Wither the vax?

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Sorry to scare visitors here with that face.

I have been using Photoshop for a few years now, paying $10 a month for a whole array of their programs from Bridge to Light Room to PS itself. It has always been my intention to do a deep dive and become proficient at the programs, but to date I’ve spend several hundred dollars to do some facial overlays by messing with opacity, and straightening faces for the purpose of face chops. Quite a waste of money. So two days ago I got hold of a training video, three hours long, and did the dive. It’s useful, as the photos we use are offered as a download so that we can work together. It requires two screens, one to watch and listen, the other to work along with the narrator.

It’s a very complicated program with many details, shortcuts, and features I don’t need. I decided as I stumbled through the training video that I would have to watch it three, maybe four times to become a little more skilled. I once considered auditing classes on the subject, but the closest that is available to is Boulder, and anyway, since masking began I don’t do any activity that might require it. Honestly, I was considering doing the Audubon Christmas Bird Count last December, but the organizer is a Covid Zealot. Once, before the insanity set in, we were on a bird outing on the South Platte, and I expressed skepticism about the virus, and he asked me if I was a scientist. I think he’s a bird brain.

So the subject here is to discuss the vaccine. I am starting from zero, nothing, just like with Photoshop. I hear and read stuff, and by definition it is all speculation. Whatever the true purpose of the vaccine, we are not being told. The only thing that is clear to me is that the whole of the virus hoax and the year of agitprop that followed was to steer us, stampede us, to the vaccine.

Here’s some of the things I have heard, not in order of merit, not in any order:

  • The vaccine is going to kill us, reduce the population of the planet down to 500,000,000, among the survivors, the ass burger creep pictured above.
  • The vaccine is going to dumb us down and make us compliant.
  • The vaccine is going to make us genetically modified organisms.
  • The vaccine is saline, used to make money for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • The vaccine, along with the virus, is a hoax, designed to justify totalitarianism, making us show a pass to board an airplane or attend a ball game or church.
  • The vaccine is a means of inserting tracking mRNA, and so they will know where we are and what we are going at all times.
  • The vaccine will cross the blood/brain barrier, making scrambled eggs of what brains we have left.

Add your own. Some of those I find absurd, such as dumbing us down, a ship that sailed over a hundred sears ago. Think about this: World War I was on the horizon, and the US was going to enter it even as Woodrow Wilson, placed in office by Teddy Roosevelt, swore he would keep us out of it. The Committee on Public Information (The “Creel Commission”) was formed to convince the public of the need to participate. It unleashed an agitation propaganda campaign of a kind never seen before in this country, using every medium available at that time, including rumor mills. The object was to demonize Germans, turning the perception of that noble race into baby killers.

It worked. I grew up in Montana, even a far outpost when I was a kid. There’s a small town up there called Lewistown, in the central part of the state. They had a riot, and a bonfire to burn books, probably any book by or about Germans. Lewistown, Montana! That’s how far-reaching Creel was.

If I had to venture a guess and be prepared to be wrong, I would land on the fifth item mentioned above. These people are very good at propaganda. As for the first item above, has anyone tracked the birth rate? We’ve got people standing six feet apart – even a porn star is not going to score at that distance. We’ve got everyone wearing masks, scared of one another. How on earth will babies be made in our new normal?

Anyway, to kick things off and have what I hope is a lively discussion, below is an email I received from Steve Kelly, reprinted with his permission:

What if the vaccine, one part of the “health care” market sector, is just another “new” rebranded product that serves several purposes simultaneously.

Its (vaccines’) health benefits are marginal, at best, because 99% of its purported “infected” subjects recover fully after suffering mild symptoms.

Its usefulness, however, as a data collection vehicle, much like the testing program, is hardly ever considered.  “Data is the new oil.”  The ultimate goal seems to me to be:  1) a digitally programmed planet, and 2) to turn nature, including you and me and all mankind into data, which can be developed into new “markets”  and “deals” that can be traded as synthetic investment opportunities (human and nature futures) by hedge funds and all the various tentacles of emerging predatory finance.

Securitization of debt using CDOs and other legalized gambling (gaming) instruments/vehicles seems to be the historical continuum (since before the 2008 crash) here.  Hedge funds need “significant problems” to make money to flow, with velocity, to make the games and rules — they make up as they go — work.  Repackaging good old capitalism creates the nomadic herd/cult that worships the new kinder, gentler “stakeholder capitalism.  It may work for a time, before it begins to collapse again, the way it ultimately must — by design.  This new round is targeting controlled demolition of the education, transportation, housing, food, and healthcare markets all at once, to rebuild “better.”  Everything fits neatly into the “market solves all problems” belief system, until it doesn’t.

