On the matter of forest fires

The above is a photo of the ongoing Robertson Draw fire, located in Montana near the Wyoming border, on the east face of the Beartooth Mountains. The map quadrant is known as “Mt. Maurice,” and I assume that to be Mount Maurice itself.

Over 100 homes have been destroyed, a reminder not to build in the forest interface, says the guy living in the forest interface. Evacuations are ongoing or people are in “pre-evac status,” sitting on pins and needles. Just a few thoughts, if I may:

  • Forest fires are emotional events for humans, as so many of us have favorite places, and watching them burn hurts. Part of the problem is that the life of a forest is so much longer than our own lifetime. This area will grow back, just as Yellowstone National Park did. It is now 32 years after the “tragic” 1988 fires, and the place is green and lush.
  • Forest fires are caused by hot weather. When it is hot and dry, they cannot be prevented. Certain timber companies like to imagine (they have PR Departments for this purpose) that humans control the forests. In order to get their hands on more lumber, they have invented themes like salvage logging and thinning, all done for the sake of “forest health.”
  • If this is a lodge pole forest, as I assume it to be, it is reseeding itself as it burns. Lodge pole pines have cones that are sealed by resin, and when the heat of a fire melts the resin, the seed opens up and if on fertile ground, will grow again.
  • Climate alarmists, as always, will tell us that forest fires are increasing in size, number, and intensity. They are, as always, lying. The image bellow, a bit blurry as I scanned it from the book Inconvenient Facts by Gregory Wrightstone, shows that the area burned globally has been in decline since 1910 forward. Even the 1930s, the hottest decade on record, showed less area burned than decades before.

  • Our writer Steve Kelly, a lifelong forest advocate, knows all about this, and I hope chips in down below. He knows that forest fires are part of the natural cycle. Just as with building a home on a thirty-year flood plane, building in a lodge pole forest will inevitably mean rebuilding. The woods around our home are doug fir and aspen, an occasional ponderosa, along with lodge pole. Mea culpa, but we are not going anywhere.

In other matters, I went to the website of the Billings Gazette to find out about this fire, and after shutting down the screen in disgust, sent them the following “news tip:”

I came to your website to catch a glimpse of the Robertson fire, and clicked on a video. Right away I was confronted with a one-minute ad, and no way to stop it or bypass it. Then came the popups, flash ups, banner ads, as if the whole screen was on fire. So annoying I had to get the hell out of that website, and find a real news source instead of an ad agency.

Years ago, when popups were a new thing, a national news outlet ran down one of the companies developing them and interviewed a woman, who was advised that the ads were annoying. Her exact words: “Well duh! It’s our job to get your attention.” There was gunfire, she collapsed in a bloody pool on the pavement, and the event was surrounded by wide applause.

19 thoughts on “On the matter of forest fires

    1. How often do websites “notice” that you’re using it and require that you disable it to view their content? (I always want to tell them, “I notice your using fascist techno-surveillance on me. Please consider fucking the fuck off.”)


  1. So far this year we have experienced an artificial heatwave and drought in North America. Although there are multiple technologies at work, manipulation of the Jet Stream is the most important to cause 95F in Southern Canada while it is 85F in South Florida.

    It is not uncommon these days to have thunderstorms completely bypass Wisconsin and drop all of the rain on Lake Michigan. This is important because fresh water is the greatest resource and multiple multinational companies are heavily invested in “water bottling” around the Great Lakes Region. Much of the rain that would normally fall on the lands of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michiagn will be pushed north by artificial means dropping on Lake Superior and the lands of Ontario.

    It is telling that the “hottest decade”, the 1930’s, just happened to coincide with the Great Depression. As FDR once famously said, “If it happened, you can bet that it was planned that way!”

    I recently saw a video put up by a Rancher from Wyoming who stated that it was the worst drought they had seen in 127 years.

    Every thing that has happened recently, is a move by “Kings” (sometimes called CEO’s) to eliminate less powerful Kings, thereby increasing the power of the already more powerful Kings.


    This Saudi Oil Bomb crippled the Oil Drillers in North America by sending the prices to negative. As of Friday, the 18th, the price is at $71.41 and they are claiming there was a drone strike on a Saudi Oil Facility back in March when the price was at about $60 per barrel.

    At the time of the Saudi 50 million barrel oil bomb, the United States was the World’s Largest Oil Producer, producing more oil than Saudi Arabia. Barely a word was said by any U.S. POLITICIAN or CELEBRITY about this market manipulation that crippled the oil drilling in the U.S. Now we are right back to a major dependence on “foreign oil”.

    BTW, to go along with all of the other “shortages”, THEY have announced that there will be a shortage of Fireworks for the July 4th celebrations. Not that I give 2 shites one way or the other, as July 4th is only “Independence Day” because it is the day when the Earth is farthest from the Sun, with January 4th being the day when Earth is closest to the Sun and that day does by without a word from the MEDIA!


