Understanding controlled opposition

Left: Amy Goodman. Right: Janis Joplin

A commenter over at Reptile mentioned that “Amy Goodman” and Democracy Now! were on scene and covering the small uprising by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. As we have shown by strong evidence here, “Amy Goodman” is Janis Joplin reincarnate. Joplin, who was a set of twins, became Goodman, who is a set of twins.

I know how the human mind works, that if we are not supported by authority figures in making these assertions, people will not believe us no matter how strong the evidence. Further, I know how outlandish is seems to claim that someone who was supposed to have died did not die, and that the authority structure around her supported the fakery, including police and Coroner, in her case, Thomas Noguchi. (Noguchi was Intelligence, planted and used to cover the fake deaths of many in Hollywood including Joplin, Monroe, Sharon Tate,  RFK and Natalie Wood. Did you think that if Intelligence has infiltrated all big and medium city police departments, that they would neglect to make sure that the coroner is also under control?)

So what is Goodman doing at Standing Rock? Her job. She is controlled opposition. She has to cover these events, but in such a way that no movement arises, and that we never really get to the bottom of it.

If there is going to be opposition, it is best to control it. That is the whole point. If we had outright censorship, where media was prohibited from covering protesters, people might become aware how thorough and deeply embedded censorship is in our country.

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