Chime in, anyone and everyone, including you, Rastus, so long as you don’t tell me Gates is a tranny.

I just came across this document, a report assembled by a reader of MM, quite long and disturbing. Says Miles,

One of my readers has compiled a lot of historical and recent vaccine negatives, just for those of you thinking of getting vaccinated. This should change your mind.”

I have only skimmed it, and that was enough to make me want to jettison this entire post. I am going to print it and read it this afternoon and tomorrow. It is very long.

23 thoughts on “Wither the vax?

  1. Regarding photo software: I find those subscription programs so obnoxious. If you want to get out from under them, the freeware alternatives are actually very high quality.

    “Paint.net” (different from MS Paint) is very useful – it’s “lightweight” and not so much stuff you will probably never use. “Gimp” probably does most of what Photoshop can, for those who fully learn it. Although one feature I use a lot, “paintbucket”, is bizarrely incapacitated compared even to the more basic “Paint.net”. (Unless I’m just missing something – it doesn’t do “global” fill, only “contiguous. Makes me wonder if there’s some agreement somewhere to leave out a few key features in these otherwise pro-level free products!) They are both similar to Photoshop in their icons and options, so should not be a huge learning curve – just unfamiliar layout, and side windows etc you have to get used to finding.


      1. Absolutely does all that. Both can, but Gimp is more full featured as far as that sort of thing.

        Might have to flatten layers to save as jpeg.. If that’s what you’re asking. Gimp’s native file format is xcf, but it will import and export many other types.

        I never had any problem with either for malware. Have used both a long time. But I don’t keep up with news about them, maybe there’s some new issue now.


      2. I use Pixelmator but I downloaded an early version for free years ago when Apple’s free iPad for Photoshop was discontinued. I don’t know if the “classic” Pixelmator is still free or if there are various prices for various versions. It does everything a photo forensics master would want, including layers and opacity.


    1. Malwarebytes would not let me access the Paint.net website for download. I can get around that, but wondered if you had encountered this problem, or maybe I am being spoofed.


      1. I got Paint.net for a $7 “donation” via MS. My needs are not elaborate, and there are tutorials available. Most of that has to do with faking and fixing photos, not what I do. I want to take what has been faked and fixed and unfake and unfix them. Photoshop is not of much use, and this $7 program seems as able. Anyway, I’ll try it. If it works, I am $113 a year ahead of the game..


  2. I will report in that I know a couple who are big pro-Trump types, in their 70s, who have just this past week basically come over to the “fakeology” side of things. They have entertained it, as far as listening to me, but never ever got so fully on board. Of course they are still between two worlds. But I sent them a recent CJ Hopkins article about “Phase 2” of covid, and they were in full agreement. That would not have happened a year ago. This psy op IS “waking up” some people. They see the true believers in covid as cultists, and agree that scientism is a new religion for the masses.


  3. Conoravirus hoax, as I’ve said previously, is a psyop by the Rockefellers and their ilk to get back lost revenues from their dodgy vaccines. Like with Prohibition, it’s all about the money and stopping anyone who threatens their wealth. They don’t care who lives or dies, or who develops adverse reactions, like Judas of old, they lie and deceive, and all the money they’ve made won’t buy back their psychopathic souls.
    The use of masks is probably their way of showing who’s master and who’s on a lead/leash – hey maskie, fetch, sit, roll over and beg.


  4. They’re pushing hard in my area(Central Washington state) for mass vaccination but over half the population is against it due to their hatred and mistrust of Jay Inslee because of what the covid restrictions have done to an already economically depressed region. Surprise, today the local health fascists announced they have found 2 cases of the “South African Variant” in relatively remote and rural Yakima, Washington . Likely prompting another round of corporal punishment for us lowly peasants in the form of lockdowns and renewed restrictions while Seattle and King county remain in “Phase 3” level slavery.


    1. That is infuriating … there is no virus, and so no “variants.” They just make this shit up as they go. No virus, ergo the “vaccine”, which is an experimental injection and only called that so that drug companies are immune from lawsuit, is something else entirely. What Inslee is doing, even if only following orders, is monstrous and criminal. He’s a monster, probably a psychopath, but they seem to be coming out of the woodwork. There is no punishment too harsh for these liars.


