Back to the important stuff

I cannot change history. I can’t do anything about anything except those things affecting me personally and the people I know. Like all of you, I do my best.

So let’s get down to something important, and I mean really important: Rihanna is twins! And I can put up very strong evidence.

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Rihan Rihanna danna?

Rihanna is a beautiful woman, so there being two of her is a real treat. Like Drake down below, there are images of her about with her “twin,” and yet Wikipedia makes no mention of that. So I gather that it is being done to muddy the waters, as with Drake, as Rihanna is indeed a twin.

First the publicized “fake” twin shots:

That really ought to seal it, as they look genuine to me, and they look like twins. But having learned from my Steve Clark episode not to presume anything, I went ahead and ran down nine photos, five of which turned out to be one twin, four the other.

Here is Twin #1:

That, we can all agree, is a very sultry, sexy woman. You meet someone like her in a bar, find out she is with a guy, and ask “Have you got a sister?”

She does, in this case. Twin #2:

Are you picking up on this? Twin #2 is more open and gregarious, and smiles very easily. We find this so often with twins, one a little more withdrawn and the other more outgoing. It must be just how they play off each other growing up, the roles they adopt.

Bear with me, as I will do but one face split:


They are so close that I am wondering if famous people can wear fake ears, because the ears give away the game. The chin is a tad longer on one, the noses miss by just a very little bit. These are identical twins, or my name is not Drake.

That’s it for today.