No is all we need

Guest Post by ScottRC

As a care provider for high-functioning disabled people, I workwith clients in their homes and am mostly unsupervised. One of my clients, concerned about ordinary sniffles, went to a convenience clinic for a covid test and received a “positive” result. My immediate supervisor texted me saying I needed to get tested too. I texted back a polite no. An hour later, the next-in-command texted me with the same message: I “needed” to get tested. My response was even more polite. “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do that.” At the time, I was at the client’s house, so I asked the supervisor if I needed to leave. I was prepared to get fired. He didn’t respond, but twenty minutes later, my immediate supervisor texted me on an unrelated matter, as if nothing had happened.

Later that day, the same supervisor texted me to say she had gone to a convenience clinic to get her own test. Since she works directly with the same “positive”-tested client, she was under the same orders I was. However, when she found out the test would cost her $128, she declined. “The office can forget that,” she said.

Would she have declined if I hadn’t done so first? I don’t know. She might get tested somewhere cheaper, or find someplace where they do it for free. Or, maybe if our employer pays for it, she’ll follow orders. It’s none of my business, and I have no expectations one way or another.

This isn’t a dramatic story. That’s why I like it. The propagandists have turned words, arguments, and logic itself against us. The more we talk, the crazier we sound to the average, law-abiding New Normal citizen. However, a polite and unemotional “no” quietly subverts the propaganda-fueled notion that covid dissidents are raving lunatics. Maybe the quiet “no” is even more powerful now, as this nonsense enters its third year. Even the most ardent true believers seem weary of a narrative that’s drifted so far from observable reality and common sense.

For myself, I’ve grown weary of covid opposition personalities who express their viewpoint with histrionic displays of anger, outrage, sentimentality or fear. They are inciting us to lead with our chins. As we’ve seen over and over during this crime against humanity, emotional displays are met with equal and opposite emotional displays. In this overstimulated and anxiety-ridden lunatic landscape, the quiet and emotionally detached “no” may be the most powerful weapon we have.

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  1. Perfect reaction to this situation. You replied “NO” and the homophone of NO is “KNOW”. One must KNOW to say NO.


  2. Thanks, Scott RC. I wholeheartedly agree, a simple no is often the best answer. I have always thought that I could possibly reenter the arena of electoral politics as a voter, or even again as a prospective candidate, if, and only if, there were a ballot line on each and every ballot distributed to registered voters that simply indicated “NO” as a voting option. This won’t happen, of course, so there is no reason to think further on that subject.

    Just last week I loaded myself and my ski gear onto the free shuttle bus to the local ski hill (Bridger Bowl). As I passed the bus driver he handed me a mask and informed me of a “federal mask mandate” that required my compliance. I accepted the mask, walked to the back of the bus, reclined out of sight during the ride, and returned the mask as I unloaded. I went the Admin. (leasee of the “First Student” private bus service) office asking about this “federal mandate.” They said they’d email me the link. Never did. I went back yesterday — skiing was great — and was told it is a state mandate on all “public transportation.” I’m looking into it. No more free bus rides for me until I figure this out. Leave early, beat the rush, no problem. I suppose that’s why I own a car. Great to have your contribution.


  3. I noticed that I have experienced a profound leap in maturity since the beginning of this scam until now. Initially and lasting well into 2021, I was angry, indignant and at-times hostile to the shiny new society that had been forced on me. I lost so much respect for so many people in my life – it was difficult to deal with.

    While my utter disgust still lingers, my approach has changed to one more-or-less of compassion and persuasion. I realized that the goal is not to be a rebel but to be a leader.

    And, to me, being a leader means standing your ground when the moment and situation is prudent, and doing so with dignity. Being a leader also means being tactful when dealing with others who don’t see the world the same way I do. It’s not about victory over my friends, neighbors and family; it’s about building a lasting coalition with them.

    Great post.

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    1. Walker, all my life I’ve struggled with being neurotically concerned about what other people think. I won’t say I’m cured of it, but this global lunacy has prompted tremendous growth in that area.

      Yet I’ve also grown in my capacity for being compassionate and thoughtful toward others. I wouldn’t have expected to be more compassionate toward people as I came to care less and less what they thought about me, but that seems to be the way it’s shaking out.

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      1. I have definitely had a similar experience.

        I had elevated many people in mind based on assumptions that their perceptions of reality were more aware or sophisticated than my own. Because of this I sought their praise, respect and attention. And, sure, when it comes to specific modalities and specific people these assumptions still hold true. But when it comes to thinking in broad strokes about reality — when weaving the tapestry of experience and knowledge in one’s mind into an accurate coherent narrative — by design of american culture, the majority are not just incompetent, they can’t see past distractions and their own egos far enough to consider it a worthy pursuit. Sports, news, instagram, covid, money, etc are obvious contributing factors here.

        Seeing through the lies myself while witnessing those around me being played like pathetic little fiddles makes me the adult in the room. Thus, I have an obligation to try my best to be an exemplary figure in hopes that they will soon follow suit and we can all move on building the better world people who read this blog know is possible.

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  4. ScottRC, wonderfully done! The elegance of “no.” IIRC, you posted a comment months back about the necessity of calm amidst this utter insanity which I took to heart. Now I enjoy engaging folks with a smile and simple, easy-to-understand examples of illogic from these nigh 20 months of madness, examples from both the media and common lived experience. It has honed my minimally-trained acting skills as I prepare for potential bitter scenes and hostile encounters, but rather than acting, I am “being.” (A real thespian friend once described his then-current relationship as “full of constant imaginary bitter scenes.” Sadly, the last we corresponded was March 2020, when he sent me a 10 page pdf on masks. I replied, “thanks, but won’t be needing this.” No reply. Need I say he lives in the SF Bay Area?)

