Audubon Schmodubon

I used to be a member of Audubon Society, in fact, up until 2021. We are a funky lot of people who devote time and energy into identifying, feeding, studying and talking about birds. Our back deck is usually a minor mess, as birds are not careful when feed is available. It is a tiered ecosystem where birds at the highest perch use their beaks to scatter seed below, looking for the most desirable morsel. Down below birds that are ground feeders hunt and peck. Seed that ends up below the deck accumulates until a doe or buck passes by.

Why, I was asked, do we care about these species? “Unconditional love” was the only answer I could muster. They show no gratitude, in fact do not even know we are caring for them. A bird pecking away at a seed bell strung from a wire has no clue he is not on a tree, one with abundant mealy worms.

While a resident of Montana I participated in the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count. Our group of people would walk an eight-mile stretch of the Yellowstone River, where species and counts were many and high. As a CPA, my job was to keep track of all of that so that at the end of the day when we gathered at Helen Carlson’s home for homemade stew and Christmas treats, we could entertain each other with our exploits of the day. I remember one year when maybe thirty of us were held in rapt attention by a man who knew how to play the room. He prolonged his story about how he spotted and finally identified a certain bird, and with expert timing finally did the big reveal … he had seen a Varied Thrush, a rare sighting. There was a palpable exhaling of breath in the room. We were stunned, and he was front and center, a man of the moment.

I participated in our local Evergreen Audubon in various outings, walking along the shores of the Platte River, and in 2019 did the Christmas Bird Count, me and a friend, Mike. We started out at a local feeder, and since we were a group, I took no credit for sightings, knowing that someone would account. When a young man who turned out to be quite an expert asked the group if we would mind if he “Psst”, I misunderstood. “We’re all guys here, no problem,” I said. But “Psst”ing is something else, making that sound to draw birds closer. Many consider it bad manners, as birds should only be seen and enjoyed without any human interference. I was not aware.

Mike and I had a long day, and at the end walked a long corridor down to Beaver Creek reservoir. We saw only two birds, which I labeled crows. No, said our “Psst”er friend. Those were not crows. They were ravens. As I told our group leader, I was not of much use, seeing only two birds the entire day, and misidentifying them.

2020 was a different story. The organizer for the Bird Count made it clear that all participants would be masked all day long. “Bullshit!” said I, not willing to submit to such insanity. Even if masking had a purpose beyond psychological conditioning, we were outdoors! But no. I was asked the damning question in my refusal, “Do you trust scientists?” Why should I trust anyone? I have a brain, I can think for myself. I indeed trust many people who have talent and skills, civil engineers, for example. But public health officials with a hidden agenda? No way.

2021 saw the worst of it. Evergreen Audubon announced that no member could participate in any sanctioned activity unless that member was vaccinated. I emailed them, suggesting that the great bison and wildebeest herds would not exist if there were such a thing as pathogenic viruses. In return, the Sound of Silence. I resigned Audubon, after 20+ years. These are crazy folks, I always understood. I was part of that delightful craziness. But crazy, stupid and scared? Enough. I was done.

Wind Power and Birds

Properly sited wind power can help protect birds from climate change.

By National Audubon Society
July 21, 2020

Audubon strongly supports wind energy that is sited and operated properly to avoid, minimize, and mitigate effectively for the impacts on birds, other wildlife, and the places they need now and in the future. To that end, we support the development of wind energy to achieve 100% clean electricity.

Did I mention that word, “stupid”? Windmills are bird choppers, and the bigger, more glamorous species are hardest hit. These are our raptors, accipiters, owls, high flying birds whose internal timing cannot calculate the speed of a turbine blade. They are being decimated. Audubon approves.

This article makes note of something I have long noticed, that large environmental groups are most often mere magnets to attract activists and defang them. Audubon, in terms of preserving large bird species, is now officially useless. When I first became active in wilderness preservation, I deliberately avoided The Wilderness Society, a national group where I knew I would drown. Instead I chose Montana Wilderness Association, a local group that was doing useful work (at that time). “Think globally, act locally” was the catchphrase. But none but a few of us are really equipped to think globally. All we can do is to act locally.

One of the worst examples is a large national group known as the Sierra Club, whose members have unknowingly been whored out to the fossil fuel industry, and shamelessly used as a vehicle to shut down the nuclear power industry in California. That state now has one remaining nuclear plant, Diablo, and I read where it too is on its way out, to be replaced by solar panels. Good luck with that, you f****** morons.

