people. There was with that epidemic, as with Covid, a fake virus, in the case of AIDS, HIV, and the PCR machine, used against the advice and warnings of its inventor to test people for it. Those who tested positive were often treated, sometimes even if asymptomatic. The drugs given them as a “cure” included AZT, a type of chemotherapy that destroyed cells, including healthy cells, often enough itself the cause of death of an AIDS patient. That was the scandal, going on to this day, a fake virus leading to real death. (Please understand that AIDS is a real and deadly syndrome, usually a result of self-abusive lifestyles, malnutrition, or hemophilia. [Add to this radiation and chemotherapy.])

Influenza, tuberculosis, heart conditions, pneumonia and other illnesses are all common causes of death around the world. With AIDS, people so suffering were labeled AIDS victims if they also tested positive for HIV. Similarly now anyone dying of those conditions who also test positive for SARS-CoV-2 are labeled victims of COVID-19. Thus has CDC and WHO and other health agencies around the world been able to run up the score of COVID-19 deaths, currently showing in excess of 500,000 on death certificates. As with the number of people who have died of HIV (zero), so too have that number died of Covid-19.

We live in a time of corruption so widespread that it appears that nothing matters anymore, no voice can be trusted, no public or medical official credible. It is as if they decided to add Mentos to our public Coca Cola, causing an eruption of madness, fear, instability, and most importantly, a stampede to a vaccine that might indeed kill us. It’s Billyville.

Stephers recommends that we pick up at 1:30:00 in this podcast with Dr. Larry Palevsky. I concur … well worth your time.

14 thoughts on “Adventures in Billyville

  1. This blog(moonofshanghai) claims that SARS, MERS and AIDS are part of the US biological weapons programme and there is much evidence suggesting they were created for depopulation. If that’s the case why do the numbers have to be manipulated so much to increase the death toll?


    1. Don’t know about the others, but there is no evidence of any link between HIV and AIDS. They are manipulating the numbers with Covid-19 because we are not experiencing any unusual increase in deaths. They reclassify deaths from other normal causes as COvid-19.

      I am not convinced that any bug has been used in biological warfare, that the whole thing is just another fear meme.

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      1. This entire event is based on Fear. I know people in my town most over 50 that have received both vaccine shots, the Pfizer one, and they are all doing fine. Of course when I tell others this then I get replies of problems could show up in the distant future. Ya that’s possible, and that’s also Fear.

        Maybe they have special death shots within an inventory of non lethal saline solution vaccines, and the staff can pick and choose who gets which one. Seems like all the bases are covered in every area. Which means everything about this event would have been well known, planned and discussed during the years leading up to 2020, by certain people that you would know in your local towns.


          1. It isn’t clear that everyone being vaccinated is getting the same juice, but remember too that each vaccination requires a booster (the panel cited above in this post did not know why), and they do not claim it confers immunity or that they will cease with masking and distancing, aspects of the scamdemic having a separate purpose and nothing to do with science or medicine. They are going to be rolling out new viruses and new vaccines, and will always be able to blame deaths on the viruses. Beautiful scam, Billyville is. It has to be, in my mind, for depopulation, the infuriating part being that Billy himself imagines he is more worthy of life than his victims. He’s a psychopath and a moron, in my view, and if he is aware that he is killing people, worthy of lethal injection himself.

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  2. Oh, it wouldn’t surprise me if lot of the dangerous side-effect stories and videos are faked (no matter how crazy a mostly untested “cure” for a claimed, but unproven “virus” is, even at face value), just as everything else has been. The stated maleffects could even be completely legitimate, but with actors used for the horror stories that do get shown. For what reason besides keeping fear and division alive? That, I cannot be sure of.

    The thing about this whole situation that bugs me the most personally is not the “virus”/chemo-therapy “vaccine” lies or even the changing goalposts, but the general acceptance of such changing goalposts. From 15 days to “flatten the curve” (with the implied acceptance that many will become ill regardless, but that we just want to give the hospitals time to stock up on supplies), to masked store nonsense “until a vaccine is available for the at-risk,” to two masks because one doesn’t work, to…you get the picture. It all just flows seamlessly between narratives for these folks. My mind goes to the “simplex, complex, multiplex” mindset explanations originally from Samuel R. Delany’s “Empire Star” book (this explanation, though, comes from Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen’s “Figments of Reality: The Evolution of the Curious Mind”):

    “The test for a simplex mind is to ask it what is the most important thing in the universe. If it answers, then it is simplex — be it a mind on the backwoods satellite Rhys, which knows that the most important thing in the universe is its staple crop, plyasil, or the incredibly sophisticated technoculture writing the Encyclopaedia of Everything, which is similarly focused on a single overriding goal.

