Lies and lying liars at NOAA

Several times a week I visit WUWT, or Watts Up With That, the amazing website run by meteorologist Anthony Watts. There he chronicles the entire Climate Change scam, naming names and calling out liars. They are all about, on a mission to distort reality for nefarious and vile purposes, which appear to be to impoverish us and reduce our numbers. The people behind climate change are criminals of historic stature. None can be trusted.

But I accept that about them, and I think as I read through WUWT that it is pointless to point out the lies and lying liars, as they know who they are and what they are doing. They are even rewarded. Take, for instance, David Viner, who laughably predicted in the year 2000 that Great Brittan had seen the last of this thing we call “snow.” It isn’t just stupid junk science and openly wrong, but also note that Viner is impermeable to any career damage caused by his own bad science. Here’s from his CV:

My goal had been to become a professor by the time I was 40, but this was clearly not going to happen at UEA [University of East Anglia, the beating heart of the Climate Change hoax]. I was offered a Chair by another university but it would have meant moving my family and we did not want to relocate to a different part of the country. I started looking beyond academia for jobs within commuting distance. The experiences I’d had working with various external organisations had made me positive about the idea of moving into a different sector.

Through a headhunter, I successfully applied for a newly-created post at Natural England – a new government agency – and became their lead advisor on climate change.

Do you see what happens to a climate change scientist when he gets it all wrong? Yes, promotions, offers coming over the phone, a load of compromising on the way to his horizon. Viner is impermeable to any damage to his reputation due to his silly, stupid and wrong prediction. There’s a reason for that. He is part of a public hoax.

Another example, Prince Charles, who has predicted we having our last chance at the upcoming COP26 conference. Charles is a public figure I regard as a kind of dunce, reminding me of George W. Bush, who was at least likeable and affable. Charles is hard to take. He has also predicted the end is near in 2009 and 2014. Here is the closing paragraph of this link, which I loved, written by Eric Worrall:

I think someone could make an awesome COP conference themed carnival ghost train ride. Imagine being strapped in, suddenly Prince Charles appears and warns you it is your last chance. As you’re wiping away the camembert and fine wine, Greta suddenly pops out of a box and starts screaming about her childhood. Travelling on, John Kerry slowly appears out of the murk, burbling something incomprehensible. Next a group of UN apparatchiks rush the train, thrusting random paperwork towards the passengers. Random activists appear at different points, screaming or throwing things. Finally, just as you think you can see a glimmer of light from the exit, Insulate Britain leaps in front of the train, and blocks the tracks.

There is no law against lying or being stupid, or in Charles’ case, so insulated that your stupidity is out in the open, featured in the Guardian. How nice to go through life in a can’t-lose coat of armor, or armour, as Charles would say.

There is, however something legally wrong when a government agency held in a position of public trust not only lies, but alters records to support those lies. The agency is NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. People have been tracking and measuring the number and strength of tornadoes for a long time, as far back as 1887 when John Finley published a book on the subject. However, until the advent of Doppler radar, reports required humans to witness tornadoes, and huge swaths of land were unoccupied. So a comparison of 19th, 20th and 21st century data is a challenge. Nonetheless, NOAA has been keeping track, and offers us the following:

If you are familiar with graphs, you’ll have to perform a calculation with your eyes called a “moving average,” which will produce essentially a flat line for both the number and severity of tornadoes. You will see some years with many severe tornadoes, some years with few. That is called “climate variability,” something that, along with Viner’s stupid prediction, climate alarmists avoid discussing. The article in question where I got this information is called Inconvenient Tornado Data Disappears, by Paul Homewood, who, amazingly, had to go to the Wayback Machine to retrieve the data above. NOAA has trashed it, and replaced it with the following made up data:

The period on display is 1950-2021, 71 years,. Says Homewood, “There is no discussion whatsoever of changes in reporting methodology, or any of the detailed work done by earlier scientists. All we have is the chart, along with a table, which dishonestly claims that tornadoes have become progressively more common. … This is not ‘scientific’. It is fraud, pure and simple

NOAA is a public agency, and has violated public trust. By disposing of relatively accurate historical information on tornadoes, and replacing it with made-up data,  it has perhaps even engaged in criminal activity. But, like all on the Climate Alarmist side of the fence, there are no repercussions for just making shit up. Right, Mr. Viner?

