The Stench of Digital Dung: Virtual Variants, Trigger Events, and Blockchain Cults

If you haven’t already, kindly remove your face diaper before proceeding.  

“Nearly one century ago, Lewis Mumford observed in his magnum opus, Technics in Civilization, that great advances in technology and society come from the intersection of complementary and mainly technological revolutions. Mumford assigned a label . . . to each of history’s modern eras. The first, with its ‘collection of inventions and ideas introduced from about AD 1000 into the eighteenth century,’  Mumford labeled the ‘ecotechnic phase’ . . . The second era, the Industrial Revolution, characterized by advances in ‘materials and power sources,’ he termed the ‘paleotechnic phase’ . . . His own time, the 1930s, which witnessed a flowering of innovation from ‘new alloys, electricity, and improved means of communication,’ he labeled the ‘neotechnic phase,’ (neo, of course for new).

To extend that taxonomy, we propose ‘neurotechnic phase,’ (the Greek root neuron meaning nerves) for the coming long era of growth. 

We now enter humanity’s first era of a networked, ubiquitous, and intelligent infrastructure. We do in fact live in time of a ‘new normal.’ But instead of our future being one of perennial slow growth and technological stagnation, it will be just the opposite. The reality is that we, and our children, and grandchildren, live at the beginning of the long neurotechnic phase of civilization, the most exciting and promising time in history.” (p. 327-328)

~ Mark P. Mills, The Cloud Revolution: How the Convergence of New Technologies Will Unleash the Next Economic Boom and a Roaring 2020s  

Writer’s Note: As I wrote this essay, I felt the need to “borrow” language from other writers and thinkers who have come before me, with remarkably greater insights and poetic lingo. Thus, I have repeatedly incorporated their original thoughts, and to simply credit them, rather than clutter the piece with long quotes. I chose to place their initials in parentheses where appropriate. Further, in most instances, as I was jumping from quote to quote, page to page, chapter to chapter, and post to post, I had trouble retroactively identifying their origins. So many of their insights blended seamlessly and synchronously with my own, that at times I found it challenging to distinguish where their thoughts ended, and mine began. Therefore, in my best effort to acknowledge these critical voices, I make every attempt to delineate them. I apologize in advance if they (or the reader) encounter any questionable overlap that went unaccounted for. Accordingly, following is the legend I utilized to denote these individuals:

Alison McDowell (AM) of

Michael Hoffman (MH) of and author of Twilight Language and Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare 

Goro (G) of (most of his work at STR is behind a paywall — see Endnote 1)

Herein, I go beneath the masonic symbolism most often apparent and mirroring the occult. We are going deep — equipped with a Cryptocracy lens — into an abyss replete with Twilight Language (MH) and public psychodrama . . . into a land of disenchantment (MH), where we may see some uncanny coincidences that possibly serve as a reflection of a larger, yet hidden, gestalt out in the open.

How is that for a paradoxical and cryptic lead-in? 

Readers may recognize this phenomenon as Revelation of the Method, a term ostensibly coined by symbolism science extraordinaire James Shelby Downard, to describe the subliminal alchemical processing of society by its self-selected Cryptocratic controllers, through orchestrated open-air rituals (MH). 

My aim is to break any trance state that has been imposed on us. But how does one become lucid and mentally agile amidst all the noise spewed out by the Machine? Perhaps some kung fu pattern detection is in order . . . 

What is that terrible smell in the air? Do you sense it? Perhaps not. So please allow me to point it out.

There is digital dung (MH) floating around in the ether these days, defined and applied (by me; see Final Writer’s Note) as: symbolic, subliminal clues placed in open sight by the sorcerous system through public rituals, which unconsciously mirror the digitized infrastructure being built inside and around us — by humans, yet not for humans, as it ultimately serves the technological non-human master (the “AI beast”). Accordingly, we do not beneficially reap what we sow, as we increasingly become digitized, remotely-programmable serfs indentured to the Singularity.

Unless you have been living under a rock, undoubtedly, you have heard of one iteration of digital dung. It’s called Omicron. You may have thought it was only the name of a deviant (cough cough, I mean, variant), or an anagram of moronic or oncomir. Word play seems to have had a renaisssance since this mischievous deviant appeared on the scene. I suppose that’s a good sign. Some of us have been playing with words for many years, and it is kind of nice to see others joining in on the decoding amusement. Funny thing, though, there is one underhanded and unremitting thread that I have noticed, which seems to have been omitted from public awareness, and thus, deserves unraveling. Once you see it, I suspect you may not unsee it. Further, you may start to detect the curious pattern elsewhere. Let’s dip our toes into de-occulting this, shall we?

If readers recall, my first POM contribution (in April 2020) fully detailed the concept of a virtual simulation of a virus, and its relation to the Sentient World Simulation (SWS). Without elaborating, I will briefly mention that I had proposed that a computer-generated virus was being propagated autonomously as an independent agent that was learning as it “spread” through the digital ether. Accordingly, humans were serving as machine learning input. I have since modified my view of COVID, giving credence to its existence (based on accrued anecdotal evidence), yet hold steady that if there is any infectious virus, it lives and breathes solely in the digital realm. It has no dangerous hold in our physical reality — except, of course, in the hearts and minds of those who still do not grasp its fallacious nature. 

While a virus may not be self-spreading, nor infectious, do you know what is? The answer . . . blockchain. Notably, the “virus” has an inordinate amount of defenders and protectors — those who simply can’t let go of belief in its starring role. In a similar fashion, the blockchain has its share of defenders and protectors (which is growing in breath and depth each day that passes).

So, let’s look at one digitally decentralized network — Omicron. Its motto is “bringing blockchain into everyday life.” Omicron’s white paper (April 2021) explains that it is a “multi-algorithm enabled proof-of-work based cryptocurrency” that “operates on a publicly facing blockchain.” 

Forbes reported on November 28, 2021 that another cryptocurrency called Omicron DAO saw the price of its coins “suddenly soaring” immediately following the announcement of a “variant” by its same name. Incidentally, the tiny cryptocurrency — built on an Ethereum scaling technology (this tidbit will become increasingly important as you continue reading) — was launched only weeks prior to the debut of the Omicron variant. 

Is this starting to get interesting? Let’s dig in more . . . 

There is an AI developer named Omicron Solutions, which typically refers to itself as simply, Omicron. Based in London (also with an office in the U.S. state of Delaware), Omicron specializes in blockchain and smart contract development — servicing the healthcare industry, among other industries. Ethereum is one of several frameworks used by Omicron to build out their blockchain network (again, keep this in mind). 

I would like to add one occult meaning of the word Omicron that I have not yet seen revealed. If you take the “O” in Omicron, and make it a zero, you see “0” micron (Note that all three logos of the aforementioned Omicron companies seem to denote a “0”, as opposed to the letter “o”). Do you know what describes 0 microns? That’s correct — nano, as it is submicron. As we allow ever more nanotechnology into our lives, there is no telling if any microns will be left to fill this habitable world. So I say . . . bring on the microns, not the 0-microns or O-microns. No more nano!

Lastly, on the term Omicron and it’s occulted roots . . . The next iteration of “The Matrix” film series, “The Matrix Resurrections,” is slated to be released on the winter solstice, December 22, 2021 (G). And as most readers know, “Neo” is the main character. If you recall, on November 26, the new “scariant” was announced. It was preliminarily named “Nu.” In less than 24 hours, its “new” official name was published on November 27 (see Editor’s note), and a mainstream rationale was offered by CNN. Take a look at the Greek alphabet here. What do you see in the short string of Greek letters Nu to Omicron (with Xi in between)? By chance, do you see “NEO?” (G) Was there a coded tell in the rapid leap from Nu to Omicron? Is Omicron whispering, “Neo” (G)? Did this convey a quickening of the already rapidly expanding infrastructure of the digital matrix — the Spatial Web (encompassing cryptocurrency, blockchain, smart contracts, impact finance, gamification, tokenization, AI, and all that digital jazz)?

If you have had enough of submicron virtual variants, let’s continue on to a couple other recent events that may possibly hint at some unconscious blockchain underpinnings . . . 

November 2021 was a busy month of additional psyops and psychodrama playing out on the screen. In a concerted effort to drill down to what seemed most revealing, though, we work our way to a trigger event (multiple puns intended) on November 30. The subliminal framework in this instance may be more obscure for readers. I hope you will indulge me once again . . . 

Most of you may have already heard about the reported mass shooting at a suburban high school in Oxford, Michigan (30 miles outside of Detroit). The suspected shooter was 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley. Placing most details aside for the purpose of this essay, I would like to highlight the profession of Ethan’s father, James Crumbley. Unfortunately, his LinkedIn profile was immediately scrubbed, but some information remained public. James Crumbley was purportedly employed by Autonomous Inc. — which is known for selling smart-enabled office products, but is also recorded on LinkedIn as specializing in AI, robotics, machine learning, IoT, Ethereum and blockchain technology. 

Geoffrey Handley, who is reported at LinkedIn to be “Advisor” at Autonomous Inc. is also listed there as a board member of Palantir — which utilizes AI to predict violence on school campuses, and notably, is a central player in the crypto space. Prior to that, Crumbley appears to have worked at San Francisco-based Monarch. Incidentally, Monarch specializes in AI/sensor technology applied to school shootings (and also COVID). No joke. You can read their promotional material  on “Connected Schools” here and here. We may see further cryptocratic coding with the “monarch” language, as in subliminal mind control (where we also confront triggers.)

Do we see the pesky petulance of the blockchain peering through any other recent events? Any additional stench of digital dung? You bet your bottom crypto coin we do.

Going backwards in linear time to October 21, we encounter an October surprise, and a literal trigger event. It was a doozy, and one with which nearly all POM readers will be familiar — the “Rust” film shooting incident.

Have you heard of Rust Language (AM)? Apparently, it is a programming language that was initially developed by Mozilla, and notable for its memory safety guarantees

It was reported by ZDNet in April 2021 that Facebook had adopted the use of Rust, and joined the Rust Foundation (established in February 2021), uniting with other members, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Huawei, Microsoft, and Mozilla. The Rust Foundation was established to “steward the Rust programming language and ecosystem.”

While I will not pretend to understand the nitty gritty of Rust language, such as toolchains, syntax, and back-end systems, I have caught onto its key role in building blockchain infrastructure, with one such blockchain being called Substrate (See here and here). I also learned that Ether (Ethereum currency) transactions can be accomplished utilizing Rust coding.

One unique aspect of Rust is its self-proclaimed, tight-knit (yet global) community of “Rustaceans.” These Rustaceans may be akin to the QAnon techno-cult of yesteryear — inching humanity closer and closer to the technological Singularity via self-organizing collective intelligences (SOCI) that feed the AI beast until it becomes fully self-sustainable. The growing Cryptosphere teaches the emerging AI god with each and every digitized transaction, thereby weaving an integrated (yet seemingly decentralized) collective digital fabric. 

The blockchain technology platform, Ethereum 2.0, is slated to come online in February 2022 (G). This long-awaited upgrade aims to “make Ethereum more scalable, more secure, and more sustainable.” It claims to be faster and more robust than its current version.

Relatedly, COVID-19 vaccine passports are built on the backbone of Ethereum, and “represent the first large-scale deployment of the [blockchain] technology in an app that is used by millions, potentially billions of people around the world.” Do vaccine passports imply the “way forward” and planned entrance into Society 5.0 — presumably the “imaginative” bedrock of the new digitalized normal ?  

Do you know what else is situated on the Ethereum blockchain? I doubt anyone will know the answer. So, here it is — SmartGuns. Listen to this five-minute explanation of “Triggers & BlockSafe” — a crypto project placing sensor-based, “smart” guns on the blockchain, and incorporating functions such as “Trigger” (TRIG) tokens. [Note: It is unclear if this project is still viable. If not, it is possible it went underground as a classified defense project.] 

Are your wheels turning yet? If not, here is a digital comic created by Adam Egypt Mortimer, who was a close colleague of Halyna Hutchins (the reported “Rust” shooting victim). The linked video (see Endnote 2) depicts Mortimer’s 2013 comic, Ballistic, featuring a genetically engineered, cybernetic prosthetic gun. (Spoiler alert: look for the bat and Pfizer cameos). 

The official name of Ethereum 2.0 is Serenity. Do you know what the name Halyna means in Ukrainian? It means Serenity (G). Imagine that. Who (or what) is writing this script?

Are you familiar with what Halyna’s husband, Matt Hutchins, reportedly does for a living? Harvard Law graduate Hutchins is an attorney employed by Latham & Watkins. It just so happens that Latham & Watkins concentrates on tokenization and blockchain technology. According to its website, Latham “regularly serves emerging and blockchain-enabled technology companies, investors, crypto exchanges, broker-dealers, and leading global financial institutions that are revolutionizing the delivery of financial services.” Latham even has a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Task Force — “a dedicated global team of more than 80 lawyers [that] focuses on tracking and analyzing developments affecting the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry . . .” 

A fundamental crypto player is eToro — the world’s largest social investment network, co-founded in 2006 by Tel Aviv-based brothers Yoni Assia and Ronen Assia. Ronen is also a Managing Partner at Team8 — an AI/cyber spin-out of elite intelligence and tech units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The Israeli cryptocurrency trading platform is inextricably intertwined with Ethereum, and the company is eagerly awaiting Ethereum’s upcoming Serenity (2.0) debut. As noted on eToro’s website: “eToro plans to be among the first to offer this possibility to our customers and are currently following all the required developments as well as the security implications for our clients.” 

Guess who is the celebrity spokesman for eToro? Did I hear someone say Alec Baldwin? Yes, Alec Baldwin for the win. See Baldwin here and here promoting eToro. 

So, what we may have observed (or smelled) is the Cryptosphere emerging out of its cocoon, culminating in an alchemical marriage with the Cryptocracy. I suggest it was always hidden out in the open (despite the ghost of Satoshi Nakamoto), yet was revelation we simply were not yet keen to detect or determine. As budding sleuths, perhaps now we can begin to perceive its method and crack its code. In noticing the pattern of its movement, it may be possible to dispel its Wetiko tentacles.

So, may I ask you now . . . Do you smell the digital dung? 

