(At least) 1,609 vaccine deaths and counting

(Keep in mind that these numbers are probably seriously under-reported. VAERS is an obscure voluntary reporting system.)

  • As of 3/19/2021: 1,609 deaths, 3,958 hospitalized

This post is an addendum I added after more research on the post below. VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) was set up when vaccine makers were exempted from liability for their products. This system, which hardly anyone knows about, is a means by which people injured or killed by vaccines can get some compensation. In the paper from the Miles Mathis site, Vaccine Deaths and Injuries, the author cites statistics from VAERS, which were current at the time. More importantly, he gives us a way to stay current, as follows:

I did so, and found that as of Friday, March 12, there had been 1,394 deaths from the Covid-19 vaccine, and 3,549 hospitalizations. It is assumed that most of the deaths are part of the hospitalizations number. The author of the paper notes than on March 5, the number of deaths was 1,524, so that the number has been reduced by 130 deaths in one week. This is curious.

Keep in mind, VAERS is a voluntary reporting system. I suspect this is by design. The author notes that possibly 30 to 100 times the number of reported deaths occur without reporting … I find this, in the case of deaths, to probably be a reach. There is under-reporting, but surely not to that degree. Non-death adverse events from vaccines probably fall in that area of under-reporting, as 1) they are not regarded as serious enough, or 2) no one thinks to do any reporting, or 3) no connection is made between the event and the vaccine.

Anyway, I took time and trouble to go to the VAERS site and follow the author’s instructions, which are only difficult the first time though. I will continue to do so, and continue to report.

39 thoughts on “(At least) 1,609 vaccine deaths and counting

  1. It’s about incentive.
    So 4) No reporting, because of liability. The liability of anyone who has skin im the game of vaccination.
    But when it comes to report Civid “cases”, all is promoting to do so. Hospitals are getting money, and for sure it’s reducing liabilities. Nobody would allow anyone tested positive anywhere.
    This whole thing must be created by the devil himself.


  2. well, when at the end of the year the number of deaths is about the same as in the previous years, what does it tell us? There is no killing Covid and there is no killing Vaccine! It’s a game they played so many times. They are not killing hope Mark and of course not killing people, they are just playing with us. Knowing this you can relax, adjust to the situation, meaning to do the best out of it for yourself and wait till this hoax will be replaced by the next one. And the next hoax is already written. I’m sure, this corona situation will be over the same way they ended other hoaxes. No one will even recognize it is over until it is over. What happened to AIDS? There is none anymore although officially there still is. What about Al Kaida or whatever they called it the last time? Gone, although from time to time they still kill one of the many Osamas left hands. If you can’t change something, ignore it. Stefan Lanka thinks after this summer this corona situation will be over and he still hopes the medicine will reinvent itself from a different perspective. I’m not sure about that. I’m sure though the involved people know exactly what they are doing, they know they are lying and as long as they control public relations they can.

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    1. Just for the record, the above comment (by BARBM124) shows as me “liking” it. I do not know how to “unlike.” I did not intend to “like,” as I am not on-board with the comment. Not quite sure how that happened? (I must have clicked over the star). I will let that stand for now.


    2. It is endless fear-porn loop, because in order to sustain their power over the ignorant masses, routine implementation of psychological and emotional terror is necessary.


  3. In other comments you speak of adjuvants, aluminum, mercury … autism is now 1 in 100 kids where fourscore years ago it was 1 in 10,000. While I agree that there are no Covid-19 deaths, none, VAERS appears real to me, and is not meant to be known, the Mathis site the only one I know writing of it. I trust I am the only one who has visited the site and read the anonymous paper put up there.

    I do not care to get into detail regarding the vaccine and its many elements and purposes. It has always been my strategy when faced by unnecessary complications and jargon to slide ahead to results. I will continue to push ahead with this research on vaccine deaths.

    I’ve heard talk like this before, that it will soon be over. We are in a different part of Colorado, a ski resort here, and it is as oppressive as I have seen anywhere. I finally had to tell the hotel clerk to STFU and give me my room key, as she was going on and on about Covid, making me sign forms, insisting I use a pen that had been sterilized (I refused) … you tell me it is almost over. You’re whistling past the graveyard.

    This is not an ordinary hoax. We cannot attend ball games, concerts, church, we are constantly told to stay six feet apart (I am yet to place a foot on one of those floor signs), people wear masks everywhere, and are so goddamned compliant! Mine says on it “SHEEP,” and people take notice and are either offended or oblivious. A host at a restaurant rudely tried to sit us at the bar rather than a table, which was available, probably offended by the mask. Good. We left.

