Unsettled, the book, and one more interview

Unsettled” is a book by Steven E. Koonin, former science advisor in the Obama administration. That last part, following “former”, means nothing to me other than such a title offers credibility to normies who might then read the book.

Koonin writes, in the first nine chapters, a devastating critique of so-called “Climate Science”, which he capitalizes to distinguish it from real science. In short order he destroys current propaganda concerning emissions, the role of carbon dioxide (called “carbon” by alarmists), global warming, storms and forest fires, floods, sea levels, and the pending apocalypse.

Then he pulls his punches. He uses the word “hoax” but once, and places it in quotation marks, as if such a thing were not happening as we speak. He speaks of the science surrounding climate as if it is peopled by honest blokes who are mistaken in their alarmist views. True enough, however, he does concede that those scientists who do not go along with the consensus are severely punished.

Here are three quotes he highlights at the outset. offering more promise to the substance of the book than he musters in the end:

“[Inaction will cause] … by the turn of the century [2000], an ecological catastrophe which will witness devastation as complete, as irreversible as any nuclear holocaust.” (Mostafa Tolba, former executive directions of the United Nation Environmental Program, 1982)

[Within a few years] winter snowfall [in the UK] will become a very rare and exciting event. Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”(David Viner, Senior Research Scientist, 2000)

“European cities will be plunged beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a Siberian climate by 2020.” (Mark Townsend and Paul Harris, quoting a Pentagon report in The Guardian, 2004)

Such over-the-top pronouncements, combined now with daily exhortations from sources like the New York Times, are standard fare, and while wrong to the point of absurdity, reveal something that Koonin should be aware of and not put in quotation marks: This hoax is meant to stick, to harm us, and is apparently working hand-in-hand with Covid in an effort to reduce world population. In my view, its most devastating outcome will be to prevent Africa and South and Central America from achieving their true potential, relegating those places to solar and wind power. That, in my view, is a deliberate policy, racist to the core.

Take a look now at Europe, where due to the fake Ukraine war natural gas is in short supply. Coal has already been shut down, and nuclear power is under siege. Why? It certainly has nothing to do with CO2, or they would allow nuclear power to flourish.

I think about it thusly: The European population is soft and aging, and not reproducing at a level that can sustain itself. They have had to bring in refugees from Syria, Iraq an other places to fill job slots that otherwise go begging. While it seems counterintuitive, it appears that Europe has been deliberately targeted with a shortage of necessary energy, which will be followed by a decline in population as older people lose enthusiasm for life and check out in droves. World population is driven by many factors, poverty being one, but access to energy another.

That’s my take on the apparent insanity behind climate alarmism, a movement that has zero scientific credibility but which is treated as The Gospel by every news outlet in Europe and the United States. If not a hoax, then I do not know the “meaning” of that word.

Koonin’s book is important, he hits his targets hard and straight, but then pulls his punches towards the end, refusing to concede that there might just be nothing to The Science. My recommendation: Buy the book, read it, use it as a reference, and perhaps understand that Koonin broke a huge barrier in actually getting it published, and so forgive him for not being perfect in his closing chapters.


Ab and I went at it again last night, him suffering a cold but nonetheless entertaining me for an hour. It was a fun interview for, I think, both of us, as we are as he says “simpatico.” My wife and I had just returned from Alaska, a wonderful trip, so we discussed that at length at the beginning, and then rambled. The most important thing to come of the interview, for me, was access to a 2014 interview I did not know existed between Ab and “Blue Moon,” otherwise known to us as Tyrone McCloskey. I have never spoken in person to TM, and am looking forward to hearing his voice. We also read a few of his comments from this blog aloud during the show.

Access the full interview with me here, and the Blue Moon episode here.

4 thoughts on “Unsettled, the book, and one more interview

  1. as for Europe, this supply problems are fake and simply used to increase prices and scare the folks. Gas from Russia is flowing as always, they can’t switch it off. They had to check and approve all the gas ovens again. That’s the law. Once gas is out, the entire procedure has to be played again. Similar for electric power. Local blackouts are fine, but people then can’t receive the media propaganda anymore, they can’t even use their phones. And bigger blackouts are complicated and need power management. You can’t just switch a city of and on as it pleases you. We are save here. Actually the worst what happened in the last years was that some TP or oil wasn’t available for a while. And we had to wear masks in our Aldi’s ind Lidl’s. Other than that it’s just fear porn in the media. As far as I can tell, the farmers here planted everything as usual. They may save some of the wheat for later in hope to get better prices. We had some pretty hot days with temperatures in the 35°C region but the most of the summer was pretty cold. My peppers still didn’t blossom because the nights are to cold yet. You can fool the folks but you can’t fool the nature. As long as the big planets are on the opposite side of the Sun, we’ll have cold summers and mild winters. And it will last for a decade or so. Then the hot Summers will come back again as the snow in the Winter time.


  2. come on Mark, never been in an Aldi or Lidl? That’s German discounters. I’ve seen them everywhere. We don’t have to wear masks in cars, some people do though. I was trying to say, it’s mostly just media invented fear. Not real.


  3. “[Inaction will cause] … by the turn of the century [2000], an ecological catastrophe which will witness devastation as complete, as irreversible as any nuclear holocaust.”

    Given that there will never be any stupid nuclear holocaust, that statement is actually very true.


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