Part 5: The Virtualization and “Thingification” of Children

Part 5 of the Series, “Of Monkeys, Mice and Men: From Natural Bodies to Digitized Bots”

Life has been incredibly busy on my end. However, I thought this was too important NOT to highlight. I hope you will watch the brief video above featuring the “Daily Pass” for children to regain physical access to public school, and then listen (see video below) to Alison McDowell (of, as she brilliantly unpacks the devastating implications — including the dehumanization and trauma-based mind control of our children. I have also included a relevant analysis (see second video below) by Peggy Hall (of Please read here for a clear understanding of “thingification,” as explained by Alison.

Addendum (3/10/21): Since posting this morning, Alison added two interviews that complement this discussion. Please see here and here.

17 thoughts on “Part 5: The Virtualization and “Thingification” of Children

  1. Stephers, another deep piece, thank you! The clip from the ironically-titled “Los Feliz” elementary, is chilling to the bone. The child has been through trauma (the family, media, stoking it for a year now) and is irrationally fearful of going back to school. Congrats, woke mom! Terrifying, a generation scarred by fake trauma, induced to follow zombie culture. This will not end well…as Mark would say, all based on a “mind virus.”


    1. BAJA AZ – Thank you for pointing out the twisted irony reflected in the name of the school (utilizing inversion psychology of “Feliz” as happy, yet telling a tale of fear and dejection). I have shown several friends the animated video, and they each experienced the same chilling sensation as you aptly noted. Since you commented in this regard, I looked deeper into the name, “Los Feliz,” as well the name of the fictitious girl (“Raquel Ramirez”) in the animated propaganda piece. I sense that the articles below hint to the intentionally sinister use of these names to subliminally evoke haunting tales of death and murder – inducing even further trauma. Even if one is not consciously aware of the stories/psyops (see the links below), the trauma “lives” like an egregore in the superconscious.
      View this collection on
      Interestingly, the reporting of the “Los Feliz Murder House” story conjured the Black Dahlia psyop (which MT discussed recently). Even one of the articles implied that the two cases were connected. The narrative featured a doctor named Harold Perelson, who was the presumed perpetrator in the murder case of his wife, as you will read. But here is the kicker – Dr. Perelson was apparently an “injection specialist.” I kid you not. What are the chances? You really can’t make this stuff up (actually, I suggest the dark occultists can and do script this)! Much more can be unpacked from these articles if readers are inclined.


      1. Wow, Stephers, extra-creepy about the (in)Feliz house, and the mysterious death of Raquel Ramirez. A bit like In Cold Blood mixed with the Black Dahlia. The place was sold but never lived in? Yikes! Who has the money to do that? I forgot to mention how the girl’s name in the school video reminded me of Richard Ramirez, the Hillside Strangler…so, yeah, Welcome Back to School, kids!


            1. I wish I could help you sleep better … the Nicholson photo I use looks sinister. I’ve much more work to do in this regard. I did not expect Ramirez to align as he did, nor the others. All I’ve got is the tail of a dog. I do not pretend to understand.


              1. That is too close for comfort, uncanny really. Thankfully, I had laid in a stock of IPAs, so sleep was not an issue. In fact, we woke to a rare snow, so rallied the wife and walked around in it before it melted!


  2. More on “thingification”:
    “We have forgotten that Truth Exists self-evidently, never needing our passions of
    offense or defense to Exist in Source. We have forgotten that Truth is everything we haven’t recreated and repurposed. What is True is not up for debate, unless that truth is a false doctrine or cultural meme created by man that can never actually be the Truth in the Reality of Nature. And so, though the words of any man will never change the Truth, we must be aware that the magical effect of words can alter the appearance and perception of what is Truth to the point where we have talked ourselves right out of Reality. But the Law of Nature is to Live by and respect the Truth in and of all things and to protect It as such. Thus we find ourselves living paradoxically, our minds caught between two dimensions of existence, one artificial and instantly valuable and changeable and one Real in its Permanence and Law. Some call this as the darkness and the Light, a battle between God (Reality/Nature/self-evident Truth) and satan (artifice/fiction/lies), both of which are battling for the title of truth. But whatever we call it, we must first and foremost recognize it is
    happening and effecting us all in exceedingly more threatening and technologically (artfully) advanced ways.” – Clint Richardson, Strawman, pps. 49-50

    “Property and possession is the character of all other things. Whatever internal, moral character we project is purely a side-effect of the Law we choose to follow. And so we see that all things in artifice, including all the artifacts we or they build, are only ever to be considered as artificial; unnatural. When the art becomes more believable (beloved) than the Real, when sacrosanctity is applied to fiction, then our foundational character stems no longer from within but from without.” Id. p. 331

    The answers are not “out there, ” but within each and every one of us.