    God must love stupid people. He made so many of them. This ain’t even close to being over, BARB. And, I do not belong. None of us do. The pressure to capitulate is intense. I cannot, will not, nor will I look the other way and whistle Dixie.

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      1. Kroger – Thank you! Listening now. VERY important and timely, particularly in light of the info by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche going “viral.” In the words of Patrick Timpone: “Are his statements valid or is he ‘a master at playing chess’?”


    1. the so called Cold War lasted for how long? 30 years? Created by the same people with the same method by simply spreading certain news via coordinated public relations. It was real in the meaning that people believed it was real and acted as expected. For 30 years people in the Eastern Block weren’t allowed to travel abroad, had no TP (in some countries) and had to stay in queues to buy groceries. They had to keep a low living standard although in my memory it wasn’t really a problem as long as everybody was living equally low. Back then we still could look to the west and knew life can be different. The difference now is, there is no place to look up. Everybody is in the same block.
      As for Autism it is also just a diagnosis. I know some mothers convinced their children are autistic because they can’t control them as others do. It is convenient to put this on vaccines and not on ones own failure. Of course some poison (neurotoxin) can damage nerves and this can be irreversible to some extend but as long as it does not apply for masses I don’t think it is caused by vaccines. To put it in other words: there’s always been some crazy people. Vaccines are poison, which is dangerous, unnecessary, useless and certainly doing harm but usually only short term harm. There is this thing with nano particles, which can be a long term damage on nerves and brain not visible at the time but on the other side why should TPTB want to make people nursing cases in the future? This people are not monsters. I’m convinced their intentions are good and even working. But they have to control masses which is a hard job to do and everybody still has the possibility to leave the mass and become an individual like we do, right? We only complain because we expect a different treatment for ourselves. Also because we see there are some “chosen” ones who are getting a different treatment, like certain politicians or some media people. This people may have abused their privileges in the corona situation now and may get punished for this. We certainly will see some minor heads rolling.
      The masses are happy when somebody takes care of the things. For centuries there was no development and poverty was common. Until the French Revolution when things started to change. It was some 200 years ago. Not a very long time period. Since then the life of the masses is constantly getting better IMO.


      1. You sound a bit like MM when he waxes “they are worse off than us even as they control everything.” I don’t know what to make of this world or the people who run it, but “benign” does not come in to play with agitprop. It is destructive. People’s lives are being diminished, even destroyed, by this campaign. I cannot take it lightly or presume they are working for the greater good.

        Regarding VAERS, which I take it you are dismissing out of hand, I take it seriously. It saves me from having to understand vaccines in detail, which is something I am not good at and which serves no purpose for me anyway. If I can look out the other end and see that they are harming people, what more do I need to know? If you say I am being played by VAERS, why me and just a very few others? Why not make a big play on everyone? We are not enough to matter, those of us who take these things to heart and apart.

        Years ago I was confronted with Ayn Rand and her followers, who spoke their own jargon and were cliquish and dismissive of outsiders. To deal with them (after reading Atlas Shrugged) I would have had to step in and understand their jargon, and that would take time, and in so doing I would not convince anyone, as they are zealots and mindless followers. But I was able to look out the other end and see no good coming of it, that when their philosophy was implemented bad things resulted. In that manner, I was able to dismiss it, out of hand, and not have to deal with them. Did I need to understand their bad philosophy better before dismissing it, or is it enough to see no good coming of it?

        Same with the Frankfurt School … there was a guy in the Montana blogs named Budge, of that mindset, and I simply told him “Listen Dave, every time we implement your philosophy, bad things happen. I don’t care how much you’ve read or how many complicated concepts you’ve grasped, at all leads to nothing.” He banned me, of course, but more importantly, and I hope I had a small hand in it, he gave up blogging.

        Same with vaccines. They are intricate, complicated, harmful and filthy, and probably intended to do harm to us. I see dead people. What more do I need to know? You tell me the dead people are fake, but that is a wave-of-the-hand dismissal, not studied. I’ll settle for my opinion at this time as more worthy.


        1. Mark,

          As a Systems Engineer myself, you are taking an active SE approach.

          SE takes a “high level” approach, and then drills down into technical details. BUT one starts at High Level!

          You are taking a High Level approach to technical understanding.

          Black Box has an input (Covid-19!) …undergoes to-be-defined “processing” or understanding, and produces Death and Paralysis as an output!