Audubon, Shmodubon, a big and well-financed tool used to fight the very purpose for which it claims to exist. As with Sierra Club, I am proud not to belong.

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  1. Hi Mark, very apt video showing the “care” these nimrods have for wildlife…nice analogy about the bison and wildebeest…I remember your post from 2020 about the masks and vaxx…what? Mystifying how “nature” people could be so disconnected from the nature we inhabit, but there it is.
    Some funny and instructive anecdotes, but this is golden:
    “When a young man who turned out to be quite an expert asked the group if we would mind if he “Psst”, I misunderstood. “We’re all guys here, no problem,” I said.


  2. Took a beautiful drive out to Whidbey Island on Sunday and saw a beautiful bald eagle mid flight. It made my day 🙂


    1. Speaking of which, this photo, somewhat blurrier than the original, was taken by our grandson last summer using a telescope with his iPhone attached to it. The bird was a long way away, maybe a football field. He caught it just as it landed treetop. We were in Yellowstone.

      The idea behind the scope and iPhone attachment is to view wildlife without their awareness. We were viewing two eagles, and as we did so, other tourists decided to walk to get a closer look, and spooked them.

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  3. Gorgeous photos.

    Masks and vax? How sadly indoctrinated. So sorry this BS has been responsible for terminating your membership, Mark.

    While wind turbines have an impact on birds, have you researched the impact of traditional energy fuels on birds and other fauna? Do you have reason to believe that wind turbine impact is worse than traditional-fuel impacts? The video didn’t actually suggest banning wind turbines but making them “bird smart”:

    I used to be a climate-change and environmental activist but have essentially just switched to psyops now. I don’t have the same feeling for the wilderness as you obviously have, Mark, for me it’s more from a mental viewpoint, “I can see what’s happening is wrong and things need to be done about it,” and I envy your natural feeling. Sure, I’ll go bushwalking from time to time but I just don’t have that organic feeling for nature you obviously have because if I did I’d certainly spend more time in it than I do.

    I haven’t really put much forward about climate change because I wonder – considering that it’s now clear to me how fraudulent medical science is – if I’ve got it wrong on man-made climate change and I haven’t gone back to check if I still think the same way so I’ll leave it there for the moment. However, regardless of climate change I think overall renewables are a better option than fossil fuel energy sources and I find it hard to believe that wind turbines have more of a deleterious effect on the wilderness than traditional forms of energy.

    Just to add, just as whatever percentage of scientists supporting the existence of covid now means nothing to me, the 97% consensus of scientists on man-made climate change didn’t really play a role in my thinking. My first thought before I even looked was, “Yes, I remember learning at school that CO2 was a trace gas in the atmosphere that kept us warm so if you muck around with something that has a significant impact at a trace level (say, like iron in the blood) it’s probably going to cause a problem.” Then when I started learning about it, I’d always look at the debunking arguments as much as possible and what the response to them was.

    Back in 2009 when I first became familiar with the concept of man-made climate change the Australian mainstream media was totally against it, it was always pushing debunking arguments (still does to a much lesser degree) especially as Australia has significant coal and gas reserves. I realise that my method to determine the truth of something where my knowledge is limited is to follow the argument back and forth which I think, in the situation of limited knowledge, is really the best way. Yes, we all have brains but we don’t all have knowledge in particular areas so I think, where our knowledge is lacking, it’s best to rely on guidance through an argument rather than assessing based on a very limited foundation of knowledge. I can’t tell if scientists have isolated a virus from a scientific paper simply using my own brain, I need guidance and if someone can point out how what scientists claim has no validity and the scientists themselves have no comeback to defend their “science”, it’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it?


    1. I suspect you under-trust your own abilities, an after-effect of our schooling where everything is centered around trust in authority figures. Yes, it is hard work to grasp the concepts behind climate, the hardest for me climate sensitivity, where skeptics have mathematically proven that a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere has an initially significant impact, but that it quickly diminishes to the point where it barely matters, sensitivity so close to 1.00 (neutral) that we can safely say the threat posed by CO2 is insignificant. There is also the greening effect of CO2, highly beneficial. Over the eons, cold is our enemy, not warmth. Our current interglacial period, the holocene, is peppered with warming periods, the names of which suggest that civilization advances as glaciers retreat – the Minoan, Medieval (a time when Vikings farmed Greenland and grapes were grown in Northern England), the Roman and current Modern, with each period less warm than the one before. Interglacial periods typically last 10-15,000 years, and we are beyond 10,000 years in the Holocene.

