An infrequent Swede visitation

Ideas for blog posts are infrequent.  I think of it as sitting in the woods passively observing, when a rabbit runs by. I had no idea last evening that a rabbit was on the way to this blog in the form of a Montana man I’ve known (via the blog) for years, Big Swede. He dropped in to insult us, and indeed he can be infuriating because he does not read. Therefore, he gets to lay his business on us, and anything said in return will bounce off, unread.

His first comment was to deliver a video to “… all you deep thinking intellectuals who hang out here.” It was the video I offer below.

I have not watched it. I’ve better things to do than hang out with Tucker Carlson. But the point is that Swede (who will not read this post or come around again for months) really expects us to sit down and watch someone he likes say things that he agrees with. This is all Swede has ever done – throw the words of other people at us. That could well be because he cannot formulate on his own. For example, I responded to his taunt and video as follows:

“You’d have to define “intellectual.” I saw a Ted Talk one time where a guy described intellectuals (actually, college professors) as people who only use their bodies to carry their big brains around. I think to be alert, curious, skeptical and energetic (able to read and process long tracts of prose) merely makes one “intelligent,” not an “intellectual.” According to stats I have read, people who can do all that that are a small portion of the population. Further, with smart phones and search engines (that are programmed to lie), people are getting dumber by the day.”

(I should have added having a good memory is part of intelligence, but forgot.) Here was Swede’s response:

I define it as ”relating to your ability to think and understand things, especially complicated.”

There is though, intellectual snobbery or elitism. A trait common in college professors, think tank members, power hungry politicians and blog authors.

That was his mission, to deliver that last poke, at “blog authors.” He is pissed at me. If I respond to him, and I did to a later taunt, he will say that he didn’t come here to be lectured. I must remind you that in my experience, Swede is not capable of reading and processing long tracts. He’s a visual guy, a confirmation bias guy, and a guy who uses other people’s brains.

Anyway, I remember reading years ago about various types of intelligence, and found a post by a guy named Mark Vital that gave us this list of types of intelligence:

All of us without too much trouble can pick out several of those where we are lacking.Each of those is explained in the Vital post. I am not even sure I should have screen-grabbed the above, but it is all well explained there. (I could have just repeated it without citation, but I wanted to be sure that Mark Vital got due credit.)

Swede then hit us with his best shot. Asking “Does this one work here,” he gave us this:

And there you have it. Here is Mark Vital’s explanation of “Logical-mathematical intelligence:

Logical-mathematical intelligence is the ability to calculate, quantify, consider propositions and hypotheses, and carry out complete mathematical operations. It enables us to perceive relationships and connections and to use abstract, symbolic thought; sequential reasoning skills; and inductive and deductive thinking patterns. Logical intelligence is usually well developed in mathematicians, scientists, and detectives.

Jonestown was an event that took but a few days of cogitation to disassemble, and while hiking this morning I realized that I had overlooked even more than I knew. The mining camp that was used as the staging set for the event was located far off in the country of Guyana, but here is what I missed: No  one actually had to go there! They gave us overhead photos, easily seen to be of a mining camp, and a central facility where they congregated. All they needed do to create the illusion of mass death was to reconstruct that central building, probably on a Hollywood back lot, and then bring in some soldiers who signed NDAs to pose as dead bodies. The rest was creative fiction and some lifetime crisis actors. Congressman Ryan for some reason needed a new identity, and so faked his death.

The point is this, however: Swede does not possess logical intelligence, and so is incapable of looking at an event like Jonestown and doing anything other than swallowing whole. He does not possess the necessary skepticism, curiosity and patience to examine it closely. In fact, if he were to read this (he won’t come near it) he would run around and find an “expert” on the matter, or a video, and toss it all our way as if he had done his homework by parroting someone.

Anyway, my old buddy Swede, and all of the years I’ve known him has never had an original thought, and more importantly, everything he now believes is exactly the same as he believed when I met in him 2006. I hope he has a nice day.