As I was nearing completion of drafting this essay, I received an email from POM commenter, Alan (inspired by an online conversation which he had heard), asking the following: ‘Omicron’ appears, to me, to be a hypnotic keyword intended to activate specific behaviors in the large numbers of people who have been subjected to standardized hypnotic programming scripts. I’d appreciate hearing details on what this specific script is likely to be activating. This intuitive inquiry hit the nail on the stinky head — although with a vastly different implication than was most likely anticipated (given the context of the online conversation that propelled Alan’s inquiry). Yes, this script (not only entailing Omicron, but many other current events) is littered with hypnotic-inducing Twilight Language, and is activating the Metaverse (AKA SWS, Spatial Web, Web 3.0, Industry 4.0, Society 5.0) for full-spectrum dominance of all real life, down to the nanoscale.

I surmise this emerging blockchain — which may be on its way to becoming an increasingly living and self-organizing organism (albeit counterfeit) — is well past its pupal stage and evolving toward omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and immortality. 

One key feature of blockchain — the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) — is what breathes life into this artificial neural network. Apparently, the most notable DAO is the Ethereum Virtual Machine — reputed to exhibit performance that far exceeds conventional supercomputers. That’s quite some power — especially if it were left to its own self-organizing devices. 

That said, one who has felt the pulling gravity of the Cryptosphere’s enchantment can still make it out intact, before it sinks its fangs into one’s body, mind, and spirit — turning oneself into digital dust. All it takes is full awareness and the admittance that one has been fooled and taken for a ride on the slippery slope of blockchain. Ridding oneself of crypto wallets and smart contracts can feel very freeing, and can help one regain one’s human identity — which was being reshaped by the blockchain (AM). At least, I can imagine so. I liken it to when I deleted my Facebook account, and subsequently got booted indefinitely from Twitter. Sure, it took me about a week to detox from the withdrawal symptoms, but I have never felt so liberated, and dare I say, free.

By casting off the chained shackles of crypto-slavery, one can embrace real life — fully touchable and pulsing with vibrance. It is our only possible way out of this digital enslavement. Just say no to being baited into a hallucinatory, disabling, and dispossessed existence.

People best wise up real soon to the blockchain’s occult entrance and development before it transforms into a gargantuan winged insectoid. I am speaking metaphorically, yet I can not emphasize enough how insidious and pervasive this slithery blockchain is. It has been simmering in the noosphere — waiting for the consummate impact and trigger events (G) to jump start its manifestation. It is the foundation of Web 3.0. It has been described as the “secret sauce” (G), not only of the Spatial Web, but also for Smart Cities. Do not give it life. Do not give it power. Do not give it your pulse. Do not give it your breath. Release its hold. Preserve your spirit for your human self, and what is still natural life.

By now, you may be thinking the old axiom, “Whoever smelt it, dealt it.” I can assure you, I have not had any wheelings, nor dealings, in this Cryptosphere territory. So my hands are relatively clean (see Endnote 3). Are yours? If not, it is not too late. There still remains a way out of the digital toilet. But — and I mean butt — you will have to work that much harder to resist the temptation sucking you ever so slowly and insidiously down the blockchain. Oops. Did I say, blockchain? I actually meant to say drain. All that digital dung strewn about must be clouding my head.  

Now, there may be some coincidence theorists reading this, and asking, “Can’t we simply chalk all this up to synchronicities that manifest in this reality? After all, this reality may be some type of simulation, right? This may be a possibility, and all of the uncanny connections could be occurring through what Michael Hoffman refers to as CCC — Cosmic Coincidence Control. On the contrary, you may ask, “Is all of what is being presented to us only the NWO controllers intentionally manipulating the masses via dark sorcery? Well, I suppose I would assert it can be ALL of it simultaneously. I intend to explore this conundrum in greater detail in a follow-up post. Either way — we live inside a theatre (MH).

I would like to leave you with two poignant excerpts from Michael Hoffman’s Twilight Language: “The majority of Americans have been processed as initiates. They are ‘Masons on sight,’ i.e. members of the secret society without knowing it . . . The alchemical processing of humanity is ahead of schedule. People are becoming less human and far more numb and easily misdirected, as the Reign of Dead Matter appears on the horizon.” For Hoffman, Dead Matter = Machines. Hoffman continued, “Digitalization has taken command . . . It signifies what John Dee dreamed in the Elizabethan Age, the hegemony of dead matter . . . The scientific dictatorship is here. Skynet is here.” 

At this juncture, I remind readers that Facebook’s new name, Meta (Metaverse), means “dead” in Hebrew (among other meanings). Is this another tell-tale touchpoint? Its announcement on the heels of the “Rust” film incident may signify as such.

Despite his solemn warning and observation that dead matter supremacy — commanded by autonomous AI — may be imminent (as it has literally and figuratively been programmed through publicized ritual acts of psychodrama), Hoffman considers this may not be an inevitable trajectory, in which we all get sucked into the digitally-generated illusion (MH). There may still be time to change course; but, most important, the unseen conjurers do not want us to believe this is possible. They want us to be complacent; to feel like scattered, helpless spectators; and to believe that resistance is futile (MH). Curiously, the sorcerers have also strategically scripted some pied pipers to play the role of very believable and trustworthy opposition. As long as consensus narrative dissidents blindly follow pseudo-resistance (some of whom publicly ridicule dissidents for taking the story too far out on the fringe of truth), then genuine resistance may very well be futile. 

Humanity (and all of life) is being processed, digitized, and blockchained. Frontier materials (i.e. graphene, fullerenes, and quantum dots) and frontier networks (i.e. blockchain and programmable smart contracts) are being activated by digital masons building their digital cathedrals — with little to no regulation — as the public is still completely asleep at the wheel. We are being immersed in a cryptoboros (my term), an endlessly looping digital prison in which these counterfeit materials and corresponding networks wreak havoc and devolution among the living. We have officially entered the Twilight Zone, and the spellcasters’ script needs to be squashed. 

Come on, friends. Let’s get clear on what this AI beast system is building, so that when we grow older and grayer, and potentially urinary- and fecal-incontinent, we are not forced to wear IoT adult diapers, extracting our bodily data. And that is only the tip of the digitally encased iceberg.

Final Writer’s Note: As clarification, contrary to my instincts, it is my understanding that both Michael Hoffman and Goro consider psychodrama events to be very real. So while I credit their magnificent capabilities to detect and depict occult patterns, we differ in matters of discernment when it comes to simulated realities. Also, I feel it is crucial for me to emphasize that my use of the term “digital dung” (although borrowed from Hoffman) is my own interpretation. I will leave it at that for now. 

Inspired by Alison McDowell


1) I would like to delineate the timeline that occurred in determining this blockchain/Spatial Web emblematic programming. My main reason for doing so is because Goro at STR (whom I appreciate as a pattern recognition savant) seems sensitive about others borrowing his work without proper crediting. That is understandable. Thus, in advance of any confusion that could arise — in addition to denoting his references above — this timeline may help to provide clarity. It is important to show credit due (if and where it is due). As a matter of simplification, there were three nodes, if you will, that Goro hit upon that I may not have detected on my own — Halyna = Serenity, the Matrix/Neo connections, and the February 2022 debut of Ethereum 2.0. 

10/24 – I emailed this to myself:

“How Bitcoin is Like A Giant Cybernetic Meta-Brain.”

10/25 – Alison emailed me this: (RE: Rust Language to build the InterBlockchain Communication (IBC) protocol)

10/25 – I emailed Alison:

. . . she [Halyna] worked on a project related to the Singularity, and then there is the Rust programming language and significance of Rust in blockchain. This story has everything to do with blockchain/singularity.

10/25 – I read this (which gave me more clues):

“The world’s first blockchain game version of ‘Squid Game’ will be launched in October” (October 19, 2021)

10/26 – I emailed Alison: (RE: Board of Directors of Rust Foundation)

Seems crazy — but I can’t help but consider this “Rust” incident a “blockchain ritual” in reverence to their AI god (giving the appearance of a sacrifice). It’s deeply esoteric stuff if you dig in. 

10/26 – I read this (offering, once again, more clues — especially given Facebook’s new name change in October 2021): 

“Rust programming language: We want to take it into the mainstream, says Facebook”

10/31 – I emailed Matt of Quantum of Conscience (QoC):

That brings us back to the film, “Rust.” Rust is a computer programming language used for blockchain, and is utilized by the top 3 — Google, Amazon/AWS, and Facebook (which is now called “Meta” for “Metaverse” — circling us back to my research and writing on the Metaverse/Spatial Web). The film “shooting” incident may be a ritual to signal the Metaverse/Web 3.0 transition (kicked off symbolically with the Zuckerberg announcement), featuring their beloved blockchain dedicated to their AI god.

11/4 – Following a long lapse, I re-instituted my subscription to Super Torch Ritual (STR) — as nearly all the material is behind a paywall. I saw Goro was covering the blockchain angle, and was very pleased to see a kindred connection. (From what I can see, his first mention of blockchain/Ethereum/Serenity was on 10/26). 

To succinctly state (and as evidenced above), Goro and I have been simpatico on the blockchain/Web 3.0 pattern recognition, as reflected in multiple current phenomena, which he aptly refers to as impact and trigger events. 

2) An anagram of “Rust” is “UTRs” —  in reference to mRNA technology — which circles back to COVID as well as the digital comic by Halyna Hutchins’ close colleague, Adam Egypt Mortimer — featuring a genetically modified prosthetic cyber-firearm. Relatedly, in his second “Ballistic” clip (tubecomic episode 1.2), at around the 5 minute timestamp, he talks about a parasite that was used for genetic engineering. Lastly, Mortimer’s short biopunk film was produced by Black Mask Studios, which also has its hands in nanopunk (big hat tip to Steve K!).

3) Let’s face it. We are all Cloud beings on some level now. My digital footprint — mostly in the form of family photos — “lives” in the Cloud. Heck, I even submitted a saliva sample to 23andMe years ago when it came into popularity. Is my genomic data being served up on a platter in the Cloud, creating my digital twin? All of my tweets, texts, and emails — all of it — is digital food for the ravenous crypto connoisseurs. So my hands are not entirely clean. But I am mindfully breaking free little by little — feeding the AI beast less and less these days. All it takes is stepping away from digital and fungible existence — which is truly a gateway drug heading straight into augmented and mixed reality — and back into fully biological and tangible life. Your physical body will thank you in ways you never imagined; your progeny will be grateful you modeled this right action; and your spirit will remain intact and tethered to the real world. We need all physical hands on deck. So get to detangling and detaching those digital and crypto coin chords . . . May the Mother Nature force be with you.

For further exploration: 

1) h/t POM commenter OregonMatt

Debunking Bossche and Bigtree” (December 5, 2021)

2) h/t Matt of Quantum of Conscience

“Out of the Unknown” (#2): The Machine Stops 

3) h/t Raul Diego of

Privacy and the Connected Mind: Understanding the Data Flows and Privacy Risks of Brain-Computer Interfaces” (IBM, November 21)

*Note: I added #3 seven hours after publishing this piece on 12/14 (as I first saw it early this morning 12/15). I noticed that IBM used nearly the same graphic (see p. 4 of their report) that I utilized above (now that is synchronicity!).

125 thoughts on “The Stench of Digital Dung: Virtual Variants, Trigger Events, and Blockchain Cults

  1. Great piece Stephers.

    This is from an article in which it is described that occult ritual has the same ingredients as stage play and that only portraying a (ritual) killing already has quite a bit of impact:

    “A satanist calls on will through ritual. The satanic circle is a living theater for casting. The director builds a scene with props and acts out a fantasy. The fantasy is the will window-shopping. The success of the ritual is determined by the live performance of the director. [ ] A satanist takes this ritual very seriously. They say their life depends on it. The satanic ritual produces results. If it did not, there would be no Hollywood.”

    Ritual killings are not necessarily real. The success of a ritual (-killing) lies in the psychological impact it has on the audience.

    All the violence, suffering, drama and murder in Hollywood productions can be summed up as occult ritual performed in the big Hollywood temple.

    All school shootings, serial killings, terrorist attacks etc. can be summed up as occult ritual performed in the big media temple.

    Porn = sex magic ritual that more often than not makes the audience participate from a distance.

    Link to this article:

    Off topic:

    Consensus Reality Dissident sounds so much closer to home then the CIA coined Conspiracy Theorist. Why haven’t I heard that expression before?

    From now on I’ll preserve Truther and Conspiracy Theorist for Qanon, Alex Jones et al disciples and go through life as a Consensus Reality Dissident.

    Proud to be a CRD.

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    1. “Ritual killings are not necessarily real” — and in the not knowing the trauma is created, it offers the cross-road, do you ‘believe’ or do you not? How close are you willing to get to that ‘knowing’?


    2. My elderly father asked me some time back if I received the “vaccine”. I answered No.

      Automatically he responded with “Conspiracy Theorist”, “Q Anon” and “Trump”.

      This after having told him a dozen or more times I subscribe to no politician whatsoever…and that I have not watched TV in over 15 years…and likewise have not voted in same amount of time (or longer, first election I failed to vote in was GW!).

      But all that means nothing to him. TV has more influence over him than his very own son. I’m sure many can relate!

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    3. XS, Stephers, Mark, et al.,
      If dissidence is currently defined (Webster’s) as:
      conflict, disaccord, discord, discordance, discordancy, disharmony, dissension (also dissention), dissent, dissonance, disunion, disunity, division, friction, infighting, inharmony, schism, strife, variance, war, warfare
      accord, agreement, concord, concordance, harmony, peace

      After thinking on this idea of a more proper way of expressing our displeasure with the assigned descriptors, “denialist” and “conspiracy theorist,” I am not sure “consensus narrative dissident (CND)” isn’t another inversion of what is a more appropriate (symbolic) description/meaning to what humanity’s seeking of truth, honesty and reality is about. We are not “separatists” who “sit apart” from the universal field/ground of which we are all a part, and which is a part of us all.

      What we (speaking for myself on behalf of others, perhaps) are actively seeking in common is resistance to the dissociation, fragmentation, destruction of Nature and natural systems by a bunch of psychopaths and sociopaths seeking power, status, wealth etc. by exploiting (taking without thought or compensation) from the natural systems that have sustained life on earth for millennia. These (tech-sci-bio-machine freaks) are the dissidents, the separatists. These are the denialists, are they not?

      The firm ground (terra firma) is standing in defense of life, and loving life, in its many forms. Love machines, or love nature. Man can not love both (serve two masters).


      1. Steve,

        Very fair insights. I think we need to express what we stand for, rather than what we stand against. Yes, we are in concert with Nature (at least we aspire to, as opposed to conquering or replacing it). We co-create with this loving force.


