RFK Jr.: Potential fake assassination?

I was not sure for myself that the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963 was fake until I studied the autopsy photos that were released in 1981 by David Lifton in his book Best Evidence. The premise behind the book was that the powerful Kennedy family could not stop release of the photos, even as they were in extreme bad taste. If you follow my link to my post, and if you look at those photos long enough, you will see JFK’s face superimposed on another body. It sometimes takes a while, but give it the time needed. The photo darkroom work is extremely good, as it had to be, but it is not perfect.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would have been nine years old in November of 1963. Would he have been considered too young at that age to be let in on the secret? I do not know – but I would think they would want to spare him grief.

RFK Jr.  would have been 14 years of age in June of 1968 when his father was supposedly killed. Did the boy get to visit his living father in the aftermath? I do not know, but if RFK’s death was also faked, most certainly.

RFK Jr. has ten brothers and sisters, a family of 11 kids. I think it was Tyrone McCloskey who in his book-size piece called JFK TV speculated that the children of Robert and Ethel Kennedy could well have been a mixed family, with some of their own, but also some belonging to Joseph Jr. and Kathleen, each having faked their deaths prior to JFK. I once looked into the possibility that Patrick Kennedy, who died in August of 1963, was maybe carted off to RFK and Ethel, knowing assassination was on the horizon. But I could never come up with anything approaching evidence. Patrick was said to have died after living 39 hours and heroic measures to save him.

How much does RFK Jr. know? I suggest that at age 69, he knows it all. If that is the case, then he surely knows that his career of taking on public issues like vaccine dangers and Covid and Ivermectin and attacking sacred cows like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates could make him a target.

His father, Robert, ran for the presidency in the late 1960s using the Vietnam War as his major theme. Opposition to the war had gelled, and the young and glamorous RFK was well on his way to victory when he was fake assassinated. (I must say that I am not as certain that it was fake as I am with JFK. I must always leave room for new information.)

I have long regarded RFK’s assassination as a “killing hope” project. He was allowed to run against the war as a means of gathering all the opposition in one place. His death, fake or real, along with Tate-Manson the following year, killed any hope of ending the war. It went on for six more years.

Could RFK Jr. be lined up for a similar situation? I would say no, as his presidential aspirations are thought to be distant and unlikely. But his family history of fake assassinations might indicate otherwise.

26 thoughts on “RFK Jr.: Potential fake assassination?

  1. If he “knows it all” then wouldn’t he know that he’s not a target – except possibly as part of the script?

    It seems a little too on the nose, yet another Kennedy being assassinated for “speaking truth to power”.. but, these storylines are not always subtle. It does seem like he’s playing a similar role, maybe even moreso – although I’m not greatly familiar with RFK Sr, or that whole era, beyond scattered reading and viewing here and there. I just heard today on local talk radio that RFK Jr blames the CIA for those family deaths.. putting it right out there lol


  2. Lined up for a meet and greet with RFK during
    his junket through the midwest, 1968. When shaking
    his hand, felt electricity run up my spine–the dude had
    remarkable charisma…two months later he was “taken out”
    as was MLK two months prior. A trauma programmed summer


    1. I could swear I read something, a long time ago, about either JFK or RFK saying they intended to break up the CIA and take away its power. Does anyone else remember this, and can anyone find documentation of it? I’ve looked, but, search engine being what they are now, have found nothing.

      I follow CJ Hopkins’ Substack. Hopkins wrote a piece in which he gave RFK, Jr advice, but also advised him not to take the advice since he’d never win the presidency. In an addendum to the article, Hopkins noted that RFK had retweeted Hopkins Twitter link to the article and said, “I’m taking this advice!” Heartwarming, isn’t it?

      When Trump was doing his White House reality show, I thought it was rather novel to portray a sitting president as a “conspiracy theorist.” The idea that he held the most powerful office in the most powerful country in the world, yet still could only speculate about Obama’s birth certificate or the possibility of Covid being a hoax, was hilarious. Now, a Kennedy claims to be taking advice from a conspiracy writer as he runs for President. I agree with TimR that fake-asassinating him would be too on the nose. Maybe he’ll fake-die of whatever the next fake illness to fake-threaten mankind is. Fauci has signaled that another pandemic is on its way, and it’ll be a doozie. Trump played a huge role in controlling the Left and the Right’s reaction to the last fake pandemic. Our propagandists will have a tough job selling the next one. Maybe they’re crafting RFK Jr to be their Trump-like ace-in-the-hole?


