The guy’s secret life is public

Bill Monica time 1Bill MOnica time 2

This falls under the heading “Duh!,” as when I realized what I was seeing, I knew I had been had yet again by our spooks, those who control our every perception. These are covers of Time Magazine back from the time of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Both are fake, or pasted-up photos. Apparently no real photos of the two together exist.

On the left, Bill is in sunlight and has clearly defined and sharp features, while Monica is filtered, and has softer light from a photo obliviously taken indoors. In the second, Bill’s hair is poorly barbered, and he is a much taller man than that, much taller than her. It is just some guy, and the picture of her and everyone around her are pasted in from other sources.

Monica, in fact, never belonged in the White House, had no qualifications, probably has nothing more than an acting degree from a small college.

How do they get away with this? It is the power of suggestion. For instance, when Clinton was in Billings, Montana in the late 90’s they ran a motorcade up to the airport on North 27th Street,  I assumed that it was him in the limousine that went by. More likely he was in a less conspicuous vehicle or rode to Air Force One in a military helicopter. But the mere suggestion, limousine, motorcade, allowed me to fill in my own blanks.

Far more important here – Clinton, who suffered a near deal-breaking scandal due to the Monica affair, was aware that these photos on the cover of a national magazine were faked. Therefore, he knew about it, and approved of it. What does that tell you?

Again, I slapped my forehead and mouthed the words “I am too stupid to live!!!” The answer is beneath the fold.

He’s gay. That was the big secret of the Clinton years. All of the supposed womanizing scandals around him were contrived and meant to cover that fact, distracting us from that and his fake marriage.  Hillary, of course,  would be aware of it, would pretend otherwise, and is probably herself gay.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Other things learned on this exposure journey: Clinton did not get a degree from Oxford, most likely did not graduate Yale, and his real name is William Blythe III. I suppose most people know the latter, but I did not. Odd that in my lifetime we have had two presidents who changed their names – Clinton, and Gerald Ford (Leslie King Jr.)*. I don’t know what that means. It is, however, a little spooky.

Clinton, like Obama, has a hidden background. For me, I factor that into other things, like the office of president having been long ago stripped of real power. Given the scope of power that lies elsewhere, that means that those who hold that office must be willing participants in the hoax of presidential power. That’s why people of so few qualifications, like Reagan, Ford, the Bushes and Clinton can hold the office. They are cardboard cutouts. This typifies our political class, and helps to explain the rampant sociopathy within it. It attracts narcissists, shallow attention-seekers, and people drawn to the Klieg lights.

I quit blogging months ago, and came back to it with the notion that I had to go  in new directions, new learning, new insights. Since I am often fooled, I don’t see what is in front of me often enough, and am thankful to this guy for his incredible insight. Most times I take his writing and let it percolate, but this one was a slap-in-the-face moment. Ours is a non-reading culture, so I don’t expect anyone will take time to read the paper. But do, just for kicks. It goes many places, and the gay part is more an afterthought than the object of the paper. (It did give me cause for pause, as so many gay men have such attractive power for women – Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and now, Bill.)

If you are like me, one errant fact can undo your world. (Decades ago when I was still a right-wing Catholic Republican, it was a merely a lie told by the State Department in the face of honesty from the Cubans that pricked my awareness, stumbled on in the book The Fish is Red.) In this case, it is the obviously faked photos on the cover of a national magazine. Deal with it, please. Find a photo of Clinton and Monica together that is real. None exist. She never laid that sloppy blow job on him, never messed with a cigar.

It was, however, some pretty good writing. Kept us distracted for a full year. That is always the object of high profile national scandals.
*Three, dammit! Three. I forgot about Barry Soetoro.

27 thoughts on “The guy’s secret life is public

  1. What if Miles is himself is another layer of mirage/distraction? If Presidents are cutouts, I quote Hillary: “What difference does it make?” Why all the illusions? A) Boiling frogs. B) Divide and conquer. C) Destroy sovereignty. D) All of he above.

    “Globalism required more and more illusions to convince people they needed a global system controlled by far-off special interests to do what can now be done through advances in technology nationally and even locally. Now all that is left is the sowing of chaos to prevent people from leveraging this technology nationally and locally, to keep them divided and distracted for as long as possible, to perpetuate the West’s global hegemony for as long as possible.” – Ulson Gunnar


    1. Not a day goes by that I don’t question the MM situation, which is why I set most of his stuff aside and let it percolate. If he just another layer of illusion? Possibly, and if so, I will admit error and move on. There is no harm in being wrong. But thus far I’ve seen no evidence of him being wrong about things, although by his own admission his conclusions are sometimes a reach.

