Facebook misdirection

The title of this article says it all:

Facebook: People Are Now Permitted to Speculate Covid-19 Leaked from a Laboratory

I did a run through the comments under this article – not one of which spots the misdirection at work. It is very discouraging.

The reason why the US Government is “seriously considering” that the virus might have slipped out of a laboratory in Wuhan is obvious, to readers here and at other sites like this. It’s the oldest game there is in propaganda – misdirection. Get people to ask the wrong question, and the answer does not matter. (There is no virus, Cyrus.)

It is late in the day, and I am very tired of the American people now, so say good night, Dick. (Good night Dick.)

How about a contest – who can cite the source of the very dated reference I just used?

30 thoughts on “Facebook misdirection

          1. That was a great movie, though Paul Newman, as usual, was not up to it. He pretty much left it at the pretty smile. But did you notice, throughout, they kept throwing in crosses, even Luke during the egg contest, sprawled out like Jesus on the cross. The overhead shots of crossing roads, the photo of Luke in Atlanta torn in fours and then taped back together. If ever you get a chance and have not seen this before, you’ll see it was a Jesus parable.


            1. Very interesting. I have seen some cool analyses of the film, but I do not recall this. I will definitely have to re-watch now, given this context. I certainly do not have to be coerced into watching Newman’s baby blues. Admittedly, I still get a little tingly watching him. No mind his less-than-stellar acting capabilities!


  1. I see no need for a real “virus”. The Komodovirus works as a mindvirus (thank you Take No Gnosis) and the Placebo Effect alone is enough to make people sick.

    Everyone dying now dies from Corona (too). Simply because it is a concept people believe in, there is no need for a “real” contagious virus (if that were possible).

    The China-USA relations at the moment have all the hallmarks of what I expected to go happening; the obese, old USA needs to be decommissioned (Great Reset anyone?) and new, hivemind China needs to become the Culture Creator in the world.

    So that it is now “permitted” to see China as the bad (or bat) guy, while at the same time “#stopasianhate” and I don’t know what else (I stay as Detached, Detoxxed and Deprogrammed as possible) is going on.

    Akin to the deal between (((Hollywood))) and the so-called “antisemitic” Nazi regime, disallowing the former to make negative nazi movies (BEFORE 1939!)…

    The dialectic is ramping up.

    Leave the US while you still can. America 2050 is not on the horizon, it is already happening (Oregon -> Idaho counties).


    1. Military games in the South Pacific are scheduled for later this year. Seems ripe for a Gulf of Tonkin event. China president Joe Biden turns coat and now wants to make China look like the bad guy and Facebook jumps on board with that.

      Gaia, there is no where left to go, be very difficult unless you are single with no family with just a backpack. And regardless where someone would travel to, an American needing a job and housing, wouldn’t fit in anywhere for too long, especially if there is a global military conflict.


      1. Military games in the South Pacific are scheduled for later this year. Seems ripe for a Gulf of Tonkin event. China president Joe Biden turns coat and now wants to make China look like the bad guy and Facebook jumps on board with that.

        Yes, but it is part of a bigger narrative. The #stopasianhate agenda together with the self-destruction of the US go hand in hand, as I see it. China and Russia are teaming up and the western (British) hegemony is crumbling.

        Already China is taking over South East Asia (resources!) and at one moment or the other I see the US and China go to actual war over the biggest untapped market and untouched country by the recent imperialist forces. Also note that Persia is the only “white spot” on the Greater Israel map, now stretching from the Red Sea to Afghanistan.

        Gaia, there is no where left to go, be very difficult unless you are single with no family with just a backpack. And regardless where someone would travel to, an American needing a job and housing, wouldn’t fit in anywhere for too long, especially if there is a global military conflict.

        This of course is self-conditioning. There are ALWAYS places to go and especially as a US American where you have much more purchasing power than most in the world. Just your education alone (doesn’t need to be academic or anything fancy) goes a long way in Latin America, Africa and other places.

        Of course traveling or migrating with a family is more challenging than alone, but that is what life is all about; overcoming challenges. Your “very difficult” characterization becomes a bit ironic, because it is exactly that lack of fighting mentality which is the old, obese “redundancy” the Animal Farmers want to get rid of, at least as #1 in the world. By this admission you deem them right.

        I would say; don’t self-condition yourself and fight, make them see the US is NOT dead and certainly not buried.

        But apparently the Fakeo Fatalism, as I called it, is a very strong self-programming tool. It has convinced people with the brightest brains “there is nothing we [I, speak for yourself] can do”. If that is really what you believe, why do you even keep going? What keeps you going? The same Fakeo Fatalist “I am going to watch the spectacle and think I am not affected”?

        NOW is the time to work together, get rid of self-deceit, and especially stop indoctrinating other people with self-induced fantasies of lame lethargy.


