GMO Plantations are NOT Forests

I cannot play the video without the link to the organization(s) who produced it — so they can use it to make more money, grow more staff and send emails to unsuspecting contributors. They probably sell their mailing list to Democrats too. It’s a good video if one can ignore all the crap surrounding it.

More evil from the evil bastards.

There’s not much more that needs to be said. This video has all the important points covered in triplicate. Evil exists in most forms of commerce and trade. The planet, and everything living on it is under attack. This is how far it has come. How far it goes is up to all of us.

Do not consent. Do not remain silent. Do something, however small to thwart these evil bastards.

Blue and Yellow make Green

‘Green’ billionaires behind professional activist network that led suppression of ‘Planet of the Humans’ documentary

Green New Deal

Wall Street Democrats (“Blue”) and “Environmental NGOs” who act green in name only (“Yellow”) have been conspiring to kick-start the 4th Industrial Revolution for decades now. Nothing has changed. Global mega-banks continue to trade “green stocks” just like any other stock, bond, commodity or synthetic instrument.

A pic is worth 1,000 words.

Any organization with a large annual budget — let’s use $1 million as a rough figure — is in on the scam. Most, if not all, of these fake environmental corporations, fake hunting advocacy groups, fake “conservation” organizations, are extensions of the Democratic Party. They all collaborate with the destroyers of planet earth. They all have made their “deal with the Devil.”

Climate is the umbrella under which most of the new propaganda is generated. Fear is the emotional touch-tone used to dupe the goyim into another frenzy, another round of consumer purchases that will end up in the landfill just like the last newer, better models that are now outdated and cast aside for the latest in technology and “science.”

Anyway, not much of this is new to most of our savvy readers. The article linked above is comprehensive in that it links the faces and major players in the latest global roundup and con — going green. Bigger the mass number of duped souls, the bigger the ecological catastrophe when the wrapper comes off and things go to shit, yet once again. Nothing changes but the sales pitch.

ps. Stephers (thank you) sent me this:

Cory Morningstar, IMO, is the most informed journalist/writer on this (faux-green) subject. Her reflections on the article I posted are more important to understanding all the twists and turns in the “Green” stampede than all of Blumenthal’s. His focus on Moore’s movie LIMITS (limited hangout) our view.

National Parks: Conflicting Objectives

“National Parks” is a large concept, and my exposure is limited. For instance, when in Kawaii  Kauai a few years back, we walked out on a peninsula to see some birds and a light house. Much to my disappointment,  I had to pay to enter, as I had left my Golden Age passport at home. The tiny enclave is a national park.

When I think of NPs I think big, sweeping, massive complexes like the Great Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone/Grand Teton, Yosemite/Sequoia, and Glacier/Waterton Lakes, places I have experienced, the Smokies only for a day. Since that is my experience, that is how I will write this.

Waiting for Old Faithful to blow

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Lady of the Lake

(Again, to the other writers, feel free to write over this post.)

Sooner or later I need to get back to the important business at hand, writing about these annoying pests who write stupid regulations whose only purpose is to create super-awareness of a virus not even proven to exist. These are the ones who have littered our entire landscape with plexiglass and signs and pictures of footsteps and warnings to stay away from one another. What was Dante’s ninth level of hell – to be frozen in the center of a lake, unable to move? That seems a good punishment for these officious morons. I urge everyone to do what I have done, to take their idiotic signs, when opportunity allows, to the nearest john, depositing them in the waiting toilet water. Better yet, do so in a vault toilet where there are warnings about how difficult it is to remove trash. That would be perhaps Dante’s fourth level, a perpetual punishment of removing trash from vault toilets. Even this is too good for these medical Nazis. (In Big Sky, Montana, at a public picnic area, when we left there was a social distancing sign greeting the next user of the public restroom. It was too big for the toilet, so I had to put the stick end in and leave it, best available option.)

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In tribute to wild lands and independent-minded people

I don’t know what the other writers have going, and invite each to write over me, as I am currently not in a mood to deal with Covid and all its attendant dishonesty and agitprop. I asked Steve Kelly, when we visited him and his partner on their land near Bozeman, what is the ultimate goal of this massive hoax. He said population control is surely part of it, the masks and distancing slowly pushing us over a cliff.

As I view it, the masks will slowly weaken people, along with attendant depression and malaise making them ill, shortening their lives. The virus will be blamed.

I’ll get back to Covid. I do think about it. Who can not? But what follows is, for me, pure relaxation and distraction.

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An amazing coincidence

BT Map with markersThe Beartooth Mountains are part of a large wilderness complex formed in 1978, formerly known as a “primitive area,” since known as the “Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness*,” or “AB.” It sits north and northeast of Yellowstone National Park, and for most of my life has been my preferred destination over the Park. It offers solitude, miles of trails, and often enough, a private lake for backpackers. (There are 944 lakes in the complex. Many have fish in them, not my concern, but an added attraction.)

Montana MapFor reference, the AB is the circled area in the Montana map to the left. From the image above you can grasp the enormity of the area, and the number of lakes. From a hiking standpoint, the Beartooth Mountains are an “uplift” forming a high ice plateau. This creates many drainages and basins in which lakes naturally form. While forested, it is not heavily so. Hikers only rarely get lost, as the landscape usually shows the way out – just follow a drainage. But trails are abundant. However, leaving a trial is not in any way dangerous, as the landscape usually offers a good sense of where you are.

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Grassroots groups ask court to block grazing in Wyo. grizzly habitat

This is an update to an ongoing lawsuit I’m involved with through the Alliance for the Wild Rockies.

We filed for a PI (preliminary injunction) today. It’s a fight we just couldn’t walk away from. The idea that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service could permit 72 grizzlies to be murdered so cattle can graze on national forest land — public land — is must too much to take from federal agency killers. The article was pasted because it resides behind a paywall. The information is in the public interest, IMO, with no intention to gain any financial advantage for me, the Alliance, or POM. Today’s news!

Scott Streater, E&E News reporterPublished: Friday, May 8, 2020 

Grizzly bear. Photo credit: Forest Service

A grizzly bear at Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming. Forest Service

A coalition of environmental groups wants a federal court to block a Forest Service grazing plan in Bridger-Teton National Forest that authorizes killing dozens of threatened grizzly bears in the name of protecting livestock.

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A Bit of Wisdom

We all must reconnect with Mother Earth, or whatever words you choose to describe the oneness, of which we are all a tiny part. It is not “out there,” like we were led to believe in “The X Files.” It is in you, in me, and in every living being. The earth has a soul. Each of us has a soul. We are in a battle for souls. We, each of us, individually, hold the power to change the world.

Demons want to destroy life/nature. There are demons in us all. Refuse temptation. Decline to participate. Give no consent. It always comes down to a simple, but most difficult, fight for truth.

Cinco de Mayo, 2020 for Yellowstone Grizzlies

The Federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments next week in the Yellowstone grizzly bear delisting case.  Arguments by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and dozens of conservation groups are scheduled for Tuesday, May 5 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time, 10:00 a.m. MDT.  You can watch the argument live through the Ninth Circuit website:    Look for the “Live Video Streaming of Oral Arguments and Events” links on the lower left corner of the website.

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900 Yellowstone Buffalo Slaughtered

Wild buffalo in National Park Service Trap

Yellowstone National Park is closed to visitors right now due to virus fears. That hasn’t stopping park officials from the annual capture, quarantine and slaughter of hundreds of wild buffalo. The entire buffalo management program is built on lies and the unsubstantiated belief that brucellosis can be transmitted from buffalo to livestock.  The irrefutable fact is that transmission from buffalo to livestock has never happened in the wild. 

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