    And Steve, I bet there is no penalty for not wearing a muzzle, though they might refuse to let you board. Claim the medical exemption of “needing oxygen to breathe.” I have also returned an unused mask a few times, always with a smile and thank you.

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      1. I don’t think people are “gaining maturity”…but are instead being worn down…much like granite being worn down into decomposed granite (a sand-like material).

        I know for a fact I no longer have the energy to constantly engage people at this level anymore.

        I simply agree they should get the shot. …or three! Please!! 🙂


    1. I cannot yet determine if the mask mandate even applies. I think it does not based on the following research (from the top):
      Public transportation service means the operation of a vehicle that provides general or special service to the public on a regular and continuing basis consistent with 49 U.S.C. Chapter 53.
      “Public transportation [service]” has replaced the obsolete term, “mass transportation [service]. The FTA has interpreted this term to include any transportation service provided using vehicles purchased with FTA capital assistance.
      Recipient means an entity that receives funds under 49 U.S.C. Chapter 53, either directly from FTA or through a direct recipient.
      The term “grantee” is often used interchangeably with the term, “recipient.”
      49 U.S. Code § 5302 – Definitions
      (14)PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION.—The term “public transportation”—
      means regular, continuing shared-ride surface transportation services that are open to the general public or open to a segment of the general public defined by age, disability, or low income; and
      (B)does not include—
      intercity passenger rail transportation provided by the entity described in chapter 243 (or a successor to such entity);
      intercity bus service;
      charter bus service;
      school bus service;
      sightseeing service;
      courtesy shuttle service for patrons of one or more specific establishments; or
      intra-terminal or intra-facility shuttle services.
      Executive Order 13998 of January 21, 2021
      Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel
      Sec. 2. Immediate Action to Require Mask-Wearing on Certain Domestic Modes of Transportation.
      (a) Mask Requirement. The Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Secretary of Transportation (including through the Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)), the Secretary of Homeland Security (including through the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard), and the heads of any other executive departments and agencies (agencies) that have relevant regulatory authority (heads of agencies) shall immediately take action, to the extent appropriate and consistent with applicable law, to require masks to be worn in compliance with CDC guidelines in or on:
      (i) airports;
      (ii) commercial aircraft;
      (iii) trains;
      (iv) public maritime vessels, including ferries;
      (v) intercity bus services; and
      (vi) all forms of public transportation as defined in section 5302 of title 49, United States Code.

      §5302. Definitions

      (a) In General.—Except as otherwise specifically provided, in this chapter, the following definitions apply:
      (10) Public transportation.—The term “public transportation” means transportation by a conveyance that provides regular and continuing general or special transportation to the public, but does not include schoolbus, charter, sightseeing, or intercity bus transportation or intercity passenger rail transportation provided by the entity described in chapter 243 (or a successor to such entity).

      A ski shuttle, contracted by the local ski area, is (apparently) not “public transportation,” which means they’re misinformed, or just lying. Will proceed to the proper authorities with what I’ve found. All “good Germans” I’m sure.


      1. Germans ARE GOOD!

        Don’t believe the BS surrounding “you know what”. All BS.

        Mandatory “skooling” off Annie Franklin is mandatory for a reason!!

        Barb is a good beautiful lady…and so are all other Germans!! No guilt required!!! Why? Because it’s not even warranted!!


        1. I can’t decide between the two beauties…Jackie or Barb???

          What to do!?!?

          Answer:. Both!! 🙂

          (Sincerely, both are beautiful! They are both here, aren’t they??)

          Stop w “German” (ie Nazi) thing, please!!

          I know you don’t mean harm.


        2. Excuse me, RRR. May I amend that to: “Good Romans” or “Good Americans?” Or one could apply any blind nationalistic allegiance, I suppose. Just following orders, right?


      2. Regardless, mandates are not laws. They can mandate their employees to wear a muzzle, but nobody anywhere has the authority to force YOU to restrict your breathing. Just say no, I can’t or I’m exempt. Compliance is complicity with this evil.

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      3. Thanks for the link, Steve. I await the outcome of your meeting with the Good Klingons. The whole site is a hot mess, but this part near the top is egregious AF:

        “Science-based measures are critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19. Mask-wearing is one of several proven life-saving measures, including physical distancing, appropriate ventilation, vaccination and timely testing, that can reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Requiring masks will protect America’s transit workers and passengers and help control the transmission of COVID-19.”

        “proven.” It is to laugh.


    2. Baja AZ, how delightful that you projected some of your wisdom onto a comment I don’t remember making. Haha. Thanks for the kind words.


  5. My husband and I work in retail and received notice that we need to tell them our vaccine status and then need to get tested every week starting February 9th if we are not vaccinated (we aren’t). Not sure what is going to happen, but we’re saying “NO!” I have endured wearing a stupid mask … But I am not going to comply with the other nonsense.


    1. Please keep us posted.

      I may yet lose my job. The incident I described happened yesterday. It sounds like companies are getting more and more pressure from the government to crack down on employees. But it also seems like companies will never be motivated to push back against the government unless their employees push back against them.

      In order to keep my guest entry non-dramatic, I didn’t go into how anxiety-ridden I was when I said no. It’s not easy. I wish you the best.

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      1. Scott, do NOT let them see you fret. I am thinking with the threat of lawsuits, and general lack of enforcement/clear law, some employers may be giving it a blind eye, never mind the labor shortage factor.
        When I lived in Brazil I always said “Brazil is becoming more like the USA (prosperous), and the USA is becoming more like Brazil (poorer).” Now I amend that to “Brazil’s advances have halted/reversed, and the USA will start pretending to follow bullshit laws.” That’s my semi-hopeful sense of it at least.


