A Guide to the Social Engineering Prevalent in Social Media

This is going to be a very multimedia heavy post. I implore everybody reading this post to look at all the pictures and watch at least some of the videos I link to as they are important in understanding how the public is being manipulated.

I do my best to avoid social media when I can, but since I no longer live in my hometown I am always tempted to go on Facebook or Instagram to see how everybody back home is doing. Nearly every time, I regret logging on. Since learning what I know over the past year or two, it’s painful for me to watch my peers getting brainwashed and social engineered towards predetermined outcomes, all of them terrible. Loneliness, depression, frustration, addiction, and a life of negativity.

There has been an astonishing lack of information about this type of social engineering available anywhere that is not typed up by monkeys in Langley. It’s time I give a fairly definitive account of the social engineering I have been witnessing on my Facebook feed during the past week.

Before I begin I want to note that the social engineering changes on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. There are short term projects, medium term projects, and long term projects they are running. All of them point to the same general directions: gender neutrality and homosexuality, addiction, unhappiness, breakup of the family unit, conflict and division, consumerism, reliance on authority, demoralization, fear, trauma, and overall unhappiness and negativity. Beware that some of these are actually funny (though most aren’t) and that’s where the greatest danger lies since you allow it to go past you active filters and into your passive unconscious mind. Humor can be used as a powerful weapon.

Here we go in no particular order:

Gender Conflict

We are seeing several forms of this. The first is conspicuously ugly. The goal of this psy-op is to outrage women and make men out to be pigs, creeps, or perverts. We saw this a few months ago with the fake Stanford Rapist, but here are a few more examples (keep an eye on the FB accounts making these posts go viral like George Takei of Star Trek fame who is more famous now for being gay):

Here’s a video of a man holding another man down for “touching a woman on the bus”. This story also ties in white/black conflict and for an extra touch throws in the black hero being unjustly put in handcuffs by a police officer.


And then there is the lighter, more subconscious stuff. A general underlying feeling of frustration and dissatisfaction, but always covered up in some form of humor. This one is titled “when you gotta introduce yourself to your boyfriends friend”.

This one is titled “A simulation of my girlfriend and the bed covers”:


And then there are the couple pranks. We have two good looking people of the opposite sex pulling nasty pranks on each other. The goal being to breed distrust between couples, again covering it up with humor. Most of these pranks are staged.

There are many, many more but these are what I found from the last few days of my feed.

Promotion of Alcoholism

Alcohol has always been the most socially acceptable drug, but lately they have been insidiously pushing it primarily on dissatisfied young women. The last few years they have been promoting drinking wine among women, but in 2016 they’ve picked up the pace and are attempting to make chronic alcoholism socially acceptable. They have also been pushing the idea that when you are stressed or in a bad mood, you should drink to cover up the pain (which is perhaps the absolute worst thing you can do).


Marijuana Promotion

There has been an equal push on Marijuana use. We are all familiar with the Medical Marijuana argument, which has been overused in my opinion. I believe most diseases are preventable and Marijuana is just another band aid, like Western Medicine in general. To fuck with everybody’s heads, they have states legalize Marijuana, but keep it federally illegal so nobody feels truly safe.

My opinion is that they are promoting Marijuana to keep everybody stoned and in a perpetual state of inertia. I assume that all Marijuana, both legal and illegal and in plant or seed form, is being cultivated to keep people in a low vibration state. They would love nothing more than to have people come home from a stressful day at a job they hate to smoke weed and watch TV, rather than do something about their unhappiness. Brilliant as always. Marijuana has such a “cool” factor among all ages and among all rebels that there is almost no resistance to the drug from the under 49 demographic. A great victory for TPTB!

And then there is plain old boring Caffeine promotion:


Career Dissatisfaction 

It’s not enough that you hate your partner and are addicted to drugs. No, they want to also milk your job dissatisfaction.


Being Overwhelmed By Life/Steady Dissatisfaction With Life

Rather than building self esteem or an optimistic attitude in those who are overwhelmed by life, they are instead rewarded for complaining about their unhappiness on social media.

