Back to the important stuff

I cannot change history. I can’t do anything about anything except those things affecting me personally and the people I know. Like all of you, I do my best.

So let’s get down to something important, and I mean really important: Rihanna is twins! And I can put up very strong evidence.

Here are two shots of her used in a previous post:


That is all we were ever able to do before, but it looked pretty convincing, to me anyway. However, we were told that head angle distortion can cause the effects we see there. I don’t see much difference in head angle. But we thought there must be a more convincing way to go about this. So, I took the same two shots, and did some layers in Photoshop, and here is what I got:


The difference in ear height is quite pronounced, but more importantly, when the eyes are laid directly atop one another, the other facial features do not line up at all. The noses and mouth miss. This method is the same that I used to prove to myself that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were NOT twins. When dealing with the same person, when the eyes were set at common distance, all other features easily fell in place.

So understand now that I am back doing the important work of this blog, perhaps saving untold grief from fans who just cannot get enough of her – there’s two of her! Rihanna is twins!

Of course, it did not hurt that in the original post, we had pictures of the twins together.


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