        1. It’s a rerun. “WWII” featured Japan and Germany, with financial backing from U.S. and City of London bankers, desiring a weaker Russia AND Germany, and a weaker China AND Japan. Please, explain what you think has changed. The global central banking system operates in Russia and China, and in Iran, BTW. Some have developed cognitive skills to see (through) the “crisis actors” in school shootings, Hollywood dramas and fake pandemics. Only a tiny fraction see so-called “sovereign” nation states as players (actors) in a global “school play” organized and funded by a handful of capitalist/colonialist/imperialist/militarist scumbags leading the now-merged World Economic Forum-U.N. power structure toward TOTAL (digital- cybernetic) control of the social, cultural, spiritual, financial, political, ecological structures and functions in each and every “country.”

          There is nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. It’s stand and fight time. End note: running is not fighting, choose one. Stand for something (preferably your true self), or you’ll fall for anything.

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  2. Sorry for being off topic but I don’t know where else to ask- Does anyone know what happened to Let’ Roll Forums? They seem to have been down for at least a week.


    1. that’s interesting. There wasn’t much action for years and it looks like the trolls there retired. you can’t even google them anymore. Only some indirect links show up.
      The same will happen with the cluesforum. Simon posts some texts there from time to time using different identities just to keep the timestamps up.

      I also think the entire corona critics movement is already controlled and especially in Germany the tenor now is almost completely about bringing people back to democracy like in “vote and elect the right people”. There is this one old guy Hajo (Hans Joachim) Müller (I’m not related) who started as DDR (Eastern Germany) ciritic back then in the 90-s and is now in his 70-s but very smart and wise. He analyses current issues on youtube and is very accurate so far. He thinks Trump will come back this year as General (Military) and Putin will establish a new independent European Block. Sounds crazy I know but he has some points. To bad it’s all in German. We live in very funny times.

      Question: is it true that in the US the majority of the states already canceled all corona measures? Is it true that they are even forbiding wearing masks (I think it was Dakota)?


      1. I can only speak for Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Montana. Yes, South Dakota was rogue throughout, but I never experienced it first hand. Colorado, the fewer people, the fewer harsh measures. The more liberal, the more intense. Wyoming, parts we traveled, no signs, masks. Montana had liberal Democrats in most high office, and the place was highly restrictive, even quarantining anyone who came into the state in the early days. After an election (apparently they DO count votes) last fall, in which every Democrat was turned out by huge margins, they cooled off, no masks, and if a more liberal township, more local restrictions. Utah, sparsely populated, easy going and no problem.


      2. Here in the Carolinas, the mask mandates were mostly dropped around two weeks ago. In NC, the governor cited the CDC’s new line of it being safe for the “vaccinated” to not wear masks indoors, in dropping the state mandate the next day (Except in seemingly random locations: schools, buses, and doctors offices, for instance. I still go into these places without a mask, as always, though). In SC, it was the day before the CDC guideline shift when the mandate was halted, effective immediately. Schools in SC were supposed to get parents to sign a waiver form for their children. Not being affiliated in any way, I can’t say how that’s been going, but I still see plenty of children in those places covered up. It took about a week for the information to filter out through the public, but every day more and more uncovered faces started appearing again. Now, the masked are a small minority (about 10-15% of the general public in and around town from my experiences). For the first time in a year, clerks at the supermarkets, bank tellers, even government workers are all bare-faced again.

        “Mask required” signs in many places have been taken down or replaced with softer language versions like “masks appreciated” and the silly “one way” signs along the aisles of supermarkets were replaced overnight with generic “save with our store card” type ones. I still see the “stay 6-feet apart” signage all around, though, and the flimsy plexiglass and other makeshift barriers remain.

        I wouldn’t say that the narrative has completely ended here. Due to the rumblings about “passports,” there are some stores that have posted signs stating that the “vaccinated” may enter without a mask and some that still force the things on their employees. I highly doubt that most posting this would try to enforce it with a “papers, please” system on their customers, since although almost every store previously had “mask required” signs up, I only once was denied service anywhere for not wearing a mask, even at the height of the madness. However, it goes to show how much the true believers are still trying to hold on to the narrative and trying to control people at the corporate/business-level still.


      3. USA has 50 states but just a handful are relevant really… NY, CA, FL, TX and some other… the rest does not matter.


  3. thanks for the information. Seems to confirm what Hajo Müller recently said.
    Our “investigative reporter” Boris Reitschuster went to Moscow this week and showed that people no longer take the measures seriously and nobody cares if you wear a mask or not. It’s up to you. In Germany since yesterday people can go shopping without making a test in the shopping zone but masks are still mandatory everywhere in public. And the media are telling people to vaccinate their children. And the third vaccine has to be taken in autumn. Weather is still cold. End of May and we still have to heat our house. Global Warming my ass. Pubs can open now but require valid tests. It’s beyond my mind that the majority is unwilling to see that it has nothing to do with healthcare. It’s pure slavery. Germans seem to like it though.