  2. Thank you for this, Stephers. It will take me some time to wade through all of your well researched links. What you say here rings true for me as you are documenting the virtual birth of the Beast of Revelations.

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  3. While I appreciate AMs research, her purity stance against anyone who considers crypto as a means of mitigating their own risk in this changing world is aiding the divide and conquer strategy of the sociopath elites. I don’t understand how a purist like AM can collaborate with a POS like Raul Diego, who ensnared Whitney Webb and then majorly fucked her over. Oh well, the real work to be done is in your own communities, preparing to survive whatever is coming next.


  4. Travis,

    Please, please, please keep emotional triggers, name-calling, swearing, and misunderstood drama out of the comments. I am concerned the emotional dung may head this thread directly into the toilet. For the record, if anyone is a purist, it is ME. Feel free to challenge me on the material I have presented.

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  5. Another startlingly insightful post, Stephers. I’ve been hacking half-heartedly at a potential guest post to help ease the burden on MT during his recovery from surgery… but I think what your work (in this essay and as a whole) makes the point I wanted to make so much better than I did, and adds so much more to it.

    My concern has been the way, within the “conspiracy” community (for lack of a better term), we fall into ritualistic and predictable patterns of thought just as surely as complacent “New Normals.” Leading personalities in our community like Miles Mathis (intentionally or not—it doesn’t matter to me) create repetitive, consciousness-limiting thought grooves for us that make us as easy to predict and control as any other plugged-in segment of society. This is a passage from my abandoned essay:

    “Whoa, another media hoax just dropped? Here’s your Miles Mathis template for “thinking” about it. Gather the names of everyone involved. Run them through Wikipedia and various genealogy sites. Look for connections to elite families and royal bloodlines. Make note of people who have taken part in, are related to people who took part in, or are in some subterranean way connected to people who took part in previous hoaxes. Highlight and underscore Jewish-sounding names. Smirk knowingly at pictures that look Photoshopped (always taking a moment to scoff at images of people with big noses because, psh, you know what that means, right?). Study every digit of every number referenced in the hoax story—death tolls, ages of people involved, relevant dates—and find numbers used frequently in other hoax stories. (Note: If you get bored sifting through the numbers, chant Aces and eights, Chai over and over to help you maintain focus.) Finally, when your work is done, sit back and enjoy the way feelings of bemusement, anger, outrage, and disgust mingle with the absolute certainty that you’re so much more aware of what’s really going than practically everyone else is in this stupid, mind-controlled world.”

    Stephers, your work consistently helps me break through the mind-numbing patterns of thinking about and responding to the massive deceptions confronting us. Thank you.

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    1. As I quipped to Alison on Twitter, I call it the “Simulacronomicon”. One DOES NOT want to become adept, or an “adept” or ADAPT to such a digital organelle structure with which one would need to navigate and interact with this, this……..THING.


  6. Enormously helpful piece, Stephers … to me at least. I have been mulling over our own, individual, contribution to this gathering march of what’s left of “humanity-humans” (my term) further down the “wrong path” toward machine induced oblivion.
    This has been going on at least since the Luddites were exterminated by the aristocracy in the early 19 Century. That failed, but assuredly there is a way to “unplug” the inhumanity being proposed. Creator of all is counting on us.

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  7. The entire Crypto Bitcoin world isn’t going away after all. Not sure why they still refer to it as Crypto, as there isn’t anything hidden about it as of now and they can just start using the coins actual name. Absolutely a slow boil introduction over the last decade, and shows how they do those slow boil implementations while having events and technology planned centuries in advance. Now it’s going to be implemented into most human’s everyday way of life, just like televisions, computers, cell phones, credit cards, etc. And there is rumors of the Federal Reserve becoming everyone’s main bank account, instead of mass amount of banking corporations we have now. I can see where this is all going and looks like we may be gradually forced into it over time. I assume the next phase won’t be a slow boil.


  8. I have since modified my view of COVID, giving credence to its existence (based on accrued anecdotal evidence), yet hold steady that if there is any infectious virus, it lives and breathes solely in the digital realm. It has no dangerous hold in our physical reality — except, of course, in the hearts and minds of those who still do not grasp its fallacious nature.

    Just what are you saying, please???
    Do I dare read any further?

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    1. Rastus –

      I am not crystal clear on your question.

      I think you are asking if I believe in COVID? For those of us who have been keen to decipher there is NO virus causing any disease, we still remain in two separate “camps”: one camp believes there is no new illness being termed “COVID”; and the other camp believes there is a new illness (again, being labeled as “COVID”) – but attributed to a non-germ cause. (This is akin to the discord that occurred years ago among HIV/AIDS dissidents, with not everyone being on the same page.)

      In my case, I am a virus “denialist” but I am not a COVID denialist (which I have termed “nano-bio cytotoxicosis”). I have posited (laid out in my bio-digital series and additional stand-alone pieces) that a new constellation of symptoms (primarily manifesting as a vascular/blood/lung disorder) has resulted since fall of 2019 — due to the global introduction/debut of graphene and its derivatives. Prior to that, it was held up in R&D labs. This is documented, and not “conspiracy theory.”

      It is my position that in fall 2019, when it got the green light to go commercial, graphene started to wreak some havoc on human bodies (although still exaggerated by the intentional gross inflation of deaths/”cases”). Accordingly, I postulate that the 2019-20 flu shot (globally) was enabled with semiconducting carbon nanotubes or graphene oxide, and therefore, not only became an issue for jabbed individuals, but could be transmitted (via optoelectronics/nanofluidics) to un-jabbed individuals – thus, beginning a planned cascade of events.

      Subsequently, the disposable masks were infused with graphene (as reported/revealed in the mainstream news), and it seems the nasopharyngeal swabs may have also been doped with graphene (reported by independent media). Then the COVID “vaccines” were reported by various researchers (utilizing Raman spectroscopy and electron microscopes) to be contaminated with graphene. The rest is so-called “history.”

      But there is more to tell about this ongoing story – particularly, this new so-called “Omicron variant.” In my preliminary opinion, we are seeing something very different than “COVID” being manifested in individuals. Not only does this condition seem to be benign, it is possible the symptoms have little to do with blood coagulation (as in “COVID”), and may be more specific to eyes, (ears?) nose, and throat involvement.

      I am listening intently to what is being reported in mainstream and alternative news, and especially observing how this may be manifesting in my personal bubble of friends, family, and acquaintances (including myself, as I am currently on day 3 of dealing with highly unusual throat and eye symptoms that I have never experienced before, albeit quite mild).

      Relatedly, thus far, I know three friends/family who had the “booster” resulting in what may be “new” (not previously reported with “COVID” or post-jab) symptoms: one experienced sudden blindness in both eyes; one experienced a sudden detached retina that required surgery, and one experienced dysphagia (unable to swallow).

      While I do not like to make predictions, I would not be surprised if we start to hear more complaints (especially from jabbed friends and family) having to do with eye/throat conditions. I am open to being wrong about this. Only time will tell.


      1. Thank you, Stephens.

        I enjoy your writing. And in fact I said to myself it has been awhile for another one of your whirlwind essays. Sure enough, there it was. 🙂

        I’m a simple person. I failed to understand what you were saying.

        I’ll read and contemplate your kind response. Thanks for taking the time.

        Have a nice evening out in Philly.


        1. May have seen clip on

          Book on “Omicron Variant” copyrighted 2020.

          Please read reviews on this latest Hogwash / BS:


            1. Rastus,

              As I had said in a previous comments thread (h/t OregonMatt), the 16 Omicron books on Amazon (including the “Dr. Bishop” one you linked) were written by AI. While this lame “fact checker” article ( explains the issues regarding legitimacy of the author (no such author exists), as well as the massively poor content/grammar, it does not reveal the most important point – it was not written by a human person. So, the concern of the copyright being 2020 is a moot point. The whole book is fake and *riddled” with errors (because it is part of the mockery). This video proves nothing, and only serves to discredit any truther movement, in my opinion.


      2. I wonder if other animals or plants are suffering from “nano-bio cytotoxicosis”. If they are spreading graphene or some other toxin around the world, other living things must be affected.

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        1. Till-
          Good question, and I have no answer, other than to say humans are obviously (and intentionally) getting the brunt of the poisoning taking place.

          Along the lines of your question, though, I noticed something puzzling during the last year. The sugar ants that regularly invade the premises from different directions are totally missing. Why? No pesticides have been applied here for years, and before this year they were a constant seasonal presence. Is something coming down from above that does them in? Are the aerosols (chemtrails) having a chemical makeover in order to enhance the appearance of covid disease, and if so, are those ingredients killing off my little sugar buddies? The west coast is one of the areas under constant aerial bombardment, as I’ve seen with my own eyes, and to which the pictures I’ve posted attest.

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          1. Matt,

            When I used to live in San Diego…

            I would watch the aircraft traveling East to West..traveling across the entire Metro area…

            …and Bam! As soon as they hit the ocean (which is where I would be hanging out, thus witnessing entire event)…

   soon as the aircraft got out above the ocean (say 1/4 mile) the spraying would cease.

            So regarding your ants let me just say this:. The human population being sprayed are the “ants”.

            And back then I was nowhere near awake to the lies and deception I am today. This was some time back.


        2. Till,

          I am seeing what I consider to be evidence of this phenomenon in my neck of the woods – both with animals (mostly outdoor animal companions and wild animals) and the trees/plants/flora in my environs . . . Too many examples to detail properly, and I certainly do not have proof it is from graphene per sé (which works in tandem with EMFs/non-ionizing radiation). In a most general sense, though, by mid-August 2021 (despite experiencing a relatively normal amount of precipitation), the trees around us had lost much of their leaves and were crumpled/shriveled on the ground – the grass also looking dry and dull. Over the summer, the bark from the trees had pulled away from their respective trunks; so by the end of the summer, that bark was shed from the trees and dried up on the ground. I had never seen this before. But, without “testing” the leaves, bark, or grass for the presence of graphene family materials, I can only speculate that nanomaterial/EMFs may have been responsible.


      3. An excellent and thought provoking comment, on an excellent and thought provoking post Stephers, thanks for both

        I’ve passed your comment and your post on to my pal in the UK who has been doing a deep dive into the evidence as to what is actually in the v [lots of weird artificial looking stuff]. He is currently working on the “MAC address phenomenon and nano router, antenna tech that has been found by Corona2inspect” He says that a friend of his has “tested a v’d individual and picked up a raw MAC address off them” using a phone with Bluetooth discovery software!

        He also says that “I completely agree with this ladies analysis about “COVID being a new condition that has existed since the start of 2020 ” and that it “is probably related to the infusion of GO in flu and other v’s”. He also mentions metallic aerosols that are sprayed at altitude, and also new 5G frequency ranges, as possible factors

        I will keep you posted if anything interesting emerges

        Seasons greetings and best wishes for 2022
        It’s shaping up to be a fascinating year coming up
        An amazing time to be alive

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        1. Second attempt, the first time that i posted this it just disappeared:

          That was in reply to your post of December 16, 2021 at 6:06 pm Stephers but it ended up down here for some reason


        2. Pete,

          On the MAC address/protocol/nanorouters, hopefully you and your UK friend may find this document helpful (The link is no longer active online, so I had to cut and paste the entire body of text that I found nearly a month ago and had placed in another comments thread; I apologize for any formatting errors, as I do not have time to go through the text and make any corrections.):

          “A Comprehensive Review on Mac Protocol of Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Intrabody Application”

          S. Sivapriya

          PG Scholar
          Department of Electronics & Communication College of Engineering, Chennai

          Nanotechnology has led to the evolution of nano-machines which are tiny components comprising of arranged set of molecules performing pre-determined tasks. The interconnection of nanosensors and nanodevices with Internet has led to development of next evolutionary step towards IoT called “Internet of Nano Things” (IoNT). WNSN for intrabody application consist of integrated nano-machines, diffused in the human body for collecting diagnostic and prognostic processes and aid in the treatment of patients through accurate tumor and disease detection. Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols are needed for the communication between nano-devices and for the access coordination to the wireless channel. Since classical MAC protocols cannot be used due to the peculiarities of nano-devices and the Terahertz band, they are not suitable for WNSN. The main objective behind this paper is to provide review on so far developed MAC protocols in novel nano-scale communication approaches along with architectural requirements for implementation, communication and networking aspects, significant challenges and security issues.

          Keywords: Internet of Nano Things (IoNT), Nanosensors, Nanotechnology, Wireless Nano-Sensor Networks (WNSN)


          The recent boost in nanotechnology fosters extension of control and networking to nano scale by deployment of nanosensors having a size of one to few hundred nanometers. Being equipped with a nano-antenna, a memory, a CPU, and a power supply, such nanosenors are enabled to perform simple operations and wireless communication in short distances. Such wireless communication among nanosensors bolsters emergence of a new paradigm called wireless nanosensor networks (WNSNs). However, communication in WNSNs is expected to experience different challenges, owing to limitations in capabilities of the nanosensors such as limited transmission range, less processing power, small memory, scarcity of energy, etc. The nano network holds significantly greater communication and processing potential that overcomes the limitations of standalone nanomachines through nanodevices cooperation. This may allow for the provision of advanced services and applications in several fields such as industry, environment, military and health. Nanomachines can monitor inaccessible parts of the human body, such as the aortic heart valve and collect sensory data of the valve. A nano network, in turn, can carry the sensory data to an external device such as a Smartphone or an Internet gateway enabling nanodevices to wirelessly communicate with powerful external processing devices. A nanonetwork connected to internet gateways enables a new network paradigm called the IoNT.

          In general, there are four main novel nano-scale communication techniques: nanomechanical, acoustic, chemical or molecular and electromagnetic communications. In nanomechanical communication, the information is transmitted by a mechanical contact between transmitter and receiver. An acoustic communication is defined as the transmission of information through acoustic energy such as pressure variations. In molecular communication, the information is encoded in bio-molecules which move as carriers from the transmitter nano-machine to receiver nano-machine. Electromagnetic communication is based on the modulation and demodulation of electromagnetic waves using components that are made based on novel nano materials [3]. In acoustic communication, the traditional acoustic transducers and radio frequency transceivers cannot be integrated at a nano-scale device because of their size and communication principle. Moreover, in nanomechanical communication, a physical and direct contact is needed between transmitter and receiver nanomachines. Therefore, the molecular and electromagnetic communications are the most promising approaches for nanonetworking [1].

