Zika tales – a new Seatback virus?

The above video, about the Zika virus, is about 16 minutes long. If you elect not to watch it, this paragraph will summarize. Zika erupted in Brazil in the year 2014. Interestingly, there was work in progress on a Zika vaccine prior to that time. After the breakout, President Obama requested $1.8 billion to develop the vaccine. Brazil historically had 150-200 cases of microcephaly (babies with shrunken heads) annually. In 2014 there were 4,000, most in the last half of the year. Two things coincided with the outbreak of microcephaly: Mandated Dtap vaccinations (diptheria/tetanus/pertussis) for all Brazilian pregnant mothers, and spraying of the larvicide pyriproxyfen into the water supply in various areas to stop mosquitos from infesting water tanks. Pyriproxyfen, made by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto, caused mosquitos to be deformed prior to hatching, i.e., birth defects. An Argentine group, Physicians in Crop-Sprayed Towns, claims that the cases of microcephaly are caused not by the Zika virus, but rather by pyriproxyfen. (Link.) In the United States we annually have 25,000+ cases of microcephaly, and the Wild Doc in the above video, Dr. Dale Brown, strongly suggests a connection between the Dtap vaccine and that deformity.

Will we ever know for sure that pyriproxyfen causes microcephaly? No. Why not? The matter will not be studied, at least formally, and if done informally, it will be “fact-checked” and denied. SNOPES, speaking ex-cathedra (SNOPES is infallible, you see), will deny any connection. There is too much money at stake in terms of lawsuits against Monsanto. The same with vaccines like Dtap … the pharmaceutical industry is just too strong, and by law, cannot be sued. So even if a connection were established, the plaintiff would end up in Vaccine Court while the vaccine manufacturers would waltz.

I originally sat down here to write a humor piece. I know, as most readers do, that viruses, in addition to not existing, serve an important purpose. They are the fall guys for various diseases caused by toxins in our environment. There’s a saying about allopathic medicine, that for every bug there’s a drug. In real life, for every toxin, there’s an invented virus.

My idea was to invent viruses with cute names and ascribe them to various maladies.

The Fifteenlove virus (15L), known to cause tennis elbow.The Hangingjohnson virus (H5J1), which causes erectile dysfunction. The Youtakethatback virus (YTTB), said to be the cause of barroom brawls. The Flyinmysoup virus (FNMS), said to be the cause of various types of food poisoning. Etc.

But I lost my sense of humor after reading up on Zika. I had no idea how big that scam was. The effective barrier created between an industrial polluter and deformed babies is not funny. It is deadly serious. Thousands of women in Brazil went offshore to get abortions after the scare was initiated. Aircraft interiors for jets coming from and going to Brazil were sprayed with permethrin to stop the spread of the imaginary virus. This, from What Really Makes You Ill, by Dawn Lester and David Parker:

                Despite the obfuscation by the WHO about the adverse health effects of the ingredients of “aircraft disinfection” insecticides, there is a growing body of evidence that demonstrates their active ingredients, especially permethrin, to be harmful to human health; as indicated by a 2016 article entitled Permethrin-induced oxidative stress and toxicity and metabolism, a review, which states that it was originally believed that permethrin (PER) had “low mammalian toxicity”, but adds the comment that, “However, as its use became more extensive worldwide, increasing evidence suggested that PER might have a variety of toxic effects on animals and humans alike…” It would seem that the WHO website requires an urgent update to include the scientific evidence.

                In common with all other toxic substances, the mechanism of action of permethrin’s toxicity involves oxidative stress, as the article also states, “A growing number of studies indicate that oxidative stress played critical roles in the various toxicities associated with PER.”

               The article further states that the toxic effects of permethrin include neurotoxicity and reproductive effects. Permethrin-based insecticides are used for aircraft disinfection on flights involving countries said to be “at risk” from the Zika virus, which is claimed to be transmitted by mosquitoes. It should be noted that the health problems claimed to be caused by this virus include “neurological disorders” and “neonatal malformations”; in other words, the Zika virus is claimed to cause exactly the same health problems that have been demonstrated to be caused by permethrin. (P714)

Ironically, it appears as though they are going to have to invent another virus to cover for the makers of permethrin (brand names Nix, Elimite, and Acticin). What to call the new virus … hmmmm, what to call it? The Seatback virus?