        1. BajaAZ, agreed. I get the impression that everyone in the office where I work is on edge. Covid orders are constantly changing and their instructions to employees are toothless if they can’t enforce them, which they can’t. The mandates aren’t backed up by law, and even if they COULD legally fire people for not complying with the latest covid nonsense, they would be screwed because of the labor shortage. Still, I see this as all the more reason to be polite and respectful…. to not let them see me fret, but also to not give the impression that I enjoy putting them in the tough spot they’re in. I don’t. When everybody’s on edge and anxious, it creates a dangerous environment. I’m treading lightly. So far, so good.

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      2. Thank you Scott. I am curious what will happen to us, but I know it will be ok. The Supreme Court heard the case on Friday. Not sure how they will rule, nor do I care. Old opprtunities die off and new ones present themselves. Wishing you the best of luck in these interesting times!


    2. Have you, other than Scotty who may finally see the benefits of what he branded a cult, but is the actual anti-cult ?

      Or are you just as the others, already almost 2 years into the First World War, still the rabbit staring in the headlights you should have seen coming years ago?

      Why would you “work in retail” anyway? What are you selling, the Satantic Stuff you agitate against in the safety of an anonymous blog ?

      How can you watch yourself in the mirror?


  6. We recently flew from Denver to Miami, and I dreaded the trip, having to wear a mask. But I discovered that if I turned the air down on me full blast and bent the wire on the mask to hold it away from my face, I enjoyed fresh air the entire trip. It was not even moist when we got off the plane. Similarly when we were required to wear a mask in our gym I simply cut a slit across the area of the mouth and under the nose, and breathed freely. No one checks, no eye contact you see, except one guy who was on to me, who smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

    What I want to know is this: Four relatives have had minor sniffles or soar throat, and all have tested positive. How can that be? Is the test rigged to spot signs of a common cold? Or, maybe more likely, lab attendants are told to make note when someone shows symptoms, and the test is rigged. Under no circumstances are the results real, but I am stymied.


    1. MT,

      I acknowledge this is an oversimplification and a reiteration of what I have previously surmised (standing very much alone in this regard, I might add) . . . My sense of the “positive” as reported by RT-PCR methodology is that it is lighting up a fluorescent signal when the device (RT-PCR is a device, not a test) matches to its pre-determined primers designated to “ping” when the proteomic response to a specified environmental toxin is recognized. I have proposed that the device (I include lateral flow devices as well) has been calibrated to recognize this response (meaning, alteration in our own genetic material, as expressed by novel or modified “proteins”/nucleic acids). This proteomic response is being referred to as a “virus” (it has no causal value, as the material/debris is only a result of poisoning). But this result (again, being called a virus) can be detected by these devices – as these devices are extremely helpful in determining genetic material. The infection jargon is just placed in the narrative for noise/static to keep people from grasping that this is poisoning. Thus, I consider this entire project to be a toxicological operation – falling under the category of environmental toxicology – but being falsely represented as an infection resulting from a virus (the patsy in this project).

      Following are two links that may help to illustrate my supposition:

      Regardless, I do not perceive the test to be rigged to detect a common cold, because there is no common cold. We have only been told that colds (like flus) are caused by pathogenic viruses. I see no evidence (only having studied this in detail since March/April 2020) that colds and flus are “infections.” Instead, I have come to the conclusion that colds and flus can be caused by two things: starvation/malnourishment/malnutrition and/or toxicity (from an environmental toxin, or even an internal toxin such as mental/emotional stress).

      Accordingly, I perceive this Omicron stuff to be a new or modified version of the original toxin, and thus, the RT-PCR (and lateral flow in-home devices) have had to be re-calibrated (admitted in the mainstream news) to detect something different. In this case – as we have observed over the past month or so – many more people are “testing positive” (and many more people are actually getting sick – but much milder sequelae).

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      1. Stephers,

        Thank you for that distillation and clarification of the methodology. Your perception that they are testing for the toxins that they have poisoned our environment with seems highly probable to me. And yet, are not the murdering psychopaths exposed more or less to the same toxins in the environment? If so, perhaps they have developed an immunity, no doubt from their superior breeding techniques… And are already ensconced in their underground bunkers, with a ratio of 10 females to each male per the good doctor’s advice:


      2. I’m with you on this, Stephers. These “pre-determined” primers” must then have been studied somewhere to recognize a pre-determined (altered) genetic material; wouldn’t that be necessary if they can predict, or expect a “match” between devise and “pings?” Is this research known to have been conducted in the USA, China and/or elsewhere? Is the novel toxin or toxins so widespread to be in everything/everyone in sufficient concentrations to make humans worldwide sick? Does anyone know if it is deliberate poisoning, or an unintended consequence of overzealous industrial applications of GO and/or other novel toxic bio-nano-tech applications. Just trying to “catch up” the best I can. I’m happy that the hunt is on and the possibility of unraveling this mess is that much closer. Excellent work!


      3. Hi Stephers, spotty Internet here in Mexico, been without for two days. I am having a runny nose and sneezes, but am for the most part over my bout with whatever it was we picked up in Miami. I have a rapid test (antigen) tomorrow, don’t know if I will pass. Mexico does’t quarantine, doesn’t care, but I am well tired of the place (masks, heat, bad food, bad coffee) and ready for home. Spoiled American, I am. Wish me luck.


        1. “whatever it was we picked up in Miami”

          Like what? A virus?

          Just kidding, I suspect the change in environment and climate triggered your body into detoxing.

          I wish you good health and a soon return.

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        2. Don’t be set in your ways! Take your shirt off and have a cerveza and a plate of nachos w little lady 🙂

          Enjoy the ocean!!!


        3. MT,

          There’s no place like home . . . Best of luck. Hoping you pass with flying colors!

          On “whatever it was” you “picked up in Miami” . . . These are my thoughts – take them or leave them . . .

          In 2022, traveling/flying on a plane may expose you to a multitude of environmental/external contaminants (some that may not have been present/circulating prior to plandemic/scamdemic). So I can only imagine you may be detoxing from one (or even several) of them – even if the toxemia seems mild in its presentation.

