Hammerin’ Hank, Larry King, RIP

The post immediately below this should be ignored. I thought about taking it down, but must live with my mistakes, as we all do. I have been critical in the past of Miles Mathis taking the Covid-19 hoax too lightly, and have suspected that the “vaccine” for the nonexistent disease might be a placebo. It is not. It is apparently killing people. I claimed below that I am starting out knowing nothing, and at lease that part was accurate.

This post, from an anonymous author and published at the Mathis site, is 74 pages printed, but most of it can be called “anecdotal,” as it is news reports from around the world of people dying of Covid-19 vaccines. The opening part has to be labeled “speculative,” as it is projections on the number of vaccine deaths and illnesses we are not hearing about due to systematic under-reporting by VAERS, CDC and the news media. But there is an underlying theme to all of it, that CDC and news agencies are turning a blind eye to what is becoming a large body of evidence. Full speed ahead, as planned all along with the vaccine, the supposed “virus” a mere means of scaring people into taking it.

I could not help but notice in the pages of anecdotal evidence that there is a disproportionate representation among health care workers, nurses and first responders, who are given the vaccine due to their line of work, and who are also most deeply brainwashed by their education to believe in viruses and germ theory. Next come the elderly, since they supposedly died en masse from infection with the virus, and so need this “protection.” The SARS-Cov-2 virus is easily the biggest lie told in my lifetime, and I’ve seen a whole lot of big lies told in my lifetime. But the articles on exhibit in the paper show a wide age range for people dying after taking the vaccine, possibly a selection bias on the part of the author. Most people dying are, like Hank Aaron and Larry King, aged, giving CDC, Modena and Pfizer plausible deniability. (Both men succumbed after taking the vax, Aaron wanting to set a good example for his fellow blacks. Hopefully, they take the lesson given them to heart.)

Nonetheless, if you take time to read the beginning and end of the paper, and skim everything in between, you will probably agree with me … no vaccine, no where, no time ever. Not for me. Enough evidence is accumulating to be able to accuse the manufacturers of medical experimentation without consent, in violation of the Nuremberg Accords (not that Nuremberg is law, and not that the vaxxers care anyway). In time, it will be mass manslaughter, and in time, mass murder. It’s that bad.

As with the Nazis before who committed such crimes, perhaps Argentina is a beautiful place to live out their golden years.


(Remember, the VAERS data collection system is non-mandatory, and so does not collect all information. People on the reporting side have to 1) know about VAERS, and 2) take time and trouble to report. We cannot know the actual number of events by this system. This is why the author does so much speculation at the outset of the paper, as there is no systematic reporting system for vaccine injuries and deaths, probably by design.)

On page 13, a page headed “Each VAERS case is assigned a unique ID number…” on the bottom are instructions (reprinted below under the red print) on how to use VAERS to find the number of COVID vaccine deaths. I just did so, and the results were for 3/12/2021 were 1,394 deaths, and 3,549 hospitalized. I presume that most of the 1,394 deaths were a part of the hospitalized group. Using the system is quite easy once you get thorough it once.


4 thoughts on “Hammerin’ Hank, Larry King, RIP

  1. And Marvin Hagler possibly…. I found this virologist from Canada to be very compelling/credible (but I could be wrong) it’s definitely worth a full listen, if short on time, start at the 40: mark and listen to the end. I was convinced the vax was an unhealthy choice from day 1, but after listening to him, I’m now 110% convinced.


    Also, MM article ‘We Are Top’; “You may think that was all a strange diversion, but it wasn’t because it circles back to where I was before. I asked if maybe the Phoenicians were panicked by a new ice age or asteroid, but I think their panic may be caused by something closer to home.”

    He’s right. It’s obvious they are scrambling, the push to vax the masses is in overdrive, think Biden said May 1st. What’s the rush????????

    BTW, the Ebooks written by TimR are by far the most helpful, enlightening pieces of information I have read in years! The theory he is proposing, if you incorporate it into your daily regimen and stick to it, the physical changes (all good) are without a doubt, mind blowing!!!

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