I have learned that there is no sense in dealing with Climate Alarmism by confronting lies with facts and real data. That’s a wasted effort as those on that side know the data is wrong and do not care. From our side of the fence we must simply state the obvious: Their positions are absurd, their data made up … they lie, they lie, they lie.

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  1. One really gets the overwhelming sense that evil is having its day. The impunity grates, but does not surprise the careful observer. How many cattle were slaughtered in the UK when that Neil wanker/adulterer predicted the mad-cow outbreak? (Still wish I could unsee that married buxom blonde bimbo’s photo) But then he got another chance in 2020, of course, ad nauseam. Doubt he’s bumming change at tube stations these days.

    Maybe putting a “Keep Tahoe Blue” bumper-sticker on my car would help? I think it would look good next to the “Be Kind” one. Or maybe go whole-hog and buy a Pious, err, Prius? My electricity comes from butterfly farts and rainbows! See my “blue sky” license plate? Only confirmed EV owners get those, dirty peasant! And where’s your mask?

    Meanwhile, I’ve got a tornado shelter to dig.

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    1. The irony is this: those EV/hybrid battery packs only last so long, say 150k miles or so.

      When faced with a $10,000 replacement cost, many owners often revert to tried and true 100 year old technogy w a twist (computers, fuel injection, etc). That is, a gasoline engine.

      One would be crazy to buy a plug-in hybrid if one values their life..given most homes have attached garages.

      Imagine burning your home down at 3am. It has happened!


  2. Unfortunately, “public” institutions lying to the public and distorting data is not unique to NOAA, so it’s should come to no surprise to anyone that that’s what’s happening. It is, however, despicable.


    1. I know, HPM, that it is naive to assume that governments do not lie. Of course they do, about everything all the time. But, and you can hit my forehead with a croquet mallet for saying this, the assumption is that in “democratic” states, there are ways to hold agencies accountable. That is what our friend Steve Kelly does. Can we hold NOAA accountable? I don’t think it occurred to Homewood, a good guy and smart person, the guy that wrote the article I linked, as we just get sort of a dull ache thinking yeah, they are getting away with it again.

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      1. “But, and you can hit my forehead with a croquet mallet for saying this, the assumption is that in “democratic” states, there are ways to hold agencies accountable.”

        If only that is true, which sadly it isn’t. And “lying about everything” doesn’t even scratch the surface of the filthy cesspit that is “government” in today’s world.

        On the other hand, the controllers do need to put on a good show to appease the masses, including the illusion of accountability of the “rich and powerful”. Hence why they stage show trials of Hollywood names like “O.J. Simpson” and “Harvey Weinstein” and fake congressional hearings of corporate execs like “Mark Zuckerburg”, for they offer the public a false sense of “fairness” in the justice system, as well as convenient distractions from the real corruption and its consequences on our way of life.

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        1. I like what Stephers wrote about this, that the whole idea is just to keep us in a state of excitement. Life is pretty mundane otherwise. That explains why Watergate and OJ went on for so long, only interspersed with occasional distractions, to keep us in the game. America’s long nightmare is finally (never allowed to be) over.

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          1. the only reason TPTB antics can keep you in a state of excitement is because you follow along like good little boys and girls.
            Yes it i me again and i begin another cycle hear at POM.
            This is the way it works; after a period of commenting daily i disappear for a month or three and just peek in a minute or two each day to see what you blokes are chattering about; then i drop this sort of comment to break my silence: why are you following along with it all? Do you not see that you play right into their hands by your sort of helpless and unhealthy curiosity…merkle who is that? And who is thurnberg? Prince charles? is he a prince of England? OJ? i just know something like he was accused of killing someone. Gore? Not sure ..was he an american politican? Watergate…i was in my teens and remember nixon had something to do with it….will you criticize my ignorance or see it as something good? who cares?
            Is life so mundane that you must live in that reality? I do not understand.
            And as the cycle goes, after i make such comments, i will be ignored or slightly condescended to and then you all will keep on chattering….so be it.
            I would could only suggest that you good people anchor yourself in something more substantial…but who am i to throw stones at the few members of this world who are not part of the worldwide cult. After all POM is the only website i visit for my news…

