The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

One of the first things done for someone who wants to be a Climate Alarmist is to issue that person a Get Out of Jail Free card. Along with the card is issued a reminder, “Don’t worry. You can say anything you want. You can make up your facts. The scarier, the better. No one will call you on it.”

The photograph above is an example. It is said to be of a small part of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Image credit is given to AFP – many groups go by that moniker, but my best guess is that it is either a French or German news service. Below is said to be a map of the GPGP, taken from our friend and favorite liar, Wikipedia:

Here’s another image, said to be a satellite image of the GPGP, circled.

It’s all a lie. Here’s Patrick Moore on the first image above, the diver in the middle of a garbage patch: “…this image is from the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011 that killed nearly 20,000 people, caused the Fukushima nuclear accident, and swept entire towns and villages into the sea.” Moore also adds that the garbage patch (as shown by the two maps above) is clearly far out to sea, yet in the first photo, you can see land.

In fact, a tsunami is a large wave that rushes onshore and then retreats, taking with it massive amounts of debris. That’s what we are looking at.

What about the maps? They are fake. The second one with the brown smudge circled in yellow is just that – a smudge added to a satellite image. Note how GPGP is maybe 1,500 miles further south than the first map, which placed GPGP off the coast of California. (It could be that California is there just as a size reference.)

Below is a satellite image and a description of the image, from Moore:

“Fortunately, there is a very cleaner image of the entire Pacific Ocean which is also a composite taken over a year-long period in order to create a clear and perfectly cloudless image. It does not show any visible garbage patch because there isn’t one. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, famed to be twice the size of Texas is fabricated, as it does not actually exist.”

Those who claim the GPGP to be real defend against Moore’s charges, saying that the garbage is there, but is hovering just beneath the surface. Others say that the garbage is in the form of micro-plastics in the water column .. i.e, in both cases … invisible. Got that? Please give that statement some thought.

There is garbage in the ocean, by the way. It is widely dispersed.

The information gathered here is taken from the book Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom, by Moore, a co-founder of Greenpeace who resigned from the group in disgust in 1986. He is often a featured speaker at events put on by Heartland Institute. Moore devotes 29 pages of this book to GPGP, first to debunk the giant lie behind it, part of the Climate Alarmist propaganda campaign, but also to address real matters like ocean debris. By far the biggest threat there is fishing boats and nets, which are discarded overboard when worn out, but still continue to catch and kill fish. Says Moore, something can be done about that, a restriction placed on fishing boats and fleets that they not discard their used netting overboard. It seems simple enough.

Moore also decries propaganda around fish and birds eating plastic, having guts full of it, showing photos advanced by the Alarmists, all fake. I recommend the book if only to see fake photos at work. It is some of the most egregious lying going on these days, and when speaking of the Climate Alarmists, that’s a big statement. One of the lies being told is that the Laysan Albatross is going extinct due to plastic in the ocean. He shows the graph below showing how endangered this species is.

If you have trouble reading that or are confused by graphs, it shows a breeding population of near zero in 1920, and a 2005 population of nearly 600,000.  As I said about Climate Alarmists, they have that Get Out of Jail Free card in their back pockets. This is a massive lie, a lie swimming in a massive garbage dump of lies told by Climate Alarmists.

There is far more discussed by Moore in this book, other chapters on Great Barrier Reef (alive and well), polar bears (thriving, numbering almost 30,000, a  resurgence of population due to a 1973 treaty that forbade hunting them), and deliberate lies about walruses told by Sir David Attenborough.

It is recommended reading.

20 thoughts on “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

  1. “Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom,”

    Great book title! 😂
    Sincerely… Amid a tsunami of books I’d never want to read, that sounds like one that many people ought to.

    You’d think the public would be more jaded after decade after decade of “Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom”…. But apparently not. Each new generation eagerly laps up the new crises, and begs for saviors and solutions.

    To their credit the older generations aren’t fully on board with climate hysteria, but maybe the whole thing has been long term softening up… And the new generation of shell-shocked Covidians may be easy pickings for the climate end game. If “they” really intend to go through with the lunacy they advocate.