One further note here: The people who are behind events like Jonestown are remarkably clever and resourceful. This site will take you to a 1967 CIA memo by “Chief, WOVIEW”, describing problems that they were encountering with the Warren Report on the JFK assassination. I’m not going to recount that subject, well covered here and elsewhere. What impresses me so much about this memo, which is the primary origin of use of the term “conspiracy theorist” as a pejorative and insult, is role reversal.

People who are dullards, who trust news and do not question authority, who do not think for themselves and go along to get along, are not very smart and yet are never called “conspiracy theorists.” And yet it is this kind of person who comes out on top when encountering people like us here at this blog. All he has to say is “Well, that’s some kind of conspiracy theory ya got there,” and the game is over.

That is not an accident. The term had to come from the behavioral psychology branch of CIA. That is so diabolically clever that I merely stand back and salute. This is how stupid people stay stupid, and how smart people never win an argument about the reality of any event, from JFK to Covid. All I can conclude is that this is a crazy planet, that we have to endure it, and that God must love stupid people, as he made so many of them. And oh, by the way, Swede, you are known to skip to the end of long pieces and just read the last sentence. This Bud’s for you.

20 thoughts on “An infrequent Swede visitation

  1. The only antidote I am aware of to human stupidity is self-examination and self-criticism. This is the “horizontal line” that was exterminated by “The Enlightenment.” If there is nothing above man, greater than man, man’s will (to power) becomes the highest point in man’s use of the human mind. It’s been downhill since Nietzsche declared God dead.

    Nietzsche’s statement:
    “God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?”

    Yes, WE, not God, killed the mystical in life. WE have become (stupid) gods and can’t see the folly in that. Oh well, this too shall pass.


  2. Hiking is instructional and inspirational; indeed, even flying down a small group to direct and hiring Guyana locals for a pittance is much harder than just doing it all in SoCal as part of a “movie” for those out of the loop. Just use the “jungle set” and pronto!

    But, but, but “someone would talk”…on what network, in what paper or magazine?

    Nice quote, Steve. Most do not understand that one; alas, most do not seem to understand much at all, and are happy (high?) being in a state of hypoxia and hypercapnia, enjoying that adrenaline fear coursing through their veins, staying safe in acidosis. I always want to ask, “On the advice of compromised public health authorities hand-in-taloned hand with serial-felon corporations, how much of your own urine or feces would you be willing to consume to protect your health and that of others? Take your time.”

    This is a spiritual war; those with vs. those without.


    1. The place is pretty much inaccessible. I imagine all of the supplies for buildings and ongoing for food and fresh water for the mining camp are brought in by helicopter. Bulldozers, tractors? I would assume they were driven in. But for 200 extras in an active mining camp, I go at least with alternate location, maybe not Hollywood back lot. They could film it anywhere.


      1. great insight, Mark. Imagine the obstacles and cost in the late 1970s of getting hundreds of poor people there? Or even in 2019? nope…


        1. That’s another thing, the idea that 1,100 people moved from SF to Guyana! Boat passes? To get to jonestown required a flight to the closest airport, or passage via a ship via Panama Canal, and then boat trip to a makeshift port, and then transport via an old truck over a terribly rough road … and yet Presto! A small city, complete with barracks and a cook center and septic system, roads between barracks (for people without vehicles?), and regular food supplied. It’s the septic system, among other things, that raised my eyebrows a bit. Desperate people shit in the woods, while mining companies are more infrastructured. Did not want to say that in the original, piece, as it sounds racist. It is merely a comment on poverty and the advance of technology. Poor people would shit in the woods, as all throughout history, They would not, in the middle of a jungle, construct a septic system, which Jonestown possessed.


          1. Think too about the climate differences between the two locations. Cool maritime climate vs a hot humid sweltering climate …where I imagined people would drop dead without any need for Kool Aid.

            Interesting fact: the first slaves in the New World / Caribbean were white. That’s right, white cargo to toil in the sweltering heat. They dropped dead so quickly those in charge looked for others more adjusted to the hot climate…thus the African Slave Trade began.

