Big John

We are traveling with our grandson, a delightful boy who is slowly teaching us how to use our iPhones. For instance, we are never to go to maps to find a location. We are to hold down the “Siri button. Further, we are never to say “Hey Siri.” We merely hold the button and issue a command. It sure makes my driving less dangerous to others.

The above video is from another era, a 1962 top-10 hit by Jimmy Dean, yes, the guy who founded the sausage label. That is the only connection now between grandson and him. It is a ballad about John F. Kennedy and his heroic efforts to save his crew after a disastrous encounter with a Japanese warship tore his boat, PT109, in half.

The song was recorded and played nationwide while JFK was still in office. He was being lionized, a young and glamorous man with a beautiful family. He apparently had no shame. (There is a 1963 movie of the same name starring Cliff Robertson as JFK. I will watch it on return from our trip. I can’t wait.)

It was part of a ritual, the Slaying of the King, that would play out in 1963. Prior to killing the king, the man genuinely had to be, in the eyes of the public, royalty. His supposed affair with Marylin Monroe (Happy Birthday Mr. President) was part of the grooming, a subtle message to men, hitting their fantasies square on, that the guy scored with the most beautiful woman on the planet. That was no accident. How else did it ever air for the public to see, Jackie sitting there all discomfit?

Actors, all of them, JFK, Jackie, MM. Otherwise we would not be traumatized by his death as graphically shown later on, so merciless and bloody and violent, his wife at his side.

As I think about other rituals carried out before our eyes, fake as hell, I think about Columbine, Jonestown, the Challenger disaster, and the Manson murders. All were done for sake of trauma. Life will always disappoint. The good, you see, die young.

James Douglass wrote a book that I read shortly before coming alive and alert concerning matters like the Killing of Kings. It was called JFK and the Unspeakable, Why He Died and Why It Matters. I no longer have the book, possibly having trashed it. He treatment of PT109 is just like the ballad above, unspeakably maudlin. Douglass is no doubt a spook. My cousin and her wife/husband are mentioned in the forward as having assisted Douglass. I contacted them and visited them.

They are true believers. They stopped communicating the me over the matter of the fake death, which I did not know of at the time of the visit. I suppose it also did not help that I accused feminists, in which category they are extreme, as being misandrous. I can be so charming!

Lestrade, who has done such a yeoman’s task in disassembling the Pacific Theater of World War II, adds as a bonus at the Mathis site a dismantling of the PT109 affair at the end of his piece called The Pacific Theater, Part 8: Australia. The whole work is highly recommended, but if you’re short on time, skip to the end. The PT109 matter is so patently and absurdly transparent that it withstands no scrutiny whatsoever. None.

My question is this: JFK was obviously groomed for the part of King. Could they have known during the war what his future held? I would say no. At any given time there must be a number of options available, people being groomed for prominence, given fake backstories. JFK, as it turns out, was deemed the best fit, and accepted his fate. So all the Kennedy’s know the truth, including RFK Jr., which is why none should be trusted.

Any candidate who is a “war hero” is fake. The one who caught my eye was John McCain, who never spent even one day in a POW camp in North Vietnam. He did suffer injuries, but that was stateside and due to his being a lousy jet pilot. They decided, given his personal handsome features and apparent charm, to PT109 him.

But it did not work out. Either he was too gruff and stupid even to carry on a fitting fake campaign, or better options arose, like Bill Clinton and George W.Bush. Alas poor John was relegated to lose to the first black president, and was then shelved.

There’s no recourse for sane and smart people in politics and elections. News is under house management. The only thing we have, the only sane choice we can make, is to be awake and exist as sentient beings in an insane world.

God bless my readers and commenters. We are an island.

21 thoughts on “Big John

  1. The hero always “dies.” The aristocracy — hierarchical crown of this death cult — is well versed in myriad ways and means to keep the domesticated herd from wandering off into the wilderness. Wilderness (or its likeness) is where one can reconnect with one’s soul, creativity, imagination, and a confidence in one’s self to “make it” without becoming a faceless puppet on strings.
    That’s why killing nature, after over 2000 years of “progress” must continue against all logic, science and common sense.

    And if you read Paul Street’s 7/22 piece, it becomes more than obvious that all this killing is no accident. It is this death-cult system that produces the symptoms most humans, still armed with a shred of empathy or compassion for the living inhabitants of this planet, keep bashing into like moths to a lightbulb. The system cannot stand — or spin indefinitely anyway. Attacking “the parts” gets us nowhere, most likely a call from system-central to order a replacement part. The parts warehouse is full of spare parts, ready to go. Preparation for what comes next might be a worthy topic before the top stops spinning and tips over.