      On this one, however, it is obvious that the Time covers are fake photos, and they are not from MM – I went and got them from Time itself. If the photos are fake, people at Time know it, the White House knew it, and yet the scandal went down as proscribed nonetheless. Interpretation, please. Everyone knew they were fake, including Clinton, and he lacked the power to stop the scandal?

      Anyway, I was already far down the road and ahead of most people when I ran across MM – I knew the voting system was rigged, the politicians phony, the news media corrupt, the education system a joke, and entertainment deeply implanted with propaganda. He just takes it a step further, and, in this case, points out the obvious.

      [I might add here that I cannot possibly be any worse off than those who are invested in Time Magazine, NY Times, WaPo, NPR or FOX and their favorite politicians.]


        1. I suppose if I were a betting man the gay thing would be a 50-50 shot at best, but for me this ties up loose ends, explains so many things heretofore unexplained, as with the less-than desirable women he selected when he could have his choice of ’10s’ and his marriage to Hillary, a covenience for both and her willingness to tolerate his sluttiness.

          Clinton was an unknown quantity in ’92 when Perot greased the skids for him. That made no sense, was explained as Perot being upset about POWs and MIAs, a mere cover story. It was the Democrat’s turn.


  2. “I knew I had been had yet again by our spooks, those who control our every perception.”

    Miles Mathis is just another spook, and yet again you’ve been had. You’re nothing more than a sad example of your own prescience… precious!


    1. You appear here now and then using a fake email address, offering no evidence, and yet I should believe in … you? Based on what, your faith in America? We all have to use our own brains and figure things out as best we can.


  3. As much as I agree with your points mande, that would be very sad and disappointing for me personally to learn about my so far most favorite guru – that he may be another false one. Until few moments earlier, before I read what you’re implying here, I thought that Mathis’ just never wanted to call for any kind of public disorder, to avoid giving Rulers a reason to bring him down at possible legal charges for doing so. Never trust anyone in full, huh? Another mind-bending game or truth to its core? I still want to believe though, that you’ve gone here a bit to far, in what you implied yourself in another comment at PoM – just assuming even more sinister control then it exists.


  4. The most sincere man can give you 0% truth on many things just because he doesn’t know. The hydra has many heads like fake religions, fake history, fake science, false philosophies, false economy etc. Each of these heads have important subdivisions. So it is hard to study in depth all these things and each of them can change the way you live or see life. You also have to take in account that every person have some biases for various reasons and these biases may never be corrected 100%.
    Mathis started with art and then physics. He has an evolution that makes sense to me (just the fact that he evolved is very important) . Also I don’t believe a shill would promote realist art. His method of looking at genealogy is boring but makes sense to me. Blood is the tie that binds the elites. I believe Mathis sells the illusion of control. Most people are controlled in a similar manner Columbus controlled natives with an almanac ( ) . In a few papers Mathis talked about becoming independent of the system (his Max Keiser paper).
    I have to say that I don’t believe in the split between the elites. The “split” can be related to the multilateral transition. They want China, Russia and Brazil to look good (and the other BRICS nations). The BRICS nations are multicultural so the new world order will look more fair (no more white people ruling everybody). Many of the incidents that pointed to the “split” according to Mathis can be used to make the West look bad (consider Snowden, Syria, color revoutions etc). This year I believe UN changed the distribution of votes (China got more votes). The Yuan was included in SDR, many nations bought shares in the asian infrastructure investment bank (US “asked” some allies not to be members but they still decided to become members). Of course this is all part of the fake geopolitics game


    1. Interesting comment, I should add that I fiercly defended Mathis’ work in physics on another site, before I learned that I’m pissing against the wind there since it was a limited hangout party at that site. His physics and de-unification of its theory makes a lot of scientific sense as opposed to official MSM mumb-o- jumbo in relation to common sense phenomenae of materialistic universe.

      If and until Mathis does or writes something that would be direct/obvious about his allegedly hidden agenda in all this, I will remain with my belief about him to be just as any of us here – looking for the ultimate answer to his personal favourite question about all this hoax/crypto business.