And then there is the more ambitious stuff, Nihilist memes:

More nihilist memes.

A very popular saying, particularly among women under 30, nowadays is “I’m dying” whenever they are tired, hungover, in pain, or sick in any way. For those who know about negative placebos, you can imagine the long-term negative effect this type of subconscious talk will have on your health.


Women Don’t Need Men

Another thing we are seeing is the concept of “everybody is getting married and I’m over here taking care of my pet”. It’s interesting that they are targeting women with this one. They know that women have a better built-in capacity to be celibate (compared to men) and are taking advantage of their maternal instinct towards animals by introducing the concept of replacing men and children with animals, but first in a humorous manner. They want to turn all women into cat ladies.


Next they start making animals appear child-like to replace the instinctual need for children.

Potty training



But what about the actual children? How can you replace them with animals? By making fun of them, rejecting them, and focusing on the worst aspects of children to paint them in the worst possible light.

First it starts with pregnancy workouts (which ties in with gender neutrality which I will get to later):


Then there is the manufactured breastfeeding in public debate, whose sole purpose is to blackwash the entire concept of breastfeeding altogether and promote formula feeding which can have a very negative effect on the bond between mother and child, perhaps leading to a lifetime of psychological issues for the child.


Then there is the new fad towards making fun of children, the goal being to decrease empathy towards them:

GIF Link

But if you think they’ll be happy once Millennials have traded in children and a spouse for a dog and cat, think again. They want you afraid of your animals, and eventually to replace them with robot animals that will be available in the very near future, so you won’t even have intimacy with a real animal.

You’ll notice an unusual amount of pit bulls on Facebook. The reason they make these dogs go viral is seen in the comments where there is always a manufactured debate. One side talks about how dangerous these dogs are around kids and the other side starts jokingly screaming “See, look how vicious this dog is!” during a sweet video of a pit bull puppy and a baby.

But they are just scratching the surface on how they’re fucking with your head. You see, even with this sweet puppy there is a part of your mind saying “eh a pit bull and a baby, I don’t know, what if?”. Now watch them take it all the way. Notice how they make sure to always have the large dog below playing with children.

But that psyop is still a ways away. Give it a few years and there will be a rash of “Golden Retriever mauls child” stories.

Pro-Homosexuality and Gender Neutrality

If you want to know my opinion about homosexuality please message me privately. I will say this, if there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, why would they be promoting it the way they are? It reminds me of Marijuana in it’s universal acceptance. They have successfully convinced everyone that only Christian fundamentalists, bigots, and closet homosexuals are against it. A VERY, VERY successful psy-op.

Well once homosexuals were accepted, it was only a matter of time before they started playing on the natural awkwardness between straight and gay men. Lots of confusion for straight men. “Maybe it’s me?”, “Maybe I’m gay?”, “Maybe I’m in the closet?”

They have also manufactured a concept called “Bromosexuals” to promote friendships between gays and straights. The goal, if you don’t see it already, is to eventually turn everybody pansexual. They’re now in Phase 2.

Here they are promoting gay humor:

And destroying resistance before it even appears:

But the gender neutrality psy-op seems much more important to them as there is a lot more work put in. The first step is in feminizing men. First they start slow:

Then go faster (this ties in with Christmas/Consumerism promotion that I will get to later):

Now there is the brand new Male Birth Control debate that  has sprung out of nowhere. The idea being that men are “too scared” of birth control. Brilliant because it plays on the male’s ego and plays on the woman’s disgust at having to take the pill instead of the man.

NPR Link

Now let’s get on to masculinization of women. We earlier saw the pregnant lady working out, but that is only the tip of the iceberg of the “women working out” fad that has swept the country the last few years. There has been a promotion of muscle building in women and now you are likely to find more women in the weight room than men in many gyms. Lululemon’s revenue has skyrocketed, I wonder who really owns that company?

Here is an example. Of course this leads to very difficult beauty standards for most women which affects self-esteem and body image. To fuck with their head some more, they’ll promote plus-size women like Meghan Trainor and tell you it’s OK to be big. Mixed and very confusing messages.

