A Bill Gates fantasy


I asked a friend on the phone the other day why he thought Melinda Gates left Bill. My answer would have been “Well, if you can have lots of money and live without Bill, wouldn’t you do it?” But no, and this is a regular guy with a good brain, he gave me the story his wife was following. It is this:


Bill Gates has a ranchette in Wyoming, and is using it as a nest for his pedophilia instincts. He has visited Epstein Island 24 times in the past. He spend $36 million to dig a 300-feet deep cavern underneath the structures, and was using that to house his children, his playthings. Melinda knew about all of this, having never seen the place (underneath) but having seen the receipts. She reported this to Donald Trump, and he took it to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who used all their fancy tools to determine there really was a large cavern under the house.


They authorized a raid on the premises using Navy Seals, and an attack was staged and met with resistance, Gates’ private security force. There was a fire fight, and one Seal and eight private soldiers were killed. They searched the premises and found … ” a facsimile of a young girl’s bedroom, with a pink-frame platform bed, stuffed animals, and racks of child-sized clothing. Moreover, three DSLRs on tripods had been aimed to video whoever had lain on the bed. At least one camera still had an SD card.”


This kind of story is candy for Gates haters, and for those convinced that Epstein Island was a pedophilia house of horrors. And for those who think Epstein is dead.  The story is obviously planted, but by whom? It’s bizarre by itself, the fact that someone dreamed it up. My first thought was that someone wants Gates slimed, and that’s OK by me. But on second thought, I guessed it could be massive misdirection, as could be the Bill/Melinda split-up, just a distraction as we head into the days for the real consequences of the vaccine.

But beyond that, I got nothing.


26 thoughts on “A Bill Gates fantasy

  1. All you need to know, he allegedly built a computer in a garage. It’s one of those tales. Tales like the other “successful” guys red sports car is cruising through the solar system. An awakening is engineered, big time. Conspiracy goes mainstream, the secrets are meant to be known. Best catch on this I encountered is from Mike, a Christian YT channel. He shows how a rebellion is prepared ATM. Things are getting stranger every day, this is not how things would look without intention, the enemy could do much better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqubIt9QSF8


        1. I was just listening today to Dennis Miller, comedian, talking about journalists. He was changing their names, and said that Wolfe Blitzer should instead be named “Meercat Prancer.” He went on and on like that, and I was driving alone and laughing out loud. Finally he closed by saying “You want to know how worthless a journalism degree is? Do you really want to know? I HAVE A JOURNALISM DEGREE!”

          Indeed, Miller got a journalism degree at Point Park University, Pittsburgh.

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          1. Looking back at the “Real Raw News” site, and the other articles coming up on the feed on the right, I especially like this one for the visual comic appeal: “Pence shot while fleeing military arrest”.


          2. The only journalism major I know finished on the 5-year plan in the mid-80s. (Sample size: one) Loves the Atlantic, NYer, etc, thinks my links are amusing. Once a very good athlete, he has put on some pounds and has been hobbled by a lower-leg issue of late. Anyway, he was one of the first to be tested last year (to go to the gym), then got ill in March of this year, but it was “maybe not ‘rona” per his “naturopathish” doc, so why not get the jab a few weeks later? Horrendous first reaction, “worse than being sick”, apparently because he’s had “it”, so why not the second jab? Not as bad as the first, whew!
            Why? Because he wants to visit his dad later this year.
            There’s your journalism degree for ya.


  2. I’ve been avoiding the news and so didn’t hear about the Gates divorce announcement. After reading your post, I did a quick search and found an opinion piece in the New York Times (a media outlet that grows more loathsome to me every time I read one of its articles). It appears that, after following orders to Bill Gates’s ass for the majority of his career as a puppet, the MSM has now been tasked with trashing him.

    The first paragraph almost seems promising:

    Bill Gates hasn’t changed. His public image has. Mr. Gates’s personal behavior and his troubling comanagement of the Gates Foundation are being reported more openly. The question is why it took so long.

    Oooh, is the NYT going to acknowledge that Gates’s controllers pay mainstream media companies millions to make him look good? No, of course not.

    If large investment banks were seen as “too big to fail” in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, mega-foundations were too big to scrutinize. Especially in the post-2008 recession, the need for charity was more pronounced than ever, and so it seemed churlish, even Scrooge-like, to question whether the Gateses really knew as much about solving the world’s problems as they claimed.

    The PTB doesn’t need to cast the Gates character as a saint anymore. He has served his purpose in that role, and can now be used, as you say, for further misdirection and distraction. I have liberal friends and relatives who are pro-mask and pro-vaccine all the way, but don’t trust Gates. Moderate liberals like them are the target audience for the mainstream media, so now the media will cast itself as their champions by appearing to take down the icon they were paid to create. It’s all very amusing, really, though it annoys me that most of the “educated” people I know are going to be fooled by it.

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  3. Distraction, yes! “The curve” has flattened itself. Like JFK, 911, and the endless psyops that manufacture (social engineering) the fear/adrenaline levels within a constant range, well above cognitive norms, this scam has run its course and is in collapse mode. Melinda Gates, the smarter of the two, seems to have a practical reason to bolt: It’s over. Bill, the “hero” becomes the fall guy, along with Dr. Fauci. You can see the bus on its way to erase them both, as they fade into the background, along with the Covid 19 episode.