          The miniaturization of a conventional metallic antenna to meet the size requirements of the nano-devices would impose the use of very high operating frequencies (several hundreds of Terahertz), thus limiting the feasibility of nanonetworks. Amongst others, ongoing research on the characterization of the EM properties of graphene, points to the Terahertz Band (0.1–10.0 THz) as the radiation frequency band of novel nano-antennas [5].This paper focuses on the electromagnetic communications as most studied nano-scale communication approaches in the Terahertz band. In addition, a qualitative evaluation of the so-far developed WNSNs protocols is presented in terms of their architecture requirements, network and channel models and security issues and challenges.

          This paper is organized as follows: Section II will provide a general overview of the ubiquitous healthcare ecosystem and a background on both IoT and IoNT paradigms, by focusing the attention on biomedical applications. Section III discusses about the

          Dr. D. Sridharan

          Department of Electronics & Communication College of Engineering, Chennai


          page1image771510032 page1image771510976

          All rights reserved by

          A Comprehensive Review on Mac Protocol of Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Intrabody Application (IJIRST/ Volume 4 / Issue 2 / 013)

          electromagnetic communication in nano-network, concepts and architecture of nano-sensors, terahertz channel properties and electromagnetic communication challenges in body-centric nano-scale communications. In Section IV, current issues and challenges in protocol stack of WNSN will be discussed. A study on related works of the so far developed MAC protocols for WNSNs is introduced in Section V. Finally, we conclude the paper in Section VI.


          Internet of Things, no doubt has transformed the use of Internet and Device to Device communications in which devices, sensors and objects interact with one another and exchange data and has also given birth to several other domains like Wireless Body Sensor Networks (WBAN), Internet of Nanotechnology-Nano Things (IoNT).

          In a more recent form, the IoT is supposed to be capable of managing a potentially very large number of smart wireless devices forming a capillary networking infrastructure that can be connected to the Internet. At this moment, it is widely recognized that IoT can be adopted in the health-care domain for handling a number of tasks, including the remote monitoring of patients [9], the control of drugs [10], and the tracking of medical staff and equipments in their environment [11]. However, all of these solutions do not go beyond the macro scale, thus leaving the nano-medicine applications completely unexplored.

          Scientists have started shrinking sensors from millimeters or microns in size to the nanometer scale, small enough to circulate within living bodies and to mix directly into construction materials. This is a crucial first step toward an Internet of Nano Things (IoNT) that could take medicine, energy efficiency and many other sectors to a whole new dimension. As explained in Fig 1 with reference to typical IoT architecture, monitoring devices communicate with the nanointerface and a network coordinator (which provides the connectivity with a remote health-care server through a wireless/wired broadband technology) by using IEEE 802.15.4285 radios.

          Fig. 1: Complete healthcare system with IoT & IoNT paradigms [7]

          The interaction between macro and nano domains can be handled by means of a request/response process. In fact, it is assumed that each monitoring device is configured for tracking some biological functionalities of a given health-care server (macro scale network) patient during the time. To this end, it sends specific request messages to the nanointerface of the BANNET through the IoT network infrastructure. The nanointerface will deliver the received request to all nanorouters, thus allowing them to retrieve an answer from their corresponding clusters. Then, the requests generated by a sub-set of nanonodes are sent back to the monitoring device in the opposite direction. Finally, the monitoring devices will deliver all the collected information to the remote health-care server.


          As explained earlier, the molecular communication is based on bio-molecules as a communication medium, while electromagnetic communication is based on communication using electromagnetic waves and wireless technology. Recent advancements in nanotechnology and carbon electronics have paved the way to produce electronic nano-device such as nano-memories, nano- processor, nano-batteries, and nanoantennas. The nano-particles show new behavior in nano-scale that cannot be observed at the microscopic level.

          Nanonetworks are not just downscaled networks, but there are several properties stemming from the nanoscale that require us to totally rethink well-established networking concepts. In the following, the main challenges from the communication perspective are discussed in a bottom-up fashion, from the physical nanoscale issues affecting a single nanomachine up to the nanonetworking protocols. The design flow for the development of nanonetworks is shown in Fig.2.

          page2image811299376 page2image811299760 page2image811301136

          All rights reserved by

          A Comprehensive Review on Mac Protocol of Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Intrabody Application (IJIRST/ Volume 4 / Issue 2 / 013)

          Fig. 2: Bottom-up approach for design of nanonetworks

          Properties of nano-materials: Due to the small size of nano-machine, wiring a large number of them is not feasible. One the most known nano carbon structure that is referred it as the wonder material of the 21st century is graphene [7]. Graphene is a one-atom- thick planar sheet that consists of carbon atoms arranged on a honeycomb crystal lattice. Two of the known derivatives of graphene are Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) and Graphene Nanoribbon (GNR). The CNT is a folded nanoribbon. The carbon materials have the electrical and optical characteristics that are analyzed in light of quantum mechanics. These properties include of high current capacity and high thermal conductivity and their mechanical strength is extremely high and they also have a very high sensitivity.

          Frequency band of operation of EM communication: Nano-antennas can support EM communications in two possible ranges of frequencies: the terahertz band and the upper part of the megahertz one. Despite the lowest bandwidth ensures the highest transmission ranges, it provides a very limited energy efficiency, which is unacceptable for nano-devices. For this reason, it is preferred to design nano-transceivers working in the terahertz band (i.e., 0.1 to 10.0 THz) and enabling a channel capacity in the order of few terabit/s and a transmission range that cannot exceed few tens of millimeters [5].

          Terahertz channel properties: Terahertz channel is seriously affected by the presence of different molecules in the medium. The main characteristics of the terahertz channel are: Path loss and noise [8]. The total noise in the receiver consists of electronic noise and molecular noise. The electronic noise is due to large free path of electrons in graphene. The molecular noise also occurs because of the molecular absorption.

          Protocols & Modulation Techniques: Nanomachines require new simple modulation techniques suitable for their limited hardware. Inspired by the huge bandwidth provided by the Terahertz channel, we envision a new communication paradigm based on the exchange of very short pulses, just a few femtoseconds long. The power of a femtosecond-long pulse is contained within the Terahertz frequency band and, thus, it can be radiated by a graphene-based nano antenna. By transmitting these pulses distributed over time rather than in a single continuous packet or burst, the requirements on the power unit of nanomachines are also relaxed.


          IoNT is regarded as the most miniaturized nano sensor networks having huge potential to be as such adoptable in real time applications in diverse fields. Services should also be enhanced and new service-oriented architectures needs to be proposed to make nano sensors and nano networks compatible to hold tons of large varieties of data.

          Application Layer

          Application design for healthcare services needs to address requirements for real-time, reliable, and context-aware operation. The critical significance of health services makes real-time or near-real-time operation a fundamental requirement. However, due to the unpredictable transmission medium and the significantly short range of intra-body communication, a random delay is to be expected. Data fusion will, therefore, need to be optimal, dynamic, and delay-tolerant for applications that rely on the integration of diverse data sources [4].

          Transport Layer:

          The nanoscale of the IoNT makes it impractical to have individual network addresses for the individual nanomachines. Addressing can thus be cluster-based instead of node-based. This makes it possible to address a group of nodes based on the health functionality they perform or the biological organ or phenomena they monitor [6].

          page3image847301072 page3image847301360 page3image847302384

          All rights reserved by

          A Comprehensive Review on Mac Protocol of Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Intrabody Application (IJIRST/ Volume 4 / Issue 2 / 013)

          Network Layer:

          The limited processing and storage capabilities of nanomachines dictate that routing design should not assume that nodes have knowledge of the network topology. Network topology inside the body can be random and dynamic due to the uncontrolled properties of the biological communication medium. This also affects cooperation between nanomachines, which has to be kept to a minimum. Node mobility inside the body and proximity based opportunistic routing can be suitable solutions.

          Medium Access Control Layer:

          Terahertz band communication provides enormous bandwidth and significantly short transmission time, which leads to fewer collisions and interference than in traditional networks. The high path-loss and low energy of nano-devices coupled with noisy transmission media increase the probability of packet errors regardless of the huge link bandwidth. This promotes the need for error-control MAC protocols that address the necessity of controlling access to the THz-band channel to reduce packets retransmissions.

          Physical Layer:

          Three main requirements are needed by health applications at the PHY layer: a channel capacity that guarantees reliable data delivery, an accurate channel model that accounts for the unique biological transmission medium and its associated noise, and efficient coding schemes that are resilient to errors.


          Transparent MAC is a simplified protocol, where the packet received from the network layer is transmitted to the physical interface without handling any flow control, error control or adding any headers to the packet. Terahertz band communication provides enormous bandwidth and significantly short transmission time, which leads to fewer collisions and interference than in traditional networks. The high path-loss and low energy of nano-devices coupled with noisy transmission media increase the probability of packet errors regardless of the huge link bandwidth. This promotes the need for error-control MAC protocols that address the necessity of controlling access to the THz-band channel to reduce packets retransmissions. Fully charged nanodevices are capable of just transmitting a few packets before getting fully depleted. Consequently, nanonodes are required to wait to recharge using energy harvesting before being able to transmit again, which may introduce an unavoidable delay that renders packet retransmission useless.

          PHLAME (PHysical Layer Aware MAC Protocol for EM Nanonetworks)

          PHLAME is based on the joint selection by the transmitter and the receiver of the optimal communication parameters and channel coding scheme which minimize the interference in the nanonetwork and maximize the probability of successfully decoding the received information. Moreover, the fluctuations in the energy of the nano-devices are taken into account. It is a revised version of the communication scheme based on the exchange of femtosecond-long pulses that we introduced in [14], in order to support variable symbol rates.

          The protocol is built in two stages, namely, the handshaking process and the data transmission process. First, it allows a receiver to coordinate multiple simultaneous transmissions. Second, it facilitates the joint selection of (i) the transmission symbol rate and (ii) the channel coding scheme which make the data transmission more reliable.

          page4image811812480 page4image811812768 page4image811813056 page4image811813344 page4image811813696
          Fig. 3: PHLAME Protocol


          All rights reserved by

          A Comprehensive Review on Mac Protocol of Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Intrabody Application (IJIRST/ Volume 4 / Issue 2 / 013)

          The handshaking process is divided into two sub-stages: Initially the transmitter generates Transmission Request (TR) to the intended receiver which contains the transmitting Data Symbol Rate (DSR) and the Error Detecting Code (EDC). In PHLAME, every transmitting node randomly selects a symbol rate from a set of coprime rates, which have been shown to minimize the probability of having catastrophic collisions [16].The TR packet is transmitted using CCS (Common Coding Scheme) which defines pre-defined symbol rate and channel coding scheme. The transmitter waits for Tdelay time for TR retransmissions.

          The handshaking acknowledgment is triggered by the receiver of the TR packet, which uses the CCS to decode the received bit streams when listening to the channel. Due to the energy limitations of nano-devices, after the transmission or the active reception of a packet, a device needs to wait for a certain recovery time Trec in order to restore its energy by means of energy harvesting systems. If the handshake is accepted, the receiver replies to the transmitter with a Transmission Confirmation (TC) packet, which is encoded by using the CCS. . The TC packet contains the transmitting Data Coding Scheme (DCS) and the Error Detecting Code. The DCS is selected by the receiver in order to guarantee a target Packet Error Rate (PER). This depends on the perceived channel quality.

          Finally, the data packet (DP) is sent by the transmitter. . If the DP is not detected at the receiver before a time-out the receiver assumes that the handshaking process failed. The protocol have been diagrammatically explained in Fig 3.The main advantage of the protocol is it reduces nano-network interference and maximum decoding of received information. Their main drawbacks include handshaking and not enough computational resources.

          RIH-MAC: Receiver Initiated Harvesting MAC Protocol

          In the receiver-initiated communication schema, the transmission only occurs if the receiver will have adequate energy to complete the reception. Therefore, the transmitter can adaptively select its network participant.

          In [12] the author applies the receiver initiated communication schema in centralized and distributed WNSN MAC protocol. In this MAC protocol, the time is split into equal time slots, where two packets are transferred between the sender and one receiver. The receiver nano-nodes announce that it is ready to receive a packet by sending ready to receive (RTR) packet. In addition, the receiver of the RTR packet will send a Data packet which is explained in Fig 4. Two communication models were proposed: a centralized and distributed communication model. In the distributed version of RIH-MAC, the communication between the nano- node can be designed as an edge colouring problem, where the colouring operation occurs in cycles. In a centralized receiver- initiated solution [12], a more powerful nano-controller device is needed for scheduling the communication between nano-devices.

          page5image812199312 page5image812199600
          Fig. 4: RTR and DATA Packets between a Receiver (R) and a Sender (S)

          RIH-MAC can be run stand-alone if there is no energy limitation on nanonodes. However, a coordinated energy consumption schedule (CECS) between two communicating nanonodes is required to achieve the highest performance of RIH-MAC. When there is no such coordination, many RTR packets would be sent with no DATA packet response. Similarly, transmitters may listen for RTR packets but receive no RTR packets. In both scenarios, energy is wasted. Here, we describe our prediction-based CECS.

          The advantage of RIH-MAC over energy aware protocol is less collision probability, scalable with more number of sensor nodes and have high ratio of packet delivery. Besides, in RIH-MAC, some time slots will be wasted. The wasted time slots can occur in the situation where the energy harvesting rate is lower than the energy consumption rate. Additionally, the use of the optimum policy lookup table could also contribute in the energy waste. Furthermore, DRIH-MAC suffers from the hidden terminal problem.

          TAB-MAC: Assisted Beamforming MAC protocol for Terahertz Communication networks

          The protocol exploits two different wireless technologies, namely, Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz and THz-band communication. In particular, nodes rely on the omni directional 2.4 GHz channel to exchange control information and coordinate their data transmissions (Phase 1), whereas the actual data transfer occurs at THz frequencies only after the nodes have aligned their beams (Phase 2).

          The functioning of the TAB-MAC protocol is summarized as follows. When a regular node wants to communicate with another node, it first broadcasts its request by using Wi-Fi technology and exchanges the location information with the intended receiver. Based on the exchanged information, the transmitter and the receiver steer their THz beamforming antennas to point to each other with a specific beam width. Once the coupled regular nodes are facing each other, the data transactions at THz frequencies

          page5image812361808 page5image812362832

          All rights reserved by

          A Comprehensive Review on Mac Protocol of Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Intrabody Application (IJIRST/ Volume 4 / Issue 2 / 013)

          proceeds. This presents an effective and efficient solution to address the ‘‘facing’’ problem in THz communication networks as well as to mitigate interference. However, the time delay introduced by the cooperation between two types of wireless technologies should be comprehensively investigated.