      Btw, my feeling is that Mathis’ insinuations about the split between fractions within intelligence agencies is the most common sense argument for all the information that are lately accessible to us, the commoners – simply because there is a primitive low-layered passion of those addicted to Power – to get in that position as allmighty Rulers, taking over some significant ruling position. This seems more sensible to me than Mathis being a part of this mind-bending game of disinfo agencies involved.


  5. I went to Taos and spent a week with Mathis and some other men, more to satisfy my own curiosity than to learn anything, although it was a great learning experience. He is real, uses his real name. He leads a simple life off the grid as much as possible. He is a prolific writer with an impressive memory. When he writes his genealogy he is doing it freehand, that is, it is all assembled in his mind and stays fresh there. If he links a name he ran across from a paper from a year ago, it is without looking it up again.

    Yes, the genealogy is hard reading, but as with physics, he is assembling a picture from the ground up, uncovering the hidden monarchy in which we live. It is important work. Not all reading is for fun. I make it a point to read it all, and enough of it is sticking that the nature our leadership is reassembling in my own mind.

    Of course he is not right about everything. None of us are. His, however, is an honest search for truth, which is all we can ask of anyone. His weaponry, a very high IQ and keen eye for deceit, are refreshing. In addition, I found him to be patient, warm, funny, athletic, a well rounded person. I decided that he was the real deal, and for myself only that I would never pile on, never join in criticism, never say a harsh word about him. He gets enough of that from all around. I decided to trust him. If it is a mistake, it is not my first, says this ex Chomsky ex Nader ex Tarpley devotee. Mistakes are my best means of learning.

    My two bits.


    1. Mathis comes across as someone with real sensibilities, even on mundane things like how badly managed Whitney Houston was. I’ve always thought she had all the nuance of a modulated fog horn, despite an abundance of talent. MM basically said the same thing.

      He’s too consistent to be a committee, and too smart to be left to his own devices unless he’s really ideologically devoted to the cause. It would take an enormous amount of duplicity to pull that off at the level he does.

      David Irving acts like a pompous ass around his devoted followers, so it’s easier to believe he despises them deep down.

      Whose to say (and hopefully) there aren’t some double agents out there, working for the man but undermining him subtly. Maybe that’s behind some of what we see as limited hangouts.


    2. Mark,
      I’m reminded of something my girlfriend said to me recently.
      “At some point, everyone has to believe something.”
      I thought of that after reading your latest Lennon/Walrus piece, and chuckled at your comment that Lennon is 76 years old today.
      You wrote it with seeming certainty, but my first ironic thought was “How do you know that?!”
      Obviously, Lennon’s exact age is a minor detail in the whole narrative, but I’m sure you get my drift…
      …Even the information we are using to determine fakery, is supplied to us by… someone.
      We choose to believe some of it, using it as a foundation to work from, but really, that foundation is a leap of faith.

      The very first time I was exposed to Simon Shack’s September Clues video, my first thought was… “So, I’m watching a video about how video is manipulated to fool me.”
      The dilemma is clear. So, often it comes down to “who do you trust.”

      Like you, I wished to meet Miles, and come to my own conclusions about the person behind the research. I wanted to test his recall of his articles, see how he interacted with others, and, basically, just get a feel for the man.
      I came away impressed by his authenticity, both as a person and as a researcher.
      As you mentioned, Miles is not correct 100% of the time, but to me, it is important to trust his motives and integrity.
      It also help to have met you, and to trust your integrity. You came to similar conclusions about Miles, and that is comforting to me.

      All that being said, let’s discuss Miles’ genealogy research. We can both agree that his work in that realm is very impressive and beneficial in showing the seeming connections between all these families, that go back centuries.
      But Miles is choosing to believe that the information he is being given at these sites is accurate and grounded in a certain amount of “reality.” It’s clear, however, that someone is running and updating information on these sites. Perhaps it is all being presented in a clear, straightforward manner. It may not be, however. Miles is taking a leap of faith that the foundation for his research is solid. Those of us who trust Miles, trust his findings to varying degrees. There are always nagging doubts, however, that we are being played in more subtle ways than we can currently deduce.

      All the research you’ve done into Lennon (or whatever his name is) here at your blog is incredibly enlightening, and interesting… it is also a bit disheartening.
      How do you research a ghost? Was “Lennon” ever anything more that a photographed face? A voice on a record? A man in a Walrus costume? Any of those things?

