A new batch?

This latest batch came about because Stephers noticed a strong resemblance among three men, seen below.

They are, left to right, actor Scott Bakula, pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, and actor Ben Stiller. Most times mere resemblance does not pay off in face splitting, as our eyes are not terribly reliable. But Stephers saw something that turned out to be real. See below.

I first placed Bakula over Epstein and Stiller. The important thing to note here is that the features all align, but not that they are the same man. They are not. Note how Epstein has a longer face, but look closely and you will see that the chin outline beneath the beard aligns. Epstein has fatter lips, a notable difference, but the upper lips align. Other than that, I am seeing Batch Brothers.

Lastly, I overlaid Epstein onto Stiller.It is pretty close, as would be expected. If a=b and a=c, then b will equal c.

Epstein faked his death on August 10, 2019, aces and eights. The only “conspiracy theory” allowed in this matter is that by dying as he did, Epstein escaped liability for charges against him. And indeed, all charges against him were dropped on August 29, 2019, which (since 2+9=11) is again aces and eights. I seriously doubt that there was any sex trafficking going on, in addition to doubting his death.

Scott Bakula is a very famous actor who I am not familiar with, as I am totally out of it.

I am disappointed that Ben Stiller is a Brat, not in him, but in his parents, Anne Meara (1920-2015) and Jerry Stiller (1927-2020), a comedy team and actors as well. I liked them both. Anne was said to be Catholic and Jerry Jewish. The Irish Jewish Genealogical Society lists Dempsey, Meara’s maternal line, as Irish/Jewish. I don’t think that seals the deal, but it is interesting. It would then make sense that an Irish girl married a Jewish man.

I compared these men to my other batches,, the most prominent being Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Charlie Sheen. They do not fit in any of the seven batches. So what we have here is a new Batch. As with the others, there will probably be more discovered down the road.

Again, I emphasize that I do not know the process by which batch members are made. We can only guess. Ab mentioned that they probably do it to have pretty people available in movies and television. That may be right, it might be that simple. But I also note that the Jack Nicholson group has within it Jeffrey Dahmer, the fake Milwaukee cannibal serial killer, John Hinckley, the man who fake-shot Ronald Reagan, Mark David Chapman, the man who fake-shot John Lennon, and John Wayne Gacy, the fake Chicago serial killer. [Add Night Stalker Richard Ramirez to the Nicholson group too.]

I was about to say that Brats are more than just actors, but the I realized that Berkowitz, Dahmer, Hinckley and Chapman [and Ramirez] were all just actors too.

9 thoughts on “A new batch?

  1. Hapsburg jaw alert! Bakula is a Stewart. Epstein looks like a rubber mask. Apparently the tech for masks is beyond detectable now. Mr. President, exhibit A. Some think that’s Bo falling off bikes. Stiller looks like his mother but his father looks nothing like him. I suppose that happens. Meara is one of those Irish-Jewishy names like Maher and Cohan.
    Here’s a crazy: The ‘trafficked’ girls are couriers. The cover is victimization by a now dead fictitious character.
    The horse face batch seems like it might be a much older line than the others. More pronounced features suggest that to me.


      1. I would think international criminal activity would need secure intelligence gathering and dissemination. Who would think ‘innocent’ young girls were the go-betweens. (Pun)


  2. At first glance I thought Scott was Bob Odenkirk. Scott has some seriously squinty G. Bush eyes. I’m thinking Odenkirk might fit in this group as well. Wondering also, if you ran Kaufman and Snowden in this long face group?


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