    1. Several things I know: The technology for nuclear power will not go away. Natural gas will not go away. (I have a conflict of interest here, owning an interest in two natural gas wells.) Solar and wind will fail, and the people most harmed by that failure are those who live in undeveloped countries. They are told to “leapfrog” over fossil to wind and solar. I think at its base, this is racist. (They fear Africa developing. Slavers merely hopped off their boats and moved over to the World Bank and IMF.)


        1. It cannot succeed … many shortcomings, sunlight is unreliable, it gets dark every night, and storage of electricity is not yet achieved. The further north, the less reliable solar is. The vast arrays of panels they have built are environmentally damaging to local species, and anyway, ugly. A simple natural gas or nuclear power generation plant has a much smaller footprint, and produces highly reliable power. Solar is a huge step backwards, not progress. Wind is even worse.


          1. Yes, absolutely correct Mark

            Solar and wind can NEVER be a reliable PRIMARY source of energy. The wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine [for many places anyhow]. They can both obviously have a useful secondary role, and also be very useful for personal, and local, smaller scale situations. But NEVER as the primary industrial source

            This was clearly shown by events in Germany last September. Incredibly the Germans had switched to a high reliance on wind and solar, and both stopped at the same time, almost leading to blackouts. Reliable natural gas came to the rescue

            This guy covers some of the US/EU/Asia geopolitical issues involved:
            Same old, same old, as ever US Empire meddling a big factor. German isn’t a sovereign nation anymore it seems. Realistically it hasn’t been since WW1


  2. Great post, I just bought the book, 15 quid here. Sadly at Amazon because it was £28 at the next best…

    This fits with my instinct too: create a series of false environmental scares[controlled opposition] to distract from the very REAL environmental issues that are ALL generated by the massive corporations [owned by all the WEF members who say that they are worried about the climate!] The list of real issues is extensive but they are effectively sidelined by all their BS that receives all the media attention

    It is kafkaesque at times too. Here in the uk the biggest single emitter of CO2 is Drax power station in Yorkshire, 40 miles or so East of where I live. It issues 12% of ALL uk CO2 issued. It used to burn coal, which is still abundant here, but it now burns wood pellets imported from the US! Imported by ship of course, so all that grossly polluting marine bunker oil. But it has been labelled green by their carbon accountants!


    1. Pete, the pellet fuel markets have been totally overlooked, and green-washed.

      The media, as is pointed out in the article, will not report on forest destruction for “biofuels” here in the West, where there is no “hardwood” to make pellets. It’s “chip it and ship it.” Most going to Asia for boiler fuel and fiber board production.


    2. Coal is a far superior fuel over wood, more energy per ounce by far than wood. But this is the whole impetus of the Climate Alarmism movement, to take us away from efficient fuels and back to more primitive ones. There are two outcomes easily seen, a lower standard of living for all of us, and for Africa, failure to launch. They are being told they have to “leapfrog” fossil and nuclear and go straight to wind and solar, in other words, screwed again. I think Africa developing is a baseline fear for the people behind the hoax. It appears that slavers left their ships and joined the IMF and World Bank.

      There is no evidence that Sars-CoV-2 exists, that PCR is valid, that CO2 is dangerous. The whole world is being run on mythologies put forth by people whose agendas are hidden from view but easily discerned. They are impoverishment and depopulation, Malthusians who hold humanity in contempt.

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  3. The west’s drive to eliminate CO2 is like suicide by a madman. Economic suicide in this case. Fossil fuels have surely been a primary driver of modern civilisation, that is certain. Discounting the kafkaesque wood pellets nonsense [clearly explained by Steve’s Counterpunch link] then, what are we left with if fossil fuels are abandoned? Hydro, nuclear, wind and solar, and very little else