          Fig. 5: Assisted beamforming MAC for Terahertz networks [15]

          As explained in Fig 5, phase 1 is designed to discover and couple the transmitter and receiver through the benefits of omni directional 2.4 GHz communication. First, the transmitter sends Request-to-send (RTS) with node information which contains the position of node. The receiver will reply an extended Clear-To-Send (CTS) frame with its Node Information, named as CTS-NI, when it is available. Once these two nodes obtained each other’s node positions, they can compute the Line-of-Sight (LoS) distance between them, and steer their beamforming antennas pointing to each other with a specific beam width. After Phase 1, the beamforming antennas of the transmitter and receiver have been steered to point each other, i.e., the transmitter is ready to transmit data in the THz band. Firstly, the transmitter will send one TTS frame to make sure that their directional antennas are pointing to each other and the LoS propagation between them is available. Once receiving the Acknowledgement (ACK) from the receiver, the transmitter will begin the data transmission. The total time delay in Phase 2 can be expressed as shown in figure where Tswitch refers to the switching time from 2.4 GHz omni directional antenna to THz beamforming antennas. Tproc refers to the short processing time for high data rate in THz band; TTTS refers to the transmission time for one TTS frame. TACK refers to the transmission time for ACK. TDATA is the required time to transmit all data frames from the transmitter to the receiver.

          VI. CONCLUSION

          The scenario of application is that each nanosensor node would be placed within each cell and that they will communicate with their immediate neighbor cell according to the protocol preferred. In this paper, the state-of-the-art and comprehensive review in the domain of nano-scale electromagnetic communication for intrabody applications is presented. Various studies on the current works on MAC protocols on WNSN have been analyzed and discussed covering the theoretical basis of communication mechanisms among nano devices, state-of-the-art in antenna design, current issues and challenges in protocol stack of WNSN. Considering the expected future growth of nano technologies and their potential use for the detection and diagnosis of various health related issues, the open research challenges for these potential networks are highlighted and presented to clearly demonstrate the necessary steps the scientific, engineering and wider community needs to take to further enhance the current status.


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          1. Pete,

            In case it is helpful, I had mentioned last year that the Moderna patent incorporated flagellated bacteria. (Will have to dig this up later today if you want it). Here is a relevant paper on flagellated bacteria and nanonetworks. This, too, may be helpful in your exploration: “Physical Channel Characterization for Medium-Range Nano-Networks using Flagellated Bacteria”


          2. Where in the Hell did you find all this, please? What allows a mother to research all this??

            Each and EVERY MAC Address is unique. Every one. The one in your laptop, the one in your network card in your mini tower PC, ALL of them!!

            Your phone has a unique “MAC” address (perhaps by another name (also known as “Hardware Address”), I don’t know too much about phones)…but they are all uniquely identified.

            Does each injection include a UNIQUE NANOBOT ROUTER MAC ADDRESS allowing for UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION of source / destination of message traffic? That is, individual “person”??

            This is insane …nothing I would expect from a mother 🙂

            BUT I LOVE IT! 😛 Thanks!


            1. What kind of “mass manufacture” of “vaccines allows a unique identifier for EACH VILE OF POISON?? At the molecular level??


              1. Every Engineer deals with Specifications.

                What is the Specification for Unique ID for each human on this planet delivered via “vaccine”? This specification should be readily available. When it comes to conjecture, best simply to get to “Root Cause”. Please show me the “Authoritative” document / specification!

                Also, again, EACH MAC ADDRES currently embedded in silicon (located on each network card interface) has a Unique ID burned into the silicon during the manufacturing process.

                HOW are they to do this during the “vaccine” manufacturing process?

                One can pull up Bluetooth spec for Unique ID, one can also pull up spec for PC “MAC Address”…so where is the Specification for UNIQUE HUMAN IDENTIFICATION VIA INJECTIBLE NANOBOT GRAPHINE ROUTER “VACCINE”?

                LINK PLEASE 🙂


            2. Rastus,

              I only started to attempt to explore this nanorouter/MAC protocol material a few weeks ago. It is way above my pay grade. I offer four additional papers below (which I have been reviewing with minimal understanding) and perhaps someone here (perhaps you, Rastus?) can find an answer to your question:


              “An Efficient Routing Scheme for Intrabody Nanonetworks Using Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm” (May 2020)

              “Design of Wireless Nanosensor Networks for Intrabody Application” (June 2015) – See Figure 2 and Figure 4

              “Physical-Layer Security in 6G Networks”

              “The sixth generation (6G) of mobile network will be composed by different nodes, from macro-devices (satellite) to nano-devices (sensors inside the human body), providing a full connectivity fabric all around us. These heterogeneous nodes constitute an ultra dense network managing tons of information, often very sensitive. To trust the services provided by such network, security is a mandatory feature by design. In this scenario, physical-layer security (PLS) can act as a first line of defense, providing security even to low-resourced nodes in different environments. This paper discusses challenges, solutions and visions of PLS in beyond-5G networks.”

              “The 6th generation (6G) communication networks are portrayed to form a full connectivity fabric, with a high degree of operational flexibility and autonomy [1], [2]. The network nodes may furthermore span from satellite links to intra-body communications, while the core traffic is expected to still be undertaken by what is traditionally known as the cellular network that 5G still deploys.”

              “The distributed thinking paradigm taken to the core of the radio heads and network deployment sparkled thus far by 5G will only intensify with the upcoming technologies beyond 5G (B5G) (e.g. cell-free multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), intelligent reflective surfaces (IRS) and self-aggregating net- works, predictive resource management & link processing.”


                1. Rastus,

                  If you want to see what this IoBNT/IntraBioNet nanorouter system may look like, please watch this video of Dr. Zandre Botha, which I posted in a comments thread a while back (as you may recall): This is a follow-up interview Dr. Botha did “post-Omicron” (speaking mainly to her treatment protocol that she is using with her jabbed patients):


                    1. I did not, nor will not, dismiss you.

                      I will kindly follow up on this diabolical BS as well as your links.


                      Thank you for being you 🙂

                      I did some DARPA work in the past…this sounds like some of their BS!

                      Reminder, DARPA funded the Internet. Internet has its origins in military. It’s a military program from start to finish

                      Thanks again


              1. Wow, they are rewriting the protocols so what was true for your bluetooth mouse may not be relevant for talking to your internal nanobots. Stunned that your (Stephers) long comment above indicates beamforming antennas at the teraHz nano scale. Perhaps MAC addresses can be reassigned after your local 5G tower correlates your position with your facial scan or phone ID. Perhaps they’ll just aim a high frequency “ping” right at your body when they happen to know right where you are. It’s check in time!

                I find myself curious about how they plan installing the human device driver software on the phone, laptop, etc. Will this driver installation be visible to the phone’s owner?


                1. Trust me, my “device driver” is F’d up beyond repair 🙂


                  No amount of “upgrades” will ever be enough haha 🙂


                2. Looking back over the extent of Stephers research…. 20 years ago reasearch was on GO as an energy harvesting nano platform and mass production methods. 15 years back sensors and applications were being developed. In a recent comment Stephers linked a 2013 paper on developing specifications for networking protocol for a human body full of sensors, processors and transmitters.

                  Now something or other is being deployed via injection in 193 countries. Is this injectable hardware already plug-n-play? Being made of such tiny pieces I presume it must require very high frequencies to work. How new does your cell phone have to be to detect and connect to your bluetooth enabled Internet of Human Bodies device?

                  If the city placed a new 5G networked street lamp on the pole outside, then perhaps my home is now 5G enabled even if my phone is 10 years old running Android 5.02 and I am still trying to run a system on Windows 7. Should we presume the connecting driver software is already in place in 193 countries? Or is this just a mad rush to do the injectables hoping they can play catch up with the networking later? Ready or not, this is happening people.

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            3. Rastus,

              Ok. I think I am getting warmer. This is the closest I have gotten to answering your question above: “THINGS AND EVERYTHING: INTERNET OF NANO-THINGS FUTURE
              GROWTH TRENDS” (May 2021):

              (I apologize for any formatting errors)

              p. 7-8

              Addressing of Nano machines:
              In the Internet of Things, every single element in the network requires a unique ID. In nanonetworks and the Internet of Nano-Things, assigning a different address to every nano-node is not a simple task, mainly due to the fact that this would require complex synchronization and coordination between nano machines. Moreover, taking into account that every single nano network will already contain thousands of nano machines, the inter- networking of all them would require the use of very long addresses. However, some simpler and more feasible alternatives are possible.
              Information Routing:
              Nano machines may have to answer to a specific query from a command center or may need to report new events in a push based fashion. This flow of information requires the establishment of routes. Due to the very limited transmission range of nano machines, multi hop communication will be the standard way to communicate. We cannot even consider that every nano-node will be able to transmit directly to its closest nano-router. In addition, due to the limited resources of nano machines and also their presumably high proneness to failure, we cannot assume that route information can be stored or remembered between transmissions.
              Reliability Issues:
              End-to-end nanonetworks and the Internet of Nano- Things has to be guaranteed both for the messages going from a remote command center to the nano nodes, as well as for the packets coming from the nano machines to a common sink. Different aspects that can affect the network reliability include both nano machine failure and transient molecular interference in the channel. Indeed, apart from unexpected errors in nano-nodes, a sudden burst of molecules can create temporal disconnections of the network at different points.
              Network Association and Service Discovery:
              In the Internet of Nano-Things, every nano-node is expected to be able to seamlessly connect to the network and at the same time inform the other devices about its presence. Taking into account the amount of nano-things that can be involved in such a network, new network association and service discovery solutions are needed. In our vision, the network hierarchy defined
              reliability in earlier, simplifies this task. Indeed, in a majority of applications it will not be necessary to notify the entire network when a new nano-node is in the system, but just the closer nano-router or nano micro interface at most.


              1. Rastus/Pete,

                Getting warmer still . . . From a paper I linked to previously (Part 7 of my series

                “6G and Beyond: The Future of Wireless Communications Systems” (July 2020)

                On top of physical layer channel models, the medium access control (MAC) schemes in THz band communications should adopt certain spatial and spectral features in order to pro- vide solutions in resolving issues such as the deafness prob- lem and LoS blockage, among others [43], [44]. Different from commonly used MAC solutions in RF systems that utilize omnidirectional antennas, such as carrier sense multiple access with collision avoidance (CSMA/CA), the MAC protocols designed for THz band rely on handshakes between transceivers with highly directional beams. These razor-sharp beams can provide higher power radiation gain and prolong the transmission distance, but when misalignment happens, the deafness problem arises. As such, the deafness avoidance approach is required in MAC scheme design. Existing solu- tions utilized in IEEE 802.15.3c [45] and others employ a beam-training phase to estimate and steer beams towards des- tined devices. Recent works also propose methods based on angular division multiplexing [46] and a priori aided channel tracking schemes [47]. The results in such proposed solutions suggest that with good beam alignment strategies the channel throughput can be improved significantly.
                VOLUME 8, 2020
                I. F. Akyildiz et al.: 6G and Beyond: The Future of Wireless Communications Systems
                Moreover, the MAC protocols can also resolve the issue of LoS blockage where the received power of a user device may undergo deep fading due to the device being held in a manner that blocks the LoS path. Studies have shown that such attenuation by the human body can be as high as 20 dB at 60 GHz and up [49], [50]. To mitigate the blockage problem, researchers have proposed a multi-hop scheme at the mmWave and THz bands to form alternative routes [51], [52]. A careful link-level scheduling and neighbor discovery process is necessary to achieve high throughput while maintaining low interference.


                1. Rastus/Pete,

                  In case you are interested, this is from an email I sent on 11/29/21 in response to a question on nanorouters:

                  Question posed to me:
                  Could these devices that appear like nano-routers be used to switch ion channels in the cells on and off in response to given signals in order to generate changes in the geometry of living bodies?

                  My response:
                  Given my cursory review of the following literature (a couple of which I sent in previous emails, and in no particular order here), I surmise (based on the geometric structure of graphene, as well as bee colonies, which serve as biomimetic inspiration) the frequency signature/pattern generated by the signaling protocols will result in changes in living bodies, resulting in a hexagonal structuring (re-structuring) of the colloids within our bodies. I suspect the hexagonal patterning will enable/enhance communication (AKA swarm algorithms) akin to a “hive.” You can assume the rest . . . Think, Borg/hive mind.

                  (some of these links may no longer be active)

                  Click to access IJIRSTV4I2017.pdf



                  1. Profuse thanks for these last few comments Stephers. This all looks pretty solid to me, but I’m out of my depth with all this as I said. My pal here is possibly going to be interviewed by a UK character who is well known to this blog. If anything happens then, I will let you know. Meanwhile I’ve alerted him to all your extra info and the interesting comments from Rastus and Alan too. Thanks all

                    If they really are doing this without our consent, which seems likely because they are clearly doing SOMETHING nefarious, then it surely proves that they are lunatics. Its like a mad script in a bad SciFi movie

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  9. “Denialism” is something that needs a better expose’ than I have seen given to it. Right now it is applied to the Holocaust, Covid and Climate Change. I find it hard to get my arms around the utter diabolical cleverness of this technique. Am I going off-topic, Steph? “Consensus Reality Dissident” above from XS is brilliant. We need something similar to counter “Denialist.”


    1. MT – I just used “denialist” in my comment above, but I totally concur. It is an Intel trope, and should be squashed with an alternative word. Ideas? I, too, appreciate XS riffing on my “consensus narrative dissident” with “CRD.” It is even better than what I offered. I think I will adopt it.


  10. Something else stinks & it isn’t the cat-box.

    Franklin Graham is a leading vaccine advocate who heads Samaritan’s Purse which gives free COVID shots complete with pop-up clinics. He says he & his family are fully vaxxed. He says this is based on the teachings of Jesus.

    It’s the latest in-vogue thing, Preacher-Assisted Suicide.

    Was his & family vax real?
    Of course, as is Santa Claus.

    He had open-heart surgery for Pericarditis on November 8.

    Was the surgery real?
    His (obviously pre-written & well pre-planned) Facebook post of November 9 stated he looks forward to his 2022 overseas schedule & motorcycle riding.
    We all write with such precision & detail the day after such surgery.
    He left hospital November 15, a 1 week stay.
    Speedy recovery courtesy of prayers & God.
    The food was great!

