The other shoe

Climate change has always been a Trojan Horse. This is easily seen by mere review if its “science,” none of it valid, no prediction made ever coming to reality. Further, it has achieved “consensus” by brute force. There are thousands of real scientists who know better about its nonsensical ideas, but who also know that if they speak up they will be cancelled. Climate change is totalitarianism. It cannot survive in an open and free environment of exchange of ideas. These people, the Michael Mann’s (“MM” = 1313, or 1133, surely a fake name) and Al Gore’s are sock puppets, the people behind them closeted. They know as much about climate as they do about representative government, which they label “democracy”.

There is a reason for brute force. Lacking hard data, lacking public support, they have to force their nonsensical ideas into place with a sledge hammer. They intend to impose totalitarian rule, the real objective. Climate is merely the stalking horse. These are fascists, communists, socialists, whatever “ist” you want to use. They are the public face of psychopathy, Lobaczewski’s “Ponerology”, or rule by evil forces, Mann’s “closeted friends.”

No time today to write at length (a treat for the reader!). Instead I refer you to Marc Morano’s Climate Depot, where he highlights now the opening salvos of the final push to eliminate representative government (“democracy”) are being debated. In Morano’s piece, they are advocating climate lockdowns, more crimes against humanity as committed under Covid. People who do not advocate the Climate Change agenda will not be allowed to speak up or to even run for office. These are dangerous criminals.

Michael Mann has said of Morano that he is “one of the fossil fuel industries’ worst-hits funded professional climate change protestors … who has worked for decades. century to undermine public acceptance of science and to prevent any action on climate.” Mann, whom I suspect to be a SLAPP-happy paid professional actor … well, there is less to him than meets the eye. Politics makes strange bedfellows, and the fossil fuel industries are behind much of the climate change movement. The reason: Nuclear power threatens their business model.

You might wonder why nuclear power, clean and efficient and producing no dreaded CO2, is demonized by Climate Alarmists. This is why. They are paid to shill for ExxonMobil and the natural gas industry. That industry has provided millions to Sierra Club, for instance, to help it shut down nuclear power in California. It’s really that simple. Sierra Club is controlled opposition, like most large mainstream environmental groups.

The movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, probably before the time of most readers, was about how fossil fuel companies shut down mass transit in Los Angeles, creating the mass parking lots covering hundreds of miles we now call freeways. Fossil fuel companies are far more powerful than any environmental group. Stupid tools like Greta Thunberg are unknowingly doing their business. Extinction Rebellion is being funded by, among other wealthy scions, by RFK daughter Rory Kennedy, surely a selected front piece, just as RFK Jr. is for Covid. There just aren’t enough fake assassinations to go around.

My hope in all of this is that once ExxonMobil gets its way we can move forward with oil, gas and coal, and that windmills and solar panels will be scuttled. Anyone with a brain can see these are failed technologies. They cannot support industrialized society. We will freeze in the dark. (Surely climate change is littered with misanthropists, but these are the ordinary morons carrying signs and stopping traffic. I have to think they are merely useful idiots.)

13 thoughts on “The other shoe

  1. I posted this earlier at Stephers’ latest piece, but it is worth a look, as it applies to each and every trick play up the sleeves of psychotic oligarchs worldwide.

    Repetition is key. We should consider using a bit more repetition of our own, as it will, I believe, lead to greater awareness and enlightenment. So, thank you Mark and Stephers for staying with it. The line between believable and unbelievable can, and must, be broken. Only then can the pattern of lies be discerned by the 100th monkey.


    1. Thx, Steve.
      We know continuing to use their terms, only plays out “on their terms.”
      Some of us in the rockies call it:
      Climb it Change>> Climb it Change >> Climb it Change>>
      i.e., the variance of elevation while traversing slopes.
      Since humor sustains the courgeous, we know reframing with
      our own narratives is powerful; if nothing else, keeping our mental
      health. Looking forward to your fresh ideas on shifting the story through
      repetition, come to life…

      starting conversations:


      1. Just sayin’. Anyway, I know people with MM initials. Some since elementary school, in fact. Those are real names. What makes some probably-fake?


        1. Good question, just as the number ’33’ appears regularly in real life. I suspect that the MM initials appear in certain high profile endeavors, Mickey Mouse, Marilyn Monroe, Michale Moore, Miles Mathis, that song writer, as a signal, where their natural occurrence (Mickey Mantle, Mike Myers) elicits no change in public attitudes or politics and so draw no attention.

          But I am just speculating, a weak response to a good question.


            1. Nice!
              and with such a name completely understandable

              it shouldn’t matter which name someone chooses
              it is the content that counts

              and creative names only reveal creative people


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