    I think of ENRON as a model of how these “pump and dump” Ponzi schemes run white hot, and in an instant, suddenly crater, over and over again. Just another neoliberal (Chicago economics), public-private partnership play with disposable players. Nothing to see here folks.

    The next medical Marshall law “pandemic”/emergency roll-out must have new “influencers” to suit the rebranded, reframed, “new” medical scam narrative, in what represents — at it’s bottom — a constant groping toward U.N. Sustainable Development Goal #3 ( good health and well being).

    DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD OF THIS. The same “benevolent,” rich and powerful folks who brought you the pandemic, and our dysfunctional, corporate health care system do not give a rats ass about your health. It’s all about “emerging markets” and “economic growth.” and ever higher concentrations of wealth in fewer and fewer hands (bloodline families). U.N. SDGs are where this train is headed. Our job is to figure a way to derail it. My opinion (at this very moment, subject to change) only.

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  4. That story about the underground bunker full of child sex slaves has been one of the primary themes of the Q crowd, fueled by a gaggle of British intelligence assets who’ve become popular ‘news’ sources for the Trump crowd. The bunkers are everywhere, and all connected by a vast tunnel network, and Trump has already saved millions of kids with rescue raids in the tunnels… Trust the plan.
    It’s a staple disinfo tactic. The establishment needs to divert attention from the rampant pedophilia among elites and the public is already onto it, so they ‘acknowledge’ it with an embellished story that will bring ridicule to anyone who spreads it. It creates the reality whereby most of the public sees the whole story as a lunatic ‘conspiracy theory’ because of the embellishment, and people effectively then reject even the parts that are true.
    Agree, Gates has served his purpose, and now I think we’ll see him drift into the background. Probably same with Fauci. Not sure what to make of the divorce, and I don’t care, but if Melinda was even thinking about going public with what she knows, she’ll have a tragic accident like lady Di.
    Also agree, no way was Epstein killed in a prison cell. He’s always been high-level Mossad, and still is.


  5. Maybe they’re getting divorced so it wont look suspicious when they sell off loads of stocks before an anticipated crash. Isn’t Bezos getting divorced too, perhaps for the same reason.


    1. Indeed, that would mesh nicely with the “pump and dump” scheme mentioned above…Please follow the floor-mounted arrows to the Egress, ladies and gentlemen.


  6. Pedo Panic everywhere. Everybody is a Pedophile now. They are overdoing it.
    Seems like they may fake murder/suicide Bill to get him out of the limelight.

    btw…..Haven’t see a Covid death report in over 3 months!


    1. I just checked … I carry the numbers with me after I look into it each morning. I write it down … then I lose the piece of paper … wait a minute … here it is, hang on …. oh yeah. Zero.


  7. I do not recall Mrs. Gates prior 2017 or so. This character just showed up recently. Looks like a classic mandala effect


  8. Agree with TM TOM, Melinda got inserted at some point almost out of thin air in the Bill Gates Project. The whole thing is fascinating and this latest play does warrant some speculation. This was their greatest hour…and then a funny thing happened on the way to the pharmacy. Hoping we are left with more answers than we got out of the Epstein arrest.

    Speaking of Epstein, what are Ghislaine Maxwell’s most likely outcomes, since we know she won’t ever sing like a canary?


  9. The Melinda Gates persona has been around for quite awhile. According to this article (pay wall alert) she went “public” in 2008.
    I think of Eva Braun, whom no one, apparently, knew anything about until after the war. Melinda might have been inserted to assure the public that “3 Dollar” Bill was straight. (I imagine she first appears around the time of the anti-trust lawsuits in the 90’s)
    Same with Hitler. To sell him as real, especially after the persona was retired physically, they had to give him some relatable qualities. ‘Natch they gave him a bubble-headed blonde that any grunt could relate to in his dream life. Young, fertile, outdoorsy- no known intellectual capacity- What German soldier, now on the dole, could resist? A Teutonic Marilyn Monroe.
    Whether or not there are real people behind these personas, they follow a narrative written for public consumption. The Gates persona is being cashiered. Looks to me like he’s the fall guy as COVID sputters to a halt.
    (The guy who needs to swing by the heels from a lamp post- Fausti- is heading out the back door as Gates does the perp walk for the cameras as distraction)

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  10. I think generally Q followers eat up every story cause it gives them hope. I also feel that most q followers believe in the system still lol. This sounds like a q story that the q crowd won just love. Earth is still flat and stationary my friends and no way in hell flat earth is a psyop just based on the fact the first reaction almost everybody has when they hear it is – what kinda idiot thinks the earth is flat!


  11. Well yes, it’s all very strange and SUDDEN.
    If Gates had been up to no good Melinda must have had her suspicions ages ago so the question is why now?
    You can easily recognise how evil the pair of them are from the smirks and ” in on the secret ” sidelong glances they share at interviews . With all the money and houses they share they could easily stay married and never see each other again except for their little acting parts on TV. So again , why and , why now?
    I reckon the PTB have finally realised what bum actors the Gates’ are. No one trusts or believes Bill any longer so he has no more mileage . Being thrown to the wolves is the only option but the Gates’ message is still too integral to the New World Order paradigm to be rejected outright. The ‘jab’ still has an important part to play so Melinda has to be seen as the injured party.
    Personally I think she’s every bit as creepy as him. Birds of a feather DO tend to flock together.


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