          Keep in mind, that by the time you got to Miami and began exhibiting symptoms, you most likely encountered pollutants before the presentation of illness (as the symptoms are the detox following toxin exposure). Thus, the airport/plane travel was most likely where you “picked something up” – meaning, a toxic exposure.

          This is just a partial list of potential toxins/contaminants:

          Mask with micro-and nano particulates

          Mask with semiconducting metal wire/bridge

          If ate airplane food/meal – can be contaminated with micro plastics (from how it is heated/stored

          Surrounded by inoculated individuals who may be have been doped with semiconducting (and thermoelectric materials

          Chemicals used to “clean”/disinfect plane

          Click to access sani-cide_fsc_-_mstr062_rev5__2018-01-17_.pdf

          EMFs at high altitudes/airport exposure

          Jet exhaust/fumes/recirculating air in plane cabin (“bleed air”)
          (The bleed air is monitored with semiconducting sensors – MEMS)

          VOCs out gassing from materials on plane, to even passengers wearing toxic fragrances, hair products. deodorants, etc.

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          1. Thank you Stephers! This would not be the first time I passed through two airports and came up with runny nose and sneezes. But Akumal has been good for us, sun and surf, symptom free now, breathing clean. Passed tests this morning. Shadenfreud,the unvaxxed guy and H are free of Miami and did not test positive, as three others did. This really ought to indicate to them that the connection between testing positive and vaccines is tenuous at beat, most likely random.


              1. Steve, to add to your emf reference and bring it back to poisoning by flying (frying, maybe?), and tying it to Stephers’ comment above, Jim updated that original sars article by adding the following vivid description as a comment in 2019, worth repeating:

                “Now, years later, I would include in the list of airliner toxic stressors, electrical radiation. Examples are computer monitors attached to passenger seats at head level, powerful electric motors and solenoids that move wing flaps, unshielded switch-mode step-down transformers for lighting, fans, Wifi computers and cellphones, etc.

                “All of that radiation occurs within what is essentially a reflective metal can, the airliner.

                “People are falling ill on airliners and even dying following a long flight. This should motivate official investigations and remedies”.

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                1. Thanks again. WHO is not that helpful, but has mountains of paper on the subject.
                  Actually, the WHO was only following orders, as usual. The initial assessment has direct ties to the usual suspects: “The WHO Expert Consultation was preceded by a Stakeholder Workshop held on 10 January 2012 at Imperial College London, England, in the presence of the WHO-appointed experts, for the
                  purposes of providing information and the exchange of views. The Acknowledgements Stakeholder Workshop was open to all interested parties. To this end, announcements for the Stakeholder Workshop were sent to a wide range of umbrella organizations and professional associations who represented stakeholders from different sectors (e.g. insecticide manufacturers, airlines, aviation medicine associations, trade unions in the transport sector) plus a
                  number of government departments with an interest in aircraft disinsection. Representatives from the following organizations participated (either in person or making presentations via webinar): Produits Sanitaires Aéronefs; LKC Switzerland Ltd; Sumi Agro France, Sumitomo Corporation Group; Callington Haven
                  Pty Ltd; US Department of Transportation; International Civil Aviation Organization; International Air Transport Association; Association of Flight Attendants/International Transport Workers Federation. After being finalized by the WHO-appointed experts, the document
                  was prepared for editing by the WHO Secretariat assisted by P. Howe.
                  The document was edited by S. Ballance. R. Brown, Department of Public Health and Environment, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland, served as the Responsible Officer for this publication in WHO. The preparation of this report was funded by the European Commission and the Policy Research Programme of the United Kingdom Department of Health. The views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of these two organizations.” pps.1,2.

                  Imperial College London, England! Don’t you just love it? Only DARPA seems to “get around” more.

                  I always wondered why airline travel was never the focus of “transmission” prevention throughout this 2-year fiasco. It was never about preventing anything, but rather, making the “pandemic” narrative to appear real. People seem to know airline travel often leads to illness, but never have had a clue what caused their sudden condition.

                  I once was on a flight from Paris to Istanbul (2008), when suddenly the entire aircraft cabin was “fogged” while we were still docked, with some unknown substance. Now it all makes more sense.

                  On a flight back from Vietnam some years later I imagined a business startup that sold “high-fashion” masks at airport kiosks — self-serve — to help prevent or reduce the risk of getting sick from air travel. Silly me.


                  1. Haszie and I were both ill by the time we got to Miami. It has happened before too. I was sure that coming back to US I would test positive and be quarantined in Mexico, but the Akumal beach cleared us up. We are home again.

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      4. Hi Stephers, may I suggest replacing the word primers in your post with threshold? The pieces of synthetic DNA used in a PCR test are also called primers. I have the impression that this leads to communication problems.

        In answer to Mark’s question, I would like to draw your and Mark’s attention to a post by ANONYMOUS+CALL dated December 26 at 6:38 am under Mark’s article titled “In my defense”.

        If I understand correctly what is meant by the reference bias he mentions then the number of cycles run is increased when mass testing involves more people with symptoms of flu and cold, now attributed to covid.

        In practice, increasing the cycles means that the test material becomes dirty and the primers and probes begin to adhere randomly and the probability of the light emitted by disintegrating probes reaching the threshold increases which falsely suggests that the target DNA was found.

        This is an article of which the first part in particular gives a clear description of qPCR and the development towards it. Further on, it becomes a bit too mathematical for me to understand. If it is possible for you to make a less mathematical translation of this I would be very grateful.