  2. My latest thinking on JFK is that he was an infertile dead end, so could be used as a sacrificial lamb. No actual death, but a retired persona. I think he spent most of his time at a horse farm in New Jersey owned by Jackie and Ari until people stopped looking for him. I’m not that convinced anymore that JFK did any time on Ari’s island, Skorpios. JFK had no children to be with on the sly. I suspect now that Jackie and Ari were always married and that Alexander and JFK jr. are their royal heirs. Jr. has been someone else as his JFK brand was retired long ago. Also, there appears to be no evidence Ari spoke Greek but as a shipping magnate, that would put him in the Phoenician camp if you are a fan of that line of thinking.
    I still strongly suspect Caroline is Jackie and Joe sr.’s kid, though she might be the hidden Joe jr.’s daughter. The royal males have an infertility problem and the viable wombs rotate, looking for a hit.
    Who JFK’s parents were is still a subject for research. Rose and Ethel had 20 kids between them, we are told, but if they did, it was by multiple cousins/half sibs as this is the way of these inbreds. JFK’s infirmities look like defects within this premise. In some ways he’s an inversion of Caligula who had his own problems.

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    1. I never thought John Kennedy Jr looked like his dad JFK.
      Remember the William Kennedy Smith rape case back in the 90’s, that had to be fake from what we know now, well i’d say most everything about this family is fake. Rumors abound in the Alt media that John K Jr is going to come out of hiding and make a reappearance. Not sure on the fine print how he would be elected to office so soon if they did bring him back alive.


      1. I maintain that JFK Jr. bears an uncanny resemblance to, a young Ari Onassis. Others disagree. Tyrone has placed his gene pool in other families. Ty, your comment above indicates your research into the Kennedy family to be ongoing. I hope you share more of it with us over time. They may not be ‘hidden kings,” but the fact that so many if them have faked their deaths is intriguing. What’s up with that? (Someone mentioned that JFK might reappear in public in some comment elsewhere. At age 105, I doubt it. Given his physical ailments, I doubt he survived much beyond the fake moon landings, which he at least got to watch on TV.)


        1. The return of JFK is a Qanon offshoot, meaning it is spook nonsense. My research is adjusting to examine the bedroom roulette of the royal inbreds because what I’m seeing is a lot of infertility among the males. Some take this as evidence of homosexuality, but I insist most of their problems involve latency- that is: No libido at all. Inbreeding is not healthy from any angle.
          What’s going on in the royal petrie dishes today may be helping this problem via IVF.
          I’m pursuing some more Hitler research which I hope to post sometime sooner than later that may help clear up the questions of Hitler’s family tree, especially in answering the question of who his paternal grandfather was. (And who his paternal grandmother wasn’t)


          1. Not JFK, but JFK Jr. who is only around 60 years old now. I thought his plane crash was from the John Denver playbook that happend a few years prior.

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            1. The Jr. stuff is still BS. Personas don’t come back even if actual people do. The point of creating false narratives is that they remain in place as real forever. One tip of the hand regarding the fake deaths and millennia of deception comes crashing down. Then even the densest may open an eye to this.


              1. I met JFK Jr. in 1986 – both of us departing the ski slopes in Aspen. He was strikingly handsome, but was not particularly kind to me.

                On Kennedys staging their deaths . . .

                As most here probably know . . . The photographer, Richard Drew, who photographed RFK’s fauxsassination, was the very same photographer who “captured” the infamous image on 9/11 of the “Falling Man” (esoterically, depicting The Hanged Man Tarot card


                On June 5, 1968, he decided to see presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy speak at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. “The office didn’t know I was there; I just assigned myself to go to this job,” he said.

                Drew went into the kitchen looking for a glass of water. Robert Kennedy was there, too. So was a gunman.

                As the 42-year old junior senator lay on the ground, Drew climbed on a table, photographing the chaos. Kennedy’s wife approached Drew and the other photographers.

                “I also have a picture of Ethel going like this. You know, like, ‘Don’t, please, don’t take pictures of that.’ She was asking us, myself and the UPI photographer, not to photograph it.”

                Drew’s image, which came to be known as the “Falling Man,” appeared in a number of newspapers the next day. Many people found the lonesome vision too shocking.

