Heliocentric denialism

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was famously the first victim of what we now call lockdown, forced to live out his days in his home for having dared crossed the Inquisition. He claimed, based on observation and evidence. that the earth was not the center of the solar system, but rather moved around the Sun. As one observer from our current era noted, he was actually an early victim of peer review.

Science has not changed much in the intervening centuries. Most of what we know is wrong, and powerful forces are still enforcing lies as reality. Two areas in which this is taking place are Climate Change and Covid, where anyone who flouts the “consensus” is battered, de-funded, fired, and publicly shamed. Roger Pielke Jr., over in Boulder at the University of Colorado, has bucked the Climate hoax, and as a tenured professor cannot be fired, but is otherwise shunned and humiliated. The university brass moved him to a very small office with no windows, just a way of saying “F*** you.”


Which reminds me – I drew that line there to warn readers that I am going to be using foul language for a couple of paragraphs. If such a thing offends you, merely move your eyes down to a similar line below. The swearing stops below there.

David Viner is a climatologist in Britain, whatever the fuck that means. Climate is really complicated, as Patrick Moore reminds us, involving a large number of disciplines, including atmospheric physics, oceanography, geology, paleontology, evolutionary biology, astrophysics, meteorology, and all aspects of biology (life science). Viner is a hydrologist, and also worked at East Anglia during the time of Climategate, the huge email scandal that was eventually whitewashed and covered up. In 2000 he predicted that Great Britain had seen the end of snow, and that in the future children would not know what it is. He was not just wrong, but stupidly fucking wrong. so wrong that he should have been laughed out of his profession and kept away from climate “science”. Instead, he has failed upward, He has since 2012 been the Principal Advisor, Climate Change for Mott MacDonald (a global engineering, management and development consultancy). These guys in the Climate Change business are wrong about everything, having never made a prediction that has come true, yet never have to answer for their stupidity or dishonesty (or both).

Somewhere in the blogroll below on this page you will find a link called “Climategate,” which yields a large number of the emails of that era. If you do what I did, take time to read them, you will get a sense of what was really going on at the time. Michael Mann apparently at one point misspells the word “closest,” referring to “our closeted friends”. I do not think that was accidental, Rather, he was making veiled reference to closeted forces behind the Climate Change hoax. These are the anonymous people with their hands up the asses of the “scientists,” using them as sock puppets. Otherwise, how have they been allowed not just to be wrong, but incredibly fucking wrong now for well over thirty years?

As with the virologists who gave us SARS-CoV-2, these people do not know what the fuck they are talking about. They lie, lie and then lie some more, without accountability. Climate zealots are now talking about “climate lockdowns,” so much did they admire the way that the planet was locked down at the beginning of the Covid hoax. They are indeed fucking monsters.


Anyone who disagrees and sees through either of these hoaxes is called a “denier.” I find that to be an incredibly powerful propaganda message, right up there with “conspiracy theorist,” intended to be a thought stopper. I admit that getting the majority of the American public to start thinking about any given subject is like getting a Model T Ford without wheels or a motor to speed on the freeway. Americans are not taught to think in the schools, and do not develop the habit as TV, football, beer and wide screen TVs occupy them throughout life. So running a scam like Covid does not take a huge effort. Most Americans are married to authority figures. Here at this blog we ridicule the likes of Viner and Fauci, knowing that they are professional liars. But it does not work that way for most people.

In the intellectual  classes, you will not find dissent from the official science of Covid and Climate. I suspect that among regular people, there is plenty of it. Why else do we not see polling on either subject? The Omicron “variant” is plainly a doubling down effort to keep the pandemic going, as it was losing steam. A very large number of us are not vaccinated, and are not “hesitant” or reluctant, but rather skeptical, extremely so in my case. Just as they can look out a window to see Climate as stable and variable at once, so too can they see among family and friends no illness. There is a percentage of us, certainly less than fifty, maybe less than twenty, who are just not buying in. And that is where the final efforts are now pointed, to get us to buy in, or force us to do so.

Austria went into lockdown to force everyone to vaccinate. That is one way to make it happen. MM reminds us that while Australia seems rabidly fascist from the outside looking in, it is most likely due to very high resistance there to the new fascists. There have been massive demonstrations, unreported in the news, of course.

The times ahead will be troubled, force will be brought to bear on those of us clinging to our precious freedoms. We must keep in touch and band together.