    Wind and solar are non-starters as a reliable energy source. That was demonstrated in September when Germany just avoided national blackouts because of their disastrous move away from coal and nuclear in recent years. They deliberately moved to reliance on wind and solar, abandoning coal [which, like the uk, is plentiful there I think] and nuclear [which was viable there and was a significant part of their previous generation capability]. I always thought that German industrialists were smart cookies, but that isn’t true any more it seems. Because in Germany, during September last, then, the wind stopped blowing sufficiently, and the sun didn’t shine sufficiently. It was almost disastrous for them too. They avoided shutdowns by the skin of their teeth, by buying natural gas on the spot market, thus spiking the price overnight. Smart it ain’t. The cost per unit of electricity in Germany is now over 3 times that in China [coal burning] and Russian [hydro and low carbon natural gas]. Might as well hand them your industry on a plate…

    Yes, it’s impoverishment, and Malthus, in one malign package. It’s also part of the same agenda as Steve’s “Global Banker Alliance” post too, control of EVERYTHING. They admit that quite openly…

    Amusing aside: At the, just closed, COP26 climate shindig in Glasgow then, the organisers provided electric cars to ferry all the oligarchs and their buddies from the airport into and out of the city. Problem was that they didn’t have enough charging points in Glasgow to keep them running. No problem, they simply set up a row of DIESEL generators out of sight!

    Finally, my nephew is a builder and he recently told me that the bigger corporate sites now have electric dumper trucks. They are charged up the same way too, via a DIESEL generators. But, if the damn battery runs out during the working day [which it frequently does], then they’ve got to wait with no useable machine until its charged up!

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    1. Yes Mark, I realise that. On he face of it then, that is illogical isn’t it because nuclear is surely low carbon. So, if low carbon is their real objective then, they should be supporting nuclear, not eliminating it, shouldn’t they

      But low carbon is just a ruse, their main objective is control of society. That is obvious when you look at their declarations, including their agendas for this century with their green new deal, sustainability etc.

      Their integral central bank digital currency plans are the most totalitarian thing imaginable too. If/when they achieve that then, they will effectively control ALL money transactions everywhere, a nightmarish thought. Here in the uk the elimination of cash was advanced a few more stages by the covid nonsense. “Cash notes can give you covid”, simply ridiculous. So like all other respects I did not comply. I used more, not less, cash during the scamdemic

      The plain truth is that these people cannot predict the weather beyond a few days ahead. Never mind the climate [the sum of all the weather] in a hundred years time like they claim. They are utter charlatans

      So, what’s next, freezing cold [an ice age is overdue] or boiling hot? Who knows, who cares? Not me that’s for sure, because there is absolutely nothing that I can do about it either way. Nor do these madmen care I suspect, so long as their politics for their total control of society stick


  4. You know, the Pacific garbage patch looks eerily similar to the Australian continent in some pictures, such as the Earth satellite photos above. Perhaps it is simply an edited version of Australia? A stretch, I know, but within the realm of possibility.

    Pacific garbage patch:


    What do you think?


        1. This find on your part is worthy of a blog post all by itself. Look for it in the next couple of days. I have contacted Moore with your finding as well. It is usually difficult to get through to high profile people, and to get a message read on the other end. We will see.


  5. Should I avoid the low-hanging fruit joke about the parallels between the two? Yeah, I should. I actually know some great folks from there. (Oz, not the garbage patch in the middle of the Pacific with mountains in the background) Maybe those mountains are the result of too much CO2 pushing down on the ocean floor? Maybe the mountains are made up of masks? Maybe write up a grant proposal to study that phenomenon…nice catch, HPM!


    1. i thought my postings were over for a while but i happen to have some first hand experience with the pacific ocean, and so thought my comment might be interesting to some:

      I do not like to fly; since my late twenties, I have often opted to travel by cargo ship. I have crossed the pacific ocean three times between the west coast of the USA and Manzanillo mexico to korea once and china twice; Because the pacific is so big, and i cannot see out into the sea at night, my trips do not prove that there is no garbage patch, but it takes 12 days to get across (sometimes 14 days depending on wind direction) and i spent alot of time on the Bridge (control room) talking to the captain and officers; i do not recall ever speaking specifically to them about trash in the ocean but i suspect that given all the questions i asked them about the sea , they would have mentioned something like that. I do not recall any of them ever mentioning trash at all….and i have never seen any…..lots of whales though….


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