Another thing they are promoting is the butt over the breasts. My opinion is that the breasts are much more associated with motherhood than the butt, thus the attention moving away from them towards a more gender neutral area that men still find very attractive. Here is an example of the type of posts you will find on FB. This is also heavily promoted in music videos here and here.

Here they are sexualizing women and guns.

Next I want to talk about a big psyop that is in the works. Since they are pushing gender neutrality, it is a matter of time before they discourage women from wearing makeup or trying to look attractive. They have already begun this by having R&B singer Alicia Keys stop wearing makeup. Here is some more info on this story. Here was her “emotional” speech at the most recent VMAs where they are attempting to turn her into the next Mother Theresa. In preparation for the psyop, they are already planting subconscious clues in your head to listen to Alicia Keys. Here is a rap song which repeats “keys” in the chorus that was released around the same time as her VMA speech.

Here they are lightly mocking the concept of makeup (they’re only in the early stages):

You may have also noticed the popularity of the Netflix TV series Stranger Things. The star of the show was a little girl with short hair.

It’s a matter of time before short hair on women becomes a fad too. To screw with your head a bit, they put a wig on the little girl later in the show and made it appear awkward. The goal being to make it appear that forcing a girl to act like a girl is a ridiculous idea. They want you to think gender neutrality is natural, and gender roles are unnatural.

Ruining Your Childhood

They ruined clowns with John Wayne Gacy and the movie “IT” and now hardly anybody is fond of clowns. They are trying to do the same with fairy tales and video games from the average Millennial’s childhood. Anybody who has watched Pan or the new Tarzan has seen how they have incorporated violence and racial themes into those remakes.

Here is a rather disturbing Mario video masquerading as humor:

And here is a Sleeping Beauty ad from Geico playing on the “women don’t need men” theme.


Pro Christmas/Consumerism

You can see how antsy they were to get the Christmas shopping moving as soon as possible once Halloween ended.


Here’s a round up of a few more themes I ran into the last week.


Augmented Reality

The NFL wants to move the Jacksonville Jaguars to London to build the UK fanbase. Here they are manufacturing fans where there are none.

Science is Cool!/I submit to science’s authority

The Dinosaur/T-Rex costume that is seen all over social media. I personally don’t find it that funny. In my opinion the goal is to keep dinosaurs in your mind as real. This may be controversial but I think dinosaurs are a hoax to create an easy evolutionary timeline.


I believe the Harambe psyop is promoted partially to create subconscious white guilt. The rest tying in with the “animals are dangeous” psyop.


Note that I’ve listed perhaps 50-60% of all the psyops I see on a monthly basis on Facebook. Other psyops include “people as animals” where they’ll show an animal doing something funny and the caption being “this is me when ____”. The idea being that if they get us to identify with animals, we will be subconsciously more obedient.

There are the racial conflict/panda stories that I’m saving for a separate post. There are the political psyops which I avoided at all costs. There is also a trend focused on getting people to overreact to moderately funny videos and memes with “OMG I can’t breathe” or “I’m dying” when seeing something only somewhat funny. I assume this is so people become jaded and/or waste their excess energy on junk, same with all the hype videos which tie in with a black psyop that I’ll get to in my next post. There is a meme where they’ll show an embarrassing video or picture and caption it with “this is how I flirt”. That goal being to create anxiety, confusion, and low confidence during the mating/courtship process.

All of the above memes are seen in most Hollywood comedies and rom-coms. Seth Rogan movies in particular have been heavy in male emasculation, bi-curiosity, drug use, and male submission to women. What bugs me the most is that I’m seeing most of these themes appear in the people I meet. They ARE affecting people. I have heard lots of women in their late 20s and early 30s quip about how they never want kids or don’t want to get married. It IS working. Slowly but surely. Unless we start spreading awareness.

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  1. “Other psyops include “people as animals” where they’ll show an animal doing something funny and the caption being ‘this is me when ____’. The idea being that if they get us to identify with animals, we will be subconsciously more obedient.”

