Covid vaxxing causes infertility?

I was going to link to this in a comment but decided it deserves more exposure, including 1,791 emails that go out when I post it. This link will take you to Fakeologist and a post titled Covid Vaccines and Infertility. I wondered about this as I wrote the post below, if they are finally making abortion less easily obtained due to a rise in infertility, making it far less an issue than ever before.

These people we are dealing with are, after all, misanthropists.

Give Ab a visit.

10 thoughts on “Covid vaxxing causes infertility?

  1. I spent some considerable time, late last year, looking into the ‘can the vaccines cause infertility’ question.

    What I discovered shook me to the depths of my miserable soul.

    I then produced a number of videos, audios, and articles regarding the matter.

    One of the more concise pieces is available publicly here:

    The tl;dr is as follows

    If you are not familiar with the term ‘pzp vaccine’, there is probably a good reason for this.

    There exist uncanny similarities between certain techniques for the population control of horses, and the human injections known as ‘coronavirus vaccines’.

    I can only hope that the readership of PoM will look into this ‘pzp vaccine’ thing for themselves and share their findings here.


    1. The pzp vaccine is good for up to 3 years? Enter the idea of boosters and even a yearly flu shot as a way to retreat people. Combined with contraceptives would have the needed results.


    2. Hi John,

      nice to see you here and congrats with the show with Mark, even though I couldn’t hear it (I was too late and your free link was inaccesible).

      and an intriguing point.

      I try to stay as unmarked as possible
      for my own protection
      and by that our future prosperity

      so will focus on the key point here: horses, the first sync I see is the global equalization going on (part of the Great Remindset and prep for antisocial discredit systems) and equus.

      then: 2 countries/areas famous for horses
      and thus
      a long history
      of studying their behaviors
      so an ideal testing ground for (((them)))

      a mini Animal Farm, you could say.

      1 – Spain
      2 – Arabia

      1 -> Coronacaust = 100 years after the “””Spanish””” flu, leading to the first mass vaccination programs (earlier test cases in the Kingdom of Naples and under Catherine the Great were a bit smaller scale….) and lower birth rates (I dunno about fertility, but less lust/time/proximity to your loved one is also a form of infertilization

      sinfertilization ?

      2 – Arabia is the next boom. And especially Saudi. They are outright open about their “SMART” cities, transhuman no car cities and all other kinds of craziness.

      For me as a equestrian noob, the Arabians have produced quite some valuable horses with excellent eugenic characteristics.

      Just some syncs I see, and that is the level I wanna stay at with those dark (horse?) topics….

      John, let’s have a show with Ab together also. It was great with Mark and we will do it more often, join in.


    1. To be extremely clear . . . I do NOT support vaccinations/inoculations for any purported disease/illness. I have been emphatic in my repeated declarations that injections with pharmaceutical concoctions (and more recently biotech/nanotech/genetic engineering components) are toxic. In fact, I implied in April 2021 (based on studies), that components (undeclared) in the COVID shots could potentially cause cytotoxic effects on reproductive systems, thereby compromising fertility, as well as embryonic development.

      That said, it must be noted (because it is important context) that this Igor Chudov very much believes in SARS-CoV-2 infections (and also HIV infections): Accordingly, he propagates the notion of a pandemic. So, we need to keep that in mind when evaluating his analyses, as they may be incomplete and “tainted.”

      I agree with Chudov that vaccinating young people is a crime. Indeed, I suggest it is a crime to vaccinate any person, regardless of age or child-bearing ramifications. However, I believe the jury is still out with regard to the latter part of his following statement: “Covid vaccines are known to ‘disrupt the menstrual cycle’ and lower sperm counts.” While the study he cites may have demonstrated temporary (transient) decreased sperm motility, other studies (which he neglects to offer for our consideration) have demonstrated no adverse effect to male semen quality: and We are still getting a mixed bag of results (for whatever these “studies” are worth); and thus, we cannot say definitively that COVID jabs are known to lower sperm counts. Granted, there are limitations to these studies – including the Israeli study to which Chudov hyperlinked (showing temporary impairment).