Dr. Brown in the video above believes in viruses, but his description of the effects of Zika make it sound like a “harmless passenger,” a phrase invented by Dr. Peter Duesberg, author of Inventing the AIDS Virus in describing HIV.

Virologists are highly trained professionals, and not stupid. Yet it appears that they are engaged in foul play, inventing viruses to protect vaccine makers and polluters. It looks like racketeering. Surely many within that profession have a clue what is up, and yet … know that if they speak up, they will be ridiculed, demoted, ostracized, and eventually fired. This is what happened to Dr. Duesberg, mentioned above, except that he could not be fired due to tenure at Berkeley. He did lose his funding and his laboratory.

With HIV and Covid-19, we’ve seen the power of imaginary viruses. Zika, by comparison, was a minor psyop run to protect a chemical manufacturer. There are others. Measles vaccine is a long running scam. Others, like the HPV vaccine, appear to have been invented purely with $$$ in mind. Still others, like Hantavirus, seem insignificant, though now as I think of it, Hantavirus was the first virus that created a call for masking.

But it is all an illusion. If you are inclined to reading long and serious tracts (not scientific papers), I suggest a website run by Steven Avery called Stefan Lanka Dismantles Modern Virus Theory. Lanka traces the current lack of scientific diligence within the profession of virology back to John Franklin Enders, who won the 1954 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in “isolating” viruses, which was defective nonetheless. Still, 67 years later, the same defective laboratory procedures are being used to “isolate” viruses. Lanka credits this continuing malpractice to the glow of the Nobel Prize. I credit it to deliberate deceit, and money. Virologists are paid to find viruses, and in so doing perform an immense service for industrial polluters and vaccine makers. It cannot be accidental, as I see it.

PS: How about the GulliblesTravels virus (GLBT), said to cause people to believe SARS-CoV-2 is a real thing. It is at near pandemic levels.

20 thoughts on “Zika tales – a new Seatback virus?

  1. (A Spanking for Adult Children of Powerholics)

    Thanks for bringing this up. Paraphrasing re: virologists, “surely many have a clue what’s up, yet they know that if they speak up…”

    Seems like an ubitquitous mantra for many professions these days. We’ve swallowed any natural outrage for disdainful behavior, enabling those to walk among us with no shame. After all, they’ve got to pay their bills, too! Since materialism appears the god of society, we genuflect while pretending we don’t see the fallout. Pathetic.

    However, not as pathetic as our devotion to parental substitutes in the name of politicians,
    sigh-entists, and experts. We use them as shields of plausible deniability, as we sanctify our arrested development. We have enabled and continue to support cultural , political, and medical systems that attempt to hide this fact.

    Taught to be honest and forthright as kids, as adults we turn a blind eye to virtues that now don’t apply. We freely enter into organizations with full knowledge that the benefits we receive fundamentally enslave us, brown noses get the promotions, and our customers are an annoying necessity.

    We are surrounded by cultural messages that plead for honest innovative self starters, then immediately denounce them for their uniqueness. We passively watch media and poliical hacks whom we’ve never met, tell us what to tnink, what to feel, and how to live; and we obey.

    Well, it’s high time to take charge of our energy.
    It’s time to withdraw from that game.
    It’s time to grow up…

    (note: the components of the last paragraph are not sentences ending in lilted voice sounding like questions. They are statements.)


    1. You forgot religion as well 🙂
      Attending weekly “service”, tithing 10%, only to walk away with your head so full of $#@% one can’t possibly be a levelheaded individual.

      But as long as one feels good about it, hey, why not!?

      To paraphrase Krishnamurti, It is no measure of health to be ” well adjusted” to a profoundly sick society.

      I enjoyed your comment, thank you.