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            1. I must admit I partly follow the nonsense for entertainment value as a soap opera. But the main reason I follow is it does actually have an effect on my life and having some idea what the next scam is let’s me plan a little for the future. After all these people steel over 30 percent of my income before I even see it then another 10 percent in GST and another 10 in super annuation etc etc. Let’s not pretend they don’t have at least a minor effect.

              By the way of your President characters George W Bush was my favourite. I would be happy enough to have a whisky and cigar with him out at the ranch and listen to what he has to say. Apart from the obvious he came across as a nice fun loving affable type character. I mean in his 8 years he probably only did 1 years work. I don’t know you can really even accuse him of pretending to be president.

              Ps I’m pretty sure Al Gore played the Penguin in one of those Batman movies, I seem to remember he naturally had that real sharp nose they were after, good casting I thought. I don’t think he had a role in Watergate, it might have been before he peaked in Hollywood.


              1. alex.. i DO see and can appreciate the entertainment value it all has but think about what a relief it is that we can turn off a movie we do not like while here this is our actual reality; i mean to say that there are some real epistemological problems with your analogy; you can not leave the volume on low here can you? You either do not tune in or you do?
                As for having a “minor effect”…well that would be an understatement; Even not tuning in the effect in a sense, dominates all our lives since our neighbors are our reality also; and even as isolated as i live, one cannot ever escape other people…remaining ignorant does not really leave me at a disadvantage concerning the next scam since one scam blends into the next and i never really let my guard down anyway; i mean to say, as i have said before that shit stinks and i need not prod and pontificate everytime some new scam appears…it is all shit and will always be shit. And ALL shit stinks….

                lastly, you might consider not allowing those people to steal so much of your money; that might be the most important thing for you to consider: you consider those that steal your life away as entertainment? Is something off here?

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                1. p.s i realize there are contradictions in what i have said … i realize i can not escape the reality that they press upon us, but we all must do our best to keep them at arms length as much as possible. what i do not understand are those people who know what is really happening but still spend a good part of their waking life looking into it…looking into that abyss, but then i do understand also how the abyss holds its own fascination…it can be fascinating also to look at a pile of shit, and imagine what it means about the human animal….


            2. Godfly, I don’t disagree, and I find myself detaching more and more. For what it’s worth, here’s my take on the valid points you’re making, with regard to my own particular oddball journey through the madness.

              My body, brain and spirit are affected by cell phones. This would be true even if I didn’t own one, because I’m surrounded by people who do, and because I’m surrounded by cell phone towers. If I understand the physiological effects they have, I’m less likely to mistake the side effects for something else—for symptoms that someone might tell me I should take pills for.

              This is the kind of information Stephers is primarily concerned with—not cell phones, but the physiological effects being inflicted on the masses in support of the Covid scam. Since legitimate information is buried under an incomprehensible barrage of nonsense and propaganda, she and others who are doing her kind of investigation wind up going up and down rabbit hole after rabbit hole. It gets wearisome for me. I don’t have the patience or fortitude to do the kind of tireless digging she does, and my motivation to follow her links and make sense of all the information for myself waxes and wanes. But it’s important work and I’m grateful to those who are doing it vigilantly, even when met with criticism and attacks by people within their own “awake” community.

              I concede that many of the topics we discuss here, and that I contribute to, seem masturbatory. You’re right—at a certain point, piles of shit are just piles of shit, so why spend so much time obsessing over the particular features of this or that pile?

              Well, I think living in such a thoroughly dishonest, dehumanizing and dispiriting society has psychological and spiritual side effects as surely as cell phone towers have physical side effects. More than the discussion of individual hoaxes or scams, I value the struggles that authors and commenters share to rise above it, to become more honest and authentic themselves. Ideally, the hoaxes and scams themselves provide a backdrop, or a springboard, or a context for talking about these more uplifting issues.