    I feel this is also the purpose of all the “entertainment” that depicts humanized animals that have flooded our culture ever since Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse was created in the late 1920s. The personification of animals has become a hugely pervasive meme that has created in our culture a sense of equality between humans and animals. Children are especially targets for this but it affects all age groups. Most people today think of themselves as being no different than animals and behave accordingly.

    I don’t mean that it’s wrong to like animals but it IS wrong to think you are no different than a monkey or a donkey or a rat.


    1. Good call on Disney. It’s insidious because it seems so cute and innocent. Here’s a seemingly innocent music video with animal symbolism all over it. Clothes with animals on it, leopard prints, and animal onesies. Nobody would suspect it.


      1. Anthropomorphism aside, I can’t tell if this Meghan Trainor is naturally thick or being overfed- That’s not the complexion of someone eating the menu at Arby’s, but its a video so who knows if she is even anything but pixels- She’s not obese, per se, but her weight is emphasized by her diva shit, traditionally reserved for what would be promoted as traditional beauty- But this road has been paved earlier with the promotion of amazons like Mariah Carey and the Beyonce’ project- Then there is this: Outright promotion of obesity as sexy- Can someone deconstruct this? I have no idea where to begin in understanding this combo platter of obsessive behaviors- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X_j6ZzFOUg


        1. I think it’s in the lyrics:
          “I can’t help loving myself and I don’t need anyone else”.

          They want women to be overweight, lonely cat ladies by convincing them being fat, unhealthy, and single is something to be proud of. The obesity probably ties into the no makeup/bald head/un-beautify women psy-op. They want them to be blase about their looks like men are.


    1. Two things, three actually: One, I don’t understand what this is all about. Two, at least when they leave the planet they show it as being curved, and not flat. And three what’s with the crow’s feather?


  2. Very interesting! I would get off of Facebook except that I am linked to some classmates from high school, and they are very nice people. Because of that we have had annual class reunions not sanctioned by the school. I hear many people say similar things things about Facebook. I hate it but use it.

    I do notice that these little memes affect people. I have always noticed that when younger people engage in conversation, they are acting out movie or TV characters, repeating lines, not being original or imaginative. But I just assumed that they were dulled down by school and TV. Now that we have Facebook, let the dulling intensify!

    I am slowly coming to understand the role of school and standardized testing as part of your thrust that they want people to be dull, sexually pointless, drugged, chained to their desk by student loans, lonely, and only gaining fulfillment by means of sports, shopping and entertainment. Casual sex is accepted as normal for both sexes. Drugs … pot, booze and pasychoatives … are seen as normal. The SAT test is the most insidious device ever invented. To do well on it, kids have to produce the correct answer, all of them the same, correct answer. They lose if they get too many wrong. They fear being wrong, and seek out authoritative sources for the correct answer. It robs them of imagination and the thrill of exploration, curiosity and discovery and learning g what is true by means of mistakes in searching for it. What we do in this blog is foreign to most people. We are discovering things that are not supposed to be true. It is disconcerting!

    Something else I have noticed is the role of woman as fighters, physically strong, equal to men, able to duke it out and win. That is the role of Deputy Vick on Longmire. On Two and a Half Men, women were seen as the same as men, wanting only sexual satisfaction without regard to caring relationships. After Sheen left they went even further, replacing him with his illegitimate daughter, a sexual predator who was a lesbian, while gaying and dumbing down the other characters. And it was all, until Sheen left, funny, which is where you opened your piece, the importance of humor in selling their sleazy outlook on life and relationships.


    1. Great post.
      Another aspect that I think bears mentioning (this is something that Miles has brought up recently), is the normalization of sexual “kinks.” This seems especially aimed at influencing young women, and adolescents.
      Normal sexual attraction is now considered boring, or passe’. BDSM, in particular, is extremely prevalent.
      What could be more damaging than dehumanizing the sex act?
      Is sexual intimacy becoming obsolete? Is the human body, naked and unadorned, no longer enough to stimulate?


    2. I like what you said about the fear of being wrong. That reveals itself in many different ways. That’s why we’re insulted so much on Reddit, even by real posters. It’s a form of self-hatred projected onto others.