      1. I love that they’re talking about future pandemics on the immediate horizon – do people not see the absurdity that all of a sudden humanity is prey to one damn bug after another? I guess evolution has sped up or something – those things just mutate like crazy, nowadays.

        I know you’re not a huge fan of Mathis, but he did an interesting deconstruction of a Hopkins piece a while back. Worth reading if you missed it.

        I do recall JFK said something about breaking up the CIA right before the fateful day, I think it’s pretty famous. Sorry not sure where to find it.

        And I can attest that RFK has crossover appeal to Trump idolaters – I know one who read the book and is very impressed. It’s just hard to stomach his naive Democrat loyalties or whatever..


        1. Something about breaking the CIA up into a thousand pieces and scattering it to the wind. Probably deliberate foreshadowing. I am not going to look for the quote but we share a common memory.,


          1. The iss/cia narrative is psilly as well. The real life 007 started a movie studio. Just like junior’s granddaddy started rko of course.
            The guardian of the galaxy fella married into the Kennedy clan btw and kick married into the cavendishes. Not to mention the brat pack dude and Arnie.
            You have to be retarded not to see thru this shite by now.
            Check out the fella that got credited for smoking ole Abe and his acting clan.


              1. “Stephenson would take the money and begin to invest in several industries including aeronautics, steel and radio. Through his work with the wireless photo system and his other investments, he developed a large group of contacts in Canada, Europe and America. He would also start Shepperton Studios, which became the largest film studio in the world outside of Hollywood.”
                The fella that gave us bond worked for his 007 inspiration in the oss with his buddy the Charlie and the chocolate factory guy.
                Stephenson learned the biz at cox cavendish of course.
                CIA, smh.


                1. Funny story: joe jr died in a plane crash like a good Kennedy should while flying a drone designed by an actor named Reginald Denny…
                  ““Drone” was an acknowledgement of the program’s British “Queen Bee” origin. By the start of World War II, the Navy had begun regular training operations with full-scale target drones. The Army also pursued drone technology, but had gone a different route by focusing on small, low-cost types developed by the Hollywood actor, Reginald Denny. Doolittle’s Project Aphrodite (Army) and Anvil (Navy) represented the marriage of the Navy’s pilotless aircraft experience with RCA’s advances in television.”

                  Reginald Denny?

                  Makes sense though seeing as we’re told the first nasa administrator was a movie studio exec and marvel parsons blowed himself up working on movie props. Kick’s cavendish hubby would also get blowed in a plane of course.


        2. TIMR, I looked for the Hopkins piece on Mathis’s site and couldn’t find it. Do you know how long ago it was? Maybe it was an article on another topic, and Hopkins was an example or a digression?

          I like Hopkins–in fact, I’m hoping to get one of his plays produced in my area. He regularly refers to Trump as an “unauthorized” President that the globalist totalitarians didn’t want in the White House, which is not only laughable but seems entirely inconsistent with his overall understanding of what’s going on, but this is the only aspect of his writing that has prompted me to wonder about him. I can be pretty dense, though.


          1. He’s definitely a funny talented writer and of course I agree with much of what he says. Mathis did point out some subtle manipulation though which I thought was valid – I’ll look for it later today.


          2. It’s a matter of which faction benefited the most from Trump when it comes to evaluating whose agenda was he advancing. I still argue the one that makes the most sense is the Wall St. faction (specifically the old WASP grey hairs, the Jerome Powells/Jamie Dimons). Many people probably think its the Neo-Con Zionists, but they may have been the target, but to beat them had to make everyone believe he was just another Zio-Con.

            What’s most obvious is the bankers chose to lend to this guy again after going broke which seems insane, they only do that if he’s a useful operative for them in the future, which if you track his career from going broke, this makes sense because he began at that point building up more of his profile to the rest of the country. The reason they might have even been using Trump in the 80s is to track money flows, same reason why JPM banked with Madoff & Epstein, they’d rather see who & where money is flowing from among the Zio-Cons than not.


