Two things I missed

I did not realize that they are claiming that Colin Powell died of “complications from Covid.” The article I linked said he died of blood cancer.

I did not realize that the day he died on was 10/18, or aces and eights.

Mea culpa. Could well be a fake death.

19 thoughts on “Two things I missed

  1. When unvaxxed people with serious morbidities die of Covid it’s a Covid death.

    When vaxxed people with serious morbidities die of Covid, it’s because of the serious morbidities.


    1. Wrong. It is always Covid, no matter the cause. You still do not get that the PCR test is fake, right? Do you know that influenza has disappeared as a cause of death? Can you connect dots?


  2. German papers still write he died on Covid and that he was vaccinated. He was elite and they chose the day of his death on purpose. It doesn’t really matter if he died a few days earlier, does it?
    The shift of power is progressing. Austrian former chancellor Kurz lost his immunity and may be prosecuted soon, our Merkel was to long in the business to be touched by low though. Others here are losing their influence now. Media occasionally even ask the right questions, the people still don’t get it yet. People who believe in Corona ignore the critics. They know, there are different opinions but reject any deviation. It’s so religious.
    How long will Biden pretend to be the POTUS? He does not live in the White House, he does not fly Air Force One. He cannot even follow the script anymore. He’s losing his marbles, no? Yet still, media pretend everything is ok and people believe it.


  3. Define “Ironic”.

    Supporting the lie, weapons of mass destruction, and then dying of a real weapon of mass destruction.


  4. Perhaps they can embalm him and have him lay in state, on public display, for next 100+/years, just like Lenin.

    If we idolize criminals of the utmost disgusting variety, well then, let us idolize in a most regal manner!


    1. Ah yes, the famous Rosenau experiments. There was never any follow-up, and Rosenau merely said at the end that he did not know as much about this disease as he thought. I would have dropped the word “this.”

      Thank for the link. I am going to print it to keep on hand. It is hard to find otherwise.


    1. Chomsky looks like he’s ready, so it is time for him to go. He is and has always been controlled opposition, a concept you do not grasp. My history with him goes back to the Pentagon Papers, where he was an apparatchik, a useful actor carrying out a script.

      I could never understand why he so insistently, and against all evidence, defended the Oswald theory of the JFK assassination. He was just doing his job. That is what CO’s do, building a following in order to mislead and ask the wrong questions. I have not read or listened to him in years.


        1. The JFK assassination was a fake event, of that I am certain now. The reason the motorcade took that sharp turn into Dealey Plaza was to get away from the large crowds. In that small space everyone was a hired actor [including the two who played Jackie and JFK], and umbrella man spun it to say “Action!”, and the play began. The “witnesses” became lifetime actors, and since that time we’ve been offered a number of rabbit holes from communists to CIA to mobsters to corporate officials … the job of the opinion managers is merely that of a juggler, to keep the balls in the air. That’s why Biden did what he did, to keep the game alive. JFK died for real years ago, but his fake death lives on.


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