            Two excellent books on topic:

            To Hell Or Barbados
            White Cargo


            1. I once worked with a Brazilian. We spoke quite a bit about his homeland and made mention of the fact the vast majority of the blacks “lived up North”… Much like our “South’…closer to the Equator, hot, hot and humid.


              1. Triple R, great observation about the climatic differences between SF Bay Area and equatorial lowlands. Indeed, though I dwell in AZ, I spent a month in Gulf Coast FL decades ago, about 100 yards from the beach in a house without A/C, though it had electric fans. I quickly learned why Hemingway drank like a fish, so he could pass out and sleep! (“…without any need for Kool-Aid.”= comedy gold)

                And I knew about the white slaves, even here in N.A., where the indentured servants where white, but did not know about those two books and the pale slaves in the Caribbean. An honest look at slavery through history would lead to this: poor peoples of all shades have been enslaved by the wealthy and powerful forever. Muh reparations!

                As for Brazil, you have it right. The cooler south is mostly Euro (Italian, German, Eastern Europe, Kary Mullis), with blacks in the minority. The famous Carnaval is not even a holiday in the southern region, whereas in other states further north the holiday ranges from a few extra days off to more than a week of partying. From Bahia on up, it is mostly pardo, which means African mixed with European, and black, except in the areas where the indigenous peoples have reservations. Many folks have some indigenous blood mixed in as well. In fact, Salvador, Bahia is the largest “African” city outside Africa. A nickname for the darkest blacks is azul, blue. Not considered an insult, btw. Oddly, preto which means black is an insult, but negro is not.

                Easy for the PMC to call these people lazy from air-conditioned offices when they do manual labor outdoors in conditions of 90+ temps with 70%+ humidity. Hell, most snowflakes I knew down there needed A/C when the temps topped 85F, and thought walking more than a block to be a chore.

                And Mark, the lack of a septic system is the tell.

                For films involving inaccessible South American mining camps, might I direct folks to “Wages of Fear”, a French classic by Clouzot from the 50s, and its good 70s remake by Friedkin, “Sorcerer”.


            2. So you mention books – thats the only way out for someone like Mr BS – youve got to read 10x as much as what you look at to develop cogent personal views


  3. Thanks for this article, Mark; here’s a little background, via Wikipedia, on the interviewee – one Curtis Yarvin – on Tucker’s show: “Curtis Yarvin was born in 1973 to a highly educated, liberal, secular family[16] and is paternally Jewish.[17] He has links with the website Breitbart News, the former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, and with the billionaire investor Peter Thiel.[10] His ideas have been particularly influential among radical-right libertarians and paleolibertarians, and the public discourses of prominent investors like Thiel have echoed Yarvin’s project of seceding from the US to establish tech-CEO dictatorships.[11][12] Journalist Mike Wendling has called Yarvin ‘the alt-right’s favorite philosophy instructor’.[13] Bannon, in particular, has read and admired his work.[14]

    He argues for a ‘neo-cameralist’ philosophy based on Frederick the Great of Prussia’s ‘cameralist’ administrative mode.[6] In Yarvin’s view, inefficient, wasteful democratic governments should be replaced with sovereign joint-stock corporations whose ‘shareholders’ (large owners) elect an executive with total power, but who must serve at their pleasure.[36] The executive, unencumbered by liberal-democratic procedures, could rule efficiently much like a CEO-monarch.[36] Yarvin admires Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping for his pragmatic and market-oriented authoritarianism, and the city-state of Singapore as an example of a successful authoritarian regime. He sees the US as soft on crime, dominated by economic and democratic delusions.[35] Yarvin believes that the real seat of political power in the United States is an amalgam of established universities and the mainstream press, an entity he calls ‘the Cathedral.'[34] According to him, a so-called ‘Brahmin’ social class dominates the American society, preaching democratic and progressive values to the masses. The basic assumption of Yarvin and the Dark Enlightenment movement is that humans desire power, which is uselessly fragmented by the Cathedral’s commitment to equality and justice, eroding at the same time order in society.” (source: Wikipedia)

