Blue Bayme and miscellany

The Sierra Club quit beating its wife. So they say. At this link we find that they took $25 million from various natural gas interests between the years 2005-2010. They allegedly stopped, in 2012 issuing the following press release:***

The Club continues to view natural gas as a flawed but necessary transition fuel to a clean energy future powered by wind, solar and other truly clean energy sources. That’s all the more reason that we must even more aggressively push for strong state and federal regulations. To succeed in those efforts, there can be no question of our independence. We can no longer accept donations from companies or individuals involved in the natural gas industry.

Sierra Club was not alone in taking money from fossil fuel companies. The Environmental Defense Fund is as guilty, if not more so, along with Natural Resource Defense Council and others, usually the big enviro groups.  This article is from 2012 and outlines much of the corruption. There’s a common and never debunked belief fostered on the public by Climate Alarmists that the fossil fuel industry is funding Climate Skeptic groups, kind of a David/Goliath situation. This, like everything else said by alarmists, is just another big lie.

According to Michael Shellenberger in his book Apocalypse Never,

Climate activists massively outspend climate skeptics. The two largest U.S. environmental organizations, EDF and NRDC [Environmental Defense Fund and Natural Resource Defense Council], have a combined annual budget of about $384 million compared to the mere $13 million of the two largest climate skeptic groups, Competitive Enterprise Institute and Heartland Institution. That amount of money, $384 million, is significantly more than all of the money Exxon gave to climate-skeptical organizations for two decades. (p 206)

The reason I titled this post as I did, “blew by me”, is my basic misconception about Climate Alarmism. The way it is framed is this: These people and groups want to tear down the fossil fuel industry and replace it with solar panels and wind turbines. Since those two technologies are unreliable and harmful to the environment and wildlife, the people who support Climate Alarmism are either liars or stupid, or both. What they really want is to take us back to pre-modern times, when our lives will be harmed and shortened by absence of clean and cheap energy as provided by oil, natural gas, coal and … nuclear power.

I know, in order of cleanliness, the proper order, dirty to clean, is coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear. Of those three, coal on a world wide scale (including India and China) is thriving, and oil and natural gas industries are far more powerful than any environmental group. These groups, Sierra Club especially, have acted as beards for oil and natural gas to put an end to nuclear energy. That has been the game all along, to protect entrenched industry from a new upstart, one that could even replace them with clean and non-polluting power.

This then answers the question of why Climate Alarmists favor wind and solar, even tolerate hydroelectric, but oppose nuclear power. Just follow the money. Corruption is everywhere, in Climate Alarmism and in fossil fuel companies, and in the big environmental groups as well. (In real science, CO2 is a non-starter.)


One group I follow is the much maligned Heartland Institute, linked in our blogroll. I do not get a sense of lies and lying liars from them, in fact, just the opposite. They do not waste their time attacking critics and public actors, but rather just assemble facts and evidence to support their premise, that the planet needs some maintenance, addressing some problems, but is not in danger. But it is hard to be right when a massive propaganda campaign funded by governments and powerful and wealthy corporations backers is wrong.


Just doing a modicum of research for this piece, as I knew where I was taking it, I used the search engine DuckDuckGo, finding it to be a source for less censorship than is done by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I wanted the details of the amount of money given to environmental groups by oil and natural gas companies. I found DDG answering the question not asked, how much money fossil fuel companies give the climate skeptic groups. I think I am again rudderless, having no search engine I can rely on to give honest returns. I am stuck with books and organizations and individuals I determine to be honest brokers.


Jordan Peterson is a veritable water spout of talks, interviews, books and panel discussions. I generally like Peterson, especially his confrontational nature. There are not that many who are outspoken and at the same time who don’t chant and hold signs. Below he is at his best, finding and using the exact right words to describe disruptive behavior by students who do not like what he says. It is brief.

I recently listened to a Peterson interview over two hours long with Joe Rogan, which can be found on Spotify, background as I went about my regular business. In it, at some point, Peterson diminishes the presence of psychopaths, at least in the business world. He says they are not that many, and not that effective anyway, as they leave a trail of destruction behind them.