      “If I’m wrong I’m a bad person”. Or something like that tied to low self-esteem. It’s OK to be wrong. Hell, it’s OK to be completely and totally off the mark. At least you tried.


  3. Epic post. Late to the party, because I didn’t get an e-mail notification about it…

    I think the sexuality thing is definitely working. The whole gender queer / androgyny thing is really interesting, perplexing, alarming. And I can see it is having an effect — the college-aged daughter of a colleague of mine has “come out” as gender queer and has now adopted a new androgynous name. I can’t imagine that would have happened to her even 5 or 10 years ago, before they started trying to stir our brains with what is possible and what is normal in terms of sexuality. We are being hit over the head with the idea that transsexuality, for example, is quite common. Well, no, it isn’t common. I don’t think there’s something inherently wrong with it, and I don’t think people should be stigmatized for it, but on the other hand I don’t think it should be promoted as normal. It isn’t normal in any way (in both normative and statistical distribution senses).

    My kids like to watch a video series of this guy dispensing his opinions (it’s not in English, so no point in linking). He’s actually quite entertaining and funny and makes some good points. The most recent one they watched was on the problems of homophobia. (Now there is an interesting way to frame people’s objections to homosexuality.) Near the beginning he put up a graphic with a bunch of different “types” of sexuality (including gender queer). As much as the typology was supposed to be descriptive, it seemed to me more prescriptive. Not in the sense of ‘here is what you should be’ but ‘here is what you can be.’ Kind of like a menu of potential sexual identities. Take your choice, kiddos. But if they never knew about such a thing as ‘gender queer,’ they would never be able to ‘become’ gender queer. I think it was more apparent, because when I was growing, terms like “homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, were already “known” and taken for granted. But now with gender queer it seems like it just came out of nowhere. A year ago I would have seen that video as a decent way to educate my kids to be tolerant towards others. But now I see it as a really insidious form of social engineering, dressed up as universal values and openness. Whether this guy is doing it deliberately or just parroting the party line is irrelevant. Once they get these ideas out there, they spread like wildfire.


    1. I’d hope it’s just a phase, like goth or emo, that she’s going through. I guess we’ll find out, but even if she went straight in a few years I’d imagine a decision like that will impact her psychologically the rest of her life.

      And yes, it is prescriptive. If you are not actively rejecting these concepts, then you are passively accepting them. Repetition and passive acceptance is how they get you in commercials (think Geico’s humor). Same thing here.


  4. I am awake and have been learning and growing (and deprogramming) in a social emotional program in Chicago. No one there is really aware of the hidden agenda, but the program is the anti-dote to the social engineering we are victims of in this society. I have been healing myself there. I am a speech-therapist who historically was repressed in my speech, having no clue how to respectfully disagree with people, and feeling deep shame that I was in the profession of promoting better speech and language skills yet had such poor social communication skills myself. Thankfully, I no longer feel like a powerless victim, because I have learned and grown in this training in my social-emotional skills, which is exactly what I needed.

    We recently had a weekly assignment of Celebrating Your Mistakes. “There is no way to develop, learn, and grow without making mistakes. Making mistakes is critical for learning. In fact, studies show that praising children for looking smart or doing things well backfires because then they don’t want to jeopardize their standing by making mistakes, so they take fewer risks and actually reduce their performance and success. In one study of children’s performance on a series of tests, the children who were praised for their effort improved their scores by 30%, and those praised for intelligence scored 20 percent worse! Praising effort in children, rather than telling them how smart they are, raises their performance levels – and their sense of self-efficacy.” That is why in our de-education system it is set up where achievement is rewarded. And most teachers don’t question it because it is all they know because it was how they were programmed. And if they do question it they can’t do anything about it because of school policy, or the child has already been programmed for achievement so successfully they either think they are dumb or fear taking risks to avoid looking stupid despite encouragement.

    Fear of making mistakes is tied into procrastination. Procrastination is a misguided yearning for security, with all other yearnings (to learn, to grow, to connect, to make a difference, to speak, to be seen, to be heard) squashed inside a person unfulfilled.