By the way, what do they call it when people are forced to receive an injection with undisclosed ingredients and without informed consent and in violation of the Nuremberg Accords? Remember that Nuremberg, while lacking force of law, came about due to abuses by Nazis, running medical experiments on people without their knowledge or approval.

There is a name for that practice: A crime against humanity.

While it is doubtful that any real punishment was ever handed down on the Nazi hierarchy in the wake of that war, there needs to be real justice for our current band of brothers, our current set of fascist criminals. Might I suggest the gallows? I don’t mean lynching, but rather legal punishment following due process.

That is, if rule of law ever returns. (Did we ever have it, really? Was it always just window dressing?)

68 thoughts on “Heliocentric denialism

  1. Excellent article with well placed expletives.
    I was at the post office standing in the line. A lady in front of me boasted that she already got her booster; the one behind stated that there was no excuse for anyone not wearing a mask, making sure I (mask-less) heard her. I feel pretty alone in this sort of “company”, so I am double glad that there are people who think like me.


  2. Excellent article with well placed expletives.
    I was at the post office standing in the line. A lady in front of me boasted that she already got her booster; the one behind stated that there was no excuse for anyone not wearing a mask, making sure I (mask-less) heard her. I feel pretty alone in this sort of “company”, so I am double glad that there are people who think like me.


    1. I know, when you’re out and about you feel like the only one, don’t you? Yesterday, I caught a train with a friend – she was wearing her mask on and off while I don’t even carry one to put on in case I see police – I’ve seen police twice on the trains in the last couple of weeks but somehow we’ve managed to avoid each other. If I do have a close encounter I’m all ready with my, “Are you an authorised public health officer [police generally aren’t]? If not, in questioning me you’re in breach of the federal Biosecurity Act of 2015”. In Australia, federal law is supposed to override state law and all health mandates (not laws in any case) are at a state level as far as I know. A few months ago I wasn’t ready with my question when caught maskless on a train and foolishly handed over my personal details and am now facing $1,500 in fines ($500 for maskless and $1,000 for being “out of area”) which I’m going to court to fight. I simply cannot see how those fines won’t be dropped but there’s no way I’m paying them, that’s for sure.

      Anyway, yesterday as my friend were sitting on the train 1.5 maskless the elderly couple opposite us got up and walked into the next carriage. The brainwashing is so sad.

      Last night I was chatting to someone who told me a friend had developed a serious allergic reaction to one of the ingredients of the jab, Polyethylene glycol (PEG), after her booster shot. Ironically, before it was realised what she was allergic to it she was treated with substances that also contained PEG which is an inconvenient substance to be allergic to as it is contained in many products, not just medical.

      I still have not had the courage to revisit the science put forward for man-made climate change. I was certainly convinced of it before I woke up to all the lies a few years ago and haven’t really had a proper good look at it since. I guess I really should get around to it.

      These are a couple of interesting links in the comments to an OffG article on spiritual leaders going along with the BS.

      Using Orgone To Heal Our Ecosystem & Our Bodies w/ Mitch Kohl – haven’t watched yet but looks interesting

      Christian analysis of occult ritual

      (In another article by the author of article above he points out that when you do an internet search for “censorship” and look at the images so many show something across the mouth.)

      This is a link to to an ironic Orwellian image.


        1. Hi Jon, hope you are well and merry Christmas and all of that. I am not usually optimistic about court outcomes, given that the power behind the hoax is so great. We live in lawless times.


  3. Don’t you think that “Nazi atrocities”, including running experiments on people, are just as fabricated as almost literally everything else we’re told about WW2?!

    If not…Why not?

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    1. What’s the evidence?

      My father was in an Italian navy boat that was torpedoed by the British as far as I can tell – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_cruiser_Emanuele_Filiberto_Duca_d%27Aosta. He actually didn’t tell us about it while he was alive, it only emerged in a book written by a guy from his village who recorded war experiences of the villagers – I’ve actually not seen the book, seems my mother lost it, so who knows? Maybe it’s not true but I simply have no reason to disbelieve it. I wonder if my father suffered survivor guilt after the torpedo and was part of the reason he didn’t tell us about it. He reported to the author of the book that another officer went out of his way to help him escape the boat after torpedoing (without whose help it seems he wouldn’t have survived) and was behind my father when he was almost clear just as it was torpedoed again after which everyone went flying and my father never saw the other officer again. I think he thought the guy who saved him may have died but wouldn’t have had he only tried to save himself.


