Resolution for 2023: Decolonize, de-imperialize, and restore sovereignty

As a child of the 1950s and ‘60s I cannot help but see flashes of Vietnam in Empire’s latest – hopefully its final – military expedition(s).  Social media platforms and television propaganda maintain a persistent numbness.  Institutional and individual indifference breeds a hunger for bread and circuses, football, Disneyland, talk shows and star-spangled “influencers,” who excrete toxic slime from every crack and crevice.  The system now occupies every square inch of terrain.  Bureaucrats, bored out of their minds, nevertheless read the latest memo from Washington directing street operations programmed to steer the “hive mind” hither and yon, round and round, to a place called nowhere. 

It’s hard aimless work averting eyeballs — already robbed of their gaze — day in, day out, away from the wretched, inhumane global slave quarters and killing zones where pillage of the last untrammeled forests, grasslands, and scenic vistas produce commodities and emerging, synthetic  “Green” markets needed to keep the insatiable machines, financial schemes and meaningless political simulations from totally melting down.  Down this road is one logical end: suicide. 

Will this latest proxy war keep Western (vassal) societies in Europe and elsewhere under control as they face increasingly difficult hardships, a direct result of the suicidal policies of the U.S. government’s mannequin class.

I have questions.

Will 2023 witness further deceleration, decline and collapse of Western colonialism under papal rule?  Will the “Doctrine of (Christian) Discovery,” which began just over 500 years ago finally expire?  Will the Inter Caetera, a papal bull from Pope Alexander VI in 1493, be rescinded?

An excerpt: 

                    Alexander, bishop, servant of the servants of God, to the illustrious sovereigns, our very dear son in Christ, Ferdinand, king, and our very dear daughter in Christ,

Isabella, queen of Castile, Leon, Aragon, Sicily, and Granada, health and apostolic benediction. Among other works well pleasing to the Divine Majesty and

                    cherished of our heart, this assuredly ranks highest, that in our times especially the Catholic faith and the Christian religion be exalted and be everywhere

                 increased and spread, that the health of souls be cared for and that barbarous nations be overthrown and brought to the faith itself.   Emphasis added

What lies beyond war in Ukraine?  Will the PR firms, mainstream media and intelligence agencies be able to hold back the growing discontentment, and keep social, cultural and financial illusions from imploding?  How much more hardship can the Western middle class endure before the pitchforks come out hunting for oligarchs and billionaires who clearly understand the stakes if they cannot deliver a quality of life greater than today’s unpayable debts?  

Retreat or liquidation/suicide?  Everyone knows who is to blame for the consequences of de-industrialized, hyper-financialized economies.  Can American Empire find a way to escape de-imperialization and de-colonization and a radical re-configuration and re-storation of sovereignty?  How quickly can popular revolt overthrow our dilapidated American oligarchy? 

A transformation is always brewing, cycling.  It’s a good time to imagine and embrace with conviction a future with fewer lies and a whole lot less corruption, chaos and mass murder for fun and profit by, and for, the parasite class. 

Global hierarchy and centralization have failed demonstrably.  People now see and feel the deep disfunction in once-trusted institutions. Masses of people struggling to survive are no longer fooled by the failed simulations, fake institutions and greedy tyrants who pushed “free-market” prosperity and gave back nothing but misery.  Hoarders of illegitimate wealth should be preparing for their long-awaited encounter with karma. 

The meme for 2023 should read as follows: “De- comes before Re-.”  De-colonization, de-imperialization, de-centralization and de-molish slavery is the first order of business.  

“That which is ready to fall, shall ye also push!”  – Friedrich Nietzsche

Imagine!  Create!  Rise from the ashes, imagine liberation from debt slavery and restoration of sovereignty and dignity to indigenous nations, communities, families, man (man and woman) and all of Mother Earth’s lifeforms.

3 thoughts on “Resolution for 2023: Decolonize, de-imperialize, and restore sovereignty

  1. The surreality has been turned up to 11 this past year. Masses of children and the young have been traumatized beyond belief by ghosts, literal phantasms, to the extreme detriment of their intellects and personalities. Grimm’s original fairy tales pale in comparison to the non-stop horror since March 2020. 20ish and younger seemingly never watch the news, and know little real-life history, so the old spells hold no sway over them. Will enough of them be able to recuperate and muster the strength to fight Leviathan? Will they believe the growing whine of “mistakes were made”? Do they see the Leviathan?

    Sadly, most older people I know are only doubling down on the continuation of the myth-machine, despite the clear examples of deception and murder available in every town and city. None question how those up-to-date with their fake sacraments seem to be frequently stricken by the very malady the sacrament is supposed to prevent, whilst those un-baptized carry on as before. No questioning of how this is possible; the ego prevents this.

    Opting out, rejecting lies, saying no are the way to go. Thanks for the inspirational post!


  2. Baja Az,

    Thanks, and you are most welcome. As I shift my focus, as I have done so many times before, it seems to me that colonialism must be given its rightful place, not on the horizon line, but in the hyperreal (a replica of something that never actually existed) foreground. Up close, and personal, might stir our imagination in some unprogrammed, revolutionary way that surprised us all. How many have even considered the colonization of the mind as THE dominant mode of production in our machine-made, cartoon existence?

    I’m working on it, if only for myself and anyone else interested. Ciao!


  3. That is an awesome take! I am also at a point of questioning timelines and most narratives, seeing them as a means of mind control. The colonized mind is the present, the past and the future, and easier to control via self-censorship. It is our task to break through it, to tame it, which is to maintain vigilance. All the emphasis on slavery and reparations of late might be the means of keeping those colonial illusions alive, with a bonus of self-hate/blame, victimization and social division. 😉

    I guess I could say I see colonization/history as easier and less-complicated than it has been presented, and largely illogical and nonsensical when examined closely, per official sources. The alleged numbers present at sacrifices, battles, campaigns, etc seem improbable in many cases, from ancient times to the present.

    Thanks again for the spark.


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