Our little journey

In the past, as my wife and I traveled, I made it a point not to make the blog a travelogue. I just let it rest, hoping other writers would chime in. I know I wrote now and then while in foreign places, most prominently in my mind in Buenos Aires, where I tripped on the crypt of Evita, or Eva Peron, said to have died young in 1952. Her crypt said she died at age 32, but actual birth records recorded her death at age 33  and voila!, I had uncovered another fake death.

Her body was obviously done up in wax, and the question became what became of her really? I had no idea, could only speculate. A commenter , Richard Juckes, never heard from again, stepped in, and told me the rest of the story. Eva Peron had retired to marriage and family in Michigan, and raised a family, one of whom became the pop star Madonna. Photo evidence followed.,

A little curiosity can yield big dividends, and Richard, wherever you are, thank you.

On this trip I have no ambitions of uncovering such intrigue among the wealthy and famous. I just want want to take it all in, France, as it is, is in its current “climate emergency” and its post “Covid” nonsense. We are going to stay in a small town near Geneva, Switzerland, and visit both Paris (museums) and Chamonix. Our hiking ambitions are less than they once were, no more 4,000 foot climbs, but still ambitious for people, our age. Ankle surgery has taken its toll. As I sit here, seven months after, it is still sore  and swollen. But it does not get worse, and the following day, I start out pain free.

So prepare yourself for a travelogue. I hope to repeat the Evita saga, but odds say not. Maybe something interesting now and then.

11 thoughts on “Our little journey

  1. I just read the Wikipedia page. This popped out at me:

    In 2011, a Yale neurosurgeon, Daniel E. Nijensohn, studied Evita’s skull X-rays and photographic evidence and said that Perón may have been given a prefrontal lobotomy in the last months of her life “to relieve the pain, agitation and anxiety she suffered in the final months of her illness”.[54][55][56][57][58]

    Would you just look at those curated sources 5x? And “may” have been given? Why the uncertainty, doc?

    What, did they kidnap a poor mental patient from the mental ward?


    1. Anything is possible.

      One of the clues that gave away the game for me was the 1996 movie Evita. Madonna was said to have written a six page letter begging for the lead role, and she landed it even as far better singers were available. Of course! She was playing her mother.

      In 2010 she did a music video where she wept at the grave of her mother, Madonna Fortin. That, as I saw it, was the real death of Eva Peron.

      Another famous Argentine President, 1974-76, Isabel Peron, was most likely Eva’s sister. I found a photo of the two of them together (Eva as Madonna Fortin), and it worked out doing face chops. Isabel served as president for a couple of years but eventually went into exile in Spain. She is still alive, age 92.


    1. Baja: Am I reading that correctly in that MM need only find true god and then all would be cool? Bullshit. I do like the comment posted therein about Pi=4.


      1. DSK, that is the conclusion I got too. I would have put it that he needs humility, and some spiritual beliefs would not hurt either. But those would not “fix” him…he’s funny, but a blackpill too much for me.


    2. That is an interesting take, and his blog looks worth exploring. However – his essay reads more like a journal entry or “note to self” than a compelling persuasive essay for readers who don’t share or even know all his personal views and opinions. He makes sweeping assertions about MMs sweeping assertions, while failing to support them or give examples.

      He says he’s reached many of the same conclusions as Mathis, yet by different (more rigorous and correct?) avenues?? Pray tell, if he has a better method!

      Mathis makes glaring mistakes on topics he knows about? No examples. Mathis isn’t spiritual? Yet has written papers about “the Muses” and often warns his opponents about karma, and much more of this sort. He’s nihilistic? Yet often speaks against nihilism and advocates truth, virtue, beauty, etc.

      Yes the persona is not for everyone, hubristic, grating, whatever – but this critic hasn’t got much of a substantive nature, unless it’s locked up in his head and he just won’t put it to paper.


        1. I have mixed feelings on this, which is why I posted it. Charlton’s is not in-depth, and does miss at times; he does have some other interesting pieces. Correct about the MM’s Muses and karma…and he seems more spiritual than ever since the rona began.

          His latest take on the courtroom circus is funny; will see some lawyers at a party this weekend and will try to ask about the points he makes about the “trial”…


          1. I would be fascinated to hear their response! Ever since Mathis brought up the issue of media trials being farcical, I’ve wondered how on earth to square that with the sheer number of people with law degrees who would have to either – what? – play along, or rationalize it to themselves somehow? It’s not as if they’re ALL “read in”… Of course they can’t do anything about it – but I feel like I’m missing something as to how that can work so smoothly..


            1. Hey Tim! The party was good, but the format did not lend itself to me asking questions about the circus; the focus was on reunion, and a pal who was in town with his wife. However, some comments by one of the hosts, whom I had just met, told me I could ask this type of question the next time, so stay tuned. 🙂


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