Total spectrum dominance

We are lied to 24/7, with every image seen on TV, even supposed candid ones, either being staged or reviewed before airing. Television is a social control medium used to hypnotize that vast majority of Americans. But some of us have escaped, and are more awake than those around us.

If you want to get away from censorship, there are many avenues. For instance, there is alternative media. You could go to Alex Jones and his Prison Planet. Alex, who was once Bill Hicks, will tantalize you with lies of a different type, but lies nonetheless, designed to satisfy your curiosity. Conspiracy thinkers tend to be smarter people who notice more detail and think critically. Alex knows this. He very carefully satisfies our yearning to know what is true by plying us with lies of a more intuitive type. Alex is a gatekeeper.

Or, you can get the inside scoop on the Internet from SNOPES. It is designed to catch you when in doubt and set you straight. It prevents you from committing thought crime. If you don’t believe jet aircraft can fly though buildings like knife though butter, for instance, SNOPES will reassure you that indeed they can, and tell you why in detail. It’s is a CIA front.

There is always Wikipedia. It is the go-to source, our modern day Encyclopedia Brittanica. It’s riddled with back door spooks, and craftily constructed so that Intelligence agents can glean real information from it while the rest of us need hip waders to maneuver in the bullshit. It’s a CIA front.

Or you can swill in right wing punditry over at FOX. Bill O’Reilly, like Amy Goodman, is a Zombie, planted there to catch you unaware. The whole of the FOX operation is designed to keep low information people in that state, while at the same time helping them imagine they are well informed.

FOX News content is identical to NPR and PBS but in a different package, the latter designed to reinforce your unstated supposition that you are intellectually superior to those around you. NPR and PBS feed you that cat food, opening up a fresh can every day.

Or, you can go the left wing route. Amy Goodman, a Zombie, is waiting to greet you, and lead you a little further into the rabbit hole, but only a little. She’s a gatekeeper too, just like Jones and O’Reilly. If there is really important truth to unearth, she’ll take you there, almost. Not quite.

Talk radio? It’s an agitated medium, and used mostly to keep you angry and upset. Anger clouds the brain and prevents rational thought processes. Don’t like Rush? There’s Thom Hartmann, a Zombie, is waiting to greet you “on the left,” performing the gatekeeping function. (Thom actually hates liberals and progressives. Say what you will about him, he works hard, as does Goodman. I would not want their jobs, living and breathing as they do with people they loathe.  It sucks to be them, but face it, Janis was skating on thin ice as a blues singer, and Brandon DeWilde (Hartmann) was on his way to daytime soaps as an actor.)

The Internet? The Blogs? Reddit and Quora and all the discussions sites?  If you put something true up at those sites, an automated mechanism appears to be in place to vote you out of sight. Those sites are riddled with spooks and trolls, some paid, most just late night voyeurs shooting from the bushes, guerilla snipers. They’ll leave you fifty shades of confused. Some of these snipers are very mean, others very stupid. None are worth our time.

The answer? Turn off your TV, turn on your brain. Vigilant citizenship is work! It requires thinking. We stumble, make mistakes, keep pushing and burrowing, as learning requires mistakes on the way.

Mistakes should not scare you. If you place trust in someone not worthy of it, it is easily reversed. Further, not knowing the answers is a lovely state of mind. Searching for them is the stuff of real intelligent discontent.

This blog, unlike others, has made real discoveries, come upon new insights, and has done something really odd: it has both searched for and found some truth. I beg you try to find another like it. (If you do, tell me. I will link to it.)

We have only just begun.


PS: I forgot the most important left-wing gatekeeper of all, put there to satisfy those of us of higher-than average capacity for processing large volumes of information, Noam Chomsky. He’s advanced in age now, not putting out books like he used to, but I would bet that if you emailed him (his address can be found online but it would be rude to publish it) you would get an answer within hours. I have done this. He used to spend maybe six hours a day on email, indicating that he doesn’t really have a full-time MIT job, just an office. And that makes sense, as MIT is just an adjunct campus for DOD.

11 thoughts on “Total spectrum dominance

  1. “the latter designed to reinforce your unstated supposition that you are intellectually superior to those around you.”

    Well put. I chuckled at this as it really rang true for me. I actually think this is another reason why people are quick to dismiss ‘conspiracy theories.’ Many people I have talked to have a very smug and patronizing attitude toward conspiracy theories, as if believing in them is a sign of mental weakness or inferiority. They seem hesitant to consider them, lest they be suckered in by some con that only works on naive and gullible idiots. Blackwashing conspiracy theories with things like flat earth and reptilian overlords only reinforces their sense of intellectual superiority that comes from “not falling for it.”


  2. For those that are on Facebook, Anonymous has become a big 1st line of defense for the younger crowd. The whole Guy Fawkes thing has become associated with “fighting the system” so anybody questioning the mainstream quickly joins that controlled opposition.