        3. Just read the Mathis paper on Hopkins (after re-reading the Zero Hedge article by Hopkins that Miles starts off by criticizing), and it reminded me why I stopped reading Mathis.

          He indicts Hopkins because Hopkins uses the Patty Hearst kidnapping, the Manson family story, and the claim that Hitler ordered “the Final Solution”–among other historical items presumed fake by many skeptics. According to Mathis, the entire point of Hopkins’ article is to “sell” these events as real. In Mathis’s world, everyone who is a member of our outsiders club has read everything Mathis has written about all such historical items. And anyone who disagrees with anything he says is suspect, especially if they have the audacity to voice that disagreement publicly. If an author writes something, even in passing, while making a point about something else, and it contradicts a Mathis paper that Mathis somehow knows that the author has read but is too intimidated by Mathis’s greatness to respond to directly… even if the author never says or implies that he reads or gives a flying fuck about Mathis… well, that author is clearly a disinfo agent.

          Mathis is a one-man totalitarian system unto himself.

          After making his paltry, lame, overblown case against Hopkins based on the article, he then goes to Hopkins’ website and criticizes the websites on Hopkins’ links page.

          Jesus Christ. My brain feels better when Mathis bullshit is churning through it.


          1. P.S. I still have doubts about Hopkins and everyone and everything else I encounter on the Internet because I am not yet as crazy and stupid as the predatory elite is driving us all to be. But at least Hopkins’ stuff isn’t toxic. Is Mathis really concerned that Hopkins will trick or fool his readers (who are generally much smarter than average, according to Mathis) into believing the Patty Hearst or Charlie Manson psy ops? He claims that this must be Hopkins’ intent, and even if he’s right, why should I care if I’m capable of thinking for myself? If that’s how Hopkins does mind control, it’s pretty weak stuff. But the way Mathis guides his outsider readers into thinking and believing in the most delusional, grandiose, elaborate nonsense is fucking insidious. I’ve had dealings with honest-to-God narcissists and sociopaths, and Miles’ persona checks all the boxes. He makes my skin crawl.


            1. So your mileage varied, okay, haha.. I certainly see where you’re coming from, I guess I’m a little more open to hearing out Miles’ often arguable claims, even if I stay on the fence about a lot of them.


              1. The jolt of righteous anger was invigorating, though, so I’m glad you pointed me to it. I needed the energy.


  3. Kennedy’s die in plane crashes if not from a lone nut’s bullet. A woman tried to stab Teddy during the 1980 campaign but he lived and dropped out eventually. That was novel- knife and general failure with the public. Today all you need is to control the net- no fake death’s needed. Bobby Jr. will simply not get the nomination. Just like Bernie. The ‘issues’ he raises will be drowned out by some manufactured crisis and he’ll go back to public/private advocacy while doing his late period Kate Hepburn impression.


    1. If I were writing the script, I’d have him get in an accident while having a tryst with AOC, save himself, and leave her to die. Derivative, I know, but in propaganda storytelling, redundancy seems to be a feature rather than a bug.

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  4. This is a photo of me in 1960 at age 10 on the left with my brother Joe on the right. The reason I know the year and my age was that my folks were given a surprise 20th anniversary party, and that they were married in 1940, I was born in 1950 and so was ten.

    A few months later John F. Kennedy, running for president, would actually make a stopover in Billings, Montana, and our folks took us to see him speak. We all gathered on the tarmac as he got off the plane, not done anymore, and he walked among us, at least in the eyes of a ten year old. No doubt security was all about. As he made his way forward, I pushed my short body through the adults, and as he passed managed to get my hand out for him to see. He softly took hold and shook it, no eye contact, but I had shaken the hand of the next president! For a ten year old, big deal!


  5. Cool story Mark!
    How could RFK Jr. possibly know he would run for President back in 2016? And since numerology is so important to the cabal, RFK Jr is 69 years old.

    I’ve tried but cannot post a file/photo here?


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