    2. Post some photos of over-ocean highway enroute to Key West!! Say hello to beautiful Key Deer for me 🙂

      You have to do it, come on. You’ll be back home in Colorado in short time 🙂


  7. Thank you ScottRC, for relating your tale of calm and courageous disobedience to the implied authority of these assumed legal mandates. I sincerely appreciate your taking a stand for yourself, as well as all of humanity in your refusal to buckle under illegitimate authority. As to the moral of your story, “Just say no”; where have I heard that before, and to whom was it directed? The unwitting victims of drug dealers, if I remember correctly, who were enjoined with the slogan: “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.” Close up of frying pan, cue sizzling bacon, or was it eggs… Could they have made that a little less appetizing? I am sure the irony is not lost on anyone with a minimal capacity for cognition that we are now at the mercy of even more pernicious drug dealers, who wear the garb of officialdom or at least hide behind it.

    I have had a recent encounter with those who hide behind official mandates, recently re-enforced in the small NH city in which I currently dwell. Upon entering the public library this week I was detained by a man at a desk just inside the entrance, let’s call him Sean, for the sole purpose of enforcing the newly re-implemented mask mandate ordinance for the city. As I refuse to wear a mask under any circumstance I was accosted by Sean, stationed at a desk just inside the entrance, who sanctimoniously advised that I was in violation of the city ordinance requiring masks in all indoor public spaces. Ah, but I was prepared for such an affront to my vaunted liberties! Having read, printed out, highlighted in yellow ink, the exemption to the ordinance for those who claim a health-related preclusion, and subsequently read it aloud, against his condescending protestations that they were invalid in such businesses that chose to enforce such mandates, but against all apparent logic as I protested, he retreated to the inner sanctum of the administrative offices to summon more authority to deal with me. But not before asking in barely concealed mockery the nature of my health complaint. High blood pressure, among others as it happens, to him I replied it was not his concern. He then handed me a sheet of paper that explained the public library policy concerning mask mandates; obviously, with the erection of the gauntlet the library had gone to some trouble to prepare for this type of resistance. Soon after Sean slinked back to the office, from which resounded an ejaculation of derisive laughter, the assistant director of the library, let’s call her Susan, emerged to “answer any questions I might have” about the library’s policy. I asked her if I might retain the paper Sean gave me so that I might show it to my lawyer in case I planned to follow up with a case of wrongful discrimination. This information had the desired effect of erasing the disingenuous smirk behind her mask as she snatched the paper away from me, folded it, and threatened to call the police. Smiling amiably, I bid her and Sean a pleasant afternoon and exited without further protest.

    I should mention, prior to my encounter at the public library, I engaged with the clerks at the city hall, all of us unmasked, while I endeavored to correct the error they had made in registering my vehicle two months prior. They had mistaken the model of my vehicle, which I noticed after reviewing the receipt for the title, which was very much overdue. The city clerk kindly informed me that I should correct their mistake, unacknowledged as it was, as soon as possible before I would liable to pay additional fees to correct it! To which I was transported 45 years to the bittersweet memory of having my mind blown up (as depicted in the poster, if memory serves) from witnessing the travails of Harry Buttle in Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil”, for a similar clerical error.

    But, I digress. The moral of the story is civil disobedience. The implication is that there is perhaps a burgeoning resistance to the increasing boldness of intrusion upon our liberties. I would like to believe the tide is turning, that people are waking up to the scam, etc. However, what I am witnessing, here in the “Don’t tread on me” state, is a state of ever more dissociation from reality as the overwhelming majority of “citizens” don their masks in obedient complicity to assumed authority. My experience at the library, and in a similar situation at the bookstore preceding it, suggests that the cognitive dissonance I assume most people are (not) dealing with is ameliorated by the seduction of what little affirmation and/or authority is derived from conforming to the dictate of the self regulating herd, and the all powerful state, which is perceived as the ultimate authority and that which dispenses legitimate force, i.e. mandates, laws, etc.

    The question I would like to raise is, against an ever increasing illegitimate authority that openly disdains the rule of law, and in an atmosphere of increasing social animosity, fear, reprisal… How do we stand our ground when the stakes are even higher, as they soon will be in this country which has not yet felt the crush of authoritarian brutality already witnessed in Australia, Germany, et al.? How do we maintain our humanity (freedom) when there is a guard at the entrance to the market and he is not concerned with masks but scanning QR codes instead?

    Beyond all reason, we are descending into the third year of a planet-wide mass hysteria, or more aptly: world war, that is poised to annihilate humanity in a very real sense as the indefatigable Stephers has exhaustively laid out for us in this very blog. I am grateful for the calm and courageous work she has done in informing us of the perils we have (yet) to face. Likewise, I am grateful to the courageous work of Alison McDowell at for exposing to the light of day the mercenaries behind the transhuman agenda. I am also grateful to those insightful and generous souls on this blog who have shared their experience and wisdom in their comments.

    ScottRC, thank you for broaching a topic that I have been hoping would gain more attention here, especially in light of the tireless work done by Stephers; namely, how do we respond to the threat we face? John Lennon, or whomever one cares to attribute his lyrics, said love is all we need. It’s a beautiful sentiment and a beautiful song, and for the record: I know this might be heretical to the spirit of this blog but I couldn’t give a toss who wrote it, produced it, sang it, or did or didn’t get shot for it. The truth remains, regardless. This is what I have learned from dipping my toe into the quagmire of hoax/history – it doesn’t matter what actually happened, the collective perception of history is the consensus reality; unfortunately, that is beyond the power of the heretics that seek the truth to change – there is too deep an investment in the myths of our history. The question is, can those who discover and disseminate the truth affect a meaningful (powerful) response in the present reality? And, how do we do that in time, before we are rendered obsolete?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. “an ever increasing illegitimate authority that openly disdains the rule of law”

      One of the main purposes of staging the rise and fall of evil Nazi Germany (with all its, alleged, atrocities), at the hands of the great democracies, throughout the drama of WWII, was to traumatize forever the world into thinking that democracy and tyranny are mortal enemies (the cold war being the second horsey horse dose of the psychovaccination).
      It was trauma induced mass hypnosis. And it worked perfectly.
      The resulting implicit reasoning is:

      democracy is the opposite of tyranny, ergo it’s freedom
      in a democracy the elected authority is legitimate by default
      the rule of law is anything decided by the elected authority

      – if you don’t obey the laws you’re against the elected authority, ergo you’re against democracy, ergo you’re against freedom and pro tyranny, in other word you’re an evil nazi (or commie)

      The fact that to a critical thinker those propositions sound as obvious nonsense is irrelevant once they have been hammered down the head of the vast majority of non critical thinkers (or should I say non thinkers), because in a democracy the majority rules by definition.
      As stupid as they are, once those foundations have been firmly established in the feeble mind of the masses, we are at the mercy of whoever the authority happens to be, and an “ever increasing illegitimate authority” is just a matter of time.