        1. Wow! You’re really hard core. You know maybe the story never happened … after all my father didn’t tell us himself but when I heard the story, it really sounded genuine … and, the thing is, when they psyop us they always let us know. Unfortunately, most of you guys on POM are really not scrupulous with the psyop MO. You think they use the MO sometimes but not others, eg, the moon landings, but I think that’s just so wrong. They ALWAYS let us know with obvious clues in psyops and people who deny that simply don’t understand psyop MO.

          OK, please provide a single piece of evidence that WWII was a hoax.


          1. Petra, the fact that you resort to the “give me a single piece of evidence” tactic automatically discredits you, from my perspective. I’ve heard and seen lots of “single pieces of evidence” regarding Covid, the effectiveness of PCR, the effectiveness of masks, etc. The M.O. of a hoax is that we are given many “single pieces of evidence” that may seem persuasive individually, but that form completely irreconcilable contradictions and make absolutely no sense when you put them together to get a complete picture. That’s part of the humiliation and the “revelation of the method” that you go on and on about.

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            1. I’m afraid I disagree with you there, Scott. There is no single piece of evidence – without obvious evidence to the contrary or signs of fakery – that supports the the covid pandemic or any of their psyops. While something at first sight might look as though it supports the existence of covid it’s ALWAYS just a matter of blowing away the propaganda dust to see the truth underneath.

              The nature of reality is that for any hypothesis to be correct every single piece of evidence must at least support that hypothesis and favour it over any competing hypotheses. That is the nature of reality.

              For example, someone presented excess mortality in Europe figures to me in April last year and asked me to explain them if covid didn’t. For a start, excess mortality could be caused by many things – things we don’t know about, of course – but on closer scrutiny provided by Dr Sam Bailey – we see that only some European countries had an excess spike in April while others – those that didn’t implement aggressive drug trials – did not so Spain had a massive excess (drug trials) while neighbouring Portugal had a lower spike than in 2017 (no drug trials).

              The perps are scrupulous in never faking evidence so well that it can be used to defend their argument. Sure, on first sight but never on close scrutiny.

              I think the thing about war is that it mixes psyops with reality so Pearl Harbour was an evacuated bombing while the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima was fake but I doubt was completely evacuated, no doubt people really did die. What I will do but don’t have time right a the minute is put forward evidence that I think is genuine and then those who disagree can argue against its genuineness.

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              1. If you search this blog using the box provided, you’ll find work on Iwo Jima, which left me puzzled. The island had no particular strategic importance, so why all the fuss? It seemed staged. Yet a friend went to great lengths to warn me not to question its reality, as this person’s father had taken a bullet up the asshole on the landing. This was apparently a real injury, and I had to conclude that it was suffered in an unimportant battle wherein there was probability that lives and bodies were sacrificed for no good reason, just to further the idea that the war was real, the sides were really in mortal conflict.

                It is not black and white.


          2. To keep it very very short, you can read the date (II/I1/18) of the Armistice that ended WWI on the plate of the car Archduke Franz Ferdinand was traveling in when he was (allegedly) assassinated in Sarajevo in 1914.
            Is that enough for an obvious clue that the whole bloody thing was a scripted fireworks show?
            According to the official narrative, WWII was a direct consequence of WWI. Once you’ve seen behind the smoke and mirrors, how hard is to connect the dots?

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      1. Actually, that ship wasn’t really torpedoed, as far as I can tell. It was scrapped in the 60s after it ended active military service in ’49 when the Soviets acquired it, a few years after WWII ended. So either Wikipedia is lying or you’re speaking of a different ship. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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  4. Nature is the law of the universe. The “rule of law” was invented in opposition to what is, what was, and what will be eternally — best I can figure. Nature is non-hierarchical. Man-made law only serves one purpose: To seize power over nature in order to exploit it without fair compensation or gratitude. Man-gods, indeed.


  5. The moronic variant [omicron] is failing so far. Seems that it spreads quickly
    but is far less harmful. Just like a mild dose of the flu according to my son in London who “had” it [or something] last week

    Ordinary folk here in the UK are increasingly sceptical too. I was chatting to the till girl at the supermarket check out today, a lovely ordinary young lass, and she was utterly scathing. Said that, if they try and lock us down again then, lots of folk will just carry on as normal. Excellent! The mood is different here now. Admittedly the covidians still have their heads firmly rammed up their fundaments, they will be the last to wake up I expect. But the ordinary working class folk, those that go out to work rather than stare at damn screens all day, are waking up at last