    Subsequent to reading a portion of the description of Yarvin on Wikipedia; and viewing segments of above video there are a number of pertinent points to ponder vis-a-vis this man, his political ideologies and purpose. To begin with, one can learn a lot by noticing what is said in a discussion s/a the above one; and what is omitted. Let’s begin with the latter: 1. no mention of the international bodies that currently run our governments, i.e., WHO; WEF; WB; etc.. 2. no mention of the external agents (i.e., foreign countries; organizations; etc.); that are currently serving as conduits and catalysts for the multiple global agendas being implemented behind the smokescreen that is Covid-19, i.e., ‘The Great Reset’; ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution’; ‘Agenda 21/30’; etc.. 3. no mention of alien elements that may have co-opted and commandeered TPTB (in his words, ‘The Cathedral’, i.e., an amalgamation of established Universities & the mainstream press; lol) s/a Israel, Zionists, Sabbatean-Frankists, etc.. 4. no mention of how Big Tech, Big Science, Big Biz, Big Government and Big Media have been in collusion for decades now; and are incrementally transitioning the world into a digital panoptic prison (of course, see Stepher’s; and/or Alison McDowell’s works for an elucidation of this fact).

    Now, let’s turn to the former, i.e., what was said (via interview and/or Wikipedia): 1. Yarvin is Jewish. 2. Yarvin has links/associations with: Breitbart News (controlled opposition); Steve Bannon (Chief Strategist of Trump’s; Harvard Biz School; investment banker; and affiliated with Epstein, i.e., coached him how to respond to rape allegations); Peter Thiel (billionaire; first investor in FB; venture capitalist (big part of digital panoptic prison)); co-founder of Palantir (see above) & PayPal. 3. believes governments are inefficient (duh); and should be replaced by sovereign joint-stock corporations whose shareholders elect an executive (which, coincidentally, could easily morph into stakeholder capitalism; which is promoted and promulgated by WEF & concomitant agendas s/a ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution’). 4. admires both Xeng Diaoping and Singapore due to their authoritarian ways (which, by the by, is exactly what we’re all currently experiencing with the invocation of ‘State of Emergency’ policies, regulations and mandates by our dictators of the day, i.e., WHO, WEF, WB, etc.). All-in-all, once again we bear witness to the MSM proffering the hoi polloi a smorgasbord of facts, factoids and fiction; in an attempt to manifest a veneer of truth-seeking politicos (aka, ‘limited hangout’; ‘a trail of bread crumbs’; or, even, Cass Sunstein’s, ‘Cognitive Infiltration’); whilst the larger – and more pertinent – agendas of mass control (i.e., ‘The Great Reset’; ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution’; etc.) being implemented, by TPTB, continue on unrecognized; and, thereby, unimpeded. RGB-Y1 out!

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  4. Thank you, sir, for that information. While I am not familiar with Yarvin, I have spent a great deal of time with Randians and Austrian School types. It’s not all bad and as with everything, take what is good, ignore the rest. But I do note that if their philosophy is implemented full force, disaster awaits. All it took was a little bit of deregulation in California to send the brokers into a frenzy and the state into rolling blackouts. Of course they came back to say that it was not deregulation that caused these problems, but rather too much regulation, which I think of as polylogic.

    Swede was always a Big Randian, and again, not all bad, but I think with her philosophy and style, you have to just outgrow it.


  5. Off topic “just a bit”… but wanted to share.

    Please, do NOT push play button…don’t you dare! Don’t listen to a single word coming out of his flapping tongue.

    Just take in opening screenshot…that’s all I suggest you do. Take it in and hopefully the word “PHONY” screams at you 🙂

    Fn “lawyers” ALWAYS pose in front of “legal library”… Without fail.


    1. The screenshot says it all; those 8 minutes I endured are 8 minutes I’ll never have back, but worth it to see what passes for “deep” on MSM…the comments on the video are cringe-worthy, reminiscent of ones I might have made about Moan Chompsky years ago.


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