      “If you can get the bird to walk into the cage on its own, it will sing that much more prettily.”

      Liked by 3 people

      1. AK,

        Thank you for responding to my rather self-indulgent rant with a sober analysis of the situation, and laying out the logical components so eloquently. I will endeavor to drink less and consider more before posting in the future.


        1. I just meant to add some (hopefully useful) side annotations to your excellent post, sorry if it sounded as criticism, none of my intention. No need to drink less, and keep posting. Cheers.


          1. I’m not a big drinker…I stick to beer. I like a good Double IPA 😉

            When I was in Japan I learned of their wonderful whiskeys, though. Either a Japanese apprentice went to Scotland for 4-5 years and brought tradition and skills back home..or a Scottish master would live in Japan for a spell.

            No lie, these are world class Japanese whiskeys!! Absolutely fantastic. I love Japan and Japanese people!!!



            1. RRR,

              Ha, I admire your discerning taste in spirits but I draw the line at cannibalism, I don’t care how delicious… ;). I raise my glass of fake champagne (Prosecco) to you!


            2. You want to know what good living is??

              Buying a beer can size can of nuts / crackers mix from a Japanese vending machine…together with a Sapporo beer from same machine!!

              It’s called Genius :). Really!!


          2. Not at all, my friend – your response is very much appreciated and has recalled to mind a few things I have read recently, one being the shocks to the system as described in “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”, and how the body politic has been and now the individual is being stress tested, measured, tabulated, and programmed to perform all the more prettily. And regarding those birds, I am reminded of the venerable Eliza with her bawdy parrot in East of Eden who seemed to scandalize everyone but her pious self with its foul-mouthed oaths. And I have also just read of Dr. Juvenal Urbino’s demise as he climbs the ladder in a vain attempt to retrieve his prized parrot, who’s taunts have led him to his grave. Love in the Time of Cholera, indeed it is still strange to realize we are in the midst of such a historic purge.


            1. Perhaps digressing again…
              knowing what I know, I’m at a point where my hypersensitive conspiratorial mind is almost unable to read books or watch movies without quickly losing interest in the story if my attention happens to be diverted towards what seems to me the main goal of the story: propaganda.
              Sometimes I don’t even need to read the story, as in my eyes the propaganda sticks out in the title itself like a sore thumb.
              I can’t see any literary reason for the need to combine love and cholera in the title of what is basically a love story, where cholera has actually little or no part, and that would have worked fine without any reference to an (allegedly) infectious disease.
              Hollywood movie The Painted Veil, from Somerset Vaugham’s novel also revolves around love and cholera. What could be so literary appealing about merging love and cholera other than to promote the myth of deadly infectious diseases by mixing it with strong human emotions and emphaty?
              Alessandro Manzoni’s “I Promessi Sposi” is considered one of the most important classic masterpieces of italian literature and is a prominent topic of the language and literary academic courses in all italian schools. It’s basically a monumentally boring love story, abundantly interspersed with historical digressions, that students usually hate to deal with, but one of the part that will certainly stick vividly in their memories is Manzoni’s extensive depiction of the infamous epidemics of bubonic plague that ravaged Milan in 1630. Given that bubonic plague is another fictitious infectious disease, I’ve been wondering if that part was one of the main or the whole point of the story, or at least the real reason behind the extensive promotion of the book.
              An outstanding example, IMO, of how to cleverly hide the fact that a single propaganda section/scene is actually the whole point of an apparently much wider and unrelated story is Spielberg’s “Jaws”. The scene where Quint emphatically recounts his dramatic memories of how the USS Indianapolis survivors were helplessly devoured one by one by the sharks will stick forever in the minds of the viewers, but most importantly it will subliminally link forever their strong emotional response to “The Bomb” and hence in general to the nuclear weapons narrative.
              Should those viewers ever happen to be presented later in their life with the idea that nuclear weapons, like space travels, are just a fantasyland saga, they would have to be ready to also jettison their deeply implanted and cherished linked emotions. For the great majority simply an impossible task.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Very interesting comment, AK, and I feel a bit the same way. When I watch a movie and certain events are mentioned that I know are fake I lose interest but my sense of allergy isn’t in your league I don’t think. I wrote you a long comment when we were talking about Romagnolo and tried to post it twice but it didn’t post. One of the things I said was that my father wasn’t witty except on occasion but nevertheless he did have a good sense of humour. The other thing about him is that his catch cries when I was growing up were, “It was the CIA,” in response to most bad happenings in the world – as if, of course, it was the CIA and you’d have to be a moron to think otherwise – and “Propaganda.” I thought he was probably right but didn’t pay much attention. I’m sorry he died before I woke up because it would have given us a common subject to talk about.

                Once alerted, it took me about 5 mins to at least accept the strong possibility that Hiroshima was faked … still haven’t woken up to the moon landings though after a few years of study and I don’t think I ever will :). What I don’t understand is why it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb to other analysts that Hiroshima et al have glaring signs of a psyop because, after all, psyops always advertise themselves loud and clear but the moon landings don’t … except, of course, for our friend, Bill Kaysing, who has psyop fingerprints all over him.