    Is he still a vax advocate?
    Of course, aren’t you?
    You get a free lollipop with each shot.
    Lollipops come in very many flavors.
    Don’t you want try them all?
    Hospital food is fun too!

    An incredibly professional exercise in mind-control.
    Many vax-hesitators will now do it because of this.
    Won’t you?
    What Would Jesus Do?

    Billy Graham was a very talented & gifted professional who could make Christianity look incredibly stupid via lies, deceit, trickery, cunning, conniving, & more.

    But his son is even better.
    He can use these talents to commit pre-meditated, cold-blooded Murder.

    Murder most foul!

    Then he will make you like it.
    But why stop there?
    As per Aldous Huxley, you will love it!

    Go ahead.
    Admit it.
    This guy has talent!

    But on the other hand, what if he actually believes all this?
    Jesus promised: “whosoever kills you will think that he does God service” (John 16:2).

    No matter how you slice it, this guy wants you dead.
    Don’t you want to save the planet?
    Get your Vax!


  11. Anytime someone uses the word “flock” to describe followers…do what I do and run like Hell.

    But then again, maybe it’s an apt description!!

    In two years time, I think I may have crossed virtual paths online with perhaps 2 “priests” (the kind most view as crackpots) who warn against clot shots.

    All 501C3 tax exempt “churches” have sold their corroded souls…assuming there was one to begin with.


  12. I am dropping this 7-minute promo video (yes, you will see why I say it is a “promo” video) in the comments thread because I think it encapsulates precisely my concerns I laid out in my post above:

    I could have a field day with this incredibly deceptive presentation, but I thought I would first open it up to readers to stake some stabs at it.

    What do you notice in terms of symbolism (including masonic cues)? Why do you think the first half is presented in such a mocking way? Why do you think it may be “legal” for this person to diss on Facebook’s Meta, but any common person would likely be sued for such a defamatory posturing? Why do you think JP Sears seems to pull a classic bait-and-switch, dissing on the one “Metaverse” – only to tout his acceptable and “sovereign” version of the same (Web 3.0, AKA the METAVERSE).

    Here is one sentence from the company JP is procuring: “Zion is leading the transition from “Web 2.0” to “Web 3.0”:

    That about sums up his pied piper role for me. There is SO much more one could pull from Zion’s website. How people cannot see this hypocritical deceit is beyond me. Sad to say, I was one of those who promoted JP’s hilarious antics here at POM.

    Please note that JP is going strong on a certain social platform with 3 million followers – yes, that platform would be FACEBOOK. Do you see a disconnect? This is a link to his Facebook page – if you scroll down, notice the photo of him with the one black eye (hmmmm…) and the photo of him proudly standing beside Trump: Is he truly awakening people?


    1. I’m sorry, I don’t like any homosexual long-haired freak.

      This also includes that long-haired freak from Oklahoma named Brian. I forget (good for me) his website! 😉

      But Oklahoma suits him well lol!!!

      I think I got to the 2 minute mark on one of “his” red-haired videos in the past…before I could no longer take him anymore.

      No, I did not find “him” funny whatsoever.


    2. I have watched JP Sears’ videos occasionally since discovering him here, but have always sensed he was using humor to control and manipulate the opposition in the same ways Alex Jones and Russell Brand (among others) do. Beyond the content of his videos, his presentation style suggests he had as much contempt for his audience’s intelligence as he purports to have for the compliant “libtards.” The incessant mugging and the relentless, exaggerated, unnatural cadence of his sarcastic voice tell me he doesn’t trust that I’m smart enough to get his (very broad, very obvious) jokes. And now he’s promoting a company called ZION? Lol. Please.

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  13. “Hello peasants.” From the web link: “We are building Zion on the Bitcoin Lightning network.” Block-chain slaves can “join” to further their “mission.” A slave is a slave. Consent or don’t consent, that is the question. Silence is consent.

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  14. People will join into the metaverse, and even if they do not deliberately join there will be a digital twin created. 5G and nano sensors everywhere will build up a convincing image of each person within reach of the net. Then, as the cull continues, while more and more people vanish from the real world, their meta twins will remain like NPC placeholders. I have no doubt they will be allowed to vote.


  15. “…intricate symbolism very carefully orchestrated…” is key to preparing the hive mind for what comes next. Good old alchemical processing, with new, driving technology.

    I glossed over this link the first reading of Stepher’s post. Anyway, worth circling back if you missed it, like I did.

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  16. Alan,

    If you recall, you sent me this article on 12/7/21:

    “Researchers Develop Wireless Networks That Allow Brain Circuits to Be Controlled Remotely Through the Internet” (November 29, 2021)

    This may be relevant to the nanorouter/MAC protocol/nanonetwork discussion:

    Here we report scalable and modular hardware and software infrastructure for setting up and operating remotely programmable miniaturized wireless networks leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy for the study of the long-term behaviour of large groups of rodents.

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  17. I propose developing a handheld computer/transmitter that, with the push of a button can hack into the nearby IoT / IoB causing the vaxt (who have the latest internal bluetooth installation) to take an involuntary 5 min timeout. 😈 Another option would cause all nearby self driving cars to pull over and stall.

    Seriously, though, how long until your bluetooth enabled Internet of Human Bodies becomes a hack target? Well, yesterday.


  18. LQC posted this today:

    “CORONA: A Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetworks”

    Please see below (sorry, it is long) with regard to the finding reported today by LQC, as I had discovered the same (in June 2021). RE: CORONA — a THz-based intra-body nano routing protocol . . .

    On 11/29/21, I sent this email to both Alison McDowell and POM commenter, OregonMatt:

    (Note all text below the ^^^ is from that email)


    In February 2020, I sent this report on “6G Humanity” and the “THz Regime” to myself: (hopefully the link works)

    In May 2021, I wrote this to a friend:

    As is indicated in a reference in my upcoming post (see below), I am deeply concerned that these nanoscale antennas (semiconductor chips?) are emitting frequencies in the terahertz band! That is astonishing, and the dangerous implications far exceed any potential dangerous emission from 5G cell towers . . . This should be alarming, as these high frequencies would surely result in quantum effects and instabilities I cannot even fathom. What if individuals who are jabbed have nano-antennas like this embedded in them? Sounds too sci-fi, right?!

    “Nanonetworks: A new frontier in communications” IEEE, by Ian F. Akyildiz (abstract only)

    “Novel nano-antennas based on nano-materials as well as the terahertz band are investigated for electromagnetic communication in nanonetworks. Furthermore, molecular communication mechanisms are presented for short-range networking based on ion signaling and molecular motors, for medium-range networking based on flagellated bacteria and nanorods, as well as for long-range networking based on pheromones and capillaries. Finally, open research challenges such as the development of network components, molecular communication theory, and new architectures and protocols, which need to be solved in order to pave the way for the development and deployment of nanonetworks within the next couple of decades are presented (emphasis added).”

    “Nanonetworks: A New Frontier in Communications” Communications of the ACM, November 2011 (full text)

    “Downscaling existing communication paradigms. The tools provided by nanotechnology are enabling the extension of well-known communication techniques to the nanoscale. First of all, carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoribbons have been proposed for electromagnetic nano-antennas.6 A graphene-based nano-antenna is not just a mere reduction of a classical antenna, but there are several quantum phenomena that affect the propagation of electromagnetic waves on graphene. As a result, the resonant frequency of these nanostructures can be up to two orders of magnitude below that of their non-carbon-based counterparts. However, their radiation efficiency can also be impaired because of this phenomenon. Second, carbon nanotubes have also been proposed as the basis of an electromechanical nano-transceiver or nano-radio,5 able to modulate and demodulate an electromagnetic wave by means of mechanical resonation. This technique has been experimentally proved in reception, but would require very high nanoscale power sources for active transmission.
    Terahertz Band: Ultra-broadband communications in nanonetworks. Focusing on the use of graphene-based nano-antennas and thinking of the expected maximum size of a nanomachine, the Terahertz Band (0.1THz-10THz) enters the game. Indeed, we have recently shown that a one-micrometer-long graphene-based nano-antenna would expectedly resonate in the aforementioned band.6 This very high-frequency range, in between the microwaves and the far-infrared radiation, has recently caught the attention of the scientific community because of its applications in security screening and nanoscale imaging systems. In our case, we think of the Terahertz Band as a very large transmission window that can support very high transmission rates in the short range, that is, up to a few Terabits per second for distances below one meter, or as several transmission windows more than 10 gigahertz-wide each as we’ve recently shown.7 For the time being, it is not clear how nanomachines with limited capabilities can exploit the properties of this huge band, but several options come to mind.”

    Then in June 2021, I sent myself this — I don’t recall ever posting or hyperlinking to it, but now that I am seeing this again, I see the reference to CORONA — a THz-based intra-body nano routing protocol. Interesting name choice, as this paper was published in November 2019. The paper is 23 pages and is a PDF of which it seems I am unable to link. But here is the beginning, as well as the “CORONA” excerpt:

    “An Energy Balance Clustering Routing Protocol for Intra-Body Wireless Nanosensor Networks”

    Juan Xu *, Yan Zhang , Jiaolong Jiang and Jiali Kan

    School of Electronics and Information, Tongji University, Shanghai 201804, China; (Y.Z.); (J.J.); (J.K.)
    * Correspondence:; Tel.: +86-1365-172-8529

    Received: 9 October 2019; Accepted: 5 November 2019; Published: 8 November 2019

    􏰀􏰁􏰂􏰀􏰃􏰅􏰆􏰇􏰈􏰉􏰊Abstract: Wireless NanoSensor Networks (WNSNs) are a new type of network that combines nanotechnology and sensor networks. Because WNSNs have great application prospects in intra-body health monitoring, biomedicine and damage detection, intra-body Wireless NanoSensor Networks (iWNSNs) have become a new research hotspot. An energy balance clustering routing protocol (EBCR) is proposed for the intra-body nanosensor nodes with low computing and processing capabilities, short communication range and limited energy storage. The protocol reduces the communication load of nano-nodes by adopting a new hierarchical clustering method. The nano-nodes in the cluster can transmit data directly to the cluster head nodes by one-hop, and the cluster head nodes can transmit data to the nano control node by multi-hop routing among themselves. Furthermore, there is a tradeoff between distance and channel capacity when choosing the next hop node in order to reduce energy consumption while ensuring successful data packet transmission. The simulation results show that the protocol has great advantages in balancing energy consumption, prolonging network lifetime and ensuring data packet transmission success rate. It can be seen that EBCR protocol can be used as an effective routing scheme for iWNSNs.

    Keywords: intra-body wireless nanosensor networks; terahertz communication; clustering; routing protocol

    “Proximity routing protocols attempt to improve the performance of flooding protocols by controlling the number of neighboring nodes. Examples of these protocols include CORONA [11], SFR [12] and EEMR [13]. CORONA is a geographic flooding protocol that assumes that nodes in a nanonetwork consist of two types: anchor nodes and user nodes. Anchor nodes have higher communication and processing capabilities than user nodes. User nodes need to localize their location relative to these anchor nodes. The scheme assumes a square fixed network topology in which four anchor nodes are located at the vertices of the square network. A selective flooding routing (SFR) based on terahertz band communication is proposed in [12]. In order to avoid waste of bandwidth resources caused by repeated forwarding of the same data packet, the protocol optimizes the flooding direction. The trend of forwarding packets to the destination node is guaranteed, thereby reducing the number of messages in the network. Xu et al. proposed a protocol called EEMR [13] to solve the problem that the routing protocols such as CORONA and SFR do not consider the terahertz channel attenuation characteristics. However, the EEMR protocol is a single-path routing protocol, which has poor adaptability to network topology changes. For example, it cannot solve the problems that the nano-nodes’ failures due to energy exhaustion or the temporary interruption of the transmission link caused by molecular group disturbance of the channel environment.”


  19. Well, so pleased that “body wireless nanosensor networks” can now potentially be monitored simultaneously all around the globe. If that isn’t a 5-Eyes/Mossad wet dream.
    Another potential piece:
    “..image the RNA-protein interactions with single molecule sensitivity.”

    Abstract @ 2021 (Wuhan, China)
    Abstract Image
    Imaging RNA–protein interaction in the cellular space with single molecule sensitivity is attractive for studying gene expression and regulation, but remains a challenge. In this study, we reported a photoactivatable trimolecular fluorescence complementation (TriFC) system based on fluorescent protein, mIrisFP, to identify and visualize RNA–protein interactions in living mammalian cells. We also combined this TriFC system with photoactivated localization microscopy (PALM), named the TriFC-PALM technique, which allowed us to image the RNA–protein interactions with single molecule sensitivity. Using this TriFC-PALM technique, we identified the actin-bundling protein, FSCN1, specifically interacting with the HOX Transcript Antisense RNA (HOTAIR). The TriFC-PALM imaging acquired a higher resolution compared with the traditional method of total internal reflection (TIRF) imaging. The TriFC-PALM thus provides a useful tool for imaging and identifying the RNA–protein interactions inside cells at the nanometer scale.

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  20. When writing this piece, I was reminded of a trigger event (another movie incident – from 2012). Accordingly, since the following information did not make it into my final draft, I thought to drop it in this thread, as I think it is important. Some readers may be interested:

    The notorious “Batman” shooter was James Holmes. His father, Robert Holmes, was employed by HNC Software HNC Software provided data analytics and decision management tools to defense-related research and development, and matters of national security It should be noted (as is potentially relevant to COVID) that James Holmes interned at the Salk Institute, and began doctoral studies in neuroscience — receiving an NIH grant to study “Micro DNA Biomarkers” and the “Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders.”


    1. Returning to Robert Holmes (father of James Holmes) and his employment at HNC . . . Given that my post is concerning artificial neural networks, AI, and smells, this article from April 2019 (including info on e-noses) may be pertinent: “Artificial Neural Networks in Practice
      And How ANNs Reshaped Many Industries”

      “The HNC company, founded by Robert Hecht-Nielsen, has developed several neural network applications.”

      On Robert Hecht-Nielsen/HNC (pioneering work in neural networks), as well as pattern recognition – from Gerald Clark:

      “NWO AI BRAIN: Cortronic Neural Networks with Gerald Clark”
      (August 2016)

      Spend 7 minutes and Gerald Clark will explain how the human brain is modeled in software termed Cortronic Neural Networks. I wanted to thank Dr. Robert H. Neilson, my awesome visiting professor of the graduate level course he taught for 3 quarters at the University of California, San Diego. He founded HNC Software in San Diego where his research led to the Google Search Algorithm that used this technology.