    The government [tories] have been exposed too. They were partying, and taking the piss out of us plebs, last Christmas. That has been shown to us all in the mainstream media here, so NOT an accident, they must WANT us to know that it’s a sham and that the pols do not follow their own rules in private. They could be setting up a change of government I guess. The so called left “Labour Party” [actually far more fascist and totalitarian than the tories, a bit like the Dems there I guess] look like they are being readied for the next phase of the Reset

    The other great news here is that the government have inadvertently revealed that they have been lying about the numbers of us that have accepted the needle. The “UK Health Security Agency” [that’s what Public Health England has recently been renamed! Kafkaesque or what] published stats, deep in one of their reports, that only 32.5 million have had one jab in England so far. Subtract that from the official England population of 56 million, means 23.5 have NOT accepted their dirty needle. Subtract children and that leaves 15.3 million ELIGIBLE adults who have not had a shot. That is 27%, 42% if you include the kids! Great news for us refusniks, there are far more of us than we realised. Lots of folk must be lying about their vaxx status, hardly surprising given all the demonization in the media. Add in the fact that many of the police are covid sceptics too and it’s even better news. Can they forcibly inject 15 million of us? Snowballs and hell come to mind, not a chance

    We can all see that only the old and already sick are dying as well. The excess deaths are comparatively modest, largely accounted for by the ongoing destruction of our National Health Service. It’s got millions of real illnesses on hold, cancer, cardiac, immunocompromised etc, a backlog of 5 million or so. While the local general practice doctors all cower in their “surgeries” and only take phone consultations

    “The times ahead will be troubled, force will be brought to bear on those of us clinging to our precious freedoms. We must keep in touch and band together.”

    That is very true, but THE most important thing is DO NOT COMPLY, with anything that they tell us. It’s all bluff. anybody can stand firm and refuse. Steve is right, Nature is the law of the Universe. Natural Law is inalienable, it trumps civil/statute law every single time. Just a shame that more folk don’t realise that

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  6. So he crossed the Inquisition, but wasn’t tortured, not burned. Could it be, he played a part in changing the world? He could have been ignored, but wasn’t. The age of science followed. What about Luther? Same miracle, hammer and nails, a door, so deep. World is a stage. Drama must go on, to bind the souls. Today – Alpha and Omega would be a great joke, maybe Omicron is the end. Yes, it is a crime. People suffer, like they did in the 30 years war. Like in WW2. There we will be an end, some “justice”, followed by decades of mourning and remembering. Not long ago, the term denier / Leugner was reserved for that one WW2 crime. The left is already bankrupt, supporting the wrong side. The pendulum will swing back soon.

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    1. I always suspected that Copernicus and his heliocentric theory were controlled “leaks”, so to speak. They just wanted to make him look persecuted to sell him as legitimate to their wider audience, much like the staged shutdowns of controlled opposition characters like Alex Jones and David Icke on platforms such as YouTube. Or at least that’s how I see it. We don’t really know how true the stories about him are. Much like we don’t really know how real any previous massive event in human history (e.g. WWII or the Spanish Flu) were. When it comes to the Second World War for instance, events like Pearl Harbor and Dresden were definitely psyops. And much like I doubt the COVID-19 deaths, I doubt that so many people died in WWII, either. If they could fake the Holocaust, why wouldn’t they fake other tragedies that were similar in size and scope from this period?

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      1. This is not to say that nothing happened at all. I’m sure there were instances where people did suffer terrible losses or even lost their lives in WWII, whether it be from accidents, illnesses, or even the occasional one-on-one confrontations between soldiers. Perhaps some did die in “active duty”. But I believe that the catastrophic nature of the war was heavily exaggerated to sell the conflict as a very real phenomenon in human existence. It’s also done to reinforce the illusion that the countries involved were really against each other, when they all were (and still are) controlled by the same network of puppet masters and their antics were all theatrical plays in the geopolitical stageshow.

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        1. In all likelihood…The only buildings and vehicles destroyed were destroyed by that nation’s own military, on purpose, for insurance and property grabs and fear induction. …The only people injured were injured by accident: mostly soldiers, tricked into thinking that they were actively fighting an enemy. And on and on….


  7. Sarah Palin (remember this comedic clown put forth on world stage?) says her dirty #@$$y won’t get the “vaccine”!!

    Wow!! The sheer bravado from a stage actor/tranny “actress”!!!

    But she looks so sexy in her hair and spectacles!!! Why, it makes ENGLISH NEWS!!!!