          You don’t need to understand what goes on within Black Box to understand output!

          You have more understanding of Aerospace Systems Engineering than you portray….but I recognize the inherent wisdom you maintain.

          Good on you!

          Look at the Inputs and Outputs!! 🙂

          Not trying to flatter you, this is basic Systems Engineering!!


          1. It is the way computer people talk too, or at least did when I was in college, GIGO. If it is garbage coming out the other end, nothing that happens in the middle matters. But it is not “Covid-19” that produces death and paralysis, since it is not real, but rather the vaccine.


          1. Two things we know for certain, that there is no virus, and that we only know (or suspect) the short term ramifications of the Vaccine. It appears to me to be a long-term project that has probably undergone years of research and testing, and was rolled out, as planned from the beginning, only after an intense agitprop campaign to prepare people to accept it. That was the only purpose of the virus and all of the detailed planning and execution surrounding it, to make the vaccine stick.


            1. This is what I have come to believe as well, that the injections are THE primary goal, if not certainly one of them, of this entire crime against humanity Great Reset Covid BS.

              Ironically vaccines were the issue that led to my eventual emergence from the matrix about 7 years ago. After my son had a bad reaction to one of his two month vaccines, I filed a VAERS report myself but not until 2019 since I didn’t even know about VAERS at the time of his reaction in 2013.

              The pediatrician basically blew me off and poo pooed the whole thing . Most doctors are so heavily invested in the vaccine program they will not even acknowledge vaccine adverse reactions exist other than the very rare instance of anaphylaxis, and they most definitely do not report them.

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          2. One can spend an entire 20+ year career understanding detailed minutae of “processing” to earn title of “Chief Engineer”… And people do just that! But 80% of understanding comes from knowing relationship between Inputs and Outputs!

            Is the extra 20% understanding worth 20 years of one’s life?!?!


        2. Hi Mark, this week our health minister Spahn announced the stop of AstraZeneca vaccine because of some cerebral vein thrombosis side effects. I never heard of those side effects before. I heard of many other side effects, including deaths of old people. Two days later they announced again, everything is fine and they will vaccine AstraZeneca again. It’s a show to create an impression they care and look and it is safe. In Italy/Bergamo 2019 they supposedly mass vaccinated old people with the flu vaccine, many of them died and they’ve put it on the virus. Now they again supposedly vaccinate old people and supposedly many of them die. We can’t know how much of it is true. They do everything to scare people of the vaccine at the same time suggesting everybody has to be vaccinated and at the same time telling the vaccine does not prevent from sickness, does not prevent infections and is basically useless. It’s contradicting itself in every sentence but hypnotized people can’t see it. I still don’t know anybody who got vaccinated but I don’t expect any difference to other vaccines. It’s an injection of some poison which depending on your luck and conditions can go without any effects, can itch a little or can make you really sick. I don’t think there is anything special in the corona vaccines. The story is different but not the vaccine. that’s my stand.


          1. Standing off to the side as I am, it is apparent (and easily seen) that the massive virus hoax of 2020 had nothing to do with health or safety, but had other sinister objectives, the most easily seen the shut down of basic freedoms such as speech, assembly, movement, and breathing. It should then come as no surprise that the people behind this hoax, opposed as they are to basic human life and rights, are also invested in death. The “vaccine,” said to result from a Manhattan-style research program spurred by the emergence of a new and novel virus, is nothing of the kind. It cannot possibly have anything to do with disease, as nothing has changed. People are still dying as before of the same old stuff, heart, lung, brain diseases and just plain old age. The vaccine is easily seen to be the objective of the hoax, so intense was the agitprop around it. The rollout of this poison, then, will be gradual but of increased intensity over time, with other new variations of the original fake virus blamed for the steadily increasing death toll.

            This is one of the most monstrous death campaigns in history, real death of real people thought to be superfluous in a world of technology and robotics, people like Al Gore and Bill Gates, themselves useless eaters and psychopaths, charged with ridding the planet of excess people.

            That’s my stand. I am not too fond right now to be living on a planet surrounded by brainwashed idiots and run by unseen faces with unrestrained contempt for life and living. All avenues of escape are blocked. We can only endure.

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            1. this brainwashed idiots were always there and we were there too, not so long ago. IMO. Everybody can google now. Nobody can claimed, he didn’t know any better. It was totally different in the past. To get certain information you had to find the right books, get your hands on them and read it yourself. Now the entire knowledge is available to everybody. At your fingertips (Microsoft). This is different now and I hope the corona situation has already made enough people aware that there’s something going on and maybe, just maybe we will witness a new enlightenment of some kind. And if not, the next hoax is already around the corner.