      I quickly learned (after a period where I too believed the scam) that there was an unstated agenda behind climate change, most painfully obvious in their efforts to end the use of nuclear energy, which produces no CO2. It does not take a genius to understand that this is why the fossil fuel industry has been neutralized in the battle, as they are financing that effort to demonize nuclear. Nuclear is our answer if indeed CO2 were a problem, but instead it has been under powerful attack from hidden sources. Wind and solar will never be close to enough, leaving us with … you got it … fossil fuels.

      There is also a racist agenda behind climate change, a deep-seated fear that the continent of Africa will awaken. As with Gates and AIDS, Africa is targeted by the hoaxers, refusing to finance the very best sources of energy, nuclear, oil and natural gas to make electricity. Instead they are limited to wind and solar, and good luck with that.

      In the links provided here there are many climate sources, but for me I got my best start by reading a selection of the Climategate emails, highly revealing of dishonest people with an unstated agenda, financed and backed by “closeted” friends (Michael Mann’s word).


      1. PS: I might add, we are currently in the Pleistocene Ice Age, made evident by the fact that both poles are encrusted in ice. The Holocene Interglacial is delightful relief, allowing us to exist. Amazingly, Climate Change fanatics have the power to eliminate this fact, claiming that Holocene “interglacial” is now an “epoch”, and that the Pleistocene is over. Amazing self-aggrandizing, able to change geological epochs with propaganda.There is power behind climate change, not that it is intellectual. It is nothing more than propaganda techniques. These are scoundrels. Two of the most insidious scoundrels of our times: Bill Gates and Al Gore. I am not violent, but imaginary public lynching offers psychic relief.


        1. Not to be gratuitous, as no one likes advice, but I suggest you turn your very adequate mind on and explore on your own, with the assumption that you are good enough to see through “experts” and arrive at your own ideas, always improving and sharpening with time and effort.


    2. Petra,

      There’s no fossil fuels so using that term is misleading. Oil is abiotic. Research it. There’s no dinosaurs either. It’s a complete hoax, as is Darwinism. We don’t evolve, we adapt. It’s quite different. Monkeys are not related to humans. The DNA scam is just one of many in the science and medicine field.

      The move to renewables and the climate emergency fraud is 1) to ration energy 2) so people cannot start new businesses or create wealth, 3) inducing more dependence on the state, leading to 4) forced vaccination, which assists in the 5) depopulation and sterilization agenda.

      Also there are added bonuses to the rationing energy scam which is already a global monopoly by the controllers. 6) SMART meters, WIFI, SMART devices and 5g antennas are a soft kill program that also can 7) track what you do in and out of your house, so the cartel can amass data on people’s energy consumption and habits, thus 8) exploiting them more.

      Another important aspect to the rationing and controlling of energy and the switch to electric versus carbon fuels is the ability the controllers have to 8) limit travel for individuals, (you won’t be able to plug your car into a charging station without the new SMART ID card) and 9) flying will eventually become a privilege only for the billionaires and their minions.

      Rationing energy and switching to different sources creates more 10) racketeering opportunities with the “green” energy scams, NGOs and corporations, and lastly and most importantly, the faux climate emergency and rationing of energy for the sake of the planet enables the psychopaths in control 11) take back the commons, 12) all private property and 13) stack people into mega regions, SMART cities, in high density housing.

      Agenda 21-The Great Reset is at its core, a global land grab and an attempt to take all property, assets and land away from the public and force everyone into a 14) rentier economy and licensing economy. The WEF call it moving from a linear economy to a circular economy. It’s 100% garbage. It’s exploitation and slavery, not more efficient.

      The climate change fraud and the fake pandemic achieves all the goals listed above, and more.


  4. They are extremely efficient at divide and conquer techniques. They must know that men who try to live by principles are easy picking! Early on in this fake charade I got booted out of many stores for not masking up, eventually I stopped going out to stores. I think maybe 2 times I wore a face covering to get something i needed, both times it made me feel so dirty and disgusted inside, it was just easier not to go out at that point. Depressing.

    It’s also depressing that it sounds like no one in the group fought for you, maybe start your own group?