              I don’t sense that you’re disagreeing with that. It sounds like it’s why you keep checking in here yourself.

              Yeah, there’s a very real danger of getting caught up in the “excitement” of conspiracy talk in a self-defeating, obsessive, masturbatory way. I’m guilty of it. And I think it’s valuable to have gadflies pointing it out as we keep coming back, again and again and again.

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              1. Thank you, ScottRC and all for stirring the embers. This is a general reply from the heart–a break from the “he said, she said, that test won’t render, they didn’t mean that,”…of white washed frocks we don’t know.

                Note: the word ‘You’ used below is not a finger unless you choose it to be. No aspersions cast nor implied–we know the early flocks get the flack, they can take it. Recall what mom said about words. “If they sting YOU, it’s the YOU that’s in them, that bothers YOU.” Btw, remember when “consider the source” was actually real?

                The Victim World IS Changing its Spots—Dojo Version

                Babylon is the Good Humor truck offering you ice cream, fake food, propaganda, sex, drugs, rationalizations, seduction, and escape…It makes itself so convenient as it drives right by your house, no muss no fuss. Just Pay for whatever suits your fancy (after all, it has it all). It’s not a BAD guy, nor an ENEMY. It simply does what it does with a person who does what ‘they’ do. Which is you—a contract to consume: indelible, unwritten, and you know it. That’s showbiz. (no victim was created in the making of this statement)

                So, what do marketing studies infer that customers love buying more than anything? Excuses.
                JUST PAY and one will be served up for you. Complete with a certificate—can be used indefinitely to blame any “authority” who sold you the goods or ideas, that you consumed BY CHOICE. After all, if you hurt you, you’re still covered! Who would invent such nonsense?

                Seems, we are experiencing the whines of a dying Piscean* age, the age of the group, the school, the kiddie pool. A Victim SALE BLOWOUT (C19) is ON NOW, where media, organizations, societies take no shame to defame or divert the blame. It’s an orgy. It’s desperation glows in the dark. It’s the ultimate liability shield for the opportunist, con artist, or the people next door. Everyone seems bent on getting their share of the scam, for cheap. Then, using both hands, they point away from themselves! Note: Surely, everyone here knows what “true victims” are, as do the profusion of books blatantly hijacking that $ubject for profit.

                Remember how it felt when you gave with guilt or pressure, to virtual signal? You know its dirty, and actually empty for the receiver; and surprisingly transparent to everyone else. It’s now all the rage…

                Kicking and screaming, many remain habituated to this “victim age” where there must be bad guys (“pandemic is run by psychopaths”), and a sacrifice, someone else MUST BE to blame. The adage of the age, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is also dissolving. Overall it served its purpose; a time when we of humanity were trained to dislike ourselves ( heathens, imperfect, unworthy, dependent on our “betters”) and collectively treated others, likewise. Wars were the “theatre” to act it out on a large scale while pockets were pilfered, and we were told it was somehow virtuous and necessary. Millions would sacrifice their children following the diktats of unknown creatures; and then bake a cake…or believe in psychiatry.

                What did Big Daddy Just Say?
                After all, politicians/doctors/experts(parental substitutes) always knew better. Our obedience to these dancing dots on a tv screen got us to take that bullet, take that jabb, take that place in the nosebleed section, and told to love it; innocent lambs, you know.
                We learned.

                GOOD BYE.

                Btw, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
                You’ll just play that old victim card again.

                Zipping Around Petrified Would

                Are you getting the notion it’s high time to move on and bypass Big Daddy? We’ve got building to do. And, men it’s time to stop sniffing the estrogen. Here comes the opportunity of an age to “Do unto others as THEY WANT you to DO UNTO THEM.” You’re FREE TO DECIDE what you’re willing to share of yourself and your resources. Connections are clean because both know they’re in CHOICE (GUILT HELPING/extortion is now GONE from the insert=Blank). To graduate to the next phase, we can see an age of information, invention, brotherhood, partnerships, and immediate consequences of Individual thinking and behavior, plus strong people with the energy to truly help the needy. How do we affect the nature of events, what part do we play? The word “victim” is changing its spots. There are no leaders–you lead, there are no ex-perts–you’re present, there are no ex-cuses, re-cusals, nor you lose-als, unless you were part of the fail. New energies are already here. There’s no re-juvenating what IS already GONE. Compassion is NOT consent. Pass it on…