    I like the fact one swears and cusses…it says you are still human!! Nice 🙂


    1. Yet you have these responses from her. To quote DailyMail:

      “The former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee tested positive for COVID-19 in March. After her diagnosis, she encouraged the public to wear masks and take the pandemic seriously.”

      “‘Through it all, I view wearing that cumbersome mask indoors in a crowd as not only allowing the newfound luxury of being incognito, but trust it’s better than doing nothing to slow the spread,’ Palin said.

      Palin said in a statement, ‘I strongly encourage everyone to use common sense to avoid spreading this and every other virus out there.'”

      Quite hypocritical, to say the least. You’d think she’d be more consistent if she’s genuine. But it’s not surprising at all, knowing what we know.


      1. By saying she doesn’t need the injection as she has natural immunity due to already having had “Covid”, she is perpetuating the myth of its existence. This argument is pretty common among controlled opposition I’ve noticed.


  8. A few trivial observations at this point:

    There is no such thing as covid
    There is no such thing as climate change
    There is no such thing as globe earth

    Nevertheless, imaginations run wild.


      1. Funny seeing brainwashed people ignore the 9verwhelm9ng evidence. We can see too far Mark, I honestly don’t think you have 8nvest8gated the evidence for 20 min even. Sad.


  9. I love to be a denier of their lies. What’s actually wrong with denying the information coming from known liar(s)? Just adopt your new position and embrace it. There’s a way to be proud of this denying stance.

    On the topic of GG – I never looked into him properly. Harry and everybody else, are you ready? 😉


    1. For starters:

      Galileo’s official maternal line ends with his grandmother and grandfather.

      His paternal side doesn’t reveal much about the origin of family’s women either. At geni..com , everything ends at 3G level.

      The most celebrated physicist has no known genealogy after his gg-grand parents? It’s a big red flag. What is revealed though, is some details about Galileo’s mother Giulia Ammannati. Her father was a merchant, dealing in lumber. Her ancestor Iacopo Ammannati was the secretary of Pope Pius II.

      One Bartolomeo Ammannati was a famous sculptor and architect, working for de Medicis. He designed The Jesuit College in Rome and was buried with his wife in the Jesuit church of San Giovannino in Florence. (“https://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/view/document/obo-9780199920105/obo-9780199920105-0158.xml”, “https://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/bartolomeo-ammannati.html”, “https://www.histouring.com/en/historical-figure/bartolomeo-ammannati/”)

      Another feeling I got while reading this was that it’s all manufactured, with the purpose of hiding Galileo’s true genealogy. There’s possibly some piece of truth, like for instance:

      Wow. In the first picture is Galileo’s mother Giulia, in the second his wife Marina Gamba. Just look at the proportions of those noses.


      1. Very strange to say the least. The facts that one of his relatives was tied to the Jesuits and was employed by the Medicis are huge red flags. Which indicates that Galileo was some sort of mole for the bankers, the usual marker for many famous people.


      2. “In 1555, Ammannati returned to Florence to serve under Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici, where his service to this family would mark the height of his career and see the full maturity of his style. His works exemplify Mannerism at its height, from the artfully elongated bronzes of the Neptune Fountain to the playful rustication of the Palazzo Pitti courtyard. His numerous fountains present splendid and witty tableaux, and his bronze Ops for the Studiolo of Francesco de’ Medici stands out for its grace and refinement. …. In his later years, Ammannati took on architectural projects outside of Florence and he grew increasingly dedicated to the Jesuit order and the concerns of the Counter Reformation, …. He and Laura left their possessions to the Jesuits and helped with the reconstruction of the church of S. Giovannino in Florence, funding a chapel where they were buried.”


        “In 1555, … he returned to Florence, where he had sent for Vasari, who had already moved to the court of Cosimo I de ‘Medici for a year.”

        “From 1572 the first contacts of the artist with the Jesuit order are documented, with reference to a project for the expansion of the Florentine College (now Palazzo degli Scolopi). In 1575 and 1576 the Ammannati was in Rome, where he became friends with the father general of the order Everardo Mercuriano and with father A. Possevino, perhaps with the intermediary of the Florentine patrician Ludovico Corbinelli, who had become a Jesuit in 1567.”


        There’s only one description that comes to my mind: he was a Renaissance spook. There’s no other way to see it, IMO. And I’m now more than sure those forces behind Ammannati’s success played a role in Galileo’s.


      1. Checking the video’s description box, it says that it was actually published December last year, when Trump was still POTUS. It seems that “the dark winter” he’s alluding to has long passed us. Or so it seems.