    “A complex mind can perceive the many intertwining strands of cause and effect that combine, within some consistent worldview, to constrain and control the unfolding of a particular selection of events. Complexity is a state that is inaccessible to the vast proportion of the human race, but as the global village shrinks, more of us take the complex view.

    “Rarer still is the multiplex mind, which can work simultaneously with several conflicting paradigms. It sees not just one interpretation of reality, but many, yet it sees them as a seamless whole. Such a mind is untroubled by mere inconsistency: it is comfortable with a mutable, adaptive, loosely coherent flux. The real universe (inasmuch as there is one), says Delany, is multiplex. Order your perceptions multiplexually, and you will understand the universe on its own terms.”

    On many issues, I used to engage with those who fall squarely into the simplex category, simply asking their thoughts without debate in hopes of getting some explanation as to what their reasons for believing what they do. I have since given up that pursuit, as no explanation is ever forthcoming. The only answer I ever got was “because that’s the way it is,” or some variation thereof. I came to terms with the fact that no critical thought or even critical imagination exists there. I now only bother saying anything of substance to those who have revealed themselves to me to fall into at least the “complex” category.

    The one thing that I still have trouble fully wrapping my mind around is, as I said, the general acceptance of changes in a given narrative. A story is drilled into the minds of the simplex, but then that story changes and there’s no apparent short-circuit due to cognitive dissonance. If those inhabitants of Rhys were told suddenly that “jhup” was not the most important thing anymore, even after a lifetime of it being so, where does it go in their minds?


    1. Interesting comment and useful advice as to the interaction with others.

      I have for years attributed that peculiar flexibility of the mind to adapt to ever changing narratives to trained dementia. The consumption of mass media, especially TV, but also web pages tailored to short attention spans, heavy on images and video, leads to a breathless intake of audiovisual impressions, and thus to mental passivity. Before reflection sets in, the next thing is rushed through the mind, and then the next, and no end in sight. The mind is adrift in a neverending stream of propaganda, in constant brainwashing.

      Unless you decide to turn off, pause, ponder, and think. Unless you decide to resist.

      But most people don’t do that. Ignorance is bliss. Dementia is delight.

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      1. Great comment, with some patentable phrases.

        “trained dementia”
        “breathless intake of audiovisual impressions”
        “Dementia is delight”

        Neverending stream of propaganda says it. I sometimes read articles in the Guardian or nytimes to astound myself by the sheer volume and insistence of the ‘correct’ message.


  3. Not that it will accomplish anything, but I’m going to start using the “agree and amplify” trick with the Covid-19 vaccine enthusiasts.

    “We cannot wait for the FDA to approve these injections from the Pfizer corporation.
    Only wimps wait for experimental injections to be approved. Heroes take them NOW.”


  4. I’ve just read on Sky News about a zoo in California that has given Covid 19 vaccinations to orangutans and bonobos. The article goes on to say the big cats are next. Where could this be leading, Covid vaccines for all pets and livestock? I wonder if the synthetic meat will need to be certified Covid free?


  5. re: Covid Passports: 1st step in a cashless/microchip/AI world control system. It all runs on 5G/Block-chain, so the easiest way to break this system is to reject the jab and 5G in all its various forms. Sounds like there’s plenty of “vaccine hesitancy” (I love that made up term) out there. Keep up the good work, peeps.


    1. After denying there was going to be vaccine passports Boris Johnson said the other day he’d had a lightbulb moment and changed his mind . They’ve already been produced, a guy was interviewed on the news telling how he’d developed them with funding from the Govt. You scan a QR code with your smartphone and it shows whether you’re up to date with your jabs. The one demonstrated on the news programme was to enter a pub.
      This Hugo Waverley guy makes some interesting videos, his more recent ones have to be accessed through his website because he says they’ve been banned from youtube.
      Dominic Raab, UK Foreign Secretary, said recently they’re not being ruled out for entry to supermarkets, although that’s been denied by other govt. ministers.


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