How does he live with himself?

Regular readers here know that I maintain lists of what I call “Bokanovsky Brats,” movie stars and at least one athlete who bear remarkable resemblance to one another. One group is called the “Matt Damon batch,” after the lightly-talented actor who’s had far more success than his face, acting and “writing” skills warrant. (He and Ben Affleck were credited with writing the script for the 1997 movie Good Will Hunting. I do not believe it.)

One member of his Batch is quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.


I cannot speak to Brady’s skill as a quarterback other than noting that the Patriots, while sitting atop the league since 2001 and suffering low draft picks, still managed every year to assemble a Pro Bowl-caliber line to protect this slow-footed GOAT. Some sort of magic, fraud or fakery must be at work there.

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Matt Damon impersonates Tom Brady on Kimmel Live

I was passively watching a rerun of Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday while fiddling with something else, when he announced that New England quarterback Tom Brady was on. Right away I thought spoof, and as the door opened and a fully clad football player walked out, I instantly knew, even before the big reveal, that it was Matt Damon.

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