    But I am noticing more and more people waking up. Even if they’re falling into the Alex Jones/Anonymous/Snowden trap, at least they are moving one step forward. That’s a good sign.


    1. It’s an interesting phenomenon. If you think about it in terms of supply and demand, you have to wonder if the number of people waking up is perhaps due more to an increase in the ‘supply’ of limited conspiracy hangouts like Snowden or Jones, rather than a ‘demand’ for the truth. Or the supply held create the demand. And while most will enter the hall of mirrors that is the conspiracy industry and not really get close to the truth (assuming i/we have), some will. It’s quite a puzzle then why tptb have expanded the hangouts. I can understand the need to divert truth seekers. And to offer a variety of hangouts in order to better divide us. But they seem to have gone further than that and are now priming the pump by actually creating more truth seekers who they then try to divert. I don’t really see why they’d want to do that. I guess they figure the benefits outweigh the risks. I have to admit their hubris is well earned. I hope it will lead to their downfall. But I doubt it.


      1. I do have an answer to that question (my opinion of course) and again, like in the previous thread, it is a little out of scope for this site. I am of the personal spiritual belief that it has to do with the 2012 Ascension. They are preparing for mass awakening by putting systems into place proactively. It’s the same reason they put the doppelganger project into effect last year before places like POM showed up on the scene. They knew we were coming, they just didn’t know when. It is also my explanation for the “divide” in the Intelligence community people like Mathis have been sensing.

        Again, my personal opinion. Hard to provide evidence for that.


        1. I don’t believe “they” take anybody out. All these stories of people being on to the truth and being “taken out” are planted to get people scared of speaking out. Not falling for it. Otherwise, they would have taken Mathis out a long time ago.

          Same reason they “killed” Lennon after he did Imagine, and the same reason they killed the little kid in Pay It Forward. To kill hope, and scare you on a subconscious level about changing the world.


        2. I am with you on this Straight. I believe they have been expecting an expansion in consciousness. One reason all entheogens are outlawed. I believe the Bible is littered with hints to this expansion. One recent explanation I recently read for chemtrails is to block the sun. The sun is vibrating at a higher frequency (since 2012?). This, will change our DNA. Hence, the Ascension.


  3. I’ve recently begun to consider an eccentric take on history, one first outlined to me as a child by a teacher with a peculiar passion for the subject and more recently discussed by Michael Tsarion (a possible spook it must be noted).

    The relevant essence common to both tellings is a rupture in the Egyptian empire around 4-5 thousand years ago when a tribe or sect called the Hyksos, after biding their time over several generations, usurped power in the ‘red kingdom’ from within. I don’t want to burden this comment with detail (fascinating though it may be) but the new Hyksos dynasty spent a generation in conflict with their own people until a coup, aided by the ‘white king’ to the north, deposed and banished the Hyksos.

    As they left Egypt, going north to Assyria, the Hyksos allegedly pillaged and plundered all before them, including the city of Avar (when gives rise to the term Avarice). The legend is that the Hyksos, angry at being denied the right to rule the greatest civilization the world had every known, vowed to conquer all wealth and power on earth as revenge, and to never relinquish it again. They would do so by any means necessary.

    Thus, every empire there has every been since the time of Egypt, from the Romans, to the Vatican, to the British Empire and beyond, has been initiated, directed and controlled by the descendants of the Hyksos bloodlines who make alliances and change flags as is convenient and necessary.

    To tell you the truth, I find comfort in this story because the ‘controllers’ as we may call them, have been at this for a very long time and the human race hasn’t just recently gone stupid. In fact we’ve just recently begun to reacquire our own intrinsic power and wisdom, and begun to see the very poor game, the cheap tricks and slights of hand the controllers use to manipulate us.

    Perhaps this is the source of the ‘split’ alluded to by MM: some of the controllers realise the old tricks are failing and a new paradigm is required. Some just want to double down.


    1. One thing noted about recent times (I can’t imagine much of our official recent history is true, so I don’t place much stock in ancient tales either) is that they are not really killing people. They are faking it. This is true of the supposed mass killings like Sandy Hook, Orlando, Paris and Brussels, and people are now looking at 9/11 with that in mind, though it boggles my mind that they could play the fake death hoax on such a massive level.

      What gives? Is there some kind of restriction in place? Do they suffer from morals? Are fake events easier to control than real ones? Have they found that people are so easy to fool that they don’t need to dirty their hands with real deaths?

      I don’t walk around in fear, don’t imagine I am being spied on, don’t think NSA is monitoring us (goodness – they don’t need to!), and find almost all people to be good and kind to one another. People do bad things, I am not naive about that, but almost all of that is one-on one, often family and lovers, alcohol and some drugs making people irrational. There is no “occult,” we’re not leaving the planet for Mars or anywhere else, and the people who rule over us are just people, indistinguishable from us other than the advantage they were born into.

      Life is good! It is also a mystery to solve, so life is fun! For the most part, we are good, and safe. That is what i have learned by breaking through the thought control barriers.


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