                1. Too bad your post didn’t work, did you find out what was the issue?
                  Yep, “It was the CIA”, was sort of a kneejerk cry among all the good folks that during the cold war took the anti-american stance, as it was the case for a large chunk of italians, my father included. The big part of the story they missed was the fact that all the “CIAs” of the world, as well as all the so called governments, have been in cahoots since long ago, and the folks on both sides of the fake war have been cleverly duped.
                  Don’t recall if you already said it, do you believe all of the space saga is real, asteroids probes included, or just the moon landings? In the latter case, why only the moon landings?


              2. XS, good points on propaganda, but I disagree as far as the “literary appeal” of disease, or love & disease… And I think “Love in the Time of Cholera” is a GREAT title. Not that I ever read the book, but it always stuck with me – exactly because of the contrast.

                Writers and readers alike love the whole “romance” of disease. The invalid is an inherently Romantic figure – he’s a sort of goth teenager, Edward Scissorhands type of pale and hollow-eyed figure. Symbolic of the outsider, alienated but longing, too aesthetically pure and rarefied for the everyday world. Perhaps with unrequited love mixed in as well.

                Same reason Munchausens by Proxy is a phenomenon (ok, allegedly) – there’s some kind of draw and allure to disease for many people, whether in art or in life.

                Which reminds me of some propaganda I watched recently – “Sharp Objects” is an HBO series about a mother who poisons her daughters, with their complicity – both camps become caught up in the “bonding ritual” as she then “treats” their illness. Clearly a weird commentary on our times of some sort. And the director Jean Marc Vallee has just died on Dec. 25th, of a heart attack at 58 years old. Mm-hm.


              3. AK,

                Thank you for the digression, and sharing your knowledge. My original reaction to your post was thinking I’d like to know what you know, and then I consider how isolated I feel knowing what little I know, neophyte that I am, and how much I cherish what little I still believe in and I reconsider. In my original post I recognize my deep emotional response in rejecting the Beatles hoax, as their music is almost sacred music to me. Allow me to hereby recant any unintended aspersions I might have cast on the spirit of this blog, for which the debunking of history and hoax-craft I am very much interested and often entertained by.

                With my own example of emotional imprinting fresh in my mind I just watched the Quint scene you mentioned, as I did not recall it from memory. Ah, but how those emotions came flooding back, 47 years later, as Robert Shaw deftly drops those bombs in his dialogue, setting up the suggestion at the start, punctuated by a very long pause, continuing with the horrific tale, and then delivering the punchline, “anyway, we delivered the bomb” with a glib tip of his cup. And as I examine my response now I can see how the fear of being eaten alive by sharks has opened wide my subconscious to accept the suggestions accompanying such fear. That Spielberg added an ironic twist at the affirmation seems to seal in the moral within another more digestible emotional trigger.

                Staying on course with the trajectory of the bomb and the wider trauma induced psychosis of the cold war you mentioned earlier, as disseminated through popular culture/entertainment: I have been thinking of the obvious example of “ Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”. From the title alone, it would seem an overt example of propaganda, and enough to repel. And I ask now with some trepidation as it is one of my favorite movies, lest it should be suggested that I have been mercilessly duped into believing what it purports to mock with its brilliant parody of cold war insanity. Would you argue that, regardless of the brilliant send up of the policies of the cold war, particularly the insanity/absurdity of mutually assured destruction as embodied in a doomsday machine, that the final scene of Slim Pickens riding the bomb cowboy-style and the ensuing images of detonations are there to imprint that as reality, perhaps all the more digestible as we have been allowed to feel superior to the madmen who would/could still drop those bombs? Maybe I have answered my question. I am reminded that I have read that Kubrick was the director for the moon landings. I will take some comfort in the irony.

                With regard to love and cholera, perhaps the two maladies are not so unrelated, if they are understood as delusions of a desperate nature. In any case, I read as far as Dr. Urbino’s demise and having already grown weary of G.G.M.’s style of interminable narration, I put it back on the shelf to reacquaint for another day. My memory of the story is still tainted by the movie adaptation, even though there surely must have been a better ratio of dialogue to description. But surely much of what is lost in translation is magnified in a movie, unless it happens to be directed by the likes of Kubrick;)

                Btw, I would value any reading recommendations you might have, either for entertainment or edification. I have Michael Hoffman’s latest book, “Twilight Language” on my short list. I wish I applied myself more to learning Italian when I had the chance…


                1. I was wondering what the Mormon Tabernacle Choir has to do with being eaten alive by sharks. Then it hit me, yes, there was an actor by that same name, who actually was eaten by a fake shark. And I even saw that movie.


              4. I went to Hiroshima and wanted to visit “Nuque” museum. I had every good intention.

                At the entrance was a 20′ tall photo. THIS photo:


                Any moron can see that is a paste-up job. It’s retarded it’s so awful!!

                I turned around and went outside into the Sunshine and botanical gardens. They did not receive a single yen from me!!

                At least the Sunshine and flowers are real!! 🙂


    2. Christopher –

      Kudos on standing up against these absurd people, but I’m curious your thinking as to why you’d concede when they threaten to call the police? Since you had all your claims and reasoning, and even had printed it out?

      I certainly understand if you just didn’t want the hassle, or that it raised the stakes too much into the uncertain, but… My guess is that you have pretty good odds of simply calling their bluff, again. They don’t really want to call the police – they may LOSE, given your documented rights on paper, and then the cop is pissed at them. Secondly, most cops probably feel silly about being called out for “mask violations.” Sort of a trivialization of their time and image. As long as no one’s being violent or unruly. And – if they DO decide to come, it may be such a low priority that it takes a half hour or more for any to show up.