    This week the assignment is “breaking the rules”. I have been breaking my habit of procrastination with following my yearnings the instant I have them. I feel so alive. In taking quick action to engage in the procrastinated task I have made mistakes, but that is the beauty in it.

    Tragically, there is a profoundly successful social engineering agenda to promote that the only acceptable emotion is joy. We are shamed for our fear, anger, sadness, and hurt. The key to joy is embracing all feelings (fear, anger, sadness, joy, and hurt) as the feelings are clues to us what yearnings we have that may or may not be getting fulfilled. Also when we numb our capacity to fully feel hurt, anger, sadness, & fear we also numb our capacity to feel joy.

    This is a free weekend training in Chicago. It teaches about yearnings, feelings, and the drama triangle.

    This is the year long class I invested in and it has profoundly empowered me. It can be taken remotely anywhere.

    This book is an anti-dote to the social engineering agenda of relationships.

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    1. You just happened to catch me in comments – so you know, you were sent to the ‘pending approval’ bin because you used more than three links. WordPress does this, not me, and I don’t think I can change it. So if you ahve more than two links in a comment, just be patient. It will appear eventually.


    2. Thanks for chiming in. Your words border on profound. My decision to trust Miles Mathis some time back was based on what you say: If it is a mistake. I will learn from it.

      It was not, I am certain, but that is beside the point.


      1. I came across your site based on a recent Miles Mathis essay where he referenced your work. I felt joy exploring your site, it met my yearning to learn & grow. I see you seeing the truth, and I connect with it. Thank you for all you do. I was struck with even more compassion for myself reflecting how I had in the past held myself to these high standards of celebs as role models only to have been looking up to more than an illusion than I could have imagined.

        I invite everyone to the free weekend training that is referenced in the previous link. It is held every three months or so and the next training is actually next weekend. Part of the beauty of the training is that it actually promotes you engaging in relationships, which is exactly what we are socially engineered to avoid. I will be volunteering there next weekend, I would be blown away to have some like minded thinkers there, as you may know it is lonely seeing things others can’t.

        My main yearnings I identified when I first learned about yearnings were my yearnings to communicate and make a difference. This knowledge of yearnings gave me conviction to leave the de-education system job I had and get an amazingly more fulfilling independent contracting work where now I am making much more of a difference. I am a much stronger communicator, I can have difficult conversations with others and am strengthened by new found self-validated intimacy.

        Recognize the Link Between Feelings and Yearning
        “To truly be fulfilled, we must develop the skill to feel the emotions associated with our yearning and to allow our feelings to guide us toward fulfilling our yearning and away from those things, thoughts, people, or situations that do not meet our yearning. Our emotions hold important clues about our yearning and how to fulfill it. We feel anger when we don’t get what we desire, and we experience joy and delight when we do meet our yearning. Our feelings of fear and scarcity can warn us that we are afraid of not getting our yearning met or that there is some danger in the way of meeting our yearning. We often experience sadness at the lack of fulfillment in our lives and lost opportunities, or we feel hurt when our needs and desires are denied or thwarted by others. Our feelings give us cues to our yearning. It is through our relationship with our feelings that we can touch the yearning, the passion, and the deep desires of our heart – and learn to act on them.”

        Five major feelings
        Joy, Fear, Hurt, Sadness, Anger

        Here are some examples of yearnings:

        To be secure
        – to exist
        – to be safe
        – to connect, to bond
        – to trust

        To love & care for, respond to others
        – to care for
        – to nurture
        – to love

        To relate, see and be seen, know and be known, connect
        – to be seen, heard, known, and understood
        – to see, hear, & know others
        – to touch & be touched
        – to feel “felt”
        – to empathize

        To have my existence appreciated
        – to love and be loved
        – to be affirmed, appreciated
        – to be cared for
        – to be respected

        To express my essence, sense of self, potential
        – to express
        – to experience fully
        – to learn, grow, develop
        – to create
        – to be separate, have an identity
        – to influence
        – to excel
        – to fulfill my potential

        To have a sense of mattering
        – to matter
        – to be valued and to value
        – to contribute
        – to do what I came on Earth to do
        – to make a difference
        – to please God
        – to fulfill my purpose
        – to unfold my destiny