This contradicts the work of Hare, Cleckly, Stout and others. Maybe Peterson is right that they do not have staying power, but given that they easily recognize one another, I would guess that there are business organizations that as a whole take on a psychopathic demeanor. I am almost wrapped up now on Lobaczewski’s Political Ponerology, a tedious book wherein two of the editors, Alexandra Knight-Jadczyk and Henry See graciously provide definitions of the terms and concepts used by Lobaczewski, saving me trips to the dictionary (where I suspect I would not find the definitions anyway).

Lobaczewski’s essential work outlines the formation of groups, organizations, even whole countries around psychopaths. Hare, Stout and others conclude that such people are six percent or more of us, and that as such, they find their way into all organizations. If enough of them are present, as I see in Climate Alarmism and medical fascism now surrounding us, they are not only effective, but extremely dangerous and damaging.

So I take issue with Peterson on that one issue. If you have time, a trip to YouTube and Peterson is well worth it, in my view.

*** As of 2013, there was only one nuclear power plant left in California, Diablo Canyon. I suggest that this is why Sierra Club natural gas money dried up, and not due to any qualms of conscience. Their work was done.

13 thoughts on “Blue Bayme and miscellany

  1. Miles Mathis did a great takedown of Jordan Peterson, the intelligence linked Pied Piper shill. Ressurecta Europa also did a great 30 minute video titled “Jordan Peterson Dismantled”. highly worthwhile.

    Jordan “just-take-the-damn-vaccine” Peterson is the purest poison.


  2. so there you have it mr tokarski; and of course you are man enough to flip your opinion on a dime;
    i smelled subversive shit with peterson from the moment i looked into his eyes and saw how well spoken he was, but now after watching the resurrection europa video that alex B linked, my nose and eyes are vindicated.
    you see, all the good and correct things he was saying is just normal common sense and any man 50 years ago would have said the same things; so in the one of two videos i had watch of his, all i saw was his ability to speak slickly, which is the hallmark of the ashke nazi…they always trick people into thinking that their verbal slickness is real intelligence: it is not.


    1. …but let us continue…if you allow me to:

      take the wonderful little book by leopold kohr that steve kelly recommended a few days back. yes, a truly beautiful and foundational book for the small is beautiful and back to the land movement. How could such a thing be tainted by the controllers you may ask…. and yet i say that it is nothing more than the divide and conquer method;
      kohr and his students were all in the end advisors of some sort to third world countries; the end game in each case was to encourage breaking up state power into smaller local units in order that the ashke nazis could then enter and buy up the country.
      the back to the land movement that these books spawned can be seen as collateral damage since these beautiful books inspired thousands of families over the years to consume less and return to the land. But the damage done by the back to the landers is absolutely minimal for obvious reasons: not many really go back to the land and those that do still end up as major consumers of solar panels and other such trash that the controllers also promote and profit from;
      and even me, living completely by fire and living well on 400 dollars a month: i am still a consumer in every sense of the word. Meanwhile we can see that the “proof is in the pudding” , that is to say that the world has become exactly the opposite of what the small is beautiful and back to the land movement promoted. And that is because anything promoted by ashke-nazis…(often from Vienna and transplanted to the east coast) is promoted to benefit themselves.
      still no one here wants to use the J word or the A word ; yet kohr and his followers and peterson and ALL OF THEM TO A MAN are ashkenazi jews…just a coincidence i guess


      1. So, Godfly, is small beautiful, or not? Whether an author is “ashkenasi jew” or not has no secret power over what I read or how I interpret what I read. I have my own thoughts and decide my actions without reacting to the constant “divide and conquer” bait strewn about everywhere. Yes, I am fooled regularly, but I am also un-fooled almost as often after doing a bit more of my own observation and thinking from another perspective. We are all capable of doing our own thinking, and allowing our consciousness to evolve. You seem to be arguing for a fixed, “objective” truth that simply does not exist. Objective reality simply cannot exist in a forever evolving, moment-by-moment universe. Nothing stays the same. There is no objective reality in a constantly changing environment. We can all blame some “other” for our unhappiness, or we can live in the moment of beauty we call life and enjoy what is given to us — all for free, until it is no more. I can’t hate a group of people I do not know. I don’t know any “Jesuits” or ashkenasi jews. I can hate the weather, but it does no good, it is what it is. Relax, Godfly, life is grand, and yes, small is beautuful, at least that is my opinion at this very moment. Obviously, that is subject to change.
        Have a beautiful, small day.