                *in no way connected to the Tavistockian new age project

                re: Kary Mullis
                We’ve read he stepped away from the cold institutional prison of ideas by using acid to break the spell. Who knows? If he were like many researchers, limited solely to rational thought, he’d be as so many today, a windup toy up against a wall grinding away, fearing one major thing: that the spring is running out, and totally sure of another–that he’s merely grinding away.(see virologists).

                Seems we could go on forever, in like manner; multiple reheats of the same soup, much of which we already agree is nonsense—depending on ‘our mood’ that day. Wonder how long it takes to compulsively study those who are INCORRECT, before we become “affected?”
                Reheating is a comfort thing, not a search for truth.
                Surely, a lot easier than creating something new..
                Zeitgeist Secret Fear: that rational thinking is no longer enough…Yikes, now what?


            3. P.S. Without the context of particular scams, hoaxes and crimes, the “good stuff”—talk about rising above the madness—is more likely to become lofty, pretentious, cult-leader-like pontificating. Or it can just seem like airy-fairy, mystic-mountain gobbledy-gook. Steve’s posts about Wetiko somehow resonate with me more in the context of his work fighting governmental agencies hell-bent on destroying the environment. Mark’s personal posts about his travels, hikes, health issues and other such topics are more vivid to me after journeying through the visissitudes of Scamland with him. Same goes for Stephers and her reflections on healing and spirituality. The scams and hoaxes can be seen as nothing more than ballast for the much more meaningful human content of this blog.


              1. WOW!!!  talk about “looking at the sunny side of things” …your post defines that little phrase…and what an interesting phrase it is, for it implies that the “thing” is neither (or both) sunny and shady and the importance is in the “looking.”
                And so it is.

                after 40 years…yes 40 years i quit smoking tobacco 3 weeks ago and you know it was not so difficult after all; physically, i am often on edge; my movements are sharper and quicker and it is hard for me at times to just sit still…ha, i get more work done, have organized my painting studio and workshop , and so on, but i cannot focus enough to paint a picture or read a book and i am abit short with my kids but as all these things fade out and i get back to normal, there is one thing that does not seem to return to normal: I am almost ALWAYS THINKING about my desire…non physical desire, to smoke; the truth is i enjoy smoking , and so am considering a pipe now but no, no no… that will be just another dependency….well, perhaps you can relate my little personal confession to the way people like POMers deal with the outside world..

                It has been said that ANY sort of addiction is, in the end, a religious problem; I concur.


              2. Haha, I concur about addiction. I still haven’t kicked the smoking habit, and I definitely view this as a spiritual shortcoming.

                However, I did quit drinking 13 years ago. I was a serious drunk. By the time I was in my early twenties, I was the kind of nonfunctional drunk most alcoholics don’t become until middle age. Most of the ex-drunks I know say they’re occasionally still tempted to take that “first drink,” even after twenty or thirty years of sobriety. I can honestly say I never am anymore, and haven’t been for at least the past seven years. I can be in a bar or a social gathering, surrounded by people drinking and having a good time, and enjoy their company without so much as a passing thought that it might be nice to take just a sip, or have one glass, etc.

                I take your point, though. No, I don’t completely live up to my “sunny side of things” view of conspiracism. But over the years, and even in my time visiting this blog, I’ve become progressively LESS obsessed, LESS anxious, LESS bitter and angry, LESS fearful… LESS of all the negative things that addiction turns people into. Addiction is a religious problem, yes. It’s also a progressive problem that always gets worse. Since I don’t see myself following that familiar progression, I’m not sure your analogy is apt… for me, at least.