      Can a man who never existed, ever be 76 years old?


      1. Good points all. Lennon’s birthday is 10/9/1940, and if I know how to do this stuff, 10+9+1+9+4=33. But then I don’t know if you can use 10 instead of 1 and 0, which would make it 24. so there goes that theory. You’re right. I don’t know “his” birthday, and am right now working on the premise that they are twins. I think I can tell them apart at this point, but it will be a hard sale. All we have is a photographic record, and who knows how much we can trust it.

        Regarding Miles and his genealogy, it takes real intelligence to work his way among the various sites when there is no anchor, no one thing of certitude on which you can ground other things. That kind of research, which is at best loaded with pitfalls, is beyond my ability, but I don’t think his, given his photographic memory and highly intuitive judgment. My one guiding object of trust is that it was not expected among people in power that there would be people digging into genealogy looking for the origins of movie stars and politicians, or doing facial analysis, or spotting replicas … so it rested comfortably that only people who knew what they were looking for would find anything of value. Miles is an intruder, and might be causing some consternation.

        Straight shared a video with us – I’ll have to go look for it – previews of a movie coming out in which one of the main characters, a buffoon, looks so much like Miles that it cannot be accidental. Stay tuned here – I will find it today or tomorrow.

        Anyway, as Miles wrote in one of his paper, this sort of thing is self-limiting, that is, there is only 2% of the population capable of making this journey, so I don’t think anyone is frightened of us. For myself, I don’t think the world will change, but I don’t care. I am having fun digging the soil looking for gemstones.


        1. That is very interesting, indeed.
          I looked at the movie a little closer, and it doesn’t seem like the character that resembles Miles plays a mathematician, though in the above clip, they clearly have him unable to do simple math. If I had the patience, I’d watch the film, and see if they have the character reference “conspiracies” at any point.
          Could be a jab at Miles… though, perhaps just an inside joke for someone? I mean, how many people would really make the connection?

          I agree with your comments above, and I am certainly glad that Miles is motivated to do his research. I fear that someday he will tire of it, and we will lose a rare and valuable ally.
          As to the genealogy sites themselves, it could be, as you suggest, that they didn’t anticipate anyone actually digging into them too deeply.
          The question remains as to why it’s available to us at all. Certainly, the families themselves know all the connections/relations. Perhaps there is a level of pride in the endeavor? Maybe, in a way, they are glad that Miles is doing what he is doing?


          1. My opinion is that the character is a preventative measure, just in case someone stumbles on the work of Mathis. They do this sort of stuff all the time with many different things. It’s just stunned me they thought high enough of Mathis’s potential to overthrow the system that they created a character meant to subconsciously discredit him in a major Jennifer Aniston movie. In my opinion, there is no doubt he is based on Mathis. I have other conclusions as to why they are doing this, but it is more metaphysical.


      2. There are positive and negatives to his genealogy work. I’ll start with the negatives that bother me.

        As was mentioned earlier, how do we know any of these genealogies are real? Why would they be? They lie about tiny details that none of us care to look for, so why tell the truth about genealogy?
        There is a huge potential confirmation bias at play when he takes a name like “Jones” and assumes that they are from a particular bloodline Jones family with no proof much of the time. Another case is when we have a name like “Keiser” and he says that the name is really “Kaiser”, and then does the rest of the paper with that assumption.

        Despite these potential traps, I actually think he’s right most of the time. Here is my opinion on that matter:

        All of these genealogies are fake. Everything Mathis is researching is not real. He’s following a false paper trail.
        Despite this, it doesn’t matter. That’s because whomever these celebrities and families are, they are PLACED in these genealogies regardless. That alone gives them away. Despite the genealogies being fake, the very fact a person is included in them is a clue as to who they are.
        Note that this doesn’t mean all of these people are not actually related, I just think they are related in ways we are not used to seeing. If 50 children were born in a test tube from the same IVF batch, does that mean each child has 49 siblings? Or do they just place them in these fake families and add the family to this gigantic family tree to create continuity? What MM is uncovering (IMO) is the dashboard of a secret software, but the code of that software is where the truth really is.


        1. Straight,
          The potential traps you mentioned seem obvious and true. It seems almost certain that Miles himself is aware of these traps. Do you have an opinion about this seeming contradiction?
          Also, I know you have briefly commented on your metaphysical beliefs in other posts. If you feel so inclined, I’d be interested to hear you go into further detail about what’s going on metaphysically with the Jennifer Aniston movie.