    1. Welcome to Sound of Silence. When people are sufficiently brainwashed, means of communicating are shut down. I know a person or two in our circle who are more enlightened, but they are intimidated, losing social contacts if they speak out too much. I am a lone wolf, caring about what people think, but at the same time refusing to let the unreasoned opinions of others affect me. Were that not true, this blog would not exist. While it can be lonely, moral courage is both its own scourge and reward. Tough life.


      1. Awesome photo. That is so cool how he captured that with a telescope and iphone. now that’s what you call thinking outside the box. Loved that line…”imaginary”public lynching offers psychic relief… And the vision that was planted in my brain,still remains…within the sound of silence.


        1. I second all of that, TM, great line MT. My reveries include machine guns, however, likely the result of the WWII addiction I have from my youth. (reading all those WWII books raised more questions than gave answers; until I realized the answer was $$$) The lynching has a Zen-like quality, so I’ll make an effort to change my visions. Too Tarantino-esque. Yuck.
          And the creaking of the swinging rope on the beam, breaks the sound…of silence…


  5. So, what do we need all this “new” energy for anyway? More video gaming, more streaming old movies, more refrigerators with built-in wifi, electric cars, and most electricity-sucking of all: data farming.

    Energy production has environmental and health costs. Mining always leaves a wasteland and irreversible ecological damage. Uranium mining, coal mining, timber mining, oil and gas drilling (tub mine) all have a downside that are seldom considered, hardly ever analyzed for net energy output, cost benefit and other basic tools used to arrive at a common-sense judgment (discernment).

    I am currently fighting to stop Montana’s first nuclear power plant. If global warming is not an issue, what good is the primary argument for it: “It’s carbon free.” I would argue strongly that carbon free mining, uranium processing, nuclear plant construction, and (highly toxic) nuclear waste transport and storage simply does not exist. It’s a fiscal loser every step of the way, all the way to decommissioning the useless carcass once it’s use-by date expires. Am I forgetting something?

    What can nuclear energy do for us that conservation (using less) cannot?


    1. It’s just steam, not really nuclear. Not the way you’ve been told.
      Look up Galen Winsor on YouTube.

      They hoax in order to racketeer. There’s no nuclear weapons, and no danger from those uber-expensive, subsidized, steam facilities.

      Once you know Masons are hoaxing you about almost everything, including third Mile Island, Fukushima and Chernobyl, you can stop falling for their scams and instead fight against the faux democracies and psyops.


  6. Howdy,

    I might be remiss in my reading, but I have never heard this before: ” These are our raptors, accipiters, owls, high flying birds whose internal timing cannot calculate the speed of a turbine blade.” I mean the “internal timing”. Would you elaborate, or re-direct please.

    Also, someone told me first-hand (a business insurer), that the typical wind turbine completed runs about $10 million. Seriously? I could not find a source delineating the actual costs. If that is true, how can those huge farms be economically feasible?

    Thanks for your time.
    Bob Marshall backpacker (and more).


    1. I am no expert, of course, but know that birds, like all species, are highly adapted to their environment. Take a goshawk flying through the woods, never having any interference from branches as be flies, so adept is he at it. Eagles and hawks, soaring birds, do not anticipate blades turning, cannot gauge their speed, and cannot avoid them. They’ve never encountered them before.

      I do not know the actual costs of wind turbines, but know that both wind and solar are heavily subsidized, otherwise they would not exist.

      Been the nineties since I hiked the Bob. Good for you.


      1. Not to beat a dead horse (bird), but don’t those same raptors track a moving fish, a moving rabbit, possibly even a fast moving apex predator attacking THEM and their catch while on the ground? I too am no expert, that is why I was asking. I do see them being hit and killed, but there has to be more to the reasoning than just “not used to it.” However, I do see coyotes routinely getting flattened by moving cars… I suppose that is similar in not judging the speed correctly…. not having the internal tools to meet the unnatural conditions.
        Subsidies… I’ll buy that.
        The Bob is the only wilderness that I have hiked (week-long) where I saw NOT ONE other person… except for maybe Wrangel-StElias.


        1. Deer, when attempting to cross a road with an oncoming car often collide with the car behind the headlight. Bad timing is all I can make of it.

          Two Bob memories: One, on arrival we stopped at the ranger station to see if there were any bear alerts. The gal behind the desk told us a story of a man who was just looking at flowers when a bear charged him, stopping short of the attack. She was laughing, saying that the man came into the station in a state of PTSD, shaking and unable to reason. She thought it was funny. Psychopath maybe?

          The other, a long day’s hike, midday we were at the air strip, and the gal there, a summer employee, made KoolAid for us. Man was that good. An unexpected treat. And she was delighted to have company.