              3. Great discussion, enjoying everyone’s comments…

                For my part, ironically I started media consumption as a disdainful “elitist” – ie, pretty early on, I identified with some “high culture” critique of junk and “masscult”… Let’s not delve into the psychological reasons for that(!), but I was an admirably arrogant, snotty little kid, I guess…

                While simultaneously “slumming” in comics and cartoons – but there I guess I excused it because of the unique “voices” of many of the artists/ craftsmen working in that medium. And there were other exceptions… I did get into some TV shows, etc. But I liked to think of myself as “above” the absurdity of all the hot stories of the day… The “lifies” or “life movies” playing out in the media of the ’90s. So I simply ignored much of it, or dipped in condescendingly.

                I didn’t know it was “fake” or manufactured, it just seemed sensationalist and irrelevant… Maybe I had known then what it was all about, I could have admired its soap opera entertainment quality, and the ingenious manipulations and twists and turns that the “artistocrats” insert into these storylines…

                Which is indeed where I find myself now, guilty as charged, sucked into the miasma precisely because I’ve been “awakened” to how phoney-baloney it all is… And for reasons enunciated above – because the whole world takes it all so dreadfully seriously, etc, etc…

                But anyway, once give the “key” to the whole thing, or hinted in what seems to be a much more accurate model, one then continues ineluctably to try oneself to unlock further pieces of the puzzle, to decode more clues… To take the model MM (and others) gift us, combine it with our own unique experiences (real and mediated), and apply it to whatever new barge of bs comes rafting down the rapids… What can I say, it’s a hobby


              4. TimR,

                Ha. I was pretty disdainful of most popular entertainment at a young age, too. I had guilty pleasures, but I’m not sure how many other kids even thought of Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch as guilty pleasures. I watched them, but always felt like they were beneath me.

                I have an anecdote about my indifference to popular music that might amuse CrankyYanky.

                When I was 13, my first “serious” girlfriend (who was 15, and a cheerleader, and inexplicably attracted to a total dork like me) was a huge fan of Rod Stewart. This was 1983, and though Rod Stewart was still cranking out albums, he was already past his prime. On the rare occassions when I watched MTV and VH1 at my best friend’s house, I thought Rod Stewart seemed like the creepy old uncle of the cool kids like Madonna and David Lee Roth and Cyndi Lauper. But my girlfriend was obsessed with him. One night, we were listening to his records in her room, which was decorated almost exclusively with Rod Stewart posters. I didn’t give a shit about the songs, I was just waiting for her to let me French kiss her and touch her boobs. But then she threw my adolescent world into total chaos when she looked off into space and said dreamily, “I want to fuck Rod Stewart.”

                Before then, it had never occurred to me that lust was a serious component of my peers’ pop music consumption. Five minutes of looking at girls in my homeroom class filled me with enough lust to last well into adulthood, so the idea that other kids were lusting after each other at school, and then going home and lusting after pop singers, seemed like madness to me. But in order to hang on to my relationship with the hot cheerleader and get over my jealousy, I figured I needed to balance things out by choosing a female pop singer to say I lusted after. I figured she needed to be older, like Rod Stewart was, because for all I knew, young hotties like Madonna were just flashes in the pan, and it wouldn’t be cool to drool over them when they suddenly stopped being popular. Joan Jett and Pat Benitar had been around for a while—they seemed to have staying power like Stewart—but they also kind of seemed like dykes. I spent several days mulling over my options.

                Finally, while watching MTV at my friend’s house, I saw Mick Jagger featured in an older female singer’s music video. Since Mick Jagger was somehow still considered sexy even though he was old as fuck, I figured she must be, too. The music video was a cover of the Rolling Stones’ song “Beast of Burden.” The female pop singer was Bette Midler.

                The only Bette Midler album my local record store carried was a live performance of her Vegas show, Divine Madness, which I purchased with my allowance money. I listened to it in horror. The only song that even seemed to have anything close to a half-way decent beat was “The Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B.” I made sure that song was playing in the background the next time I called my girlfriend. As we talked, I sang along with it, hoping she’d take the bait and ask what I was listening too. When she didn’t, I just told her. Then I said I thought Bette Midler was hot. (I’d planned on saying “I want to fuck Bette Midler,” but the words just wouldn’t come out.) My girlfriend said, “Oh…” and changed the subject. Somehow, insinctively, I knew I’d made a fool of myself. We never spoke of Bette Midler again.