                One high-profile viewer was mesmerized by its deeply-human pull. Five years ago, Sir Elton John told “Sunday Morning” correspondent Anthony Mason that that he had to purchase the photograph for his personal collection. “It’s not a shot that a lot of people probably would want to hang on their wall,” John said. (my emphasis – on John and Mason – given the topic of this post)

                Mason asked, “Why did you want it?”

                “Because it’s, again, it’s just the most incre … it’s the most beautiful image of something so tragic. It’s probably one of the most perfect photographs ever taken.”

                Just this week, though, Richard Drew’s 9/11 occult “Falling Man” image was re-conjured, with the controversial news of an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, and sold by GameStop, depicting a parody of Drew’s photo:


                Interestingly, I found evidence of Drew’s original image (non-parodied) being sold as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain a year ago:
       See here how this NFT/Ethereum story (and indirectly, RFK) connects to Monkey Pox (also heavily imprinted in the news this week):


  3. Your driving was a danger to others before Siri? I think it’s these conveniences which are dangerous to developing minds. I remember we weren’t allowed to use calculators in certain levels of math class or dictionaries in certain levels of foreign language classes, because they become crutches and then the young student never learns their times tables or basic grammar. I love the map apps, because they make driving so easy, but it’s the same problem, my sense of direction has actually gotten worse using them (surprised that was even possible!).


    1. The use of such toys in the hands of sentient humans is an enhancement, not a handicap. We just spent a week in Seward and Anchorage, and using Siri made traveling about so much easier, but I quickly memorized the landscape anyway, involuntarily.

      Back in college we were allowed to use then-new Texas Instruments calculators in class for tests, and the clicking sounds filled the room. I refused to partake, and in fact could perform manual calculations with greater speed than with use of a calculator. Our tests were not about arithmetic skills, but rather underlying theory. Math (arithmetic) was always kept simple.

      We had a similar problem that exists to this day with tax preparation software … it is so good that preparers do not know the reasoning behind the results. As a CPA I was forced to sit through dreary long afternoons hearing about the logic behind the calculations. I guess that is useful, to be up to speed in that manner, but whether it is a trained CPA or registered agent or a hack using Turbotax, the results are pretty much the same. And it is, after all, just taxes, and none of us knew that the tax system was merely a device used to keep consumer demand in check. We were all clueless.


      1. MT,

        Yikes, my friend. While on the surface AI virtual assistants (like Siri and Alexa – note they are typically “female”) are presumably intended to make our life “easier” (like all “SMART” devices and technologies), the real story is much more nefarious. The first being what Kensho implied – to make the SMART tech (and thus, AI) smarter (and stronger) and humanity dumber (and weaker). At the very least, it enforces an unhealthy codependent relationship (with the digital). and

        Please note the prominent magenta/teal representation in both pertinent links above (see my most recent post) – it is VITAL – as AI virtual assistants are intended to move humanity into a digitized, cyber-physical experience (mixed reality). Siri creators/handlers are leading the charge in this transition, as Siri’s development was influenced by DARPA and implemented by SRI International (both entities to which I have referenced previously).

        As your friend, I encourage you to avoid continued use of AI virtual assistants (possible exception: perhaps as you indicated, as a safety measure while driving on previously un-navigated roads). Consider it (if you have not already called it a her, which my extended family members do) a digital mole traveling alongside you – precisely tracking and tracing every move you make). Not only are you helping to train the AI (via machine learning), it facilitates the expanding sentience of AI (it becomes stronger) – which I strongly suggest is not a good thing for humanity. This gets to the core of what I have been writing about here for the past two years.

        Siri is not your friend, nor are DARPA and SRI. In fact, Siri is very buddy buddy with militarized COVID myth makers as well: “She” very much believes in viruses, and wants you (meaning, all of us) to get your COVID test and injections.

        We already know that the Internet began as ARPANET (a DoD project and Intelligence operation), and most of us have already been hooked (me included). Granted, we would not be able to have this online dialogue without it. That said, the more we use SMART devices – and now these virtual assistants (highly militarized with advanced precision via algorithms and machine learning) – the more we become dependent on them, and less capable of relying on our own devices (meaning, our brains, and ultimately, our bodies and emotions). I have seen this play out in some pretty dark ways with my extended family. It is downright creepy – as “Alexa” does most of the thinking in their households (and connects up to their Google “Nest” SMART home automation system as well – with the AI present and “spying” in every room).