          1. MT, What’s your take on this Russia rolling into Ukraine thing, Should we offer some help, Maybe throw a few solar panels their way…Fend them off like the birds with a few turbine windmills…”Psst” or should we just remain in the sound of silence ???


            1. That is very clever, TM. I like the idea of tilting at tanks with windmills. I do not know why you are being sent to moderation. At this point no one is treated to that insult. Be patient. Your comments, though delayed, will see light of day.


    2. In addition to not having an inner defense mechanism against those damn things, a lot of birds migrate or fly around during the night, when they might just not be able to see the blades until it’s too late. Then there are days of heavy fog, or other bad weather conditions, that can severely limit visibility, many variables are involved year round. Some species may even be attracted by moving glittering objects in the distance and they could approach for closer inspection.
      Those subsidized stupid giant rotating fans, operating non stop 24/7, in the long run are just killing traps for any flying critter.
      If people had wings I bet they would be sliced by the dozens too, while texting on their IPhones.


  7. Hi Mark, how about the “war” in the Ukraine ? We have like no other topic in the media now. Of course it is faked as always. They needed something new to divert from Corona or they would have to end the restrictions like other countries did. Now it is all about Ukraine. Putin plays along so far, he was also trained by Klaus Schwab. Also the Convoys in Canada god nicely debunked by Amazing Polly on Rumble.


    1. Hi Barb … I’ve never entertained the notion, for a second, that there is a war, or potential war, in Ukraine. I suppose I should look into it, but hell, I will just Snopes it, right? That is my next piece that I am going to work on, Snopes, an Intelligence front, and “fact checking” in general, a confidence (or con) game. I am very curious how Snopes came to be, who the players are.


      1. it sounds like Ukraine is not the main topic on your media. When I go through the channels on TV or the online papers there is Ukraine everywhere right on top. I also find many critical posts where smart people already say it is just videos and propaganda and not true. Mainstream news have much shorter expiration time now.


        1. I’ve noticed a lot of the news photos of Ukraine being bombed appear to be similar to those of WWII, Those old dilapidated buildings that were slated for demolition… Yeah know, The ones Used for target practice in wargames.

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  8. I have to share this… Big rumblings afoot in vax land. Of course it could all go up in smoke, but Naked Capitalism (though just reposting from a smaller outlet) is sort of inbetween “fringe” and “mainstream”. They do sometimes spotlight things a few days, weeks or months before they blow up big in the mass media. And “Yves Smith” is savvy about economic/ regulatory matters, which is the angle this is coming at it from.

    It’s also the most “down” piece they’ve ever run on the vax. They’ve been tepidly pro-vax (but anti-mandate) while noting issues and shortcomings this whole time. (They take the horrific position of wanting China style lockdowns at the drop of a hat, and intrusive track and trace, as best I can tell – despite other articles critical of the Internet of Things and tech surveillance.) Don’t miss the roiling comments section too…


    1. TIMR, I morbidly took your bait to check the NC site, breathless to see the evolution of the comments section in view of the sudden Wall St interest in fraud. Alas, I picked at the nearly-healed scab to find there was no evolution, but mostly digging in deeper, some agonizing thusly:

      “lordkoos, February 24, 2022 at 1:03 pm
      If anything, COVID deaths have been under-reported rather than the opposite.”

      Hmm…where was the financial incentive for that?

      Further descending with Yves herself…so smart, so dull!

      “Yves Smith February 24, 2022 at 10:50 pm
      Due to being distracted by events in Ukraine, I failed to add an important caveat:
      The bad vaccine reactions could to a significant degree be the result of getting vaccinated too close to an undiagnosed Covid case, either the famed asymptomatic cases or a mild case.
      Covid also has some bad effects on a delay, particularly long Covid. That would also need to be parsed out.”

      I could parse this out in its varying degrees of lunacy, but I used italics to save time. She won the day, exhausting my patience after only some dozen comments, doubting I could find a better example of delusion. As Bugs Bunny used to say, “What a maroon!”


      1. A little morning synchronicity. I also spent a few minutes looking at the NC post, and took particular note of those same two comments. Two comments most supportive of the prescribed narrative in a comment section where most everyone hugs the centerline.

        Centerline, as in “I’m pro-vax, generally, but these Moderna and Pfizer folks just might be only in it for the money”.