                So, yeah, even before I “woke up,” popular culture has always been mystifying to me.


                1. I so enjoyed this comment thread! I want to put forth the proposition that SCOTTRC be granted his own avatar on the sidebar for his always entertaining and informative commentary. And SCOTTRC, don’t beat yourself up too badly. I’m reasonably sure that NO man has ever stated that he “wants to fuck Bette Midler.’ LOL. “We never spoke of Bette Midler again.” I’m surprised that she ever spoke to you again at all!

                  I suppose that most of us so-called “truthers” could sense that something was seriously amiss, even back then, even though we just couldn’t put our finger on it. The “mystifying” thing about popular culture for me was why the most popular was usually the most inane. Like you, SCOTTRC, I was also much more interested in the real girls at my school than any of those propped up “unattainable goddesses” that we were sold…with one embarrassing exception.

                  Around circa 1981, while high on weed, I watched the hour-long Olivia Newton-John “Physical” TV special, which included a music video from each song on the album. I thought it was BRILLIANT, and I became so obsessed with her and the album that I decided to buy a ticket to see her in concert during her “Physical” tour (a decidedly uncool thing for a 19-year-0ld male to do.) My best friend was so bemused by my obsession that he insisted on joining me if only for the entertainment value of watching me make a fool of myself. The concert was fine, but it somehow broke the spell, and I was able to return to my normal state of (generally) not giving a shit about celebrities.

                  One other example was Neil Young. After his stellar output during the 60s and 70s, I was buying his output sight unseen until I realized in 1983 (Everybody’s Rockin’) that he was simultaneously putting me on while picking my pocket, so I stopped putting him on. (The 9 minute and 10-second long song on Reactor called T-Bone should have alerted me in 1981.) I never blindly followed another music act again.

                  ***I searched for the ONJ tv special on YouTube, but it is not available, so I suppose I will never know for certain if it was indeed BRILLIANT.


                  1. I do not know how to control the appearance of this blog. I would like to make changes, but the minutia are the kind of thing that do not stick with me. WordPress will help on occasion, but the overall theme was done by a professional several years ago for a pretty penny, and he shortly after went out of business, and anyway, I am not going to sink more money into it. I don’t like that “Search” and “recent comments” are deeply buried. The design is intended for a desktop computer, and most people are on hand held devices. When I turn on my computer everything is right in front of me, but on the iPad or iPhone, not so easy.


                    1. It was just a way for me to compliment SCOTTRC’s commentary. I’m not trying to put you to work, Mark…the blog is excellent! Thank you for all you do here.


                2. CY, we must be connected in some cosmic way. The reason I was able to enter the cheerleader’s sphere was because her mother and little sister were friends with my mother and little sister. The cheerleader and I began our romance when I’d been dragged to her house, our moms and sisters were off doing their thing, and the cheerleader decided to show me her dance moves. The song she played for this purpose was “Let’s Get Physical.” I, too, thought Olivia Newton-John was BRILLIANT.


            4. The most beautiful, well-kempt, clean in both appearance and living conditions I’ve ever seen are the Japanese.

              So much for being a racist, huh?

              I love Japan and what they’ve achieved.

              Shinkansen, anyone? Rail travel 1/2 mile long, traveling 200mph, and so smooth you can even purchase and enjoy a coffee!

              And they even bow to you when serving…again at 200mph!

              Freakin amazing, so much so average American can’t even fathom.

              I envy you very much!!


  3. And don’t forget to mention that these famous climate alarmists (Al Gore, Prince Charles, Bill Gates, Meghan Markle, Greta Thunberg, etc., etc.) are massive steaming hypocrites. They’re perfect examples of “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to the environment, and all things in general.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Greta supposedly traveled from her home to NYC for her UN speech a couple of years ago on a solar powered sailing vessel. If it is so easy for me to see that she did a photo op getting on and another getting off (she does not strike me as one who gets off), never once shitting in a bucket, why so hard for others? She’s a paid actress, like Al Gore. Duh.


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