      2. I refuse to engage in Jew-baiting, as so many wonderful and influential people in m6 life have been Ashkenazi Jews, including two college professors. Nothing evil about either of them. I have to step aside and wonder that so many of the upper crusts are of that descent, and are not of good and noble nature. But to sit here and yell “Jews! is undignified in my view, and for that reason Jew baiting is one of the forbidden topics on this blog. But I don’t feel like censoring anyone, perhaps I should remove it from the list. Not my concern today.

        Regarding elites controlling all sides of the debate, no news to me, the guy who discovered dead rock stars moving into the news media so that all outlets are under control, including (at that time) Amy Goodman (Janis Joplin) and Bill O’Reilly (Bobby Fuller). Time has left me in its dust, I quit doing the work, don’t follow news, so the last entry on the subject, as I recall, was Anderson Cooper, a set of twins, one of whom faked a suicide by leaping off the balcony of Gloria Vanderbilt’s apartment. (Joplin was also a set of twins). The Cooper twins appear to be one dumb as a stump, who would do Jeopardy! stints, while the other did more important work, like validating the Sandy Hook hoax.

        Enough. Divide and conquer a new thing? It is why we are allowed only two parties!


        1. i would at least like to be (partially) understood ;
          what i am about to say i have said here before,
          but as mark has mentioned we often talk over one another at POM, which means we do not really always read carefully:

          my frequent mention of jews is more about knowing the enemy;
          if we all woke up tomorrow and saw that the world was a black mans world and that every writer, scientist, politician and thinker of any power and depth were black men from a small tribe in the mountains of Ethiopia, we would really have to look at ourselves, and that tribe and try to understand why we were being ruled by them; the problem is that the aske nazis blend in to almost every country on earth. This makes knowing your enemy difficult.

          In my tiny library of 300 books, probably half of the authors are admitted ashkenazi jews and the other half questionable; I am 100% askenazi jew and grew up on the fringes of the controlling families (my paternal uncles side)

          The problem is that most of them are devious duplicitous arrogant shitheads full of spite and a feeling of contempt for anyone not Jewish; i experienced this my whole life growing up and have been outcasted from my family since the age of 15, in part, for refusing to take part in that stance toward the world.

          They are an enemy worth respecting but they are the enemy…obviously not all of them, but does that not go without saying?


          1. i would add:
            knowing your enemy does not necessarily mean focusing on the characters that pom readers focus on, and trying to understand them;
            as i have often said, i simply follow none of the people that pom readers write about;
            i take almost none of the links and do not give a passing thought to people like assange;
            you will notice that i also almost never mention living contemporary people, or people in general;
            we might consider discussing general principals, behavioral patterns and such things, but never, “he said she said” , “did he do it or did she not do it?” “is it fake or real?”, and such things, which seem pointless and a waste of time.
            In that sense speaking of the jews seem more to the point than speaking of particular people. When speaking of particular people, it is easy to get lost and not see the forest for the trees.


    2. It’s a bit much to take, the Mathis ego interfering, “Its all directed at me.” We’ve done work here on Mathis, but I’ve taken it all down from public view, forever. It is not that I trust him. I do not. It is just that part of what he does resonates with me, carries the possibility of being true. He has to carry forth with truth to sell lies, the world we must navigate. Maybe so too with Peterson, McLuhan and Chomsky for that matter. At all times, my own brain, often slow to come around, is my only resource.

      I must now step back and think about things. Again.


    1. Steve, I dusted off my old prospector pan and gleaned some gold flecks for sure. There are many grammar errors, etc, as the author is German (?), but there is food for thought. Will visit the Saker again some, as there is some value there.
      The bestiality of media/entertainment, the endless propaganda, the unwholesome food, the isolation, the expulsion of logic in favor of feelings, immersive gaming, and the alienation have indeed left a mark. Dysgenics is clearly at work here. Devo was right, it’s going downhill.


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