How do I know Bernie is fake?

imagePlease take note of the Mark Twain quote in the upper right corner of this blog. In days gone by I would rotate quotations as my mood dictated, but that one has stayed out now for months.

Indeed, it is incredibly easy to fool people. I have been fooled time and again throughout my life by advertising, politicians, public hoaxes and various women. I settled with my wife, as I would venture most people do with their mates, having found someone in whom I could place unconditional trust. Marriage is a refuge in a deceitful world.

So I note the continuing homage to an obvious fake, Bernie Sanders. I came from that mileau, since it took me a long time to understand the concept of controlled opposition. I thought in the past that while most voices in the news were fake or merely stupid people, certain ones making their way through the clutter had to be honest and sincere. Thus did I place faith in publications like The Nation and Harper’s and people like Noam Chomsky, Seymour Hersh, Thom Hartmann and his regular Friday guest Bernie.

On the Friday Hartmann show Bernie was always quick on his feet, though I now realize the program was scripted, callers screened. And I have since noticed a phenomenon that I call “reading the back of his eyes” where Bernie does not actually engage an interviewer, but merely looks off into the distance and recites the progressive creed, as if reading. He’s a high-quality actor, but an actor nonetheless.

Democrats hate progressives. This has always been true. At the same time, progressives have to be managed, kept in the party. That third party option is a scary thing, which is why Democrats pilloried, vilified and crucified Nader in 2000. He would have been allowed to run within the party with the understanding that he would be nothing more than a sideshow. But to step out of the party, to confront it and expose its hypocrisy was not allowed, and he paid the price. He was sent to the margins. He was attacked from all quarters, with even the fake feminist Gloria Steinham doing duty. (At the time I thought she was real.)

All that in mind, we now have Bernie giving voice to elements of the Green Party platform of 2000. (Bernie is a warmonger – some forms of deviance are simply not tolerated.) He is not only accepted by the party, but praised (most recently on the cover of the Rolling Stone, also controlled opposition) and welcomed.

Why? He is performing the same task as Eugene McCarthy in 1968, Jesse Jackson in 1984 and 1988, Gary Hart in those same years (for white voters), and Dennis Kucinich in 2004 and 2008. He is sheep dogging, keeping progressives from bolting, getting them registered to vote, making them stay home and not (zounds!) going the third party route.

Please take note of the Mark Twain quote above, and the opening line of the second paragraph above. Bernie Sanders is a fraud. If he was real, the Democratic Party would not tolerate him. Not even for a second.

7 thoughts on “How do I know Bernie is fake?

    1. You can search as well as I for the answer. I got it from listening to Dr. Judy Wood, and looked it up for myself after she mentioned it.

      I agree, Bernie is the same as he ever was. No matter your depth of study or degree of intellect, you will find false leaders to help you along to dead-ends. Ours is a thorough propaganda system, with something for everyone. But Mark Twain was the real thing, of that I am sure.


  1. My research shows it’s questionable whether Mark Twain said that particular quote.

    It’s still a great meme. But not necessarily true. One day you will awaken to the utility of fact checking. Until then, anything is possible.


    1. Fact checking where, Steve? NY Times or WaPo, yet to admit Tonkin was a hoax? NPR? Time Magazine, whose two fake covers are shown below? Wikipedia, hosted by spooks? You’re sounding less like the Steve I met a while back and more like Pogie every day. You want to believe, and so are easy to fool, and un-fooling you is an onerous task.

      Please report back after Bernie folds the tent in Philadelphia and urges you to get behind the neocon sociopath Hillary.


  2. I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Oh, and have noticed while driving around that political signage for President is very sparse. However, our neighbor whom we have know for 20 years, is showing signs dementia and has 6 Bernie signs in his yard and windows! Why would the Republican party want to have their convention in the armpit of the nation? Cleveland is dispensable. If you keep people fighting amongst themselves their energies are diverted from being focused on those that are pulling the strings. 😉 ♥


    1. I haven’t yet made the connection between Bernie support and dementia. But you’re right about party politics … It does keep us fighting among ourselves and energies diverted. If I were to write exclusively about party politics, this blog would be crawling with readers and comments. It is where people’s heads are at.


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