  10. “MM reminds us that while Australia seems rabidly fascist from the outside looking in, it is most likely due to very high resistance there to the new fascists. ”

    Does anyone have any idea what his source on that was? He wrote that “it recently came out that most Aussies were refusing the vax” but didn’t elaborate. Very suspicious and echoes slippery MSM reporting. I live in Australia and I can assure you, almost no-one here is rebelling. I don’t know ANYONE at my workplace who isn’t vaxed, and the 2 or 3 quiet, cautious holdouts booked their jabs the minute the government decided to shut them out of restaurants and pubs. I’d be willing to bet that the vaccination rate is 90%+ for real. I asked a friend who lives in the opposite end of the country and his experience is the same. Mathis loves to push this whole “their world is crumbling underneath them, there are factions destroying each other” nonsense – presumably to lull us all into inaction by telling us their own self-descruction is nigh.

    Anyway, one of the absolute myths about Australians is that they are rebellious. A similar 180-degree wrong stereotype is that Australians are racist. The latter is just propaganda concocted by people pushing the population replacement agenda; the former I’m sure is the result of myths like Ned Kelly (already demolished in a previous MM guest paper) and the Eureka Stockade. I don’t think the E.S. has been covered yet, but I’ll take a wild, crazy guess that it was a total crock as well. The extent of Aussie rebellion is that certain white men with pent-up aggression against society and the government will fly the Eureka flag or indelibly scribble Ned Kelly quotes on their bodies and attempt to cultivate a bushranger beard. That’s it though – none of us ever actually do ANYTHING. We’ve never truly had to fight for anything and the whole story of Australia from day 1 has been high living standards, good weather and prosperity. Not the way to create hardened, vigilant citizens. Even in Victoria, the state worst hit by the covid scam, alternative right wing parties are polling around ~15% in recent state election polls. Very high for a left wing state like Victoria, but let’s not forget that 85% of them still intend to vote for the establishment even after 2 years of rape and pillage.

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    1. While it’s possible that there’s some resistance to the status quo, the vast majority are certainly not part of the “resistance”, nor have they ever been. There may be a growing minority of people who are dissatisfied with the system, but overall the masses aren’t going to stand-up for themselves, proving mass resistance to be a futile, if not impossible, endeavor. In fact, the masses are actually quite content with what’s going on right now and will vehemently defend the system against anyone who dares challenge it. They are too in love with their slavery to free themselves from bondage, thanks in large part to their Stockholm syndrome brainwashing from cradle-to-grave.


        1. Maybe; but if so, I think the only problem here is that the minority that is awake & aware of what’s really going on aren’t in complete unison to tackle the problems at hand. I think if we can manage to unite enough people in our sphere of influence to take effective action, we may create a positive difference in our lives.


          1. Yes, and what a group like that needs to do (according to Larken) is not rebel, but just disobey the government (don’t work, don’t pay bills and taxes, etc…).


            1. Those are good starts. I don’t know about taxes and bills, although there are many legal avenues people can take to save up on costs (using loopholes in the tax code and avoiding loans with interest are good examples to follow). Not working for others in an environment that you don’t like is certainly a must thing to do for those who can afford it, and there’s nobody stopping anyone from doing that. We’re seeing that unfold in the jobs sector, as millions of people are quitting their slave wage jobs in the corporate world in search for better employment or for self-employment (“The Great Resignation”), which is a good thing, IMO.


              1. “…is certainly a must thing to do for those who can afford it…”
                HAH! Who might those be?

                “…in search for better employment…”
                HAH! Where or what might that be?

                Americans? Those? There?
                I’m outside Shitcago… no such beast – in my experience.

                I agree in principle of course.


                1. I’m merely pointing out that it’s much more complicated than that. Not everyone has the ability to simply move to a better place with better opportunities. For instance, poor people who live in underdeveloped neighborhoods or communities have a much harder time leaving them, so they are left with no option but to make the best of what they have in their arsenal. Ultimately, it’s all about using what good things are available to you to their fullest extent in order to improve your life and lessen your problems.


  11. https://www.youtube.com/c/ConspiracyMusicGuru
    The Flat Earth Society, mocked by Obama, is controlled opposition.
    “Latest Education News Science Videos Viral NASA Astronaut Says “We Can’t Go Back To The Moon, We Don’t Have That Technology Anymore” Can you imagine if any Astronaut from NASA comes to you and tells you that we simply cannot go back to Moon because we have lost documents and technology which they used when they first landed on the moon ?.”!?


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