        To exchange and be connected with others
        – to belong
        – to connect
        – to matter
        – to be close
        – to communicate with others
        – to commune with others
        – to make deep contact with another
        – to be intimate

        To be connected to something greater
        – to be connected to something greater than myself
        – to feel connected to the greater whole
        – to be one with all
        – to know God or the creator
        – for union with all that is


        1. Welcome to the site! Delighted to hear somebody in this world is learning to be happier and more fulfilled. Quite the upstream battle! I don’t think Miles mentioned Pieceofmindful, but I mentioned it at the end of my paper on Dreyfus, which he posted on his site.


  5. Great post, Straight, and great comments, all.

    I wonder if the whole tattooing/piercing craze fits into this set.

    As I look at your pile of evidence, I can’t help but think of a farm. How does the farmer keep his animals under control? He gelds/spays/neuters some, and controls the breeding opportunities of the rest; he dehorns, debeaks, and clips wings to reduce aggression and prevent escape; he brands, tags, collars them to mark them as his own; he changes them from their natural diet to one that is worse for them but better for his interests (e.g. grain instead of grass). And around them he builds fence after fence.

    What the farmer does to the animals’ bodies, our handlers do to us mentally through memes such as Straight has enumerated: bending our sex drives, subverting our intellectual appetites by offering endless drivel, marking us with consumer brand loyalties. And above all, marinating us in a state of constant, low-level fear, thus tenderizing our psyches to be more accepting of whatever spiritual poison the handlers wish to inject into us to put us further under their control.

    Friends: we are livestock.

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    1. Aw, come one Maarten, can it possibly be that baa-baa-baa-baa-baad? Neigh, I say! Neigh. Lighten up! Why so moooooody?


    2. But in all seriousness: the farm is a great organizing metaphor for all this. I’ll add something: they’ve got to make sure the livestock don’t decide one day that they’ve had enough and come together to take over the farm. So they use these tactics to shatter our identities into a million little cross-cutting and conflicting pieces to make sure that never happens.


    3. Regarding the tattooing/piercing craze, it is promoted in part because it promotes disease.

      In “Diagnostic Face Reading and the Holistic You” Roger Bezanis started wondering if an Acupuncture point could be destroyed or continually stimulated if punctured via piercing. He took this question to several different Oriental Medicine Doctors (OMD’s) and they all agreed not only is that possible it is factual. He suspects a link between ear &/or nose piercing and heart disease, tongue piercing adversely effecting the organs of brain, heart, and/or stomach. You could conclude that it is safe to say that some piercing promotes some organ adversely and that destroying any meridian of the body would be a bad idea. His research indicates that tongue piercing stimulates stomach issues and he has witnessed more than a dozen tongue piercings lead right to vomiting and mock sickness. Women with pierced ears are more susceptible to heart disease than men. Since coming across this information I have felt so sad seeing little girls with their ears pierced, some only babies.

      Tattoo ink is toxic. The ink is minimally regulated and is reported to contain Thimerosal. Many people are reporting adverse health related to their tattoo. I have observed that with the children with autism on my caseload have both parents sporting multiple tattoos. This is just an observation, I am unaware of an established correlation. It is obvious they want us as socially inept as possible, so they actively promote contributors to autism. And higher functioning people with autism fit an ideal mold for the controllers: increased anxiety, rule followers, socially isolated, with deficits in the area of inferences & predictions.

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    4. The concept, “We are livestock” has been useful to me as a way to understand human history and current reality. The business of the elite is man-ranching, or raising humans for fun and profit. This endeavor is not evil, any more than sheep-herding is evil, but merely seems evil from the perspective of those sheep that realize that they are to be gelded, shorn of their wool, and fed corn and soybeans to fatten them for slaughter.

      You may label me a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, but I have come to love the Shepherd of Man (AKA Hermes, or that group of inter-related noble families that rules the Earth). Notwithstanding my love for the Good Shepherd, I abhor the cultural forms that He disseminates among us. Such artistic dreck!

      What is to be done? Don’t know; I am still working on an answer that works for me.