          1. I can’t speak for why Miles chooses to ignore the traps. My best guess is he chooses intuition over logic. In a world where we are trained to ignore our intuition in favor of “proof”, “evidence”, and “facts”, I can respect that.

            As for the metaphysical stuff, I’ll start slow and dive in deeper and deeper. For readers, remember that this is strictly my opinion and not the opinion of the rest of the blog.

            First off, why is Mathis so dangerous to them? There are maybe a few hundred or thousand people on the planet who can grasp math and science the way he did, question it, spot the mistakes and fudges, and then correct them. For him to commit his life to writing about it on a public website is a major boon to the genuine truth seekers out there. He is a one in 100 million kind of guy. A disaster for TPTB,

            Me and daddieuhoh have discussed how they ignore much of his excellent conspiracy work, sometimes even agree with it, only to attack his science work. Even the September Clues board attacks him for it, and they are far from being physicists. So why the danger? If his work finds acceptance, it is the end of the scientific establishment.

            Now we need to ask why the scientific establishment is so important. Well it is the cork on a very high pressure bottle. Science and math attracts a large percentage of the smartest people on the planet and contains them within those constructs. The people on POM are smart, but we are not the highest IQ people around and the reason the highest IQ people are not on board with us is because they only use their high IQ within the systems they are given and are trained to never question the system. Thus they only use their energies within a certain box, and in very advanced ways, but if the box they are working in is false then so is their work no matter how ingenious it is.

            So the fact that someone unique enough to deconstruct that box (math and science) showed up, he is the proverbial “popping of the cork”. So what happens if the science and math cork is popped? For one, free energy will be discovered. That’s the end of world poverty right there. A major, major blow to the control systems on Earth and will have them hopping on one leg. Right now science and math is also used to limit innovation and only allow elite-approved technology to appear when they decide we are ready for it, this breaks that strangehold. And most importantly, it opens the door to the paranormal, psychic research, multi-dimensions, astral plane, etc. That’s the BIG one. MM hasn’t gotten there yet for whatever reason, but that stuff usually requires a spiritual awakening. You’ll never get there through logic or science experiments since you can’t prove a 4D phenomenon using 3D experiments, you are just reinforcing the 3D.

            OK, yes Mathis is dangerous, but so is POM but all we get is one measly disinfo agent using 10 different aliases, why does MM get a blackwashing spot in a Jennifer Aniston movie? That has to do with this Ascension we are going through since 2012 and has picked up major steam since September 2016. It is not the “end of the world” as TPTB misdirected it, but the end of the old 3D paradigm and then to enter 5D consciousness. The veils of truth open up effortlessly and we learn to release our pain and control and learn to live from love. That is why POM is discovering the things we are, now at this time. That is why MM showed up at this time. That is why “fake news” has entered the mainstream. That is why Pizzagate and Standing Rock is mainstream. It is all preventative. They are tuned into the collective conscious in a way we never can be, and create controlled opposition before the opposition has even arrived. There is no “split” in Intelligence that did Robbie Parker and Gene Rosen, they knew we were going to see through it and took the initiative. They rather expose a limited and controlled part of themselves while containing us, than allow us to discover things on our own.

            Knowing that we are awakening, all they can do is delay and misdirect and keep us divided and fighting for as long as possible to drain us for as long as possible. They know that more and more people will discover MM and open themselves up to his work. The demographic of the Aniston movie is a little weird for this, 21-49 crowd, but the right age. I assume they are doing similar preventative discrediting in academic circles. They want you to close yourself off to him once you see him. Like they have created the Einstein image to symbolize “genius”, they want to use the MM image to symbolize “crank” and “idiot”.

            The Ascension is a VERY complex and disinfo-filled topic, as you can imagine. I did the best summarizing I could.

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            1. Straight,
              Thanks for elaborating on your thoughts about all of that.
              Regarding MM, I’ve always thought that it was on the science/math side of things that he would potentially get his due.
              After all, they could sneakily admit that pi=4, without waking up too many people from their slumber.
              However, Mathis has gone so far on the fake history side of things, that I don’t see how they can legitimize him in any way, at this point. If Miles is right about pi=4… what else is he right about?
              The Aniston movie thing seems like a stretch to me… but I don’t discount it out of hand. Clearly it is not beyond TPTB to attempt such manipulation. How effective it is, is another question.