  2. Fear is the primary emotion that generates funds to operate and grow government agencies (bureaucracies). All bureaucracies are a function of their budget.

    It was the 1910 (“Big Burn”) fire that enabled the U.S.Forest Service – USDA to escape the death grip of the timber and mining industry bosses who wanted to kill the infant agency before it caused more “trouble” (regulation) in the free-for-all Wild West during the first Roosevelt presidency. Gifford Pinchot was Roosevelt’s pick — over conservationist John Muir — to run the national “forest reserves.”


    It’s been pure “gravy train” for the Forest Service ever since. Bigger budgets follow every big fire year. The timber industry has long been forced into a partnership with Congress and agency bureaucrats. Together, they rape and pillage with impunity — and paid handsomely to accommodate. “Capitalism,” my ass.

    Now, we (taxpayers) watch the “pork” doled out to fire-fighting contractors, timber companies, ranchers, miners, mountain bike companies, and anyone else with a viable way to generate velocity from Point A.) the Federal Reserve (those who print the money) and Point B.) those who are gifted those federal reserve notes (dollars) that are “spent” into “the economy.” It’s quite a system, as long as there is general public “faith” in the dollar. Talk about “religious fanaticism.” We’re all believers now, so what’s there to do?

    There’s almost a 100% chance that every “red-flag” warning will result in a fire; the bigger the better. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Never!


  3. Over 20 years ago, Clifford Carnicom became aware of the aerosol operations (chemtrails) in his part of the southwest U.S. As investigation revealed the presence of certain elements due to aerosol injection into the atmosphere, and related to the concurrent climate conditions in the southwest, he was moved to publish the following paper: https://www.transitieweb.nl/mirror-carnicom-institute/drought-inducement/index.html. In this paper the argument is presented that most of the identified aerosol components have a specific heat of LESS THAN ONE, resulting in heating of the atmosphere.

    Many “alt” researchers will say that aerosols are being injected to mitigate “global warming”, but Carnicom shows that the effect is to heat, not to cool, which understanding leads to the conclusion that there are other reasons for the aerosols (weather-related, at least).

    -Warming the atmosphere, warming the earth. Promotion of “AGW”, or man-caused, carbon-caused climate change as the enemy at the door.

    -Drought inducement. Hotter and drier means more fires, and more devastating fires, once again proving that AGW is real. People are displaced due to fire, and more and more land is reclaimed for the sake of “nature”, and mankind in general is drawn closer together under the umbrella of protection afforded by the implementation of plans according to agenda 21 and 2030 and beyond.

    Propaganda serves us well in understanding these agendas. When this subject came up for me yesterday, I quickly collated a few examples from the Guardian rag, and a couple from the NY Times. “Climate change” is the incessant drumbeat throughout this list.

    https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/jun/19/a-third-of-the-world-now-faces-deadly-heatwaves-as-result-of-climate-change  same thing, prop from 2017
    https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/jun/30/europes-extreme-june-heat-clearly-linked-to-climate-change-research-shows  prop from 2017
    https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/jan/18/beetles-and-fire-kill-dozens-of-california-indestructible-giant-sequoia-trees-aoe  prop 2020

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    1. So, if “aerosol injection into the atmosphere” causes warming, wouldn’t that by definition be unambiguously AGW? Crime and cover-up inversion; always blame the victim(s).

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  4. You see the web of lies and deceit? They literally toss everything they can into the dialog:

    pervasive social inequality

    Social Inequality and Climate Change? YES!! Being born with a club foot and cleft palate …and Climate Change? YES!!! Black Lives Matter…and Climate Change?!?! Of COURSE!!


    1. False choice you offer there. I would assume a natural event, in fact for most things, including CA fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and floods. There must be some name for this seemingly fallacious manner of thought in which it is automatically assumed that humans have more control over nature than they do. Maybe it was the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation acting up.

      They did the same thing with JFK, went to long ends to make it appear as though CIA could inject people with cancer, having books like Dr. Mary’s Monkey written, and Bill Hicks faking his death. That’s a primal fear they like to insinuate on us.


      1. Mark,

        I bought it, I read it…all of it…

        And I pitched Mary’s Monkey into trash along w Joel Skousen’s Strategic Relocation ..
        Re “Nuke” Scam.

        I have zero fear for Nukes…be from N Korea, Russia or China.

        Horseeshit doesn’t even begin to describe…


      2. Mark;
        How can I get you a note without it getting posted publicly in the reply section to the latest article:
        ‘Calling All Critical Thinkers’ ?
        I have a request and would like to ask you privately.
        Michael M.
        Billings, MT


  5. Nothing wrong in asking for others’ POV/informed opinion about a particular event, even more so if it is before one’s time.


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