Bring on the Jewish house Radical!

I get a little squeamish when I see a “whistleblower” who not only survives, but maintains a high profile. Consequently, I pay very little attention to Sibel Edmunds and her Boiling Frogs Post. In a full spectrum dominance environment, all alternatives are false leads. There are whistleblowers out there. Like true public citizens throughout history, they rot in prison. Obama has made sure of that.

Nonetheless, even disinformation agents have to tell the truth now and then, if for no other reason than to maintain street creds. So it does not hurt to read what goes on BFP – currently, Dr. James Petras has a very nice piece up, Democratic Party “Progressives” as Political Contraceptives. He takes the sheepdog tradition currently filled by Bernie Sanders back only as far as Jesse Jackson – there have been countless others (Gary Hart, Eugene McCarthy), but it is worth reading.

Dr King and Rev JacksonOn the day of Martin Luther King’s murder, he was first stripped of security. A group of armed protectors who traveled with and were intensely loyal were to him were housed in the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis that day. They were asked to leave during the day, clearing the way for the murder. The man who demanded they fold up tent and who ushered them out of the building was Jesse Jackson. That’s all I know about that, but if you can read body language, this photo ought to tell you everything you need to know.

Petras also discusses Dennis Kucinich, the mousy, tent-folding Democrat who kept progressives in the party during the Clinton years. He kept up appearances of dissent within the party as Barack Obama made his way to power.

“Under Obama more American blacks have been murdered by police with complete impunity; more abortion providers assassinated and clinics bombed than under any white Republican president. As for ‘humanitarian intervention’: In Libya, tens of thousands of ethnic sub-Saharan Africans (contract workers and Libyan citizens) died in the post-Kaddafi ethnic cleansing of Libya by the racist warlords unleashed by Obama’s air assault.


With the blinders of partisan politics removed, it is easy to see that Barack Obama offers nothing new, and could easily be mistaken for a Neocon. But before assuming office, he appealed to progressives, many of who are still blinded by his race and rhetoric.

The latest sheepdog, easily spotted by anyone with a nose for politics, is Bernie Sanders.

Against this expanding panorama of social deterioration and war-weariness, (a backdrop, which would normally open up the possibility for alternative politics…), Bernie appeared. Bernie Sanders was to incarnate the Fourth Coming of the progressive Democratic primary campaigner-messiah and scupper any real movement to the left.

Bernie Sanders: After the Black Con-Artist Bring out the Jewish House Radical!

Welcome 2016. Our long political nightmare is almost over. Soon enough we will have nominating conventions, and Bernie can finish his job. He’ll meekly capitulate and urge his followers to support the crazed psychopathic warmonger Hillary Clinton. Then he’ll go back to being a minor player, a fake “democratic socialist,” a mole, a false leader, and a con man, part of full spectrum dominance where even the alternatives to the alternatives are false.

But there is one lesson to take home from all of this: Hillary really is as she appears – a strident, shrill, ethically challenged political opportunist. She is so barren of humanity that she cannot survive without help, and Bernie is the guy doing it for her.

One thought on “Bring on the Jewish house Radical!

  1. Mark, I think you’re kinda trolling here with this post. So I’ll give one more attempt to help you see through the hucksterism that Mathis utilizes. And I’m not going to debate any evidence or opinion Mathis writes, as it is his integrity and accuracy that I need to ascertain before I’ll entertain any of his ideas.

    First off, here is a good critique of Mathis that I mostly agree with

    But I have some real issues with specific topics that Mathis touches on. First off, the pi=4 pseudoscience to me is nothing more than a “if I can get you to believe this, I can get you to believe anything.” It is arrogant pseudo science no less pathetic than that of climate change deniers or creationists.

    Next off, Watergate. Mathis makes some assertions like the following in his Watergate paper:

    “in all the books and investigations I have seen, Watergate is never put in any proper historical context. If a context is built, it is built quickly and with no logic. All the fundamental facts are suppressed or spun, and only the minor details are studied closely. ”

    Having just finished reading Russ Baker’s “Family of Secrets”, Mathis either 1) didn’t read Baker’s book — one of the best reads on the intersection of spy craft, politics and capitalism that absolutely did put Watergate in a proper historical context; or 2) he did read it and just doesn’t want to acknowledge that most of his assertions and conclusions about Watergate and the CIA were well documented and written about by Baker. But whatever…

    Then there’s his assertions that he was a worker for Earth First! as a canvasser. Well, anyone who ever did spend some time with EF! would know he is either an agent provocateur, or is lying as 1) EF! never did any canvassing (canvass for what???), and 2) EF! never paid anyone for working. So if he really wants to claim he “worked” for EF!, I have to ask just who paid him, and to do what? Sounds like another FBI or BATF infiltrator if he really was involved with EF!, which of course, there is no evidence other than his say-so. My take is that he was just another agent provocateur.

    Then there’s the Unabomber. He makes false assertions that the Unabomber was used to take down Earth First! Another laugher! I guess he can’t be bothered to do any real research into the matter. When the Unabomber arrest happened, I received a phone call from CNN at my then place of work stating that they had linked Kaczynski to several of the activist groups I worked and volunteered for — including EF! Seems that they found some of our literature in his cabin outside of Lincoln. Made for an interesting phone interview… but I digress.

    Well, once we knew his identity, it was simple for me to go back through some of our records, and indeed, we had him listed as attending one of our conferences at the UofM, where he obviously picked up our literature. Several of us remembered him by name and sight once we saw his pictures and video. So there was no planting of that evidence as Mathis asserts. As to the rest of the scenario behind Kaczynski’s arrest, far be it from me to say that it is a straight up case. Of course, the potential was there for the feds to tilt the case however they wanted — but to take down EF!? Hardly.

    Then there are Mathis’ assertions that the cabin and Ted’s presence in Lincoln being a hoax. Well, I happen to know several people who live in Lincoln who corroborate his presence there, and that he lived in the small cabin outside of town. A good friend of mine showed up during the arrest of Kaczynski in Lincoln, and documented the whole thing and the trip to Helena and the perp walk past journalists to the booking room. His footage was what was used in the national media, as they were all scooped. It is not staged as Mathis claims.

    Then there is Mathis’ assertion that “Although EarthFirst! is still around, they were seriously hurt by the Unabomber manifesto and Kaczynski’s trial, where he quoted from the EarthFirst! Journal.” Well, no. EF! was not “seriously hurt” by the Unabomber — didn’t affect it at all (remember that for several years prior to the Unabomber’s arrest, the EF! Journal was headquartered in Missoula, and I was part of the collective responsible for putting it out, so I have some knowledge here). Far worse things happened to EF! that didn’t really phaze it. For him to assert that, is to show how he just pulls stuff out his ass and uses his assertions as fact and proof.

    I’ve already said my piece about the Lennon story you wrote about above, so I won’t go there again.

    Mathis is a huckster and a snake oil salesman. He uses a lot of misdirection in his essays to deflect attention away from important points, and focuses on trivial things to assert whatever his conspiracy du jour is. His is dishonest, and disingenuous. This is not to say that there may not be some truth to part of what he writes, but why sift through all the disinformation to find a nugget of truth? As the link above suggests, his purpose is to discredit the conspiracy theorist world, as his works are all just enough off to discredit each and every one (that I looked at). If nothing else, his style is reminiscent of a card shark sucking in a new mark, setting him up for the big blow.

    I would never hang my reputatational hat on anything that Mathis writes without independent verification. And with that verification (as with Baker’s “Family of Secrets”) a whole lot better and more understandable scenario and narrative is laid out that can’t be trivialized by any who want to pay attention.


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