        Siri and Alexa are – in reality – assisting the AI (not us) – with aims to datafy/calculate every thought, feeling, and action of ours, so they can use predictive modeling to monitor and control us (hence, the Intel involvement).

        From 2017: “Of Course Smart Devices Won’t Tell You If They’re Connected to the CIA” (this short presentation references Jon Rappoport).

        “The Rise of A.I. Companions” (April 2022) – Clock the glaring magenta beacon at the 13:55 timestamp denoting the CEO of OpenAI). The presentation may seem like an extreme, far-off possibility (and not relevant in the moment), but Siri and Alexa represent steps taken to tiptoe us into a blurred reality – mixing the real with fantasy, with no way to differentiate (circling back to my very first post here in April 2020, and my most recent post, and many of my pieces in between).


        1. As I like to say to people, my phone and I barely know one another. I use it to listen to podcasts more than anything, and music while I exercise. It did come in handy in Alaska, finding our way around. Yes, it is a tracking device. I’ve known that for a long time. My truck has a navigation system, so I am being tracked there was well. To what end? What do they want to know about us that cannot be discerned via credit card purchases?


          1. MT,

            It is less about what they want to know about us, and more about merging us with the technology – blending the physical with the digital. One embarrassing example on my end (awful to admit here aloud, especially given what I write about) . . . when my smart phone dies (as in the battery is dead), I have a tendency to say things (when on the road with my daughters and such) like “plug me in” or “my battery died.” To be transparent, I have already metaphorically synced up too much with the smart phone. Granted, our immediate family members (including myself) do not have a wearable smart phone like most of our friends, family, and neighbors, but I still fall into bad patterns (cyborgian, to be blunt). I think admitting this aloud here will put this behavior behind me. I have already drastically reduced use of a smart phone over the past few years (and I was very late in acquiring one, preferring my old flip phone), but I do like it to be “juiced” when I am on the road for communication purposes (mostly text), and I use it to take photos/videos on-the-go. I am on the road a lot, and I have a habit of letting my phone die, as I do not pay much attention to it.


  4. MT,

    Following is a recent presentation (June 2022) by the co-creator of Siri, Adam Cheyer (who ALSO just happens to be a magician – hmmmm…). See him on stage framed in MAGENTA (you can see how the magenta light appears more prominently as he enters the stage).

    He reveals a lot in this 26-minute video – in terms of how personalized virtual assistants are facilitating an entirely new paradigm, and how he has played a pivotal role since the beginning. Yet, this video has only 3 views (I viewed it twice, which means only one other individual watched it).

    Adam also spent more than a decade at SRI International, where his most recent role was as Chief Architect of CALO/PAL, the U.S. government’s largest funded AI project.

    In addition to his technology work, Adam is an award-winning magician. He has performed in stadiums for thousands, on TV for millions (including on the well-known Penn and Teller Fool Us” show), entertained heads of state and presidents, and fooled some of the top pros in the business.

    Is Cheyer fooling us with techno-magic (magentified to boot)?


    1. Most people just don’t care any more, especially now as they’re under permanent recurring trauma from the CV fraud. They want their convenience lullaby. I told people when it started: you won’t get any shit done any more from now on if you don’t get yourself sorted and minimize your participation in this. As a highly sensitive person I’ve been experiencing my whole life what they’re experiencing now, yet before they’d never understand what was wrong with me. Well, I realized as a child that something was profoundly wrong here and I never felt like playing ball and all it ever got me was strong alienation. Which has always been fine for me, since, well, that’s just how I roll and who I am.

      Maybe instead of just saying magician we should show them what that means, I suggest they all watch Svengali (1931). That’s the kind of guy who made your Siri. Apple is an absolutely obnoxious totalitarian PoS company. In the beginning of this video there’s the relevant parts of Svengali if you don’t wanna ask Siri to go look for the movie. 😉


      1. Nice points MTCyb, many reverberate with me as well. Trauma-induced submission results in compliance for the sake of convenience. “Well, they already know everything about me, so why not talk with Siri?” Lazy, and sad.


    2. Stephers, you have been crushing it lately…do you ever tire? I have some points to add about the magenta wave, but they have yet to burble to the surface in a coherent manner. Blame it on the heat…


    1. That is my understanding of how it works, as follows:

      A “drain” that simply takes Dollars out of the PS pot and destroys them. This drain is Federal Taxes. Drained out and destroyed, Dollars paid in Federal taxes are no longer available for Private Sector spending—and, therefore, can no longer contribute to price-inflation.


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