  2. <b.Did you know the Zika virus is patented? (Guess who owns it…)

    Zika Virus – causing microcephali in babies – is a potentially deadly biological weapon.
    By Jhoanna Robinson – NN – February 07, 2019

    (Natural News) The World Health Organization (WHO) dubbed the Zika virus a global health emergency on Feb. 1, 2016 without detailing much about the disease. In fact, most of the public do not know that it is patented.

    Zika, which is an often sexually transmitted virus, has existed for many years, and is marketed by two companies: Middlesex, United Kingdom-based cell and microbiology cultures provider LGC Standards Ltd. and Manassas, Virginia-based reference microorganisms provider American Type Culture Collection (ATCC).

    Now comes the question of who owns the patent of the Zika virus.

    The Zika virus is a commodity that had been purchased online from the ATCC-LGC partnership for 599 euros by The Rockefeller Foundation.

    American banker and Chase Manhattan Corp. former chairman and chief executive David Rockefeller, in an address to a Trilateral Commission Meeting in June 1991, [3 months before the infamous 9/11 “New World Order speech” by Bush Sr.] said: “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is “””surely preferable””” to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.

    In 1947, researchers from The Rockefeller Foundation placed a rhesus monkey in a cage in the middle of the Zika Forest in Uganda. [-> article posted here a year ago by Stephers I think which was such a complete pseudoscientific scam, it was funny] The research team was investigating possible causes of yellow fever, but instead of finding more about it, they made a discovery: Rhesus 766 would ultimately become known as the first carrier of the Zika virus.



      1. Gaia-
        Here is the link. A good paper to save before it disappears.

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    1. “the Zika virus is patented”

      It is not. What is patented is the mechanism of inducing the symptoms of microcephaly by administrating the compound of poisonous chemicals into the bloodstream of pregnant women. They know goddamn well it works, hence the evidence.

      As long as you believe in any kind of a virus, they’ve got you right where they want – inside of an illusion.

      The real issue is ignoring the TOXICITY and giving it no scientific weight in their experiments. And this is by design, hence the virology. It’s not about the money and patents, it’s about further cementing your belief and later on about damage control.

      Also, all of the above fits into their plan of creating a world ruled by ‘science’ , absent of national states, religion and individuality, aka transhumanism.

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  3. Mark, can you please introduce editing here? That should be a standard feature of WordPress, Ab has it and other sites too. It is very frustrating we cannot Preview posts or Edit for like 30 min…


  4. Re: “Still, 67 years later, the same defective laboratory procedures
    are being used to “isolate” viruses.”

    peer RE-View = same old, same old
    “We are killing ourselves with stupidity.”



  5. “Lanka traces the current lack of scientific diligence within the profession of virology back to John Franklin Enders, who won the 1954 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work in “isolating” viruses, which was defective nonetheless.”

    But there were numerous jabs available long before 1954, with the very first being Pasteur’s anti rabbies jab dating to 19th century. So the malpractice of making lab rat cocktails out of alleged isolated and weakened viruses and feeding them to humans intravenously became a worldwide standard before 1954, that’s a historical fact. I’d imagine they knew the practice damn well before one Enders popped onto the scene. That Nobel prize handed out to Enders was just a gimmick, giving another level of fake authority to the non-existent science of virology.

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    1. The first jabs in Europe were done in the 18th century.

      Lanka focuses on virus theory, which leads to virology. His stance is more fundamental than just opposing vaccination.


    2. MM – I’ve got a book on Pasteur and his science fraud by a Princeton professor, Geison, who worked from Pasteur’s private notebooks, which told a different story and were never meant to be made public. You’re welcome to it, contact me privately and I’ll pass it along, no strings, no $$$, no need to return. It is just gathering dust.

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  6. I watched an old episode of a UK soap (1998) and one character was rushed to hospital suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. The ‘doctor’ told her kith and kin that carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms were very similar to those of the the FLU.


    ‘PM2.5 concentration in Wuhan air is currently 4 times above WHO exposure recommendation.’
    (EPA has developed ambient air quality trends for particle pollution, also called Particulate Matter (PM). PM2.5 describes fine inhalable particles, with diameters that are generally 2.5 micrometers and smaller. “https://www.iqair.com/us/china/hubei/wuhan”)


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