              As far as the metaphysics perspective, I’ve always found it extremely interesting. I’ve read a fair amount in that realm, but I’ve since begun to question so many of the sources of that kind of material, that I find myself at a loss.
              At some point, perhaps you can go a little deeper into your beliefs/perspective.
              You clearly believe that there is significance to the year 2012…though perhaps not in the way that the propaganda has led most “new-agers” to believe.
              Anyway… another time and place, perhaps!


  6. Straight, you’ve touched a great number of topics that should be extensively discussed and put into the headlines here at PoM regularly. I just got inspired to finally do something actively, the thinking part and that of piling the supported “fact”, “proofs” and “evidence” of hoax and faked reality has long passed by, just here at PoM one can find enough to completely change his/her’s attitude and begins to fight against all manipulation thrown at us. Reading what stays written here or at MM site (and a great number of sites all around internet, yours included) is more than enough for anybody to realize the multiplicity of reality we live in and to consequently start waking up everybody else in vicinity. Or at least, to really wake up.

    Mathis’ science work is monumental, nobody can erase it and make it disappear again, he opened Pandora’s box of truth widely with it. I can’t agree more, science is where it will all begin to change and ultimately affect the way humans live, that’s what perpetrators (TPTB) have known about since centuries ago. Knowledge is THE ultimate power, not any of materialistic items or its manifest, with written words as the only exception to this fact. As you’ve mentioned, to be able to access endless amounts of energy for almost no cost, is a life changer for humans. This is something that allows to evolve further, I can only imagine what joy it would be to finally be able to exist and live in a world, where good would prevail, food and clean water in abundance for all, no rigged and staged history and love as a highlight of the purpose of one’s life. And I’m certainly not alluding to Lennon here…. but it is certainly a goal I’m going to try and reach, for my own sake and that of my children.

    Just as an add-on to your already deep insight, a quote of a wise man : “Before any revolution the mind must be in order”. This time, no violence and terror should be involved, we shall do the change with love and knowledge, disarming the poor of this human abilities with it. If we do it right, there will be no one left to hold the gun against us ultimately.


    1. Knowledge is a great power but I would go one step further and say truth is more important. Knowledge can be and is twisted and cheapened into it’s current form as “information”.

      Good post.


  7. It’s possible the Aniston flick is encouragement, like Anderson Cooper having a hissy fit about people thinking Sandy Hook was a hoax- Don’t think for a moment Cooper did that on his own- It was acknowledgement from somewhere inside the castle that they know we are here and they would know how we would react- We would see it as a victory that would only incite more researchers to follow the media fakery path- Sometimes criminals like to help an investigation into their crimes- Their egos need acknowledgement- Even though the media is not technically breaking the law by promoting lies-
    But I wouldn’t get too cozy with these creeps- I assume they are thinking several moves ahead and the preceding is just speculation on my part-


  8. I believe that some of the reasons for staging this hoax was to also distract the American public from the ongoing multi-trillion-dollar “War on Drugs” racket and significant federal laws put into effect by then-President Bill Clinton and his cronies such as “H.R.2378 – Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act“, passed by the 105th Congress in 1998 – the year the Monica Lewinsky pseudo-scandal broke out – which prolonged the Drug War.

    Here’s some more info from our frenemy Wikipedia. To quote:

    “The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) was originally established by the National Narcotics Leadership Act of 1988,[57][58] which mandated a national anti-drug media campaign for youth, which would later become the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign.[59] The director of ONDCP is commonly known as the drug czar,[43] and it was first implemented in 1989 under President George H. W. Bush,[60] and raised to cabinet-level status by Bill Clinton in 1993.[61] These activities were subsequently funded by the Treasury and General Government Appropriations Act of 1998.[62][63] The Drug-Free Media Campaign Act of 1998 codified the campaign at 21 U.S.C. § 1708.[64]”


    1. It’s also convenient that there are photographs of the Clintons with one of the premier champions of the so-called “War on Drugs” – Nancy Davis Reagan – famous for her “Just Say No!” campaign. Birds of a feather flock together.

      Nancy Reagan doing her part for those pulling her strings. The brain-rotting propaganda was fantastic. Had this been a sequel to a Hollywood movie, she probably would’ve won an Emmy or an Oscar for doing her part for that sham campaign.


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