  3. I have a Covid related day pass program where I work (a campus). It’s questions from an e-mail link and takes a minute and a half out of my life. Its a series of yes/no’s and an offer to join the snitch squad pilot program. I get an e-mailed pass for display on my phone if anyone checks. NO ONE DOES! In principle, one could argue this day pass crap is an encroachment. I see it as akin to the pledge of allegiance- something imposed but with no legal support. I don’t fight it because its a big nothing burger (a new, but soon to be annoying, favorite term) My understanding initially was that LA was only requiring 13 and olders to do the pass routine, the idea being it could be limited to e-mails and that age and up have more access to personal phones. Print outs seem counter to the tech I’ve seen in use for these annoyances. Do “modest” income households even have printers?
    Also, though cleverly worded, the test and vaccine options in the video don’t actually say that those two things are mandatory. It’s heavily implied, but I also wonder, beyond a day pass e-mail attachment, do 13 year olds and up have any privacy rights to what’s on their phones/tablets? A personal calendar and personal medical information should be privacy protected.
    The LA Noir refs are pretty funny, in a morbid way. The separation anxiety overlaying the father/daughter relationship, and the oh so benevolent teacher/guard dog checking passes implies that the day prison/indoctrination system is safe and necessary for kids to express any kind of love for their parents. Without the school structure, your family is helpless and in grave danger. This is the fascism with a smile Mae Brussell warned us about 50 years ago. (Insert umpteen puke emojis)


  4. This is all part of the agenda to complete the transformation of the human race into utterly submissive robotic drones in human flesh-suits that serve, without any questions, the technocratic corporate state. The best way to achieve this is by beginning the programming very young. After all, today’s children are tomorrow’s “citizens of the world”. That’s what this virtual commodification of children in the education system is all about.


  5. So it seems this hypnotist, Michael Grady, is beginning to make the rounds (August 2021) and is becoming quite popular for his analysis of the video I featured in this short essay: Keep your eye on Grady, as he purports to be helping others to see where they may be hypnotized. Could he be utilizing hypnotic/NLP techniques on his listening/watching audience as well?

    It seems Dr. Andy Kaufman has teamed up with Michael Grady (and Alex Jones as well). . .
    “Join me on Wednesday August 25th at 3pm Eastern. I will be hosting the Alex Jones Show and bringing my message of truth and Health Freedom to the world!
    This episode is called: “Covidnosis – How Empire Brainwashed the World!”

    “My special guest is Michael Grady, an expert hypnotist who breaks down the psychological underpinnings of the Covid-19 entrainment and social engineering program being used upon the masses.
    Covidnosis: How Empire Brainwashed the World”

    With much recent talk of mass hypnosis, please review my multiple takes on this from July 2020: and August 2020:


    1. Mass hypnosis is redundant. Television places people in a mild hypnotic state, the screen constantly changing so that the viewer has no time to think about anything. That’s why when people see something on TV news, they believe it. Critical faculties, never developed anyway in schooling, are suspended.

      Who was it said that American colleges and students alike suffer from dulled faculties?

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      1. For most youngsters, TV is outdated. They have replaced the hypnosis of the TV by something even more transhuman; the smarkphone (*my neologism; desatanizing their own satanization in reversing meanings; it will not make you smarter).

        And how is “news” reaching the younger generations now? Through antisocial media (*idem); Twatter, Farcebook and JewTube.

        What I see as the most effective method to hypnotize people and reduce critical thinking even more, is that those platforms combine messages from friends with messages from media outlets.

        If you see an update by your friends, who you know and mostly can trust, and the next second you get a news flash, you are still in this trusting “mode”, leading to putting similar trust levels in “the news” as the reader does in their friends.

        TV never worked like that. The Transhumanist Age as I define it ran from 1960-2020 and was shaped by soap series/sitcoms; seeing other normal families acting, and creating recognition and identification with those carnies, but you actively have to turn on the TV and all those actors, despite their “closer relation” still stayed distant from the viewer.

        That turned when the lines between “news” and friend’s updates got blurred; suddenly they were “in the same basket”, and it is that factor that in my opinion created an even bigger trust in the validity of news reports than in the television hypnosis stage.


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