      1. TIMR,

        I welcome your question as to why I left and hope in answering it will be helpful to myself and others as they find themselves in similar confrontation. But first, thank you for your commendation and I agree with your reasoning as to how the situation might have panned out had the police been called.
        However, I have had not many but certainly enough experiences with the police over the years to distill in me a deep distrust not only in their ability to think rationally in any given situation but also act according to their supposed function of enforcing the law. I have been subjected to unwarranted and probably unlawful interrogation in situations where I have sought their help, an attempted break-in of my apt. in Boston comes to mind; or when I have actually aided the police in their investigation of the disappearance of a wallet I had found and turned over to a Starbucks barista, later found guilty of theft. And in many other situations I have learned by observation and a keen instinct that one is often guilty by assumption or association and all that is lacking is admission in lieu of any evidence. To speak with a police officer is to open oneself to implication or entrapment. I will stop before I go full tilt on this rant, suffice to say I don’t trust the police, and avoid interacting with them as a general rule.

        Also, to be honest, I find my library to be a supremely depressing and modern affair, all empty atrium and very few worthwhile books on the stacks which are crammed together in a poorly lit space, with the exception of the “children’s space” which comprises the majority of the building and which unaccompanied adults are informed is not for their use! The few librarians I have engaged with on previous visits have generally been passive aggressive when asked for assistance. It feels more like Denver airport on yellow alert than a library. Few are the remaining humble repositories of books that seemed suspended in time and a safe haven in which to explore.

        The other component to my retreat is the consideration that any confrontation with anyone has an immediate and deleterious effect on my health; compromised by high blood pressure and the unfortunate reality of having sustained injury and subsequent radical treatment for heart disease. As I was stating my case to the librarians I was feeling my blood pressure spike and I knew any escalation of the standoff would be putting myself at risk. I fear incarceration in a hospital as much as I would a jail, especially now for obvious reasons. A much loved member of my extended family in Italy was one of the first casualties in this war, having been hooked up to the torture device known as a ventilator for nearly a month before he succumbed.

        In short, fear for my life hastened my retreat! As well as the consideration in knowing that my time is not long I would choose for myself a more meaningful battle to take my last stand. I know there are more important battles ahead, and I would hope to not stand alone when the time comes. I am a humanist, and I love the glory of the human spirit, as John Steinbeck described it eloquently. As a musician, I have sought to pursue a meaningful existence on this earth in communion with others who have a shared appreciation for the beauty and joy that resides in the human soul. I read this section of East of Eden last week and it is remarkable for its humanism as well as its prescience. Please indulge my cut and paste, it is apropos as you will see:

        “At such a time it seems natural and good to me to ask myself these questions. What do I believe in? What must I fight for and what must I fight against?

        Our species is the only creative species, and it has only one creative instrument, the individual mind and spirit of man. Nothing was ever created by two men. There are no good collaborations, whether in music, in art, in poetry, in mathematics, in philosophy. Once the miracle of creation has taken place, the group can build and extend it, but the group never invents anything. The preciousness lies in the lonely mind of a man.

        And now the forces marshaled around the concept of the group have declared a war of extermination on that preciousness, the mind of man. By disparagement, by starvation, by repressions, forced direction, and the stunning hammerblows of conditioning, the free, roving mind is being pursued, roped, blunted, drugged. It is a sad suicidal course our species seems to have taken.

        And this I believe: that the free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world. And this I would fight for: the freedom of the mind to take any direction it wishes, undirected. And this I must fight against: any idea, religion, or government which limits or destroys the individual. This is what I am and what I am about. I can understand why a system built on a pattern must try to destroy the free mind, for this is one thing which can by inspection destroy such a system. Surely I can understand this, and I hate it and I will fight against it to preserve the one thing that separates us from the uncreative beasts. If the glory can be killed, we are lost.”

        John Steinbeck, chapter 13, “East of Eden”

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Another great post Christopher.
          Haven’t read East of Eden, my Steinbeck’s readings are limited to Tortilla Flat, The Winter of our Discontent and Travels with Charley (all great readings), plus a few short stories, including “The Chrysanthemums” that jumped to me as being a shortened version of “The Bridges of Madison County”, clearly containing the kernel of the story. The Bridges even has the final climax scene of the casual encounter while driving almost downright plagiarized from Steinbeck’s short story. It seems to me incredible Steinbeck’s novella was never credited as being the obvious inspiration for the Bridges.

          Don’t know if it’s worth bothering to learn italian or any other language, save for english, in the long run they are all bound to be corraled down to the slaughterhouse like unsuspecting cattle.


  8. Why do you have “supervisors”?
    Don’t you have enough visor of your own?

    Or are you livestock (rhetorical question) ?


  9. Good on you, Scott, if there were only more like you.

    I have a friend who’s a nurse who’s refused the jab and seemingly lost her job – not quite sure if she’s absolutely lost it yet – and has said that she will sell her house and move into a motorhome if necessary. I know there are a number of nursing staff in Australia in that position – it’s interesting how nurses seem to be much more vocal than doctors on the subject. I’ve heard they’re importing foreign nurses to make up the shortfall. I really wonder at what is going on in hospitals now and the kind of care patients are getting.

    Tonight my mother who has dementia (seemingly worsened by the two jabs she got in August) was supposed to get on a flight from Rome to return to Australia with a chaperone, her American neighbour, Susie, in Italy who has been wonderful. It has been very stressful for Susie having to look after my mother these past couple of months and getting everything organised for their flight. She understood they needed to do a Rapid Antigen Test a couple of days before the flight and so organised those. Cancelled trains (these are happening in Australia now too) meant delays to the airport but they were able to make it in time, however, when they arrived they were informed they were supposed to have had a PCR so they couldn’t get on the flight. Now they have to do the PCR, stay the night in Rome, and hopefully get a flight tomorrow. It’s utter insanity. So poor Susie needs to manage all the luggage and my mother and get her to a hotel, etc. She said she was just bawling at the airport. It’s a complete nightmare. … if only there were more like you, Scott, all this absolutely nightmarish nonsense wouldn’t be happening.

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