  5. A medical professional told me VAERS information is useful but has to be viewed in context. It is about data collection not refined analysis.

    Many reports of people in my area doing fine after their 1st and 2nd shots. No reported deaths so far from adverse reactions to the vaccines, although I assume that would be kept out of the media.

    My mother got her 1st dose last week. There’s no convincing her, I can only hope there won’t be any side effects. She made a mistake and put my name and phone number down as a close contact. The Health department called me and asked me a series of questions, with me possibly to quarantine at home for 14 days, but the info I gave changed that. So I can see their process of getting people to volunteer or be required to participate in testing and vaccinations the future, if it becomes legally required to do so.

    Tell your family members that they may be asking for close contact information if they test positive or get vaccinated, and to say they have been alone for the last few weeks and not around anyone. They can also refuse to give any information, however older people in your family may not want to argue with health professionals and just give out the contact info. I assume they will keep trying to contact like telemarketers.


  6. You can’t create a vaccine for a virus that doesn’t exist. So what is the real purpose of it?

    Seems to me like its main function is to provide false pretext for rolling out digital health passports to control access to all aspects of life.

    Who knows what’s really in it, could be just saline but we won’t know until someone independent gets holds of samples and gets them analysed.

    Also it appears the media is covering adverse reactions to a greater degree than we might expect – could this be to lend credibility to the notion that they have some kind of genuine active ingredients?

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  7. Hi Mark,
    the purpose of the vaccines was always to make people believe they need them and they need doctors to get them. This keeps this fake mad-icine business alive. What they did with the antibody test was to test for proteins which are always there. They just needed something to make a distinction between “healthy” and “infected” ones. If you already “infected” and have flu symptoms then your body already produces all kinds of enzymes and proteins to repair the damage on the mucous membrane.That’s what they test for. Proteins. If you’re healthy and have no symptoms you still have this proteins but the sensitivity of the test will not detect them. Then they give you the vaccine which contains some cheap poison they call adjuvant or amplifier to bypass the strong medical law on poison. Then your body starts to get rid of the poison, starts to produce all kinds of enzymes and proteins and that’s what they test for to get the “immune reaction”. Without the adjuvant all the vaccines were useless, which they even admit themselves. Then there came Corona and the PCR test which are not PCR at all. PCR is a lab technique requiring sterile environments, complicated procedures, precise protocols and cannot be used for mass testing. The PCR corona tests don’t use the Mullis PCR technique. It can’t be contained in a test kit. The labs just follow the instructions on the manual, they don’t question them. Especially the “fast tests” which they are selling now. All they have is persons with more proteins than others due to previous damage or poisoning. The tests cannot even test for certain proteins. That’s why the PCR test can be positive on veggies or juice or whatever. The biggest part of it is based on suggestions. It’s the mind which starts all sickness and all healing of course. If you control your mind you control your sickness. Don’t worry, be happy. There is this movie on Netflix “Heal”. First there is a diagnosis. Then you get sick.

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  8. BARBM124.

    Adjuvant possibilities discussed in the linked paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7677582/

    I have not found what adjuvants are actually in the vaccines being administered. Aluminum is popular and widspread in vaccine world. It clogs the lymph system, compromising a primary waste disposal system, which in turn weakens our immune system. Aluminum nano-particles have been thrown around, but it’s hard to confirm is it’s out of the lab and onto the “market” at this point. Lots of damage being done if aluminum ( and mercury?) is in these shots.

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    1. Steve, your paper says it “Adjuvants are critical components because they induce specific immune responses that are more robust and long-lasting.” It’s not only Aluminium based poison or mercury or whatever. They always put some formaldehyde there to prevent the biological parts from rotting and the vaccine from stinking. All this is so poisonous it would kill a horse if injected into the blood stream. It’s the poison which creates the “immune reaction” which means the increase of all kinds of proteins and enzymes when the body starts to deal with the poison. They just state, if the additional proteins are there, the body becomes immune or the body got infected, depending on what they want to see. That’s why in AIDS the presence of this “antibodies” was prove of an infection and for flu it was the prove of immunity. They never test if vaccines prevent people from getting sick, they only test if they lead to increase of proteins, which any poison will.

      In the past they even honestly tried to create infections in the lab and let healthy people inhale breath from sick people and such but in never worked:


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