  4. David Icke’s most recent video blog entry: Wuhan Lab ‘Virus’ Leak: A Calculated Diversion From The Simple Truth – There Is No ‘Virus’ https://davidicke.com/2021/05/31/wuhan-lab-virus-leak-a-calculated-diversion-from-the-simple-truth-there-is-no-virus-david-icke-dot-connector/

    Regardless of what people may say about David Icke, he speaks pure brilliant truth here (difficult to find these days!) . . . Worth listening to in its entirety. I did not detect any gatekeeping. Of course, the information is nothing new for many of us (as he echoes much of what MT has offered, as well as Cowan, Kaufman, and Lanka), but his presentation is re-affirming, comprehensive, and well articulated.


    1. Always wise to reserve judgment except to say that CO would of course adopt the most obvious and heartfelt convictions … that sounds cynical, I know. I am not ready to trust. His big fat book came here, got read partially, and was then recycled.


    2. David Icke was a sports presenter on the BBC and a household name in the UK before his fake breakdown. He does speak some truth but it is written off as nonsense by most people because of all the crazy stuff he’s heavily promoted for saying. That’s his job, to ensure the truth about many things are considered ridiculous conspiracy theories, and he does it very well.

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      1. Ted – The above link (from Icke’s website) still works for me, but if it’s not active on your end, try this other link: https://odysee.com/@Truth_will_set_You_Free:0/Wuhan-Lab-Virus-Leak—David-Icke:a. As always, take from it what resonates, and leave what does not; and of course, listen to what is presented (and how it is presented), rather than focusing on the presenter himself. We all have had legitimate concerns and hesitations with David Icke over the years. In this instance, it is no different . . . From my perspective, though, it sure beats anything coming from CO like Mikovits, Buttar, Cahill, Martin, Bigtree, Fleming, or otherwise.

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        1. Thanks, I agree with your assessment. The only thing that it feels like he’s gatekeeping is who is in control of all of this – he exalts Bill Gates into a position of high power, but Gates is obviously a front man and an actor. Overall excellent presentation, though.


        2. Please consider: In his entire presentation, Ickes does not offer anything new, merely regurgitating the works of others, Cowens in particular. The overall effect, since he offers nothing new, is to link the material he regurgitates with his own already discredited outlook. The word for this is “blackwashing”, taken from MM, to take good work, as provided by Cowen for example, so that good work is associated with a nutball.

          Ickes is a fraud, in my view. I did not recycle his book. I put it in the garbage.


          1. MT:

            Oh, yes, this is a very strong possibility. Everything needs to be on the table, at this point.

            Funny thing, I am actually more willing to place Icke in the “fraud” category (due to being a limited hangout), rather than the “nutball” category (which he is most known for). In nearly all previous staged events (9/11 included), his M.O. has been to immediately call “false flag” and claim real lives taken. I have disagreed each time.

            When it comes to his “reptilian” claims, I dug deeper and found some historical basis. On the surface, his presentation seems outlandish and has been ridiculed (again, most likely, intentional on his part); but in my opinion, underneath it is a concept that is much more metaphorical and metaphysical in nature and is discussed openly in many cultures. I have had my own personal experience (on an astral level – not in the physical sense) with this reptilian phenomenon (a story for another day) – and it was not like he has continually presented. I have met others who had similar experiences as me (again, not in the physical sense). So, I would suggest Icke may be blackwashing even in that context as well.

            The topic of CO/limited hangout/blackwashing is blurry and messy; but one aspect of this current event that remains ultra clear to me (110%) is – there is no frickin’ virus. And, so, with that – given Icke is one of only a handful of public figures to come out of the gate with that statement and impression – it is hard for me to completely leave him by the wayside.


            1. I cannot prove there is no virus, as proving a negative is impossible. The burden of proof falls on those who claim it to exist and cause disease. To do this, they engage in science fraud, the norm. We are dealing with a vast network of corrupt people, and a public that is completely without the tools needed to discern fraud, such as critical thinking and the ability to process large quantities of information … it is not an ideal situation. The people in charge of the fraud are schooled in techniques of propaganda, the Wuhan laboratory classic misdirection. Notice that when they want a rumor to spread, it spreads far and wide. They are skilled in the methods of propaganda that existed long before there was an Internet. It reminds me of Tommy Lee Jones at the end of the movie No Country for Old Men. He quit is job as sheriff, simply saying he was outmanned. But still we keep at it, I know. What else have we got to do. Giving up is not in the cards, not something we do if we want our lives. and efforts to have meaning, if we want to walk tall as honest people of integrity, no matter the power of our enemies.

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