  6. Yeah, this is similar to what I’ve been feeling for a long time. The internet is accelerating the way the media shapes people’s mind. It’s almost like it’s sentient, people pour there psyches into it and feed off of each others fears and insecurities. The current political climate of extreme disparity is an indicator of the bad side effects of this. But I don’t think it’s wholly a bad thing, it has exposed people to more progressive ideas who would have never heard of them otherwise, and it provides a support network for those in need.

    The guy who wrote this is seriously biased though. He’s clearly homophobic and a traditionalist. I’m not convinced by this ‘they’ either, there is no ‘they’ other than humans, it’s not an agenda, it’s just people creating and communicating based on their own experiences. This does provide a false view of the world, the computer screen does not provide just a reflection of reality, it shapes it as well.
    What’s more all the things he’s presenting as being pushed on the public are all left-wing ideas of individualism. There’s nothing about the misinformation about immigrants or islam, nothing about negative stereotypes against women. It’s pretty one-sided.
    But this is basically the conflict of the internet at the moment; progressives fuelling each others acceptance of others and breakdown of social norms; and everyone who doesn’t like being told they’re the ones with privilege, then they’re to blame for the problems in their life, which is of course understandable, they feel marginalised so they assume there’s some kind of agenda against their way of life.


    1. I am the original author.

      “Homophobia” is a psyop in itself. The idea being that anybody against homosexuality is afraid of it. It has been very successful in getting people to say “What? No, I’m not afraid. I’m cool with it”. It’s very clever. If you are against cancer, are you cancerphobic? It’s a nice spin.

      I don’t believe in a tradionalist/liberal dichotomy either. I believe in natural laws, and there is no controversy within natural law. As for immigrants and Islam, yes I am accepting of immigration being an immigrant myself. I do not believe in countries or borders. Same with Islam, which has been blackwashed the last 40-50 years. I am accepting both of those things, there just wasn’t any memes or videos on Facebook during the week I made this post. I am afraid you judged me too quick using a false dichotomy, and much of your opinion on these topics has been socially engineered itself over the last 10-15 years.


      1. I’ve thought about the nature of the word Homophobia as well, to me it’s underlying meaning seems to categorise the nature of it quite well. But that’s from my liberal standpoint.

        It was first coined by psychologist George Weinberg in the 60s, who in his essay on the subject explained it thusly:

        “phobia about homosexuals…. It was a fear of homosexuals which seemed to be associated with a fear of contagion, a fear of reducing the things one fought for — home and family. It was a religious fear and it had led to great brutality as fear always does”

        To me this seems to describe the, often male, prejudices against homosexuality. Or indeed any sexuality or gender beyond what’s considered ‘the norm’.

        Perhaps I did judge you to harshly and place you in a group which you don’t ascribe to. But this is the impression I got from your article. To me it seemed that though you have denounced religion and authority a lot of your biases seemed to be based around a catholic upbringing; dislike of homosexuality, mistrust of science and evolution, traditional gender roles. I may be wrong, but this is my observation.

        While I did judge you too quickly, i think there’s a lot of convenience in saying that anyone who has an opinion differing from yours as a result of ‘social engineering’. I might say exactly the same to you regarding your catholic schooling, no?


        1. I am not catholic.

          I grew up in a Democrat/liberal household. It is only in the last few years when I realized what was really going on did I backtrack. You keep making assumptions about me that are false to fit a narrative you want to fit me in.

          You seem to be misdirecting from my post by trying to psycho-analyze me. A common technique of spooks who try to psycho-analyze conspiracy theorists to plant doubts. I’ll be honest, I’m very suspicious of you and your Facebook page which feels “off”.


  7. Evolution is a psyop, it’s ridiculous yet pushed as “science” which further degrades that term. Likewise the push to “normalize” the abnormal. Most of the gender confused are products of the programming that’s already gone on. It’s impossible to analyze it honestly outside of that context.


  8. Great post!
    Before I focus on the LGBTI issue and let me clarify I completely agree with you… What was that about dinosaurs? a hoax????? I kindly request you dedicate a post on the matter!!!!


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