              1. A long while ago I was watching a show about Silicon Valley, called “Silicon Valley,” and it was quite comical at times. At one point, however, there was a hush of silence over a room of programmers and techies when they learned that a certain offering would have a censoring effect on a search engine. I almost gagged.

                Yes, we can Google anything, but the idea that it is open and uncensored information is absurd. It is heavily censored. Google, Bing, whatever, are a form of censorship so insidious that users are not aware of the censorship, the ideal way to do it.

                Ask any American if our Internet is censored, they’ll say no. China’s? Of course!

                That’s how censorship is done for real. When it really works, you’re not aware of it.


      2. By the way BarbM, past is past and there will be no more bans on you, ever. Feel free to tear me apart limb by limb, and don’t feel you’re walking on eggshells. I value your input here.


    2. Autism, from mild to severe is more like 40% of children today according to some sources that I cannot link to right now as that is from memory. As you know, the true numbers on Autism, like Coronavirus/SARS-CoV2/COVID-19, are hard to find in the Big Tech controlled intern(ment)net. Furthermore, THEY have been killing and injuring people with vaccines since 1722. Smallpox, Polio, Hepatitis, Influenza, Measles, Chicken Pox, Shingles, Lymes, etc. ad nauseam, all caused by vaccines. I realize I am preaching to the choir here but the BARBM124 comment above is ignoring all of the facts either purposely or through ignorance. She should be scheduled for a good spanking and sent to her room without supper!


      1. I think adverse effects (including autism in children) from toxic vaccines are indisputable. This dense document alone should serve as evidence: https://greatergoodmov.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/RESEARCH10-8LJM.pdf. Anecdotally, the son of one of my dearest friends was injected with the Gardasil vaccine (one of the most toxic of vaccines ever produced, in my opinion) 6 years ago when he was 16 years old (yes, they actually give this injection to teen boys, not just girls). He was perfectly healthy prior to the vaccine (administered in multiple doses). Within two months, he started having grand mal seizures. It’s been 6 years, and he still suffers from epilepsy. It has altered his life permanently. Nearly all of the autistic children I have known (way too many to count, in upwards of 50-60 children) had all of their “required” infant/toddler shots. Thus far, I have not seen a “vaccine” that is NOT a poison to the body.

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  4. Speaking of vaccine deaths, here is one article about concerns for deaths caused by Pfizer’s Covid vaccines:


    “*Norway health officials said last week they were investigating the deaths of 23 elderly people who died shortly after receiving the vaccine, and had confirmed 13 of those were directly related to the vaccine.

    Today, Bloomberg reported that the number of deaths under investigation in Norway had risen to 33 and that all had occurred in people ranging from age 75 to 80. According to Bloomberg, Camilla Stoltenberg, head of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, said at a press conference today:

    “It is important to remember that about 45 people die every day in nursing homes in Norway, so it is not a given that this represents any excess mortality or that there is a causal connection.”*”


    1. Based on the numerology alone, the story appears to be fake. They always love to create confusion and division in the masses. An anxious and docile population is easy to control than a calm and vigilant people.


    2. This is not to say that vaccine deaths don’t happen (and it is likely there are more deaths than reported), but sometimes they exploit the problem by making up stories like the one above to create fear and confusion amongst the proletariat.


      1. I hear a rumor now they are going to “open it up” May 1 and vax everyone. Friends of my wife are busy making travel plans. I’m still in Limbo, trying to understand the game afoot.


            1. I believe they are prepping people for the next big psyop (or rather the next stage of this hoax) to further realize their NWO agenda.


    1. Someone else posted Vernon Coleman’s video in the comment section of another blog post here, and I’ve seen it other places. I don’t trust this guy. At the start of the video, he says, “I never exaggerate.” As the video progresses, he becomes increasingly histrionic, and by the end he’s blubbering and bawling over the fate of humanity in an over-the-top way that’s as ham-handed and over-the-top as can be.

      The language he uses is as cheaply manipulative as the propaganda he’s supposedly fighting. He even uses some of the same cliches — “Now more than ever…” “We need to come together…” — as he exhorts people to share his video so that millions of people see him sniffle and curse and wail in despair. Ugh.

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  5. SCOTTRC – That’s precisely why I called out his fear porn antics in my most recent post (via the hyperlink to his video). Agreed, I found it disgusting.


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