      2. OK, I could not resist reading a few more, and lord koos (“cu”, pronounced “koo” in Portuguese means “anus”, so maybe an honest nickname) and Yves (Karen) Smith are completely off the hook, clearly victims of psychotic breaks.

        (Re: RFK Jr’s book, my italics)
        “Yves Smith February 24, 2022 at 11:46 am
        Just so you know, that book is very uneven. I checked out some of the footnotes and they abjectly misrepresented studies they cited. Having said that, it is probably good on the AIDS part (old settled history) and on money influences, but his reading of the science with respect to Covid is pretty skewed. ” (WOW, OFF THE CHARTS)
        lordkoos February 24, 2022 at 1:09 pm
        That was exactly my impression. I began reading it until the part where he started going off on how wearing masks is bad, and then stopped reading. (TO QUOTE THE BAND, X, “I MUST NOT THINK BAD THOUGHTS….”)


        1. Yves (real name Susan Webber) is some kind of kung fu master of controlling narratives, snarky asides, backhanded takedowns, etc. She tries to enforce a rigid right-think line. But it’s all so wonkish and tangled, that somehow the comments do still tend to be a bunch of cats who won’t be herded (not entirely.) There are evident “anti-vax” or “anti-mRNA vax” comments as well. I just find it interesting she put Edward Dowd before her readership – curious where that angle will go.

          See IM_Doc’s comment (far down the page) for a pretty damning critique of the covid vax – and he’s part of NC’s “brain trust” of shadowy anonymous on-the-ground experts. Too long to repost here.


        2. I did always think that NC’s harping on “long Covid” was potentially setting up cover for vaccine injury. But the way some of these insurance companies are talking, I don’t know any more. Presumably the masterminds (if the vax is as deadly as some data suggests) would anticipate the life insurance industry getting stuck with the short straw, and have some way to cover them and bring them into the fold.

          But, what if they were planning all along to crash Moderna, at least? And flip the narrative, and have all the “normies” anxious about having been vaxxed? Even if the odds are still slim you’d have major side effects, it could be just a huge nocebo effect of stress and anxiety, if the mainstream started pounding that drum. AND feed into the whole social division between pro- and anti-, and trust in institutions, demoralizing, etc.


      1. Part of the federally-funded “Cows not Condos” meme, and faux-environmental racketeering by compliant NGOs.

        I have thought for a long time that fake environmental groups, especially those receiving laundered federal funding, should be subject to prosecution under the provisions of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. RICO was enacted by section 901(a) of the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970, signed into law by Pres. Nixon, which provides for criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.

        Money laundering, non-compliance with 501(c)(3) limits to certain political activities, fraud/truth in advertising (non-compliance with “mission statement” and corporate bylaws), etc.

        Of course, I’m not a lawyer and am not giving legal advice here and now.

        Are these collaborative groups not engaged in organized criminal activity?


        1. it appears so, and if so…They should be Federally charged under the Rico act. You don’t have to be a lawyer and you certainly don’t need a telescope to see what’s going on if you can see it with your own two eyes.


  9. I’ve taken a number of photos of the woodpecker in the picture included here. But I see two things in the pic that raises two questions. “”

    1) How could a woodpecker survive with its head on backwards?
    2) What are those oval/round shaped objects in the holes?

    I have no answer yet for the first question. As for the second one, I thought I was seeing acorns in those holes, and since I assumed woodies feed themselves mostly with bugs and larvae in old wood, I wondered if mischievous bluejays were sticking the acorns in there…I’ve watched jays hiding peanuts and other items a number of times. Come to find out, with the aid of the Audubon Society “”, that those cute birdies have an appropriate name… and if you can’t see the acorns in my low-res picture, there is a nice photo in the gallery provided on that site, as well as much better pictures of the woodpeckers.

    Take a look around while you’re there, and see how many places on the site are promoting climate change / global warming, just like any other so-called environmental organization. You can even plug yourself into some modeling program to see what climate change will mean for your favorite birdy!

    All of the feel-good movements, whether they be environmental groups, or social justice causes, or “free the Ukrainians”, etc., are perfect instruments for the promotion of infectious disease, global warming hysteria, and a manufactured one-world sensibility that cries out for the protection of all global citizens via global agreement and rule.


      1. Many birds can turn their heads 180 degrees. Trees can make fungicides to plug those small oval like wounds and prevent decay.


        1. Head on backwards. An attempt at humor 🙂

          The tree is dead. That’s why it’s easy for woody to make the holes.


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