      At this time, I think it may be premature to make a blanket statement asserting that COVID jabbing causes infertility. Anecdotally, and personally speaking, I do know young couples who received the jab, and have subsequently conceived and brought healthy babies to full term. So, at the very least, the jabs are not causing sterility across the board. Again, I do suspect (based on my initial supposition in April 2021) that male and female fertility (including placental and embryonic) issues are a legitimate concern (both transient, and possibly permanent; although I lean more into transient at this time). But I think we need to be cautious in our conclusions, and base them on better science.

      On the topic of decreased birth rates, there are a plethora of factors that can be implicated. Indeed, just anecdotally speaking, I do know of a few young couples who have been avoiding procreation due to the stress of what they consider to be a “pandemic.” Further, my children are now young adults, and most of their peers (not yet married) have expressed that they do not want to ever have children; yes, “climate change” is actually one of their reasons. I imagine this notion is quite rampant across the globe, as the climate change narrative has instilled much contrived fear. Needless to say, it is extremely important, in my opinion, to avoid conflating decreased birth rates with decreased fertility rates. The two may occur together (correlation), but I have yet to see a causal link between them. I suggest we will continue to see birth rates dropping at a steady, if not accelerated rate – due mostly to weaponized narratives/information warfare.

      Lastly, I have seen considerable research in terms of various chemical and electromagnetic factors (aside from “vaccines”) that may be contributing to decreased fertility (not birth rate per se) – including, but not limited to, GMOs, ultrasound, x-rays, EMFs/WiFi, polysorbate 80, endocrine disruptors, triclosan, pesticides, fertilizers (how ironic), and heavy metals. Ruling them out as a potential conflating source of harm would be next to impossible.

      My point being – avoid vaccines, but also avoid the long list of additional toxins that may be potential fertility disruptors. I also suggest avoiding research that is incomplete and skewed for maximum sensationalism. I have to say, it seems these Substack peeps are doing quite well for themselves, financially speaking.


  2. So we released a swarm of GMO’s, ultrasounds, x-rays,…etc. in 2021 to correlate with the 2022 crash in fertility?


    1. There is no 2022 crash in fertility that I am aware of. No evidence yet to demonstrate this. The chart you show above is a reflection of birth rate, and birth rate alone. I concur that birth rates are definitely down, concurrent with the COVID narrative.

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      1. On Taiwan’s declining birth rates . . . The birth rate was already significantly declining prior to the jabs there:

        “Taiwan sees first ever negative population growth: Country’s deaths outnumber births for first time since records began”

        Taiwan recorded a population decline for the first time in history, as the nation’s deaths outnumbered births by nearly 10,000 in the last 12 months.

        Ministry of the Interior (MOI) figures show there were 165,249 births and 173,156 deaths in Taiwan in 2020. The number of newborns was the lowest since records began, while the overall population dropped by 41,885 from the previous year.

        The Birth rate is declining rapidly, with the number of new births in 2020 down more than 7 percent from the previous year. During the same period, the number of deaths decreased slightly by 1.78 percent.


      2. Stephers,

        the beauty of objective truth

        is that it doesn’t matter what “data” you have.

        You, and you specifically as having been academically trained, can theorize (there’s God in there…)/rationalize (use ratio to get to a certain scenario)/imagine (use your fantasia to picture a situation you lack the complete data for. FOREVER, no matter how hard you keep digging)

        Simply and solely the stress of the Covidiocratic Coronarrative

        would you theorize

        A – INcreases the fertility of man and woman
        B – DEcreases that of both

        the 0 line is infinitesimally impossible ; nothing ever stays exactly but absolutely exactly the same

        Use ALL your knowledge about
        psychosomatic effects
        of stress on the body
        theorizing how that works on the reproductive systems

        both physically, scientifically provable

        AND the whole spiritual, much deeper and immeasurable (no matter how hard you try, so stop the Sisyphus task!) extra effects on top of that

        in any fairness, could anyone theorize case A??

        I am all ears for arguments, that is making this richer. But you see the strength of philosophy?

        you don’t need data
        and especially data you don’t have any possiblity of
        to acquire for yourself

        apart from, what I would say, aligning with the above

        do you ask people

        “did your fertility feel better because of that ridiculous Invisible Monster story going around, making you feel dirty and distance you antisocially and blah blah blah”

        come on, do I really need to spend more letters to make this simple point? And strength in detachment from the control of “data”. Data is only useful for those things data is useful for.

        Philosophy is stronger.


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