Election speculation

Though we don’t dwell on it here, we realize that many people are preoccupied with political contests. I am no psychic, and have not understood until recently how it is going to shake out. But seeing now what will happen in twenty days makes it a little easier to understand what came before.

Bernie Sanders we have long understood to be a sheepdog. His job was to keep progressives interested in the political process. They allowed him to tail Hillary closely, even throwing the Michigan primary for him, before giving all his energy over to her.  Hillary was to be the Democratic nominee from the start.

Trump is a little more difficult to understand, as he is a terrible candidate, and would even lose in a real contest. He was put in place because Hillary is so undesirable, so un-electable, that the only way to make her ascension to the office seem natural was to run her against a candidate worse than her. That is why they chose Trump.

Hillary was selected to be on the Senate Watergate Committee at age 27 in 1973, having no qualifications, in fact having just flunked the DC bar exam. This is a sign of a rising star, to never be allowed to fail even when she fails. She was a chosen one, as was her future husband, Bill, whom she was sent to Arkansas to marry after leaving  the Watergate Committee.

Both she and Bill are most likely gay. It was a marriage of convenience from the start, and is to this day. Bill’s many affairs are both the stuff of legend, and misdirection. If they can keep the partisans asking the wrong questions, then the answers do not matter.

6 thoughts on “Election speculation

  1. Interesting topic. I will chime in when I have time to write something. But I wanted to share this video, which I liked and I think is pertinent to this discussion:


    1. Nice video. I go a little further in that I think Trump is there merely as a foil, as having Hillary win over a more likeable candidate might expose the charade.

      Do beware Crrow777, in my view. I subscribed and listened to him for maybe ten of his broadcasts. He is flat earth. He claims not, saying he is far more nuanced. He says the correct way to view the “planet” is to drop the “t.” It appears to me that he is mopping up a bit, attacking the Flat Earthers while being behind a thin veneer, and by the means riding fence and pushing skeptics over to Flat Earth by another name.

      I warned MM about Crrow, saying he was adopting many of MM’s stances, but subtly wrapping it in Flat Earth. Miles called it “black frosting.”


  2. I liked your commentary on the (s)election. No doubt, and I haven’t thought votes were actually meaningful since around 1992. Trump is obviously an actor and a very good one at that. But, back to the voting. I do think it’s a perfect way to take the temperature of the populous and also to see how many morons actually still participate.


  3. “after leaving the Watergate Committee.” Interesting euphemism for getting shit canned! She’s been a criminal right out of the gate, but, like all other assets, never takes a pinch.


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