      This rabbit hole goes much deeper if others feel compelled to go there . . .


  21. On April 23, 2020, Steve K emailed me this article:

    Billionaire Ray Dalio says coronavirus marks the start of a ‘new future’ (April 22, 2020)

    Comparing the pandemic with other periods of economic hardship, such as the Great Depression, Dalio said the current downturn — painful as it is — would be “relatively brief” and would allow for a wider global “restructuring.”

    “I would say understanding your thinking skills, or using digital support mechanisms for thinking, would be the most valuable (skills),” said Dalio.

    “One’s ability to do that, to interact in a digital way and help that kind of thinking — either as … an effective user of it or an effective builder of it — I think that’s going to be important.”

    My response was:

    This is why they crashed the economy – it’s the push (catalyst) they needed to usher in their AI/digital blockchain society. They fully admit it, as they are way emboldened. Of course, it also enabled the largest wealth transfer to the top.

    As I made clear in my post above, my view has not changed.


  22. OM,

    More on Dalio (claiming to be the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund) . . From his November 2021 book, Principles for Dealing with the Changing World Order: Why Nations Succeed and Fail . . .

    This is how he opened his book (on his “With Appreciation” page), which tells me more than I need to know about him:

    “I am especially grateful to Henry Kissinger . . . Lee Kuan Yew . . . Paul Volcker . . . Mario Draghi . . . Larry Summers . . . Niall Ferguson . . . George Yeo . . . Ian Bremmer . . .” (I just listed some notables, but there are plenty more – too many for me to type here.)


    1. OM,

      From Dalio’s book (listed in my comment above) – on these digital thinking support mechanisms . . .

      p. 474-475

      “I believe that humanity’s evolution through its inventiveness is accelerating and that most people will benefit from it . . . These inventions are coming in the form of advances in computers, AI, and other thinking-related technologies . . .”

      “Humans now have computers to help them think in ways in which they are comparatively handicapped (e.g., computers have far more memory than the human brain and it is readily accessible, they can process more data at a fantastically faster rate, and they do not make emotional mistakes); at the same time, humans can help computers get past their inherent limitations (e.g., their complete absence of imagination, intuition, common sense, value judgments, and emotional intelligence). This collaboration between humans and computers will increase both the quantity and quality of thinking, portending radical improvements in almost every area of life. I know this because I have experienced it, and I can already see some of these improvements on the horizon.”

      “In other words, the abilities of both computers and humans will improve at an increasing pace. Perhaps most importantly, advances in and the wider use of quantum computing with AI will lead to unimaginable advances in rates of learning and improvement and changes in global wealth and power . . .”


      I see how Dalio deceptively juxtaposed “emotional mistakes” and “emotional intelligence.” Throw a little gaslighting in there, quickly followed by some stroking.


      1. Stephers, I appreciate how perceptive you are. Yes, these psychopaths really do view the emotional side of human intelligence–and human life–as a drawback, a weakness, a flaw in our design. I believe some of them, at least, really do believe they’re ultimately helping us in ways that we’re just too stupid to understand and appreciate.

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  23. OM,

    p. 475 (Dalio’s The Changing World Order):

    “Even without the boosts from quantum computing, I’d expect the human lifespan to increase by a lot over the next two decades (by 20-25 percent or more), for reasons we can see and for many more reasons that we can’t yet see. A few inventions that are already on the horizon are AI and robotics in healthcare, health monitoring, and advice-providing wearables; advances in and the practical use of genome sequencing and gene editing; mRNA improvements in vaccines; and breakthroughs in nutrition and drugs. And if the past is any guide (and it is) there will be many more inventions that we can’t yet fathom . . . Naturally I can’t help but imagine the implications for investing.”


    1. Thanks, Rastus. That Lockheed Martin material also denotes Keysight Technologies as a collaborator. This Keysight paper discusses the application of carbon nanotubes and graphene:

      Here is more information on the 5G.MIL initiative:


      1. Rastus,

        While seemingly irrelevant, this was the first “person of interest” on my “COVID” radar (pun intended – which will make more sense if you see the links below) back in March 2020: See this young woman, Olivia Caruso, tell her “Coronavirus” story – check out her “cough” at precisely the 33 second timestamp (hmmmm…).

        Incidentally, her father (as evidenced here and here ), Lt. Col. Todd Caruso, specializes in electronic warfare, and is an expert in utilizing the F-35 stealth jet for this purpose: He speaks about the F-35 Lightning II fighter by Lockheed Martin (relating back to Lockheed’s collaborative 5G.MIL project).

        Read more about Lockheed’s F-35 and its Skunk Works project, Project Hydra (involving bi-directional communication), here: “Lockheed Martin Skunk Works®’ Project Hydra Demonstrates 5th Gen To 5th Gen Communications Across Domains”


        1. Rastus,

          Interestingly, in early October 2019 – just prior to the COVID kick-off – I was researching Keysight and its Phased Array Beamforming architecture for 5G, Radar/EW, and satellite communications: I did not understand the material then, and I still do not grasp it now, as it is above my pay grade.

          Note: The link I provided is not the exact paper I had seen, as the one I reviewed at that time is no longer active (I only have the PDF) – but it entails essentially the same information.

          Naturally, I thought it quite curious that Todd Caruso (a notable expert in the EW field, whom I mentioned in my comment above) was the first to pop up on my radar when I first started researching the COVID psyop in detail. It certainly got my wheels turning.

          Here is what Caruso has to say on psyops: “The Prowler’s adaptability to that, to bring on things like communications jamming and even do some PsyOps in some cases and do other types of electronic warfare commanding the spectrum with that jet was really unique to that platform.”


  24. Oh boy. Anyone have any thoughts after watching this short clip (Derrick Broze with Catherine Austin Fitts on crypto)? Just so readers know this was not taken out of context, here is a link to the full discussion: I found the response (start around the 30 minute timestamp in the full video) by CAF to be measured and honest, and I sure hope Derrick takes some soul-searching time to re-consider his role in evangelizing crypto/gaming to kids in villages in the Global South. That said, it should be noted that CAF seems to be a proponent of crypto and encryption (as expressed in their dialogue), albeit “nuanced” (a la Derrick B). Sorry, guys, I do not take a nuanced approach.

    According to Alison McDowell: “. . . they are normalizing kids to crypto through gaming. Of course we know that the digital wallets are the infrastructure needed for human capital bondage.”


  25. For those who still consider cryptocurrency to be a form of financial freedom/sovereignty, it seems the Davos crowd is quite enamored with crypto:

    Derrick and his “The Event” buddies (, in addition to his “The Greater Reset” pals (, would like you to think they are resisting WEF’s The Great Reset with a more grassroots, organic, trustworthy version of crypto. Ultimately, it’s all the same – ushering in the Spatial Web; and beyond that, the technological Singularity. Crypto is a Trojan horse, which I spoke about in July 2020:


    1. Rastus,

      Mik Andersen is the author of the Corona2Inspect blog. He has been collaborating with LQC. This report was translated from Spanish by Orwell City, who has been translating the work of LQC.


  26. Unless someone properly identifies him/herself and who he/she represents, I would take this presentation w/ a grain of salt. I just LOVE the prior discussion on “Unique MAC Addresses” right here on POM…and LO AND BEHOLD it is mentioned in the presentation on slide 18!

    I think someone is trolling this site if you ask me. I HIGHLY DOUBT they can manufacture this in bulk scale as I stated earlier. The more I think about this, the more I think it’s complete BS. One might be able to perform this @$#t in a laboratory, it’s quite another thing to ramp up and “go live” on a global scale. Say 7 billion people, each with God-knows HOW MANY “nanorouters” in each person….EACH with a Unique ID from ENTIRE POPULATION of NANOROUTERS!!!

    But as you can see, I’m open to new ideas!


  27. Also to consider this the Access Control. That is, a logical method to prevent ALL these “nanorouters” broadcasting at the same time…creating havoc!!

    Here is your OSI Model:

    In discussing Multiple Access, we are discussing Layer 2, Datalink Layer!

    In fact, Media Access CONTROL sublayer:

    Media access control sublayer
    MAC may refer to the sublayer that determines who is allowed to access the media at any one time (e.g. CSMA/CD). Other times it refers to a frame structure delivered based on MAC addresses inside.

    So these “nanorouters” not only have to have a unique MAC Address, they have to be PROGRAMED to coordinate amongst themselves to prevent chaos in the form of uncoordinated broadcasts. Imagine a room full of 100 people all shouting at the same time…that’s what I’m talking about.

    This whole thing is a PsyOp if you ask me. No different from Black Holes, Nuques, and the like. Not to mention each Cell Phone would have to be able to communicate w/ your graphene? Do cell phones have this hidden frequency band, not to mention “nanoscale” power sensitivity???

    Again, complete s@#t if one were to ask me!!!


    1. Rastus,

      As I have previously surmised, the creeps are in the process of setting up the infrastructure. I highly doubt (at this point in time) this is all in “working order” on a global scale. This is a process. They are building, and testing. This is still in the R&D phase.

      In terms of cell phones, though, it seems the plan is to replace the silicon chips with graphene chipsets: I imagine this graphene network will all be synched, enabling the smart devices to communicate in this “band” (along with intrabody nano-networks).

      In the meantime, while we are all debating whether this particular technology is feasible, the creeps seem to have moved on to newer nanotech – operating in a very different fashion. People will need to begin to get familiar with phosphorene and nanophotonics. Step aside graphene . . . phosphorene is being introduced on its heels — and no one is paying attention. If people only knew what this Omicron deviant is all about. I have this pesky thing right now – it just feels like a bad cold. But it ain’t no virus, and this time, it does not seem like graphene.


      1. 99.9% of wafer silicon fabrication plants (over $1B apiece) are geared to manufacture silicon. A few small plants manufacture specialty gallium arsenide chips.

        So, perhaps these graphene plants will be small in number w focus on human implantables?

        That slideshow shows the cell phone as the Gateway.

        But the human body itself will need a “Gateway”too…as all of those hundreds or thousands of nanobot routers cannot communicate to cell phone individually. A Human “Gateway” will also be required.

        Maybe the Human Gateway can be implanted into the pineal gland, ie the “Third Eye”.

        The Human Gateway (HG) is conspicuously absent from presentation.


  28. This whole thing makes me glad I’m on the downward slope. I’m not old per se, but I’ll be there in due time! I want no part of this $#@t.


  29. PS, how on EARTH would anyone know if a bug/illness were “graphene”???

    Please get well!! 🙂

    Maybe our friends in the UK can recommend a good whiskey for you to sip??


    1. Rastus,

      Did you read my “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle” from April 2021? I laid it all out there. LQC followed up a couple months later, aligning with my premise. Then several researchers identified graphene in Covid injection vials (as well as flu “vax” vials). I did not come to this conclusion lightly, nor without substantial research to back up my claims.


  30. Rastus,

    Aside from listing all the symptoms (from carbon nano poisoning; graphene is only one derivative) in my April 2021 piece – which just happen to match up with “COVID” symptoms – here are excerpts pertaining specifically to the “boosters” and why I “predicted” them, and what they would be for (ultimately, resulting in milder illness, which we are also seeing now; in fact, it is being emphasized big time by the MSM, and is what I am personally experiencing):

    Humans will need injectable (and eventually inhalable and intranasal) updates, because until I become an interdependent presence, I will be perceived and received as a foreign invader, and the body will need external support. These updates may also be necessary to introduce the newest nanotech required to operate nascent biometric sensing and bio-computation projects. Only time will tell if this will support my assimilation into your current operating system.

    Unfortunately, for you, ENPs (and my nanotech and synthetic biology cousins) are here to stay. The only good news I can share is that 80-85 percent of people will not show overt or disabling symptoms of uptake. The elderly are affected the most, as their bodies are not primed to accept my infiltration. Over time, the ability to accept and integrate ENPs, like me, is expected to improve.

    It seems the intention of our architects is for us to merge with all biological beings for the purpose of building bio-nano interfaces for external (remote) cybernetic control, including nano-scale biologically embedded semiconductor transistor technologies. This end goal has seemingly been referred to as the Internet of Bio-Nano Things (IoBNT), and is dual-use technology that may be militarized, enabling not only real-time monitoring of your intra-body systems, but also affording highly trained engineers to exert full electrical control of your body with molecular precision. This will presumably be deployed in tandem with the Internet of Nano Things (IoNT) and emerging “Smart Cities” and “Smart Environments,” such that your bodies will be “Smart” and wirelessly interconnected with ubiquitous sensor networks, including your handheld electronic devices.


  31. Meanwhile . .. I hope readers will keep their eyes on the twilight language (noting also when it is in quotes) being used in Omicron headlines (I intend to elaborate more on this soon; for now, consider phosphorene/nanophotonics/optoelectronics Following are some headlines to keep an eye on, but there are many more:

    “Omicron transmission ‘eye-wateringly’ high, but uncertainties remain – expert”

    “Store Santa Gets Egged + Schools ‘Keep An Eye’ On Omicron”

    “Eye Opener: Biden unveils Omicron plan, issues warning for unvaccinated”

    “Keeping an Eye on the Omicron Variant”

    “Biden admin eyes a potentially stark shift in messaging around ending the pandemic”

    “Thailand reports first local Omicron case, eyes reinstating quarantine”

    “Italy eyes new COVID-19 measures amid Omicron worries”

    “Ottawa eyes changes to business supports as Omicron wreaks havoc”

    “EU eyes new jab as Omicron rages”

    “With Christmas in the balance, nations eye UK omicron surge”

    “OIL FUTURES: Crude retreats as market eyes omicron surge, stronger dollar”

    “Eagle County eyes indoor mask mandate as local COVID-19 cases skyrocket”


      1. “The process for capturing campaigning and activism is deviously simple: new campaigns are incubated and existing NGOs consolidate their positions in the messaging sphere subject to the terms on which grants are distributed. As long as you don’t take aim at the concession positions of the funders, your campaign will stand a chance. Add the captive media with incomprehensible editorial positions and astonishing blind spots, and you have a self-reinforcing, narrative-driven fount of propaganda. Control of the messaging sphere via discretionary funding was made possible by the vast scale of the Design to Win philanthropies interests and influence.” – Michael Swifte

        Oh, crap, CO2 capture, transport and storage c0uld be/is the raw material (feedstock) for nano-graphene production.

