Ramblings: Sven Svenson, Dr. Ross McKittrick, Jaws, birds and moral courage

I had to chuckle this morning as I turned to the MMG page for the latest output, a piece called “Who is Greta Thunberg“, written by “Sven Svenson.” Who, I wondered, is “Sven Svenson? Why do people who turn up there wish to remain anonymous? I ask that question knowing that in my one formal encounter with the group, the piece on the McCartney twins, which I had been led to discover by MMG, that I asked to remain anonymous. I became a “Friend in Colorado.”

Why did I do that? In my case, it was not a case of having something to hide, some career to protect. I have outed myself on this blog from the beginning. My theory was that I had nothing to hide, and that even if I did, people would discover me anyway. I had learned before becoming a blogger and using pseudonyms as a commenter that people could always identify my writing style. I do have a voice, such as it is.

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