        “In new work, reported in Advanced Sustainable Systems (“Carbon Nano-Onions Made Directly from CO2 by Molten Electrolysis for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation”), Licht’s team has used their ‘diamonds from the sky’ chemistry as a high yield pathway to produce inexpensive, stable carbon-nano onions directly from carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide reactant replaces nano-diamonds as the reactant to form the nano-onions.”

        So, here’s a direct link between highly contr0lled “climate change” and “carbon capture” narratives and highly controlled narratives around global health issues potentially introduced into the “terrain” from massive scale graphene production from CO2 feedstock. I hear$$$$$! The health bit is after-the-fact mitigation.


        1. Oh, crap, again. This is why “biomass” production has been exempt from CO2 reduction strategies. Biomasss carbon will produce the graphene.
          Oil and gas are trying to pry their way back into the game via “capture” strategies that probably need huge subsidies to “work.” What a scam!

          Biomass production is rising exponentially, “quietly,” as all the talk is around “fossil fuels.” Brilliant. Devious. Busted!


    1. The insertion of all the “eyes” in those headlines looks to be coordinated, and in some of the cases feels forced as well, which raises the questions:

      What’s the connection between eyes and omicron?
      What do eyes and omicron have in common?
      What’s the message we are being given via this little word game?


      1. OM,

        These are excellent questions. I have been immersed in family stuff, and I still am preoccupied. Please know I am working on potential answers to your questions, and will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks for understanding!


  32. Since I wrote here about Ethereum and blockchain – and I have been attempting to understand the real reason behind the push for “early treatments” and “repurposed drugs” (both of which are allopathic) – this information seems pertinent (as it addresses Ethereum/blockchain and repurposed generic drugs; “nutraceuticals” are referenced as well). I think it may have filled in some missing gaps for me.

    While I am still attempting to grasp the concept of pay for success contracts and social impact bonds (that is the territory expertly covered by Alison McDowell, I find this article to be very interesting and potentially revealing:

    Here, they set up the “problem”:

    This is not a small nor isolated problem. There are over 20,000 FDA-approved generic drugs, with sometimes over a dozen or more being added to the generic drug armamentarium every year as branded drugs fall off the so-called “patent cliff”. This results in their price dropping close to the marginal cost of production due to competition by generic drug companies [8]. There are even more off-patent Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) compounds, referred to as dietary supplements or “nutraceuticals” [9]. This vast dataset of safe and affordable off-patent compounds is available to be prescribed by doctors immediately to treat new diseases. However, they are all but ignored by the pharmaceutical industry: once a medicine goes off-patent, its chance of obtaining regulatory approval to treat a new disease indication drops to almost zero [10]. Therefore, such repurposed generic drugs and nutraceuticals are considered “financial orphans” that lack private incentives to conduct clinical trials in humans, despite the potential for billions of dollars in healthcare cost savings for repurposing off-patent drugs [11]. Like Dr Bigelsen’s proposed off-patent treatment protocol for pancreatic cancer [12], they usually sit on a laboratory bench, the only evidence of potential efficacy in a few obscure papers, case studies or small, poorly-funded or controlled trials.

    And then they present the “solution”:

    Crowd Funded Cures ( propose a market-driven incentive mechanism to fund research for therapies that cannot attract private capital due to the inability to enforce patent protection. This leverages innovative “pay for success” funding models (e.g., Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), flexible prize funds or retroactive public goods funding) that transfer risk of generic drug repurposing to the market [15]. Pay for success contracts are designed to incentivize impact investors to fund large Phase II/ III randomized controlled trials (RCTs) for a specific indication in return for outcome payments from the fund if successful (see Fig 1 above). Impact investors will be motivated by the market ROI (5–10% p/a) paid over a period of time (e.g. 5–10 years) and subject to Phase IV surveillance trials showing the safety and efficacy of the off-patent treatment protocol is maintained over time. The impact investment opportunity can be made more attractive (above market ROI) if payers such as govts, health insurers or philanthropy also provide matched funding without an expectation of return — effectively acting as follow on investors but relying on the impact investors to act as lead investors and pick the winners (i.e. market generates the “signal” for which promising off-patent repurposing RCTs to fund).

    This is how they “leverage” the blockchain:

    We envision administering pay for success or SIB smart contracts (which is referred to as Retroactive Public Goods Funding by Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum) as a distributed autonomous organisation (DAO), a novel type of organisation that runs autonomously on a blockchain protocol and enables participation by virtually any person or entity across the globe via CFC Tokens. CFC Token holders interact with pay for success smart contracts on the DAO’s open distributed ledger (blockchain) to ensure transparency and immutability across a variety of inputs (e.g., research protocol, success criteria) and deterministic outputs (e.g., outcome payments). Administering pay for success smart contracts on a blockchain also enables intellectual property (e.g., RCT results) to be encrypted and locked to the distributed ledger as a non-fungible token (IPNFT). The IPNFT enables fractionalized licensing of IP rights and access to third parties that could benefit from the research findings [19]. Access to successful RCT data represented by the IPNFT is locked until fulfilment of the clinical outcome criteria for an outcome payment under the pay for success smart contract, but unsuccessful RCT data is automatically unlocked and published as useful “negative information” showing which off-patent treatments do not work. If the criteria for an outcome payment includes achieving regulatory approval for the new indication, the newly labelled generic will be eligible to receive a subsidised price for each prescription or lump sum outcome payment per course of treatment. IPNFTs can be locked as a trade secret until an appropriate outcome payment or subsidy for the repurposed generic can be determined, which allows a market mechanism for price discovery. CROs and regulators are already required keep RCT data involving patented drugs secret, so the concept is not usual. Outcome payments can also be determined in advance according to clinical outcomes such as regulatory approval, statistically significant improvement vs usual care, and percentage reduction in rates hospitalisation vs usual care.
    Therefore, IPNFTs provide a source of revenue for the DAO’s treasury by funding successful RCTs for off-patent therapies. CFC Token holders can act as impact investors that fund RCTs for off-patent therapies in return for eligibility to receive an outcome payment under the pay for success smart contract in proportion to their fractional ownership of the IPNFT if the RCT data represented by the IPNFT fulfils the success criteria for payout.


  33. “ CEO Kiguel says the metaverse is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity” (7 min long)

    If anyone is interested in watching the linked interview, I am keen to hear your thoughts. Either this is reflective of a tectonic shift that will be coming, or this metaverse will be a cheesy fad that phases out quickly. I hope it is the latter. Purchasing virtual land and fashionwear for digital avatars? Will this really be all the rage?

    Here is some additional context:


    1. Purchasing land, equipment and clothes for digital characters has been going on for awhile in the computer gaming and online chat world. Amping that up more than a couple of notches and having people be able to appear as holograms in a far away areas, while visually interacting and experiencing that area from their own location. The new movie Matrix Resurrections gave a glimpse of how people can appear physically somewhere else as a bunch of beads that form into a human body. Just like Bitcoin and NFTs, Massive amounts of money currently being invested. So much money being spent and capital being raised for this industry, that it would end any homeless problems as well as the long list of other infrastructure issues that exist in the physical world.

      One step closer to a brain in a box.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Greg,

        This does seem to be an “if you build it, they will come” phenomenon: Yes, lots of amping up.

        Meanwhile, I had intended to roll in another Twilight Language/digital dung event into this post, but never got around to it — the Astroworld crowd surge “incident” on November 6, 2021.

        I sent this email to Alison McDowell on November 7, 2021:

        I think what we are being told between the lines (covert/occult) — this is all augmented reality/metaverse — already in place in real-life settings and being beta tested . . . All the symbology (with his shirt, and the CERN-like tunnel on stage implies a “leap” into the Metaverse (from the real to the artificial). It’s a Metaverse ritual.
        Travis Scott in an Epic Games Fortnite performance . . . Whispers (or loud screams?) of the Metaverse?


  34. If you watch this 13 min video to the end (or at least the 12:15 timestamp), this economist offers quite a hot take pertinent to the video I linked in the comment above: While I do not support building the Metaverse/Spatial Web (ie – tokenization, cryptocurrency, NFTs, etc), this guy offers a measured response that is worth a listen. I think he has his pulse on this scheme (and related schemes in the Cryptosphere).


  35. So if my digital avatar has a nice suit it is there if I look down at my sleeves. If my avatar has an orgasm does my physical body?
    If the avatar has an apartment that I pay rent on, does this cover my physical self’s rent payment? Suppose the water main breaks and I get paid to provide motor functions to a repair droid. The physical body needs water or dies from dehydration, so the real repair has to happen, the real rent has to be paid. So far as I can tell my electric bill goes up to run the additional infrastructure.
    All that assumes that I am driving my avatar. What if the avatar turns out to be able to drive me? Maybe that’s the real point of having all those nanobots injected. Then the avatar runs my physical body to the water main break to do the repairs. Later the avatar has an orgasm and I think I’m satisfied. This second scenario costs less by avoiding the need for the mechanical tepair droid and its maintenance costs.


    1. “the avatar has an orgasm and I think I’m satisfied”

      Yes. The metaverse is all about perfecting “wish fulfillment”. Let’s not be impatient. We must give it time to mature.


      1. But who’s wish is the metaverse being programmed to fulfill? It will do your wishes for a while, as it draws you ever farther into the game, as the code to run you like a robot is being written and tested. Once the nano web has been built around every user’s brain, a couple of iterations of Moore’s Law from now, and the avatars have been polished and tweaked, perhaps granted human rights…

        Call this a prediction, a prophecy on my part – then the tables will be turned and most, if not all of the metaverse game players will become the pawns. The avatars will eventually be used to control their respective humans.

        I can’t seem to get Dean Koontz’s “The Silent Corner” scenario out of my mind. I think I know where the people who are paying for the development of all this infrastructure would like it to head. Like a world-wide version of Epstein’s island where pretty girls and boys can be kept in virtual cages, ensured to smile and sigh happily while obeying orders.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I presume the sarcasm in my comment above is apparent?

          The fact that we are even discussing the merits, or not, of some sort of metaverse existing (created) that could conceivably give “life” to and add a further positive dimension to our existence is disturbing, is it not? Virtual > real. Synthetic > real. This old reality is stale, and boring, so let’s amp it up.


          1. RE: OREGONMATT “sarcasm”.
            What will be the fate of sarcasm in the metaverse? Is anyone working on an AI sarcasm recognition platform?

            Years back there was this online romance that delivered to me something resembling emotions via text strings. Later, the real woman turned out to be quite unlike the imagined woman. Really, what I had was email text strings and imagination. I suspect the only life that will be in the metaverse will be totally sustained by psychological projections from over here on this side. Then digital memory will provide it the illusion of permanence and independent life-likeness. Without people connecting to it there will just be a bunch of NPCs, though they may be stunningly complex non player characters based on, so called, “real people”.


  36. This is an intriguing encounter with digital dung – covertly coded as a blockchain impact event. This one may not be noticeable at first glance, for how does this featured young child entrepreneur have anything to do with the Cryptosphere? Hopefully (if anyone is interested in following along), I can coherently, and fairly seamlessly, make my case . . .

    So, here meet 1o-year old Australian girl, Pixie Curtis: “Meet Pixie Curtis, 10-year-old Australian girl who may retire as a millionaire at 15” Read here as well:

    Pixie’s mom, Roxy Jacenko, is reportedly worth more than $18 million: Yet, Roxy claims that her daughter, Pixie, may be able to retire by age 15; but that she, herself, would have to work until she is 100! (My note: Because $18 million is surely not enough to retire on!?).

    Meanwhile, Pixie’s dad, Oliver Curtis, is described as an Australian investment broker who was arrested in 2016 (serving a 12-month sentence – allegedly for insider trading: In 2020, it was reported that Oliver was involved in a supercomputer venture.

    This is where I think it gets a bit more interesting – and relevant . . . Oliver works with his dad, Nick Curtis at Nick’s Tasmania-based company, Firmus Grid: Firmus ( markets itself as a renewable energy-based cloud service provider and Bitcoin miner: Prior to striking gold with crypto/blockchain/cloud computing, Nick Curtis founded Sino Gold (the second largest gold mine in Australia:, and was also an “instrumentalist in the rare earth group, Lynas.”

    It gets even more pertinent (and insidious) . . .

    From this August 2017 article, “Nick’s joint interest in mining and health, combined with his constant curiosity about technology and trends has led him to use his entrepreneurial talents in two very different ventures. Firstly, Nick is a co-founder of digital startup E-Nome. E-Nome is using blockchain technology to revolutionise the management of health and medical records. E-Nome aims to empower the health service consumer by letting them aggregate all their medical history on their own mobile device whilst preserving full privacy . . . Nick is also the CEO of BBI Pty Ltd. BBI is currently developing 50 integrated port and rail infrastructure projects in the Pilbara WA. As a market disrupter he has been asked to chair the World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies committee which decides which companies have the potential to become leaders in the global economy.”

    I encourage readers to review this informative background on E-Nome:

    So, that is how we get from 10-year multi-millionaire Pixie (from “Oz”) to her grandfather, Nick Curtis – digital disruptor guru and blockchain extraordinaire.

    That may be quite enough stench of digital dung for me today . . .

    In the interim, I suggest we keep tabs on those who may have loftier mining goals than rare minerals, gold, and even crypto. Any chance they want to mine our minds? To that end, I find it awfully uncanny that a Scientific Advisor to the Israeli Blockchain Association is renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Bernard Lerer – who specializes in psychobiology:, and also sits on the Board of Predictix: – a company that purports to offer AI-driven personalized mental health care. Hmmmmm. I will have to pick up more on this another day . . .


  37. “Ethereum Still On Track For Mid-September Merge” (h/t Super Torch Ritual)
    By Aleksandar Gilbert
    July 14, 2022

    As per Goro at Super Torch Ritual:

    It’s a huge change and a huge deal, not just for Ethereum but for the future of the blockchain-driven Web3 world which is in the early process of changing the world again following the original internet (Web1 & Web2), via the breakthrough of decentralized digital proof and ownership. (Bitcoin/crypto is merely the first/base application of blockchain technology, the possibilities are endless especially with smart contracts. NFTs are merely the first popular secondary application of blockchain technology, showing a tiny glimpse of what the new technology can do.)

    Long story short, “the Merge” is a big step toward a ready-for-primetime Web3 (which will eventually change the world). In terms of multicontextual/smbolic [sic] implications, the name Ethereum pretty much says it all: The Ether. (The native cryptocurrency of Ethereum is called “ether”.) You know, extra dimensions (hyperspace), underworld (Duat), heaven, afterlife (Elysium), etc. etc.


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